"Healing Session Exploration of Poverty Issues: This series gives you a detailed walk through (including audio) of a therapy session focused on identifying & then dealing with 'some' of the spiritual & subtle causes of money & poverty Issues. It illustrates the 'interactive' awareness 'competence' & determined persistence needed to find and 'successfully' deal with a whole range of hard to 'corner' & reveal subtle 'shit'. It also points out how we are not allowed to fully resolve certain issues (i.e. why some healing successes are only temporary) and why this happening is evidence that we are in a simulation."

It’s interesting that many ‘competent’ energy healers are aware that they and their clients are actually a subtle being that lives in a subtle environment AND that the physical animal form is just a physical probe vehicle that the subtle body form is interfaced to (a bit like being in a Matrix).

Some spiritual people and healers are also aware that ‘unbelievably’ this subtle being is also immortal and as such it will have been around for quite a long time. In this respect, a single human incarnated life will be the equivalent of a single clock ‘tick’ compared to how long each subtle bodied person will have been around for (in some cases 10’s of MILLIONS of years).

The real ‘Reality’ of Yourself as an Immortal Subtle Being Stuck in a Physical Body

Because of the above, it’s then interesting that many that consider themselves to be ‘spiritually aware’ seem to not quite manage to understand that on average each person here will have been around for literally 10’s of millions of years and that unless you get seriously run over by a number 10 subtle bus your subtle body will be around for another million or 10 or 100 million years . . . OR LONGER . . .

I want YOU reading this, just to take a moment and have the REALITY and the TRUTH of you actually REALLY being an immortal subtle being to sink in . . .

Your subtle being just by conscious will can move through the subtle reality material in any direction and it can move quite fast too, apparently so fast that another subtle being wouldn’t be able to see you if you moved past them at a pedestrian pace because you’d be moving soooo fast.

As a subtle form you are an immortal being and you can naturally move faster than grease lightening.

In other words as a subtle form the ‘multiverse’ is yours, the entire multiverse is literally your ‘oyster’.

How as a subtle being you can interface yourself to ANY aspect of the Physical Reality

You could ‘easily’ travel around and explore the subtle reality AND with some experience you might even spend time interfacing yourself to different components of the parallel physical reality. If you did, then you might choose to spend time learning to competently engage with various physical things, like deep underground rock formations (those interfaced to an animal form on that world might then see you as a troll) or perhaps you’d like to spend time interfacing to different facets of the surface skin of a world (in which case you would (most of the time) be seen as a dwarf or a pixie) alternatively, perhaps your cup of tea would be to experience what it is like to be interfaced to different forms of vegetation or even a tree or trees (then you’d be seen as a nature fairy or a tree fawn) or perhaps you’d be more into engaging with the surface atmosphere and get turned on by being a cloud, rain or even thunder and lightening, perhaps even scaring the local animal life by perhaps being seen as a wind sprite or even better, during superstitious times you could try and have yourself mistaken for a powerful weather god.

With enough interfacing, enough controlling systems and enough patience you could completely engage with and ‘BE’ an entire physical world or the sun or an entire solar system. With this degree of engagement and competence you could even MANIPULATE physical things from beyond the physical backdrop. Mind if you did try and do this you’d likely make a big effort to convince those living within your domain that ‘THINK’ they are clever that there is ONLY the physical, and that ‘HAHAHA’ it’s ‘Impossible’ for there to be none physical influences.

Unfortunately manipulating people incarnated into the physical from the none physical is stupidly easy to do AND in ‘fact’ it’s likely the only way you can ‘rationally’ explain the ‘stupid’ explanations handed out by so called ‘experts’.

As the subtle being you ACTUALLY REALLY are, you have the ability to spend an infinite amount of time visiting interesting places, meeting interesting subtle people, getting involved in interesting projects and exchanging interesting ideas.

How as an ‘Aware’ IMMORTAL Subtle Being You’d Absolutely NOT Bind YOURSELF to ANYTHING

In this respect, what you are seriously, SERIOUSLY unlikely to EVER, EVER, EVER DO is to agree to have yourself contractually bound to ANYTHING, particularly if you are spiritually aware of what I describe above (or even just slightly CONSCIOUS).

You’d not do this because you are an immortal being with the entire multiverse at your feet to explore.

There is absolutely no way that you’d bind yourself to anything, ANYTHING AT ALL, never mind to bind yourself to ‘something’ FOREVER . . .


If you did do this then your subtle brain would have to be either severely mentally retarded OR alternatively some subtle con artist is likely to have convinced you to incarnate into a physical body to experience a physical life, while inconveniently WIPING your memory (you ‘did’ read the small print on the incarnation contract didn’t you?) AND THEN over time (repeated incarnations) it becomes easier to sell you the idea of you electing to ‘officially’ enslave your soul to a second hand, don’t forget to kick the wheels of the alleged ‘spiritual’ enterprise FOREVER & EVER & EVER & EVER . . . .

Why you are Incarnated into a Human Body & How You are Manipulated into Being Convinced YOU ARE JUST THE PHYSICAL BODY

As a subtle being now interfaced to an animal body and being unconsciously forced to live a physical incarnated life whom is also suffering from memory wipe you might even become aware and even ‘see’ ex-physical people that are SUPPOSED to have completely died before the behind the scenes subtle bureaucracy of the world could catch up with them and incarnate and memory wipe them yet again.

You might even preferentially see ghosts particularly if you experience physical trauma or severe emotional stress or ANY subtle event that unfortunately somehow disrupts your subtle form to physical body vehicle interfacing because this happening could easily have you seeing people that are supposed to be ‘really’ dead (‘yes’ REALLY).

Our subtle interfacing integrity help line technicians are currently all occupied dealing with a completely unexpected subtle body interfacing substation outage, every effort will be made to re-connect your disengaged interfacing at the earliest opportunity, in the mean time you could try depressing the subtle body interfacing reset button for 15 seconds (you will be able to psychically locate this as being very close to your third eye area). Please hold if you wish to talk to one of our experienced facilitators (current waiting time is approximately 6 months). Please Note, that for training and security purposes all psychic calls are recorded and may actually be sent to a psychiatrist without your permission particularly if we are unable to fully restore your interfacing functionality within an appropriate time scale (5 minutes).

With damaged interfacing you might even start seeing the subtle body of ‘someone’ that is interfaced to a physical body that is alive and kicking.

This could be very, very confusing to people being made to be convinced that they are nothing more than their physical body.

However, you really don’t need to worry about any of this because the subtle people perpetrating the ‘there is only the physical, long, loonnnnng, LONG con’ have countered this by incarnating designated ‘experts’ whose job it is to explain EVERYTHING unbelievably stupidly as a means to help keep everyone convinced that they are really, REALLY . . . “YES REALLY” ‘just’ their physical body.

They’ll very determinedly let you know that . . .

  1. That it’s impossible to have memories of previous lifetimes . . . that past lives are a delusion . . .
  2. That it is impossible to have a near death experience that has you experiencing becoming completely disassociated from your physical body . . .
  3. That it is impossible when you are close to dying to have a phase of clarity which represents when your subtle interfacing is being automatically disengaged from the dying physical vehicle form . . .
  4. That it’s impossible for anyone to temporarily disengage from their interfacing and be able to astral travel . . .
  5. They are also very, VERY keen on trying to persuade everyone that your thinking and your CONSCIOUSNESS and memory are all REALLY the result of synapses in your animal brain . . .
  6. What also appears to be impossible is for any of the so called clever people to actually join what are essentially quite simple dot’s and actually figure out how ‘reality’ WOULD HAVE TO BE to account for all the above clues . . .

This ‘incapable of joining simple dots’ impossibility is also expected, it is also in fact deducible as part of the ‘we are only physical’ con. This is because for every ‘con’ you need PERSUADERS, you need people whose job it is to convince the marks that the con is real. In our case the con is to persuade us that we are entirely physical people living in a physical reality AND that THERE IS NOTHING MORE . . .

As the con involves keeping everyone disengaged from their subtle form to have everyone focused entirely on the physical then of course it is really easy to MANIPULATE peoples subtle forms without them knowing about this. For example the well hidden subtle form can easily be manipulated to cognitively super glue ANYONE to a set of ‘researcher’ basic assumptions that support the con, to have researchers subtle forms managed so that they explain everything ONLY in approved of ways. Perhaps this is why so much effort it put into shooting down any suggestions pertaining to possibility of their being essentially invisible spooky, woo woo means of influencing incarnated, physical people in undetectable ways.

In sure that the subtle forms of specific subtle people that have been physically imprisoned in a physical body could EASILY be manipulated to have them troll and manage alternate and much more accurate views of reality in attempts to suppress information that might have people starting to join the STUPIDLY simple dots that might risk exposing the PHYSICAL con . . .

What Happens if your Subtle Form to Physical Form Interfacing becomes Damaged, HACKED or Your Human Meat Suit Becomes Possessed?

That idea that some physical people are seriously CONVINCED that some subtle BASTARD is trying to interface to their very own physical body and be trying to make it do things that they personally wouldn’t dream of themselves (like kill themselves or have them try and kill others) are just the product of a vivid imagination and or psychoses as opposed to them actually REALLY being because some subtle person is £uc&ing around and trying to interface to the same physical animal form vehicle as yourself and is trying to take it for an unauthorised ‘ruggedness’ test drive that simple isn’t covered by the lifetime interfacing warranty.

In the same way as someone determined enough could HACK into your (invisible) wifi connection and hijack and take control of your game ‘avatar’ and then cause your avatar to do embarrassingly badly in that immersive game you spend time playing (like for example, having it try and kill off it’s game friends and associates!!!!). I’m sure that under these vaguely equivalent circumstances your game buddies may be slightly more understanding compared to say a psycho therapist listening to a client claiming that someone is trying to hijack their own personal physical earth life avatar vehicle?

I’d personally bet that you reading this never got round to reading all the ‘get out clauses’ in the small print such that you missed the clause on page 3492 (sub section 14, sub clause 31, paragraph 437)? I quote: ” . . . blah . . blah . . blady blah . . . and henceforth and forthwith . . blah . . blah . . . such that if you don’t keep up the repayments on your individually hand crafted customized certified 100% organic physical vehicle then the vehicle supply company has the legal right to use aggressive repossession tactics (often sub-contracted to Micky Taeken’s family friendly Daemon Repossession Enterprises (please familiarize yourself with their separate legal contract))” . . . Hahahahaha . . .

Then of course you’ve the other obvious problem . . . which none of you reading this will be able to THINK of because by subtle means you’ll be being directly managed to not think of ANY essentially worrying possibilities AT ALL. It’s a very obvious possibility for anyone that is capable of adding up 1 + 1 and arriving at 2 will be able to figure out in an instant . . . . . in your own time . . . . . any moment now . . .

The obvious and worrying possibility is that subtle people that are being imprisoned in a physical vehicle essentially have both a Subtle body + a Physical body which amazingly adds up to TWO bodies . . . which for the con to remain intact you’d have to keep very, very quiet. In keeping the ‘fact’ that everyone has two bodies quiet then you’ve essentially got an even BIGGER problem. For subtle people trapped in a physical body whom will essentially be managed to NOT think of such possibilities then I’ll now enlighten you.

Exactly where is your subtle energy body AND exactly what condition is it in? NOW

Here is the leading question which will magically allow you to start THINKING about this problem . . . are you ready . . .

“What specific ailments and health, mental and psychological problems etc . . . are actually specifically problems that originate in what can only be described as your animal body avatar AND which ones are specific to your REAL subtle body?”


AND . . . . ‘EXACTLY’ . . . . ‘where’ . . .  did you leave your subtle body? . . . can you remember?

Well, it’s likely to be lying on a subtle slab somewhere . . .


. . . was it left in a good neighborhood do you think?

What it won’t be doing, is that it won’t be getting out and about and for example meeting up with it’s mates in the local subtle pub. In fact, i won’t be moving at all will it.

It’ll just be lying there completely encased with subtle to physical body interfacing wires . . .

How long could your physical body lie immobile before it started to develop health problems? MMMMmm? FOR HOW LONG? Any ideas how long your subtle body could lie immobile and still remain healthy?

How would you appraise whether some health problem was due to a physical body originated problem OR as opposed to it being due to a health problem in your magically amazingly well hidden subtle body?

Any ideas?

Well, as an ex-medical research scientist with published papers in medical research fields I’ll have a stab at answering this for you . . . here we go . . . .

What is likely is that a physical ONLY symptom will be able to be cured and it’ll be done and gone. Conversely, a symptom that directly relates to an ailing subtle body form which cannot be addressed without compromising the long, long, long, con will be problematical to resolve. Symptoms of the subtle form are therefore very, VERY likely to be addressed AS SYMPTOMS, there won’t be any actual ‘real’ cures of the originating causes there will only be cures of the symptoms of the causes which will all be temporary as they are just suppressing the physical symptoms that actually arise from the subtle body form lying prone on a subtle slab located in the subtle environment ‘somewhere’.

How do you address health problems that originate in a subtle form that is kept hidden as part of a long, long, long con?

Is there any evidence that our modern much over hyped medicine is amazingly good at just temporarily disappearing SYMPTOMS?


Is there any evidence that a great deal of effort is expended by the seriously well conned with respect to discrediting subtle energy healing and alternate healing approaches that are actually trying to address health problems that originate in the magically conceptually invisible subtle body?


The REAL Meaning & REAL Reality of YOUR REAL life as Forcibly Earth BOUND Subtle Being

The subtle ‘strata’ of reality (which as everyone (except ‘experts’) will know) is located parallel to and just to the left of the denser physical reality strata (which coincidentally it just left of a third ‘super’ dense physical strata).

Less well known is that our subtle forms don’t actually ‘eat’ food (which is why those of you that are perceptually aware of the ‘subtle’ realm will have noticed that there aren’t any take away’s, little chef’s or even pizza hut’s anywhere to be found (although it’s possible that there have been some BUT that they were all blown up by these dark demon spiritual terrorist forces we hear so much about).

As a subtle form you just naturally take in everything that your subtle body needs automatically and directly from the subtle environment which coincidentally is actually your real ‘home’ environment. In other words, you reading this have a subtle form which is immortal and which doesn’t need to scavenge for food or resources AND it’s got built in ‘super’ mobility.

Contrast the above with your current ‘physical life’ and then you might be tempted to ask yourself who would benefit if people were being forcibly physically incarnated and memory wiped combined with them being subjected to concerted efforts all focused on convincing the now conscious and occasionally self aware animals that they are nothing more than their physical animal form which inconveniently requires sustenance to maintain itself such that they are in the habit of dying off rather quickly if they don’t eat lots and lots of chips and burgers every day.

Horrifyingly, your physical avatar animal form body eventually gives up the ghost and kicks the bucket which has your subtle to physical body interfacing gradually disengaging until you find yourself as a subtle being very irritatingly being told that you didn’t do well enough in your last physical life and that you need to ‘buck’ up and do much better in the next one and as if that isn’t enough you are then made to join a long queue and are forced to hang around waiting to be reincarnated and memory wiped once again?

What an amazing long, long, long. long, long ‘spiritual’ con this is eh!!

I’m really sure that I’m likely to get the biggest set of minus marks EVER when I eventually kick the bucket BECAUSE ‘words and whole sentences’ will very likely be enthusiastically exchanged . . .

The more observant readers here might have noticed that this post ISN’T in the surreal or satire category . . .

Every so called ‘spiritual’ person on the planet should read this page because it very accurately describes our circumstances ‘apart’ from the little ‘fact’ that we here are in a simulation and we are simulating the people living these atrocities (it wouldn’t be too far out to state that we are simulating people ALREADY living in a matrix) . . .

See if you are ALLOWED to leave a DECENT comment? As I mention elsewhere here ACCURATE information isn’t allowed to be noticed or even ACKNOWLEDGED . . .

Can you join MORE dots other than what I describe above? For example it should be obvious that a real reality won’t have past life records of ‘people’ and yet we have the Akashic records cleverly disguised in ‘spiritual’ mumbo-jumbo so that no one realizes that these are SAVED COMPUTER FILES of each persons life. There ‘are’ plenty of clues that our little sink hole reality here is not in the slightest real.

I’ve added to and greatly extended the evidence of the ‘physical con’ and have conveniently put all of this evidence together in a visual chart form. If you are interested in these areas and want to understand the physical con in more detail AND read about yet more angles of evidence then head on over to this page here.

As part of the ‘physical con’ descriptions I give above, then this ‘implies’ that we ‘should’ have many intelligent ‘people’ as many different animal forms being ‘SIMULATED’ here. This is not only correct, BUT, there are of course many, MANY clues that many people here are ‘NOT’ actually (really) humans.

What ‘clues’ and SERIOUSLY obvious ones would ‘crab’ people being ‘simulated’ as humans ‘exhibit’???

You’d imagine that some of those with advanced ‘observational’ powers would have spotted these specific people ages ago!!! So, I challenge you to attempt the ‘impossible’, which is to try and think of the ‘problems’ a simulation designer would have translating a crab body form into a human body form and then attempt to identify the ‘people’ on our ‘simulated’ world here that are ‘obviously’ crabs.

Attempt to do this before reading this comment here that lists ‘some’ of the many ‘crab people’ clues as this will help you to become aware of how MANAGED you are to prevent you from thinking about and becoming aware of ‘obvious’ things.

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