"Earth as a Simulation Series 2: Are we simulated copies of people? How, slowing down technological development in your simulation will get around the potential recursive building sims in a sim glitch problems. However, an accurately simulated population will STILL present specific experiences, despite that the technologies these experiences depend on DON'T YET exist (immersive VR experiences for example). This series presents evidence of anomalous 'missing technology' experiences & evidence of obscuration of these & evidence that the simulation we are in was built in the last few decades."

On earlier pages I’ve pointed out the fallacy of imagining that ‘IF’ we are in someone’s simulation project that we absolutely CANNOT be living through the phase where the simulation we are in was designed, built and run by actually presenting an abundance of deducible, visible evidence that this is actually happening here.

It is likely possible that you can do this while avoiding the ‘problems’ I’ve already mentioned on previous pages here ‘IF’ you slow technological advances way down while simultaneously cognitively managing the entire population to NOT THINK IN THE SLIGHTEST about entirely realistic ‘earth as a simulation’ possibilities.

‘IF’ as a simulation designer I did do this then I would ALSO make sure that the script of key ‘worrying’ people would be re-written such that they will still do everything they did that was for the earth simulation project, except that their alternate circumstances will make it very difficult for them to join any ‘simulation’ worrying dots because at the very least they would be kept isolated while simultaneously all evidence of the advanced technologies that YOU’D HAVE TO HAVE to build your simulation would be missing because you are made to be lagging about 50 years behind the population you are simulating.

However, in doing this you have the problem that you will be missing the technologies that would be required for the people you are simulating to have the experiences the person they are a duplicate of had.

‘IF’ accuracy is important for the simulation project which as I’ve previously stressed SIMULATION PROJECT = ACCURACY then how do you give people their ‘advanced technology’ dependent experiences to retain accuracy while . . .

  1. Not having the technology available that these experiences are dependent on . . .
  2. While even if you find ways to allow people to have these experiences you have to keep hidden what these experiences REALLY represent . . .

If we are in a simulation and it was programmed to have ‘technological advances’ deliberately lagging compared to the original environment we are simulating then how would experiences that you’d absolutely only have because of the availability of certain advanced technologies be presented in a population that are simulating the people whom had these experiences while the simulated people themselves DON’T HAVE THE TECHNOLOGIES that relate to these experiences in their own simulated environment?

What would a simulation designer Disguise Experiences that relate to Now Missing Advanced Virtual Reality Technologies?

Just how would people here whom are simulating someone in the original ‘real’ population that had ‘advanced’ technology specific originated experiences be simulated as still having these experiences BUT MINUS the technologies that made them possible?

If you were allowed to seriously think about the above then don’t you think it’s a ‘mite’ strange how quite a lot of what many would identify as so called spiritual experiences could be construed as being pretty much the equivalent of the experiences someone would have if they were wired into an invisible, physically undetectable fully immersive virtual reality suit?

This simulation component ‘translation’ is what simulation designers call a simplifying approximation. Simplifying approximation describes a COMMON process used for very complex simulations where you simplify a component type or multiple component types by translating those components into one single component type (this is done to reduce complexity and therefore processing overheads) or in our specific case you would sensibly carry out this type of conversion because you want to HIDE the REAL but revealing origins of original environment components because what they end up being translated into will then be identified by your simulated population as ‘something else’ entirely.

This is how any sensible simulation designer would magically disappear impossible to present as they originally were components into a form that won’t raise suspicious within their simulated population.

This is in fact a very rational never mind creative way of magically disguising virtual reality experiences in the original population by having them presented here as so called ‘spiritual’ experiences.

Conveniently, spiritual experiences are also experiences that scientists a) don’t take seriously and b) cannot ‘really’ explain because their basic assumptions have them observably irrationally convinced that there is only the visibly, observable ‘physical’ in our reality.

Perhaps a great question to ask here would be . . .

“Whom would benefit from this ‘irrational’ fixation?”

Let me remind you of these three paragraphs that I presented as part of the hypothetical virtual reality experiences of the earth simulation project supporters club that we might just possibly be accurately simulating here . . .

You might be interested in our executive membership offer which for a modest monthly fee will give you on demand 24h access to all of our virtual gurus and simulation experts. For example today Director St.Germain of Higher Divine Endeavours Inc. will himself be giving an exclusive overview discussing the latest tests of the earth simulation ‘manifesting a better life’ software protocols which as you all know are what we need to bring a better, more fulfilled life to ALL. Remember, executive membership gives you direct access to our board of virtual gurus and experts, all able to answer any question in the comfort of your own personal undisturbed virtual reality space . . . .
What better way to keep yourself informed off all aspects of this globally important project while being free of all external ‘physical’ distractions. As you can see we are working very hard to give you the same sort of seamless ‘virtual reality’ experiences that your simulated self in the final simulated earth environment will experience.
Our servers are guaranteed to be free of malware as well as all virtual daemons, however if you should experience any problems and particularly with the latest in very nasty virtual daemons manifesting within your personal virtual environment then please feel free to call upon our virtual security agent and system protector Archangel Michael whom is always available in all time zones and within all virtual environments to help you deal with all types of personal virtual environment malware infections and disrupting daemon invasions.

This very ‘imaginative’ example describes how hypothetical supporters of the hypothetical earth as a simulation project would have used virtual reality technologies to follow the project and to engage with ‘experts’ explaining the progress of the project.

So, not only are the new age peoples sayings NOT SPIRITUAL in the slightest BUT their so called spiritual experiences are ALSO very, VERY likely to not be spiritual in the slightest either.

Was I the only one suspicious that Archangel Michael would very likely be finding himself dealing with 100’s if not 1000’s of so called ‘spiritual’ security issues simultaneously? This ISN’T possible in the ‘real’ subtle strata BUT it is apparently possible here.

For those that dare inquire about how this multiple manifestation paradox is possible you get the equally suspicious spiritual bullshit, brush off line of:

“Ahhh, you are not ‘spiritually’ advanced enough to understand, appreciate or even to perceive how higher, spiritual dimensions work”.

Seriously, for all those reading this whom have engaged with new age information, beliefs and the resulting EXPERIENCES then what I describe above as ‘realistic’ virtual reality experiences should perhaps seem very familiar to you.

What of the new agers so called ‘spiritual’ experiences would match up with them being virtual reality experiences BUT minus all the technology you’d imagine would be necessary to have these sorts of experiences?

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