"Mandela Effect Anomalous Memories Investigation: This 18 page series (full list here) uses my own Walkers Crisps Mandela Effect experience to demonstrate how discussions of ANY/ALL Mandela Effect Experiences are all themselves consistently anomalous, specifically because essential/basic/important information relevant/central/critical to the 'ANOMALIES/EXPERIENCES' being discussed aren't even mentioned. In contrast, this series examines/evaluates memory 'composition' as well as important memory recall factors (feelings, emotions, internal states, inner sensations & awareness's (plus senses)) in attempts to not only 'highlight' these discussion anomalies while simultaneously providing comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the Mandela Effect memory anomalies, while even mentioning other apparently 'invisible/impossible to become aware of' memory anomalies too!!!"

While reading the previous page/this page up to this point, did you CONSCIOUSLY REGISTER/NOTICE that this specific Mandela Effect example is UNIQUELY different to perhaps all other ME examples?

You can perhaps evaluate how disengaged you were from the differences and significance of this example by taking notice of:


The Walkers Crisp packet colour change Mandela Effect is in fact SIGNIFICANTLY/EXTRA ‘ANOMALOUS’!!!!

PLEASE NOTE, on a previous page in this series I already pointed out that there were 2 different types of Mandela effect, AND ‘JUST TO MAKE THE SAME POINT’ AGAIN I left out the THIRD distinctly different Mandela Effect category because it’s:

  1. Seriously/staggeringly obvious . . . while . . .
  2. In that this specific Mandela Effect EXAMPLE has also been repeatedly mentioned/referred to on these pages such that in YOURSELF reading these pages, you DIDN’T ACTUALLY REALISE IT WAS DIFFERENT . . . then . . .

Perhaps you are now in a position to make a REALISTIC ASSESSMENT of how good:

  1. Your observational abilities actually are . . . and particularly with respect to . . .
  2. Spotting/becoming aware of ‘significant’ attributes/differences with respect to what your observing/reading/taking in . . . which would be a pre-requisite before . . .
  3. You can even begin to make decent/realistic ‘evaluations/assessments’ . . . which would also be required before . . .
  4. Any realistic conclusions could be come to . . . .

In that it’s amazing what people can miss that is in PLAIN SIGHT and in that the Walkers Crisp Mandela Effect is ‘actually’ very likely to have been experienced by many people, and despite that it’s been mentioned on Reddit a few separate times over the years, it seems VERY ODD to me that I’ve not seen anyone point out that its actually SUPER EXTRA ANOMALOUS compared to the majority of other Mandela Effect anomalies!!!!

Mandela Effect ‘Discussion / Presentation’ Anomaly No6:

“A Lack of (in most cases) comprehensive details inclusive of the perceptual history of a range of Mandela Effect item/object/thing/person and or ‘CONCEPTUAL DISASSOCIATION’ from the accumulated ‘FACTS/DETAILS’ prevents the identification, AND WIDESPREAD USE OF, SUB CLASSES/CATEGORIES of some obviously DIFFERENT Mandela Effects!!!!”

In that I’ve been writing about many different types of anomalous experience for many years now (for over a decade now) then I have gradually realised that anomalous experiences are also anomalously in amazingly being able to ‘seemingly’ resist being properly thought about such that it can take a lot of effort before you are able to become aware of ‘INTERESTING’ as well as often REVEALING details/factors of themselves . . .

Recommendations For Thinking/Writing About ANYTHING Anomalous, AND Particularly ‘ANOMALOUS’ Personal Experiences

AND . . . just to drive the above points home . . . as I write this paragraph, I’ve (off and on) been writing/editing/updating this specific page/pages specifically focused on the Walkers Crisps Mandela Effect for 3/4 months now. The first semi reasonably version was 5 pages of A4 in length which I wrote about 3 months ago (as I write this line after updating this specific page of this sub series it’s now 20+ pages long over 5 separate pages) .

When writing about anomalous EXPERIENCES, ‘SPECIFICALLY’ you ‘SHOULD’ re-read what you’ve already written MANY TIMES, while also spending quiet/disturbance free time MUSING OVER/THINKING ABOUT what you’ve already written because in 100% of cases the early version/versions no matter how ‘good or seemingly ‘clever” they may actually ‘SEEM TO BE’ they are actually very, VERY LIKELY representing what your/our FAKE REALITY’S attempts/efforts to limit/contain yourself/what you are able to become aware of/write. Re-reading what you’ve already written many times while actually also reminding yourself of the anomaly/scale of anomalies you the writing is about is essential in terms of helping yourself to ‘eventually’ become aware that you’ve been overly focused on some very specific aspects/angles which are often conceptually limiting/narrow/contained.

Basically, quite often you are simply prevented from conceptually seeing any of the rest of the entire wood/surrounding landscape because you nose is jammed right up against ONE SINGLE TREE, such that in a basic ‘conceptual/ideas’ sense you are massively limiting your awareness of the potential of many more INTERRELATED/INTERCONNECTED POSSIBILITIES/DETAILS . . . in all, the original single page focused on my own Mandela Effect has gone through at least 7/8 time consuming re-writes/extensions (often taking 2/3/4 hours for each).

Unbelievably it still took about two and a half months of every so often re-reading it/editing/extending it ‘AGAIN’ until I myself ‘CONSCIOUSLY, BECAME ‘DEFINITIVELY’ AWARE’ that this example was of TWO SEPARATE ITEMS NOT ONE SINGLE ITEM.

When I write ‘BECAME ‘DEFINITIVELY’ AWARE’ this is what I mean, that I went from: ‘sort of knowing/being vaguely semi aware of this in a very, very, VERY vague background/disengaged/virtually unconscious/cannot grasp way’, to actually being able to be:


Including of the FACT that despite that they/you can read of what they and YOU have missed here, ‘UNBELIEVABLY’ YOU ARE STILL unlikely to be allowed to be SIGNIFICANTLY IMPACTED by the SIGNIFICANCE OF YOUR ‘DISENGAGEMENT’ nor the massive correlations of PERSISTENT DISENGAGEMENT/SUPPRESSED AWARENESS related to all things ‘ANOMALOUS’!!!!

How many Researchers/Genuinely ‘Interested’ Readers are Deliberately ‘PREVENTED’ from ‘Gaining Awareness’ of SIGNIFICANT Factors/Details!!!

For ‘readers’ of this section, whom have just read the above, then if ‘YOU’ yourself are ‘NOT’ IMPACTED/ALLOWED TO REALISE THE STARK SIGNIFICANCE/IMPORTANCE OF THIS SPECIFIC WALKER CRISPS MANDELA EFFECT, then you yourself should re-read this page ‘NOW’ while also making time in the future to KEEP RE-READING IT, until you too have taken it in enough/got your head around this enough to be directly impacted by the significance of this example AS WELL AS THE ‘SIGNIFICANCE’ OF OTHER ANGLES OF INFORMATION/PERSPECTIVES PRESENTED ON THIS PAGE.

The version being edited now/as I write this sentence is one of two pages with one of these (now 13 A4 pages) about to be split into at least three and in total the original page is now just over 15 pages of A4 in content terms.

Every sentence, every paragraph, literally has to be ‘WORKED/FOUGHT FOR’, every page of A4 of this series will have taken up to 10 times more thought/effort/time to write compared to pretty much any other Mandela Effects page anywhere else, and particularly to GET THIS PAGE TO IT’S CURRENT ‘QUALITY/DETAIL’!!!!

It is HIGHLY LIKELY that your ‘impression/understanding’ of this page (or any of the other ‘simulation/fake reality’ pages on this site) will change/resolve/become more significant the more times you read it/them, I’d also recommend (for those with time/want to give ‘management’ the ‘FINGER’ [themify_icon link=”http://” icon=”fa-hand-o-up”]) that you also try reading it paragraph/section by paragraph/section from the bottom up (as this confuses our fake realities management efforts) as well as perhaps reading it randomly/jumping around as this may also result in you joining dots that you’ve been prevented from joining/realising previously!!!!

What other stark differences should rational/research types be taking into account not only with respect to the Mandela Effect phenomenon but with all other anomalous experiences!!!!!

For Anomalous ‘Experiences’ the ‘EXPERIENCER’ is the ONLY ‘REALISTIC/POTENTIAL’ EXPERT!!!!

Let me also repeat something that I’ve already made clear on a previous page!!!

“It is also exceptionally odd that anyone that actually experiences an anomalous experience is often then automatically treated as ‘compromised’ as opposed to what they actually are which is that they are ‘NOW’ very likely to be a ‘POTENTIAL’ EXPERT in terms of all facets of the anomalous experience itself.”

You actually only have a decent chance to properly/comprehensively evaluate any specific anomalous experience by being able to access the memories of it/feel into these and particularly as part of trying to become aware of the full scale of all of the different angles/aspects of the experience itself inclusive of all memories of all of the different senses as well as the feelings/emotions and perhaps other sensations that are directly as well as indirectly associated with the anomalous experience while attempting to evaluate it/understand it/figure it out IF YOU HAVE IN FACT PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED IT YOURSELF!!!

Anyone experiencing any type of anomalous experience is then highly qualified in terms of their own moment by moment detail of it, as well as of their full spectrum unfolding ‘reaction’ to it through time. I should also point out that this is now the 15th page of a series that ‘by and large’ has focused on human experiences and SENSES & MEMORIES in FULL SPECTRUM TERMS, such that many pages of this series so far have pointed out the pitiful, dire quality of science based information covering the full range of senses as well as of the full spectrum memories of these . . . this is the outcome of ‘research’ done by people whom have been encouraged for centuries to fully adapt to having a fully disengaged/distanced ‘mentality/attitude’ such that they end up becoming completely out of touch with their own and then hence others ‘normal’ NORMAL FULL SPECTRUM FUNCTIONING inclusive of all senses/feelings/emotions/subtle sensations and of all memories of these . . .

Side Effects of Academics/Scientists Consistently Adopting a Disengaged/Detached/Disassociated ‘HEAD’ Focused Persona?

In this respect, anyone that hasn’t themselves personally experienced any particular/specific anomalous experience CANNOT THEN EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO ‘PROPERLY’ UNDERSTAND NEVER MIND ‘RATIONALLY’ EVALUATE THE FULL SPECTRUM OF ‘SENSES/SENSATIONS/AWARENESS’S/INNER REACTIONS/INSIGHTS’ ASSOCIATED WITH IT, specifically because no one else can retrospectively observe that persons experience, they can only relate to the experience/evaluate the experience in ‘unqualified/hearsay/second guessing/disassociated’ terms . . . it would in fact be factual to state, that anyone/everyone that hasn’t had/hasn’t experienced the anomalous experience being discussed (‘whatever’ it is) are in fact the ones that are COMPROMISED, i.e. they are the least qualified in terms of this/any anomalous experience and particularly with respect to all of the factors/nuances involved and particularly with respect to the entire full spectrum anomalous experience, as experienced by any specific individual!!!

The only potential full spectrum experts of any anomalous experience, the people most qualified to properly evaluate an anomalous experience are those with FIRST HAND DIRECT EXPERIENCE of that specific anomalous experience itself.

Which is probably a good opening/place for me to give my own very detailed account of my own Mandela Effect experience . . .


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