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A Healing Place – Intuitive energetic spiritual healing techniques for in-person and distant healing clients using The One Command, DNA Theta Healing, Reiki, Massage; Intuitive Readings and Chaldean Astrology chart readings.
Adonai – Living in the Light – Just for the joy of Spirit. Articles, Free Day Tarot Card and Free inspirational animated greeting cards. Art, fast portrait and music. Spiritual web design.
All Things Spiritual Directory – A searchable directory of thousands of spiritual and religious websites. Includes all major topic areas relating to spirituality and religion, as well as forums, polls, books, and all natural products.
Angel Paintings or Angel Painting – Original and Personalized Angel Paintings by Sharae Taylor, Intuitive Angel Artist, spiritual consultant and Angel channel …Angel fine art for the soul.
Angelic Reflections – Angel Portraits and Angel Drawings, Susan is a very gifted intuitive artist that is able to see into the angelic realms to paint your personal angels. And more angel inspired drawings and paintings
Aromatherapy Oils – Aromatherapy oils and natural herbal items for modern living. All items animal friendly and environment conscious – The best is Scent By Nature – New Age Spiritual Resources Metaphysics Astrology Horoscopes Chat Articles Books Channeling
ASTRAL TRAVELER .:. Consciousness Studies .:. – Spiritual Consciousness for this level and beyond – Astral Traveler is Danyel Seagan’s Vision of the Possible Human in a Multidimensional Universe.
Astrology by Star-Charts – Astrology charts – featuring large selection of astrology reports, free horoscopes , Astrology information and articles.
Astroshamanism – Astroshamanism sacred cone handor astrology shamanism healing trance dance Franco Santoro
Awakening into Awareness – Free ezine and Insight Mentoring based on an extraordinary experience of spontaneous spiritual awakening: a sudden, A website dedicated to exploring the experience of Awakening, Enlightenment, Self-Realization or Liberation.
Awakening Path – Conscious Sharing of Articles, Stories and News
Body, mind, and spirit publisher – Paraview offers books, eBooks, articles and streaming video, and print on demand.
Bridge To Light; Brian Hood – Spiritual and Psychic Self Development, a likeminded community, a forum, online courses as well as what Bryan is up to.
Bridging Heaven & Earth – National Spiritual Television Talk Show/Magazine, National Television Format for Conscious Awakening, Focuses on Opening the Heart, Dedicated to the Oneness, Bridging Human and Divine
Certified Spiritual Healing Spiritual Astrology – Healing by Phone, DNA Light Body Activation, Spiritual Faith Healing & Empowerment, Spiritual Astrology Healing, Faith Healing
Creative Manifesting by CreataVision – The Secret Law of Attraction – How to Make it Work with conscious creation, manifesting, law of attraction life coach, Anisa Aven. How to use a vision board, treasure map, the vibration elevation formula. Free manifesting universal laws teleseminars.
DAILY INSPIRATION on Spiritual Growth – Spiritual Growth: Daily Inspiration & Counseling on Spiritual Growth, Self Realization, Mysticism and Spiritual Healing
Dealing with Adversity and Trauma at Life Challenges – Dealing with Trauma and Adversity: Writings, articles, reflections and interviews about facing and living creatively with life’s challenges.
Diane Brandon – Integrative Intuitive Counselor, Intuitive Counseling, Intuition Expert, Intuition Teacher, Dream Interpretation, Personal Growth Expert, Personal Growth Facilitator, Dream Interpretation, Speaker, Author
Differentnature; Nature’s Spirits Revealed. – This is no fiction. Nature spirits reveal themselves in pictures
Discover Health & Wealth – Alternative health products simply, safey, and effectively protect and improve your health. Work from home business opportunities.
Doorway To The Soul – How to Have a Profound Spiritual Experience
Dr. Louis Turi – Divine astrology and astropsychology offers astrological readings using Nostradamus rare method.
Earth Friendly Products – Find thousands of organic gifts green, environmentally responsible eco-products that are good for people and the environment, ecomall a place to help save the earth
Earth Transitions – We are undergoing tremendous changes on the planet today. This site explores the work with the devic realms, how to shift the energetic matrix of creation, and the technologies of a new age, earth transitions which are emerging today.
Energy Reality & Healing – Visual and Informational Tour of Your Energy Bodies As Seen with Higher-Vision, Energy Body Assessment, Spiritual-Energetic-Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Meditation Instruction.
Enlightenment.Com – If Not You Who? If Not Now When? Innovative psychospiritual content generating community infrastructure
Equinox New Age Gifts – New age products, spiritual jewelry, finger labyrinths, meditation supplies, chakra jewelry, crystals, pendulums, chakra products and more.
Flower Essences, Vibrational Medicine, Aromatherapy – High Sierra Botanicals and Flower Essences, vibrational medicine for natural healing, Synergistic flower essence formulas, aromatherapy essential oils, natural healing, alternative health products, wellness.
Flower of Life Research, LLC. – Merkaba Meditation, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Sacred Geometry, Egyptian Mystery School, Right Eye of Horus, Thoth, Star Tetrahedron, Ascension, Spirituality and Metaphysics
Gipsy Fortune Teller – A free magical divination paradise, with several traditional methods like gypsy card reading, tarot and I Ching
Healing Feats – Holistic Health Services & Information
Healing From Within – Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Counseling, Reiki Master, Life Empowerment Coach providing Tools for Emotional Freedom, Self-Empowement and Positive Change.
Healing The Universe – Spiritual Healing and Self Empowerment – Messages of self empowerment, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing by Joe Rumbolo a Lightworker who is also known as The Sentinel.
Heartlink Mission – Promotes Crop Circles and UFO Information, Spirituality and Peace
Home website of ‘The Messiah Seed’ – A spiritually empowering book about the realization of Self as God by author Story Waters.
HUNA FROM HAWAII – Huna healing based on the Hawaiian tradition of Serge Kahili King, with information, articles, techniques and resources for alternative and complementary healing of body, mind, spirit and circumstances
InnerSource – Powerful self-help programs in book & video format for developing optimal physical, emotional, & spiritual health.
Innova Pacific Salt Crystal Lamps – Beautiful salt crystal lamps, hundreds of millions of years old, wellbeing enhancers and natural ionisers from Innova Pacific – Nature’s Purifiers and Ionisers
Inspiration Online: Meaningful Life Newsletter – Inspiration, motivation and positive life coaching online: Inspiration Line’s FREE weekly email newsletter includes inspirational poems, songs, music, e-greetings, jokes, trivia, stories, daily motivational quotes.
James Deacon’s REIKI PAGES – Indepth articles: the Symbols, Techniques, History, etc. Early Reiki Documents, Rare Photos, FREE E-BOOKS, Japanese Spiritual Practices & much more
K.A.R.M.A Resources – Discover secrets of your life, acquire knowledge, awareness, learn about dynamics of your relationships, gain motivation and see action transform your life.
Layne Dalfen’s Dream Interpretation Center – Learn how to decode and understand the meaning in your dreams in a positive environment.
Life Cycles, Personal Time-Line, Synchronicity coincidences. – The Life Cycles Matrix ® System in using birthdays and repeating circles for insight in your consciousness, course of life, relationship, child raising, job, career, business, study and destiny. – An Exploration of the Spiritual Universe
LightNews – Self-empowerment and discovering our multidimensional reality
Mapping the Frontiers of Consciousness – An interdisciplinary science forum focusing on holographic theories of consciousness and the development of experimental approaches to mind-matter interactions.
Mayan Majix – The Mayan Calendar, Mayan Astrology, Ian Xel Lungold, Mayan Elder Don Alejandro Perez Oxlaj, 2012
Meaning of Life Purpose – Learn the real secret of success, the meaning of life for you. Discover the power behind a purpose driven life, and finally create and enjoy the life you’ve always wanted. FREE Success Tools and more
Meditation Center – The Online Meditation Center is a user-friendly site, offering clear, easy, concise meditation instruction on a variety of meditation methods from various spiritual traditions, plus meditation CDs and mp3s.
Morningstar Flower and Vibrational Essences – The reference source for anyone interested in learning about Morningstar Flower and Vibrational Essences and how to select and use them for emotional harmony and spiritual well-being.
MultiDimensions with Suzan Caroll – Books, Meditations, and arcturian channelings by Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie Phd
Myths & Mysteries – Myth & Mystery all myths/mysteries. Bigfoot, UFOs, Aliens, Ancient Civilizations, Loch Ness, Bermuda Triangle, Ghosts, Magic, Grail, Sacred Sites…
Napa Healing Retreats – California Healing Retreat Specializing in Detoxification and Health Rehabilitation – Come to The Wellspring Journey to Health Realization Retreat in Napa to heal your body, strengthen your mind, and enrich your spirit.
Natures Energies New Age Superstore – 1000+ New Age & Alternative Medicine Products, Supplier and Educator of Orgone Energy, Color Therapy, Feng Shui, Crystals, Metaphysical Protection, Flower Essences, Geomancy, I-Ching, Meditation, Qi Gong and many other products
New Age information and products – Information on alternative health, new thought religions, ancient wisdom, forbidden knowledge, metaphysical sciences, spirituality and environmental issues since 1995.
Occult World Ledger – Rreviews and Rates Occult, Wiccan, Pagan and Paranormal Books. Occult shopping, search. Covering all things occult on the web
Om Sakthi Spiritual Movement – Interfaith movement to promote spirituality and peace in all faiths and religions through understanding and service to humanity.
Online Psychic Reading – UK Telephone Psychics – UK based psychics, mediums and clairvoyants available by phone and text message 24 hours a day. Extensive new age and spiritual article directory, astrology charts, daily horoscopes and more.
Online Psychics – Accurate and caring psychic readings by online psychics. Best of psychics on love, jobs and career. Best of psychic readings. Psychics online.
Opening Doorways to Healing – Spiritual Response Therapy, The Reconnection, Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, Raindrop Technique, Neuro-Auricular Technique, Spiritual Anointing, Vita Flex Technique, and Star Flower Essences in Winter Park, Orlando, FL
Past Forward: Past Life Healing, Higher Self Counseling – Are You Being Harmed by Your Past Lives? Discover How Your Past Lives Effect You Today! Unlock the Secrets of Your Past Lives for FREE Right NOW
Peter Russell – The Spirit of Now, on Science, Consciousness, Spiritual Wisdom, Global Brain, Meditations, Nature of Reality.
Pilgrims New Age and Mind Body Spirit Store – New Age and Mind Body Spirit Store: Pilgrims UK is the foremost, with on-line secure ordering and next-day delivery.
Point of Life – Inspirational books by Michael Levy can help you find meaningful points in your life, that can flourish into true self worth and high esteem.
PracticarYoga – A holistic approach to Yoga (in Spanish)
Project X – The Search for the Chosen Ones – Personal spiritual and paranormal experiences
Psychic Awareness – Professional psychics, mediums, tarot readers, and life counselors available for an email or chatroom consultation.
PsychicNow – We have many readers with different mediums and ways of manifesting their gifts; they are experienced in answering questions and giving guidance and support. Whatever problems you have you will be assured of a warm welcome and we shall support you through love.
Psychic Waves – Authentic Psychic Medium Readings and Professional Spiritual Counseling Services by Rev. Jordyn. Genuine. Honest. Gifted. Excellent rates and references. Documented skills. More than 20 years experience. Free initial consultation.
Reach Potential – Online school to help you achieve personal fulfillment through whole self balance, At the Reach Potential Online Personal Development Center you can discover the SIRAMARTI PROCESS that unlocks your greater consciousness to become a citizen of a new Earth: a new world. – Reiki Information about Reiki healing and treatments for over 60 diseases. Download a free Treatment Guide with the Reiki hand positions.
Rev. Josiane Antonette – Matters of Spirit – Author of Whispers of the Soul. Explains death & afterlife from her own near death experience. Services include: Afterlife Communication, Spiritual Consultation, Healing, Near Death Experience, Death and Dying Support.
Ronna Star – Archangel Michael and Ronna Herman welcome you to Star-Quest.
Sedona Creative Life Center – Provides spiritual growth workshops, creative workshops, local and national speakers, music, drama, dance, childrens workshops and nondenominational celebrations.
Self healing Expressions – Self healing, spiritual healing, alternative healing, new age healing, holistic health taught via online courses.
Self Improvement from – Self Improvement Online is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Network. It is designed to be an organized directory referencing information in other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.
Shamanic healing light center – Shamanic Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge is a center that practices shamanic energy healing including ceremonial ritual and esoteric and magickal exploration
SHAMANISM Information & Understanding – is an encyclopedia of knowledge related to the Huichol Indians and their shamanic practices.
Sharon Shane Reader – Sharon Shane is an intuitive channel intuitive of Ascended Masters. Ix Chel is a color therapist and Mother Peace tarot reader.
Soul Circles – A place for Reiki, Vedic Astrology, Tarot and other healing courses in KL, Malaysia
SpiritFind Directory – A search engine for spiritual sites, includes sections on ascension, channeling, healing, meditation, psychics, and more. Updated daily!
SpiritLink – A spiritual site that seeks to know the Source and better manifest Spirit through astrology, numerology, psychic development, visionary art, spiritual photography,Edgar Cayce & related resources.
Spiritual Dimensiona – Spiritual growth resources art Store of books video dvd spitiual gifts music phylosophy psychology teachings
Spiritual Metaphysics – SpiritNetwork offers metaphysical and spiritual resources and insights, clairvoyant psychic readings, and an online community for like-minded spirits.
Spiritual New Age Wisdom – You are spirit manifesting consciousness. We bring awareness into the lives of those seeking to move past their current beliefs. Spiritual growth brings holistic healing into your experience which touches all aspects of your physical life.
Spiritual Response Therapy – Spiritual Response Therapy is an effective means of releasing past life patterns which effect our daily lives
Spiritual Teacher, Counselor & Guide – Solomon is a Oneness Blessing / Deeksha, Distance Healing, Intuitive Guide & Counselor who was trained by Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan.
The Aumara Light And Healing Circle-A Place for Healing & Inspiration – Embark on a spiritual journey with distant healing for increased health, well-being and spiritual awareness. Join us in Global Healing and Global Meditation, visit our Inspiration Gallery and much more.
The Co-Intelligence Institute – We promotes collaboration and work to catalyze the sustainability and conscious evolution of human culture.
The Healthy Lifestyle Community Site – Health, Fitness, Beauty and Lifestyle Tips and Discussions from real people for real people.
The Paranormal Gateway – We have a paranormal forum dedicated to all aspects of the paranormal. Including ghosts, witchcraft, wicca, demonology, EVP, white noise, also aliens, the occult, astrology, spiritual, psychics, mediums, fears, mythological creatures, cryptozoology, superstitions and folklore.
The UFO Paranormal Search Engine, News, forums – UFOSeek is an excellent source of information to study UFO and Paranormal subjects. Paranormal UFO News, forums. Report UFO or Paranormal sighting. Share your UFO paranormal images.
Twin Flame Psychic Readings – Psychic Brianna Wells is a twin flame and soulmate expert providing accurate love readings and remote energy healing by phone and online. Brianna can help you discover your true twin flame or soulmate connection!
Unique Gifts & Services for Healing & Well Being – Mountain Valley Center specializes in unique gifts and services for well being and energy healing,including unique natural healing crystals, far infrared amethyst biomats,gemstone jewelry, singing bowls, chakra jewelry, labyrinth and feng shui gifts
Vogel Crystals and Ruby Lavender Quartz – Crystal Wings – Largest Inventory in the world of Authentic Vogel Crystals, Wands and Master Healing Tools. Exclusive Distributor of Ruby Lavender Quartz™.
Webspirit free spiritual new age ebooks – Webspirit free spiritual New Age Growth Resource Free Ebooks Download. Topics include New Age, Spiritual Growth, Alternative Medicine, how to build your own colema or colonic machine, bamboo flutes and more
Welcome to EVENSTAR CREATIONS – This website has new information about what is happening to us as we make the shift in cycle, shift in consciousness. It is a doorway to the New Earth, New Solar System which are simply higher dimensional aspects of us, our Earth and Solar System.
Welcome to Inspiration for Recovery – Dr Siinor’s books of Inspiration and Recovery
Welcome to – The personal webpage of Darrell Grizzle, a large but friendly Dancing Bear. Explorations in Creation Spirituality, poetry, healing, nonviolent activism…
Wholistic Healing Research – A medical doctor has created this web site which documents that wholistic healing works. Check out the extensive research evidence!
Workshops For Physical & Spiritual Evolution – Over 1000 Workshops for Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Healing. Over 1000 pages, 150 articles, reiki, mandalas, healing requests for All.
Ye Olde Consciousness Shoppe – 21st Century Insights – alchemy, spiritual transformation, paradoxical thinking, and magic.