Loss of Spiritual Subtle ESP Abilities & PSI Senses

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"Catalogues the Deceptions, Lies, Suppressions & Injustices the Diabolical Policies & resulting Horrors & Atrocities of; 'The Usual 'Light' Suspects'; The Spiritual Hierarchy, Ascended Masters, 'Elohim' and assorted sidekicks. For the Spiritually Advanced wanting Initiation into Ancient Truths, Hidden Light Secrets & Higher Divine Activations. WARNING; For the Spiritually Ready ONLY . . . are you READY?"

The Spiritual Hierarchy is VERY keen to promote their version of awareness which is to keep you locked into an awareness of lightwork and its importance and of promoting an awareness to support and facilitate lightwork. They do this because they seriously don’t want anyone thinking for themselves or being aware enough to reveal any of the vast subtle energetic efforts they use to control, manage and suppress us all.

So, this page describes some of what the spiritual hierarchy actively do to directly support an eroded awareness, and to block or degrade subtle senses (PSI), perceptions (extra sensory perceptions ESP) and abilities.

How Lightworker ‘Curiosity’ is all but Eliminated and Killed by various Implants

As mentioned above the Spiritual Hierarchy don’t want anyone with good subtle senses and perceptions to be become curious and or personally empowered particularly to a point where they might start investigating things themselves.

In this respect all lightworkers are fitted with implants that effectively kill curiosity such as the; Lightwork Term & Understanding Translator Implant. This implant is very successful at making all lightworkers think that what they themselves are talking about are the same and equal while another implant, the; Believe & Trust ‘LIGHT Beliefs & Guidance’ Implant acts to orientate lightworkers to ‘light’ sources of information and material while ‘managing’ them to trust these while ALSO steering them away from more interesting and accurate but quite often horrifying information which if they do stumble upon they are made to distrust and react against. These distrust reactions are somewhat helped by the; ‘Spiritual Discernment for Dummies’ Facilitator Implant which actually manages lightworker’s abilities to discern what is right or wrong just in case they don’t figure this out for themselves. This implant is backed up by the; NO Conflict, Confrontation or Direct ACTION Implant which does a great job of helping them run away from ‘contentious’ material that’s not supportive of ‘light’ beliefs or the Spiritual Hierarchy’s agenda.

The above four implants do a great job at eliminating curiosity and open thinking.

Substitution of Natural Subtle Abilities with ‘Managed’ Channelling and Reading Technologies

As mentioned above the Spiritual Hierarchy are keen to manage peoples subtle senses and abilities to make it less likely they will become aware of what I have found and described on this site. One of their policies is to hijack peoples natural subtle senses and abilities so that they can be directly managed and controlled. To this end they use implants such as the; Light Transmission, Spirit Channelling Technology to ensure that lightworker types only channel or give readings that come from ‘Spiritual Hierarchy’ approved sources. Most if not all whom are channelling or doing readings assume that they have had their own abilities activated when in fact they have had their own abilities substituted by subtle energetic technologies that are managed and controlled by someone else. This gives the Spiritual Hierarchy virtually total control over the information that is passed and accepted. They make the physical management of the media here look amateurish in comparison.

This is taken to extremes by the; ‘Subtle Energy Body Scan Detail Inhibitor’ Device which actually manages lightworkers abilities to scan and perceive their own and others subtle energetic body as well as implants and devices. Which is a fantastic and essential implant from the Spiritual Hierarchies point of view because it actually prevents you from detecting the implants I’m describing here.

So, the above are some of the implants that are within the energy body of all lightworker types. If you are not sure of what a ‘lightworker’ type is then you might like to read this page; What is Lightwork, Becoming a Lightworker? to see if you fall into this category even if you don’t consider yourself to be one.

For more diabolical ways that the Sneaky Horrors use to degrades our subtle awarenesses, senses and abilities then read on . . .

Subtle Energetic Protection Degrades Subtle Senses, PSI, ESP & Awareness Abilities

The Spiritual Hierarchy actively promote a policy that supports the erosion of everyone’s natural subtle awareness abilities and sensitivities particularly of those with better abilities compared to others.

This policy works from two angles;

  • The first is to keep you ‘informed of’ and terrorized by all the demons and dark forces that are supposedly ‘out there’ and that are ‘out to get you’ while also constantly reiterating the need to avoid low frequency, dark or ‘negative’ energies.
  • The second is that they also actively promote the use of protection and shielding to deal with either assumed or real entities, dark force attacks as well as to supposedly combat the influx of negativity or lower vibration ‘energies and frequencies’ too.

Obviously the more subtly aware and perceptive you actually REALLY are then the more you’ll feel and or be aware of subtle energetic influences, entity or so called ‘dark’ attacks and so the more frequently you’ll invoke to put protection around yourself. The problem is that regularly invoking protection is responsible for you gradually accumulating more and more subtle energetic barriers around yourself that can end up numbering in the 10’s of 1000’s (described in detail HERE).

All subtle energetic barriers are detrimental in two ways which I’ll describe below.

Subtle Energetic Protection Filters and Barriers Senses and Perceptions

What is used as subtle energetic protection actually act as filters to your senses, perceptions and awareness abilities. Thus their regular use imperceptibly erodes your subtle energetic perceptions, awareness’s and sensitivities (ESP & PSI abilities) and hence depresses your ability to actually become aware of negative energies and entities and ALL OTHER subtle ‘things’ over time. (This is explained in more detail HERE).

Subtle Energetic Protection prevents the Energy Body from Staying Healthy

Such barriers also gradually block and make it more difficult for your subtle energetic body to receive essential and natural subtle energetic energies from the environment which is the ‘food’ on which your subtle energetic body relies for optimum functioning. In this instance the depletion of these natural energies weakens and debilitates your energy body to a point where some need to invoke regular energetic top ups to counteract their depleted and health failing subtle energetic body (explained in more detail toward the bottom of the page HERE).

The Spiritual Hierarchy is doing the above partially because during the last two ‘end of time’ times we’ve done a fantastic job of trashing the whole place while not leaving enough people standing to allow this spiritual ‘plan’ to work (as mentioned in more detail HERE). In this respect some of what they do is about making sure we don’t do the same this time. With the result that although things at the present time on a global scale are VERY bad we have so far managed to avoid taking routes that would result in large numbers of the population finding themselves discontinued. On the other hand to be honest just about everything they have done to achieve this actually makes things hugely worse for us in different ways AND in ways that are actually so suppressive that I’m sure what they’ve done will actually negate how this ‘earth plan’ is supposed to work too. A plan that is designed to ‘change’ people won’t find this easy with people whom have a ton of many different subtle energetic things done to them that keeps their beliefs, understandings and behaviours fixed to prevent them from messing things up AND to prevent them from finding out what has been done to prevent them messing up.

In other words it’s likely that there’ll be plenty still standing at the end of this cycle BUT we still wont trigger any changes . . .