On the previous page I made a very big/concerted effort to make the reader very, very, very aware of how very complex subtle environment experiences of the subtle form/person YOU/WE EACH REALLY ARE and particularly those happening over an extended period of time (months in my case) are specifically being presented to individuals here as an individual/personal to themselves only/outside of consensus reality ‘experience’ while also (at least for myself) being presented as a very very weird/internal to myself ‘only/mind’s eye’ type experience.

All of which made it somewhat exceptionally difficult to get my head around/figure out/understand the real context of this experience, hence it’s taken ages to decode/translate as well as then write/describe this experience in a fairly decent/understandable way that may then also help give context to others here whom because they will have had similar subtle environment ‘representing’ experiences as myself may also then have had some ‘similar/equivalent’ internal to themselves only type experiences that will have themselves (like myself) becoming aware of another version of themselves specifically being presented as an ‘internal mind’s eye’ form only such that the same people here may also be suspicious about themselves being permanently interfaced to a physical human form while also being permanently ‘stuck’ living within our readily observable as PHYSICAL ONLY ORIENTATED/LIMITED reality here!!!

Coincidentally our fake reality has as one of its main overriding agendas to fade out, to depreciate and essentially ‘DISAPPEAR’ as much as possible of absolutely all coherent details and or knowledge of the subtle body form as well as the subtle environment within which the subtle form actually ‘NATURALLY’ lives (and is then absolutely still present within BUT very likely trapped within a subtle pod somewhere).

Coincidentally I’ll be pointing out other examples of these types of misdirections related to the subtle form, spirit body as well as the subtle environment on this page too!!!!

Your Subtle Self/’Spirit’ Form Within a Parallel Higher Frequency Subtle Strata Will then be part of a Subtle Culture

Now, before your subtle form’s subtle body became interfaced into the physical it may very well have had a great variety of ‘experiences’ within the subtle environment. This is the subtle environment that coincidentally would be the one within which your subtle body/form, not only NATURALLY ORIGINATED/EVOLVED WITHIN, but has likely travelled within too, even made subtle friends, spent time been educated (likely about the make up of the subtle reality, yourself as a subtle form as well as of your subtle culture too), while also very likely spending time doing subtle reality orientated things with subtle friends, teachers and associates.

It might (for example) have spent time figuring out details of its subtle body maybe to such an extent that it then made modifications/designed in adaptations maybe/perhaps even doing this before becoming aware of the parallel physical strata after which it then might have made an effort to figure out (or was helped by subtle friends to figure out) how to interface itself to a physical form so that it could then directly have a physical strata/reality experience maybe by DIRECTLY INTERFACING ITSELF TO AN EXCEPTIONALLY DUMB HUMAN ANIMAL BODY FORM THAT IT PERHAPS BECAME AWARE OF DURING ITS REMOTE INVESTIGATIONS OF THE PARALLEL PHYSICAL STRATA after which it would then, essentially be using this HUMAN ANIMAL FORM AS A REMOTE AVATAR/VEHICLE . . .

Coincidentally, speaking of subtle body modification efforts/experiences it was exactly this type of subtle environment, subtle body anatomy focused experience that I started to very gradually more and more become aware of that ‘MYSELF’ as a subtle form/being HAD ACTUALLY DONE THIS hence I made a very big/determined effort to describe this ‘parallel’ experience in as much detail as possible on the previous page of this series (which is here).

Soul Subtle Form Cultures, Subtle Form Races & Subtle Spirit Soul Body Gender Differentiation Details

This specific page is actually the introduction page to this and the following pages in this series which are all focused on giving yourself some accurate as well as in depth information about your/our subtle body, subtle/spirit form as well as the subtle environment AND more so as part of very specifically pointing out some of the vast scale of anomalous experiences we have here that directly relate to ourselves actually REALLY existing/being somewhere else as a subtle form/spirit being, specifically because you/everyone reading this will likely all have some past experiences that include yourself living as a subtle, spirit being/form while being part of a subtle culture that did and likely still exists ‘NOW’ within the parallel subtle environment that is your own subtle form’s NATURAL HABITAT & WITHIN WHICH IT AND ‘ALL OF US’ HERE ‘ALL’ ORIGINATED . . . !!!

Hence everyone here/everyone reading this is a subtle being/spirit form that has been/is now interfaced to either a human male or female animal form body that is allowing ourself as the ‘spirit’ being, soul form whom you/we ALL ACTUALLY REALLY ARE to have yet another incarnation into the physical domain centred on this ‘earth’ world/planet!!!!

I should perhaps point out that the subtle/spirit/soul form, in ‘time scale terms’ and particularly with respect to the much slower/denser physical reality/strata. is exceptionally long lived . . . in other words there is not a problem to have this form, the subtle body/soul being form re-incarnated time and again, even for many 1000’s of years . . .

How is it that we have a vast amount of information going into exceptional detail with respect to how ‘something else’ is interfaced to the readily observable human form, via what we have described/named as chakras and meridians for example, while on the other hand, we have virtually nothing ‘coherent/detailed’ about this subtle being/spirit form itself within its own environment, nor do we know much about the parallel subtle environment either nor do we seem to have any details of their communities and cultures never mind base details of their ways of living, interacting and socialising . . . for example, do you know that there are 7 subtle races and that each of these races has/exhibits some different characteristics/aspects and particularly with respect to behaviours/attitudes and interests compared to the others hence we have 7 (or perhaps just 6 now) sort of ‘human’ races here that science (as far as I can tell) hasn’t identified how these ‘different’ races actually arose in ‘human’ evolution terms!?!?!

And what do we know about the subtle form, the spirit form itself?

Well, we know pretty much sweetFA in terms of any coherent baseline foundation details as far as I can tell!!!! For example, are you aware that the subtle body form/being is actually an energetic, multiple resonance/frequency emitting/broadcasting plasma cloud like in appearance based ‘life’ form/being that actually lives within an entirely ‘energetic/resonance/frequency’ based environment?

In other words, to state that it’s utterly/absolutely different to any physical form, never mind a human would be a gross understatement!!!

Are you aware that the subtle body of this ‘soul’ form/being is actually androgynous/asexual and hence then not only doesn’t present itself as having sex organs, it also then won’t ever propagate itself via having sexual relations with a partner as we/all humans do here?

How Would Asexual, Androgynous Souls, Subtle Beings, the Higher Self Forms Actually Reproduce, Produce Offspring?

So, in that our subtle/spirit form then doesn’t actually have or exhibit ‘sex’ organs, then its somewhat exceptionally obvious that it won’t be reproducing ‘sexually’ by pairing with and then coupling with other subtle/soul forms . . . rather, it actually divides asexually, which obviously, will then consistently result in the original single soul/spirit form by and large creating a duplicate of itself i.e. this means of self dividing/propagation results in two ‘TWINS’ of the original being/form.

In other words, how the subtle, spirit, soul form actually propagates is very, very equivalent to how an amoeba propagates (for example)?

I suspect that it’s exceptionally unlikely you’d be aware of any of what I describe above (in ‘simple’ easily understood terms (rather than some archaic spiritual mumbo jumbo!!!!)) because I cannot find these base/foundation androgynous/asexual ‘facts’ about our spirit/soul form ‘EXPLICITLY POINTED OUT/DESCRIBED’ anywhere!!! Hence then, the somewhat obvious implications/outcomes of doing this aren’t ever it seems realised, never mind mentioned or discussed either!!!!

Hence, we all find ourselves in what can only be described as exceptionally bizarre incarnation circumstances where a completely none gendered, asexual, androgynous subtle energetic plasma like spirit being/soul form, ‘subtle’ reality originated organism that is WHOM WE EACH REALLY ARE is being interfaced to one or the other of a two gendered human physical animal species body form, locally described/identified as either a male/man or female/woman form here!!!!

So, a completely none gendered androgynous form that in most circumstances will have a fairly ‘balanced’ mixture of both male and female, let’s say ‘psychological’ attributes/characteristics/orientations, which will also to a certain degree vary and or change over time and particularly with respect to WHAT THEY ARE DOING/WHAT THEY ARE SPENDING TIME ‘FOCUSED’ ON during different phases and particulary with respect to specific projects/interests . . . find themselves interfaced to a human such that after many repeated re-incarnations as a human, over a time span of what is likely to be a few 1000 years . . . they/we all end up more and more automatically, completely ‘identifying’ with ourselves as ‘A HUMAN BEING’ a physical HUMAN ‘ANIMAL’ FORM, rather than what we actually ‘really’ are which is an androgynous, asexual ‘energetic/soul/spirit’ form!!!!

Unfortunately, given the unbelievable numbers of highly visible gender/transgender issues we have presented here, it’s obviously a great deal harder for some people to be completely convinced that they are ‘naturally’ either just a human male or a human female ‘ONLY’ . . . isn’t it!!!

So, in defining our ‘real’ origins and hence then defining/describing some of the real/base characteristics of our subtle/soul/spirit body from, it then becomes pretty easy to figure out some of the information/descriptions we’d have presented here as well as some of the anomalous experiences that are actually ‘commonly’ presented/experienced here which would perhaps be the consequences/predicted outcomes and or ‘clues’ of interfacing an asexual, none gendered, androgynous subtle, spirit, soul body form into one or the other of two sexually differentiated/gendered physical human animal species bodies?

Would you like some more clues from our distant past . . . which in being the distant past is likely then closer to the time when the androgynous subtle forms would be in the process of becoming aware of while also then trying to figure out how to interface themselves to humans as part of initially exploring/becoming familiar with the landscape of the surface of the earth . . .

Example of Distant Historical Past Clues & References to Our Perhaps Androgynous Origins

Are you aware, for example, that we have quite a large number of androgynous deities within many, many cultures around the world including Adam Kadmon (Jewish), Agdistis / Agditis (Phrygian, Near Eastern), Agni (Hindu), Angamunggi (Australian Aborigine), Ardhanari / Ardhanarishvara (Hindu), Armaiti (Iranian), Asgaya Gigagei (Cherokee), Aten (Egyptian), Awonawilona (Zuni), Da (Dahomey), Deva (Indonesian), Eros (Greek), Fro Ing / Ingwaz (Norse), Galaturra / Kurgarra (Sumeria), Gran’ Silibo / Silibo-Gweto (Vodoun), Gwydion (Celtic), Inari (Shintoism), In P’en (Guatemalan), Kahukura (New Zealand Maori), Lan Zai Gui (Taoist), Labarindja (Australian Aboriginal), Mahatala–Jata (Borneo), Malimeihevao (Polynesian), Mwari (Zimbadwe, Rhodesian), Nenechen (Chilean), Nous (Gnosticism), Wiracocha / Viracocha (Inka).

We even have some statues and frescos/mosaics from the past actually depicting past people as exhibiting both male and female lets say psychological ‘attributes’ . . . IN ONE SINGLE BODY (as I describe above) . . .

For example . . . here is an ancient Roman statue (on the right here) that is quite stark in it depicting one human form as having both male and female attributes/qualities (the figure on the left has both a male and female face) while interacting with another human form that is presented with a female only ‘persona/aspects/characteristics’!!!!!

And here is another on the left.

Which is Plato’s androgynous human Androgyne being represented/depicted on an ancient Greek amphora with symbolic depictions of a male sun and a female moon form being fused as one form.

If you want any of the above in greater detail then I’ve a very comprehensive extended page going into these ‘interfacing’ possibilities in extremely fine detail while presenting yet more angles of evidence of these possibilities here: Matrix Film, Plato’s Cave, Theory of Forms, Metempsychosis & Platonic Dualism Comparisons

It’s very likely that because of the common practice of the full scale of ‘researchers’ somewhat limiting their scale of ‘knowledge’ to what is acceptable as ‘knowledge’ with respect to either their backgrounds and or experiences etc, then some whom are aware of the above may not be aware of the below . . . and vice versa . . .

Why Are the Newage Crowd Fixated on Twin Soul, Twin Flame Souls & the Love Signs, the so called ‘Soul Mate’ Attractions Related to These?

Are you aware that the new age population/crowd use the terms soul ‘twins’ and ‘twin’ flames pretty much ALL THE TIME while also seemingly being unable to become aware of what this actually means or implies!!!

Can you figure out why we’d have a lot of past historical references to androgynous deities as well as of the new age lot describing twins pretty much all the time?

It’s pretty easy to figure out . . . although, if you’re having trouble, then here is a hint!!!

Under what circumstances would a life form ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS END UP PRODUCING TWINS? If you’re still confused, then let me graphically illustrate how a subtle energetic resonance based i.e. very much ‘FLAME’ LIKE, life form might end up feeling preferentially attracted to what is called a TWIN FLAME!!!

Well, shouldn’t it be exceptionally ‘in your face’ obvious that any specific form/species that divides asexually will then always (by and large) end up with a duplicated copy of itself, such that the copy/duplicate is then ACTUALLY DIRECTLY EQUIVALENT TO BEING A TWIN OF THE ORIGINAL BEING!!!!

In other words all spiritual and new age sources have had the information to figure what I’ve graphically illustrated above for ages and ages . . . also, in the divided offspring being exceptionally/directly equivalent to the parent form, then this essentially means that the twin of itself is very, very likely to HAVE EQUIVALENT INTERESTS/ATTITUDES/CHARACTERISTICS as well as an EQUIVALENT ‘RESONANCE’ and as such, it will then feel (and will generally/actually ‘BE’) a very compatible LIFE ‘PARTNER’!!!!

In other words, the twins that are ‘produced’ from a specific subtle form ‘asexually dividing’ will very likely feel and ‘BE’ very resonant/compatible to each other hence then you have all of this over the top ‘FLUFF’ about soul mates and twin flames!!!!

What you perhaps should be contemplating upon at this point on this page is this . . . ‘IF’ I and pretty much everyone else has missed what’s been pointed out above, AND this is despite that all of the information needed to figure this out is IN PLAIN SIGHT, IT’S ALL BASED ON COMMONLY ‘KNOWN’ ABOUT INFORMATION . . . THEN . . .




I’ve an extensive/detailed page giving extended evidence for ourselves being an asexual subtle spirit body form that on dividing produce androgynous/twins which is here: Androgynous, Asexual Subtle Forms Interfaced to a Two Gendered Physical Body Will Present Anomalies Related to Gender & Explains & Validates Transgender Experiences?

Let me definitively as well as graphically illustrate our fake reality’s efforts to magically disappear ABSOLUTELY ALL THINGS SUBTLE both with respect to there not only being a dearth of ‘coherent’ details about the subtle body itself BUT also the efforts to make sure that any details of this form (that actually represents WHO WE ALL ARE) is as much as possible converted/translated into physical human equivalent forms/representations here . . .

In doing searches around the following phrases . . .

What is our Spirit Form/Subtle Body Form Like?
Details of our Subtle Form’s Subtle Energetic Anatomy & Physiology
Characteristics of the Subtle Body & the Soul Anatomy?
How is the Subtle Body Form Different to the Human Body Form?

I came across what I can only describe as a ‘FANTASTIC’ DEMONSTRATION of these types of completely misleading as well as utterly misrepresenting conversion efforts when I found a book called . . .

Image of the Encyclopedia of Your Subtle Bodies Energetic Anatomy
Image of the Encyclopedia of Your Subtle Bodies Energetic Anatomy


An Encyclopedia of . . .

Your Energetic Anatomy

Seriously, the author seems to be living in some sort of imaginary fantasy realm because the title of the book is completely, utterly misrepresented by the pictures on its front and back cover (on the right here) which you’d imagine should be presenting some ‘representative’ images that would at the very least even vaguely approximately be equivalent to what an actual real soul, spirit form/subtle body actually ‘vaguely’ looks like . . .

Are you aware that your ‘subtle’ body is not only NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST PHYSICAL, and hence then doesn’t in the slightest EXHIBIT NOR HAVE ANY EVEN APPROXIMATING CHARACTERISTICS OF ANY PHYSICAL FORM NEVER MIND ANYTHING/OF ANY ASPECT OF ITSELF THAT WOULD EVER EVEN VAGUELY APPROXIMATE TO THE ‘HUMAN’ FORM . . . such as the likes of a head, legs or even hands . . .

>>>> NONE <<<<


>>> ACTUALLY <<<

A Comprehensive, Detailed Subtle Form, Spirit, Soul Body Definition Description with Images/Pictures

A realistic approximately accurate description of the subtle body would have it described as sort of amorphous/colourful/semi translucent energetic ‘CLOUD’ specifically made up of what could perhaps be described as ‘COHERENT’ ‘ENERGETIC PARTICLES/WAVEFORMS/RESONANCE FIELDS’.

The entire GESTALT of the subtle form is likely best described as ‘conscious, intelligent as well as very aware’ not only of itself and others like itself BUT it is also automatically remotely aware of pretty much everything in all directions of it surroundings to a very great distance too . . . and this is because it is not only emitting/resonating/broadcasting out over it’s also always sensing/feeling the emissions impacting itself as well as those generally at a great distance too i.e. it is generally automatically ALL THE TIME ‘REMOTELY’ AWARE (i.e. it could be described as automatically having remote viewing abilities).

In this respect the human animal form/animal isn’t actually conscious, it’s only exhibiting characteristics of being conscious/aware because it’s got an intelligent amorphous/translucent sort of intelligent ‘energetic’ CLOUD specifically interfaced to itself . . . which is actually the part that is both intelligent and ‘conscious’ . . . animals would overwhelmingly be governed by instinct and base needs . . .

It would be realistically accurate to state that its shape/form at any particular time is NONE CONSISTENT/VARIABLE/PERMANENTLY DYNAMIC . . . specifically because its form is equivalent to a transparent cloud of dynamically coherently interacting particles/resonances/frequencies . . . which would likely be ‘viewed/seen’ as coherent multicoloured cloud of various colours . . .

Picture representing the higher self, soul, spirit and psyche

Despite that I’ve pretty much zero artistic abilities (or not enough time to develop these abilities), in spending some time playing around with some graphics programs and came up with the following that are possibly doing a vaguely semi decent job of representing what the subtle body/subtle form visually . . . ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE . . .

The first effort (on the right and above here) was very ‘bright as well as distinctly focused/sharp’ which in some ways felt right but in others it didn’t, such that I then made some ‘softer/more diffuse’ versions/variations of similar types of depiction!!!!

Image depicting the soul, higher self form as a resonance based energetically broadcasting life form

Hence then the two ‘softer’ images on the immediate right as well as below which I ‘feel’ are representing the subtle form at least somewhat more accurately than I’ve seen presented elsewhere . .

Image depicting the soul or subtle body form, as a resonance based, energetic life form

Strangely, it doesn’t matter how long you spend gazing at any of these pictures/depictions (even squinting as much as possible) . . . absolutely nothing within these pictures even vaguely/slightly resolves into anything that could ever, ever approximate never mind be mistaken as being equivalent to a head or an arm or a leg or hand or foot!!!

Subtle Energetic Anatomy, Chakras & Interfacing Between the Soul & Human

The Subtle Body Healing Practice Manual
The Subtle Body Healing Practice Manual

Now, we have a great deal of pictures that present the human form with chakra interfacing points such that it is these specifically that are ‘representing/depicting’ the cables and transmission line/network that to be conceptually accurate/realistic ‘should’ be being depicted as spanning from a remotely distanced body form to the human form i.e. to be conceptually accurate/realistic you should have the two bodies that are interfaced to each other as being SIDE BY SIDE specifically to make it very explicit that WHAT/WHOM YOU REALLY ARE has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the human body/the human form. The human form is essentially an animal which by and large HAS NEITHER MORE NOR LESS ‘INTELLIGENCE’ COMPARED TO ANY OTHER ‘MAMMAL’ SPECIES FORM!!!

In other words, to be explicit, what makes the human form here ‘actually’ intelligent is specifically because the ‘intelligence’ is provided by the none physical spirit/soul form that is interfaced to a human avatar body/remote vehicle so that the ‘soul’ spirit can in a sense have an incarnated physical human life experience!!!!

I’ll REPEAT THE ABOVE . . . . the human animal form without the remotely interfaced subtle body form is no more or less intelligent than any other large mammal!!!

Visual Depiction/Image of the Interfacing Between the Energetic Subtle Spirit Form & the Gross Physical Human Body/Avatar

Let me be graphically explicit with respect to what I mean in terms of the actual interfacing between what can be only reasonably well described as a plasma like cloud of the subtle form’s ‘energetic/resonance based’ somewhat ‘vague’ body being interfaced to an entirely physical solid/eminently fixed in its base physical features/characteristics . . .

Interfacing and Chakras of the Subtle Body, Spirit Form to Human Body/Avatar form
Images representing the Interfacing and Chakras Between the Energetic Resonance based Subtle Body, Spirit Form & the Physical Human Body/Avatar form

The above is a realistic conceptually accurate depiction . . . however what you actually often get is a human figure with all of the chakras presented/depicted WITHIN A VERY TRANSPARENT TYPE OF GLOWY LIGHT which is sort of either automatically implied or actually stated as being the human ‘energy’ body (which I’d like to definitively state that the human body ABSOLUTELY DOESN’T HAVE AN ‘ENERGY’ BODY).

In other words, how these diagrams/illustrations are ‘depicted’ are all conceptually reinforcing the essentially false idea that the physical human body and the subtle form are actually of ONE & THE SAME ‘NATURAL’ FORM i.e. that the human body ‘NATURALLY HAS AN ENERGY BODY THAT IS PART OF ITS PHYSICAL FORM’ when this is ABSOLUTELY/UTTERLY UNTRUE/DERANGED AS WELL AS ‘DANGEROUS’ NONSENSE!!!!.

Me, myself ‘personally’ I’ve had direct (as well as MORE ODD THAN USUAL) experiences making myself aware that the subtle form/person I’m a copy of has been interfaced sometimes just very temporarily as part of experiencing some physical things FROM THE PERSPECTIVE/NATURE OF THESE ‘THINGS’ to a reptile type form, an eagle, a crab, a black panther, a weather system, a river, a lake, various types of trees as well as a variety of vegetation and also some rock formations . . . .

Now, I’m going to point out some other perhaps/maybe vaguely realistic depictions of the subtle form that are actually presented ‘physically’ here, BUT first, I’m going to explain some obvious as well as easily figured out ‘truths’ about the technical competence of at least some of the subtle forms/beings THAT WE ALL REALLY ARE . . .

Now, as everyone here, everyone reading this is then a subtle form that has been/is now interfaced to a human vehicle as part of having a human life experience.

What does, what I’ve described in the few ‘interfacing’ paragraphs above actually DIRECTLY IMPLY with respect to the technical competence of at least ‘some’ subtle forms/beings?

Well it directly as well as indisputably implies that ‘some’ subtle forms/beings must not only be technologically advanced, BUT they must also have thoroughly researched and then absolutely understood in great detail their own subtle body before they’d actually be able to eventually develop interfacing that would allow them to seamlessly interface themselves to a human body form that is within another remote parallel environment!!!

So, isn’t it then EXCEPTIONALLY LIKELY that they’d have technologies advanced enough to have developed other things too, perhaps say even something vaguely equivalent to the subtle reality version of an instamatic camera?

Which after designing/making then wouldn’t they used this subtle reality version of a ‘CAMERA’ . . . to actually TAKE PICTURES OF THEMSELVES AS SUBTLE BEINGS!!!!

In which case, then isn’t it likely that the subtle beings that specifically developed these subtle cameras in then being at some point interfaced into the physical WHILST ALSO then STILL having the experiences/knowledge of designing/making a camera that was very specifically designed to take a picture of their subtle/spirit/soul body form then isn’t it likely (that in this being an integral part of their past knowledge and experience) that they’d end up developing something similar in the physical here . . . .

Coincidentally, while writing this page I then actually remembered that in the dim and distant past and specifically during the times when I’d be going to new age exhibitions that there were people at these with weird kirlian cameras allegedly taking pictures of what they called aura photographs.

So, despite being somewhat suspicious about what these photos were ‘actually REALLY representing’ I’m sure I was eventually persuaded to have one taken!!!!

However, in then doing some google searches for these types of photos, I’d have to say that I’d not be surprised if these are doing at least a semi decent job of actually realistically ‘representing/depicting’ the actual real subtle body form’s state/make up.

Do Kirlian Cameras Aura Photographs Depict or Represent Aspects of the Energetic Subtle Body’s Anatomy or Form?

Also, in the past I’d noticed a massive effort being made by the pseudo rational types to ‘shock horror’ cast aspersions/be negative and piss-taking about these photos and the interpretation of these. Which coincidentally would be in alignment with what I’ve stated at the top of this page with respect to anything of ourselves as a subtle form and or the subtle environment origins of ourselves simply has to be depreciated/simply must have the piss taken out of anything related to these possibilities as part of definitively highlighting the THERE IS ONLY THE PHYSICAL ‘DELUSION/MEME’ then I’d not ‘really’ be surprised if these ‘aura’ photos/depictions are offering a reasonable ‘depiction’ of our subtle body/subtle form as a multi coloured energetic type of energetic ‘plasma cloud/resonance field’ based life form/being form as it would be when emitting/broadcasting/outwardly resonating its internal states, feelings and or perhaps even ‘states of consciousness’!!!!!

Hence the ‘aura’ images below here . . .

Images of the Aura depicting a 'Plasma cloud/resonance field based Spirit form'
Images of the Aura depicting a ‘Plasma cloud/resonance field based Spirit form’

I also found some that have had the colours/emissions assessed. For these, it’s best if you think in terms of the subtle form broadcasting/emitting resonances/feelings which is very likely how within the subtle environment they ‘communicate’!!!

Aura Images depicting a 'Plasma cloud/resonance field based Spirit form'
Aura Images depicting a ‘Plasma cloud/resonance field based Spirit form’

How do Subtle Beings, Spirit Forms, Our Soul Body, Higher Selves Communicate?

Well, this ‘should’ be easy to figure out from what I’ve described/laid out above shouldn’t it!!!

Which is that they always communicate by emitting or as I’ve described above they’d be ‘broadcasting’ specific resonances and frequencies to those around themselves. This is also very likely to happen in all 360′ x 360′ x 360′ directions simultaneously because the best way to describe their permanent state is that they are ALL, ALL THE TIME LIVING IN THE SKY!!!

In other words conceptually they wouldn’t have any concept of up or down, left or right, forward or back . . . they’d very likely orientate themselves with respect to ‘fixed’ features within the subtle environment.

It should also be pretty obvious from what I describe above and from the pictures/images that subtle forms absolutely don’t have anything that could ever be construed or mistaken as being specifically a head nor even a ‘mouth’ through which to emit resonances/frequencies from. It is in fact their entire form that does this.

It then very obviously doesn’t have anything equivalent to our fixed orientation limited sensory scale input eyes or ears (nor any of the other senses such as taste or touch)!!!

So, it communicates by emissions i.e. emitting, broadcasting coded frequencies which is the equivalent to our speech and or writing. While it’s broadcasting it’ll also be ‘receiving’ broadcasts from others in many some cases these broadcasts will be ‘automatic’ because they represent some subtle beings’ base line ‘resting/contemplating’ state . . . which will pretty much all of the time be detected i.e. FELT/SENSED by anyone/any subtle being within range.

So, to ‘talk’ to specific others they’d be all broadcasting/emitting their communications/what they want to convey while also receiving the emissions/communications from others . . . also, probably very like ourselves, they’d likely present opinions and in some cases ‘arguments’ such that specifically for some arguments which they’d have a vested interest in then it’s possible that the emissions/frequencies of their broadcasts are likely to include ‘resonance and or frequency combinations’ known to be helpful in persuading others!!!!

Just have a think about these possibilities before reading the next page . . .

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