If we’ve ‘really’ had copied and pasted entire areas of surface landscapes inclusive of upper sub surface layers from some original worlds/planets as well as from already pre-defined/landscaped disc worlds specifically as part of efforts to ‘recreate/present’ environments on the earth that will ‘by and large’ as accurately as possible match up with some specific worlds original physical communities landscape features experiences, such that all of these individual surface landscape parts of different places will all end up being pre-placed and then stitched together patchwork quilt like on the surface of what would then be ONE EXCEPTIONALLY WEIRD world!!!

Those having an incarnated physical life pretty much ‘anywhere’ would very likely at some point automatically result in groups of incarnated peoples setting up a community/village. Coincidentally this would involve them constructing buildings, which ‘coincidentally’ (after having a few timber buildings burn down) they’d end making from stones, which coincidentally would likely eventually have them becoming picky about the quality of stone such that they’d end up with stone sourcing experts as stone masons and also then ‘quarries’, likely resulting in bigger and bigger as well as higher quality buildings!!!!

Can you imagine any of the potential original circumstances (which coincidentally (based on what I describe above), anyone with moderately decent thinking abilities would be able to predict) which are exceptionally likely to result in some very anomalous (copied and pasted) physical landscape outcomes here?!?!?

Well, quarrying results in the natural landscape over time developing bigger and bigger and deeper and deeper holes, maybe even a super massive scarring hole possibly even big enough to be seen from space!!!!

You Cannot Accurately Map Nor then Accurately ‘Recreate’ Any Landscape (As It Originally Was) that has Been Extensively Quarried or Altered

So, if you are attempting to duplicate original landscapes, BUT you only have the detailed data of some or many places related to how they are ‘NOW’ in the ‘current’ present, then you’d have to study these and then make ‘adjustments’ specifically to ‘match up with’ some past original worlds populated places historical development.

Basically it would likely be easy to generate a decent surface and sub structure ”map’, (just imagine ‘mapping’ this landscape (maybe via spacecraft, aircraft and or deep radar)) to get an accurate representation of the landscape both at ground level and, of ‘ALL’ sub surface natural geological features as well as population defined features such as mining operations, storage cellars and or places to shelter (from tornadoes, hurricanes and or other ‘threats’) too!!!

Based on ‘all the above’ then isn’t it likely that at the time any very advanced mapping and or deep sub surface scans were carried out, there would likely be many planets/worlds towns and cities that have already gone through perhaps a few phases of building more and more substantial as well as bigger ‘shelters’ some, maybe involving using rock taken from quarries such that they are then very likely to have some major alterations to their ‘natural’ landscape, inclusive of perhaps some pretty massive holes in the ground specifically related to quarrying and or stone cutting efforts, likely happening over many decades (if not longer).

In other words their mapping will be very good for the present BUT they’ll likely have to ‘deduce/fudge’ what was going on in the past and or how the landscape in the past actually ‘was’ will (in some cases) end up being ‘made up’!!!!

So, if you’ve an accurate map of a cities entire features as it is in some ‘PRESENT TIME ‘NOW” then isn’t it’s likely that you’ll use the current present ‘accurate’ scanned/reconstructed landscape as your base model of the past!!!

In other words, isn’t it likely that you’ll use the ‘present’ accurate map/landscape to reconstruct (from historical records) how the landscape and city and then the smaller earlier town version and then the even smaller initial village version ‘were’ at different times during the past.

Coincidentally, this very much seems to be the case for the French city of Aixen (The American Journal of Science and Arts, 1:145-46, 1820):

Extensive quarrying was done near the city of Aixen-Provence, France between 1786 and 1788, to provide the large quantities of limestone needed for the rebuilding of the Palace of Justice. In the quarry from which the limestone was taken, the rock strata were separated from each other by layers of sand and clay, and by the time the workmen had removed 11 layers of rock they had found they had reached a depth of some 40 feet or 50 feet from the original level of the area.

Beneath the 11th layer of limestone they came to a bed of sand and began to remove it to get at the rock underneath. But in the sand they found the stumps of stone pillars and fragments of half worked rock, the same stone and rock that they themselves had been excavating. On digging dug further they found coins, the petrified wooden handles of hammers, and pieces of other petrified wooden tools. Finally, they came to a large wooden board, seven or eight feet long and an inch thick. Like the wooden tools, it had also been petrified into a form of agate and it had been broken into pieces. When the pieces were reassembled, the workmen saw before them a quarryman’s board of exactly the same kind they themselves used, worn in just the same way as their own boards were, with rounded, wavy edges.

How a stonemason’s yard equipped with the kind of tools used in France in the late18th century, had come to be buried 50 feet deep under layer of sand and limestone 300 million years old is a question even more vexing today than at the time of the original discovery. For we now know, thanks to advances in geological and anthropological dating, that such a thing is absolutely impossible. And yet it does seem to have happened.

If you ‘think’ about it, then if you are (by and large) copying and pasting i.e. trying to ‘duplicate’ parts of some original worlds places/landscapes to recreate some original place/town/city here (and at least some of this is done automatically) then there will be a problem when you do this for a place where the ‘landscape’ has been radically changed/altered, at least compared to how it was originally in the past.

For example, for any original populated environment/landscape that was mined or quarried such that IN THE PRESENT it is VERY DEFINITELY ‘NOT’ AS IT WAS BEFORE IT WAS MINED OR QUARRIED then you’d have to try to figure out and recreate a realistic ‘replica’ of the original landscape for the earlier in the past earth version. However, if you are doing this for either a lot of things and or for lots of very different one off things then it might be easier to recreate the earlier original landscape (or a made up assumed duplicate) on the top of the final already mined or quarried version.

In which case any already quarried hole space (likely littered with quarrying paraphernalia as well as stone cutting debris) could end up underneath the best guess/best original ‘computer generated’ original ‘before the quarrying’ area landscape version!!!

Other Anomalous Phenomena Also Directly Associated with Quarries, Quarried Places Specifically

Coincidentally, in doing some searches specifically for other out of place anomalous artefacts also associated with ‘quarries’ I found the following:

1. EMBEDDED WRITING IN CUT QUARRY STONE SLABS NOTICED: “1829 From the American Journal of Science, an account sent by a correspondent, to Prof. Silliman, of something that was found in a block of marble, taken November 1829, from a quarry, near Philadelphia.

The block was cut into slabs. By this process, it is said, was exposed an indentation in the stone, about one and a half inches by five-eighths of an inch. A geometric indentation: in it were two definite-looking raised letters, like ‘I U’: only difference is that the corners of the ‘U’ are not rounded, but are right angles. We are told that this block of stone came from a depth of seventy or eighty feet—or that, if acceptable, this lettering was done long ago.”

Coincidentally, on the right here is an example of one of the extremely common uses of quarried slabs of stones that ‘ALWAYS’ include writing, although the above pattern may not actually be of writing ‘specifically’ but be a small part of an artistic design applied to a perhaps larger quarried stone (it’s hard to tell from such a small ‘sample’).

Here are some other documented reports that present evidence of items found embedded in stone within quarries that include a ‘gold thread’ an entire embedded ‘nail’ in good condition

2. GOLD THREAD EMBEDDED IN QUARRIED ROCK: 1844 On June 22, 1844, this curious report appeared in the London Times: “A few days ago, as some workmen were employed in quarrying a rock close to the Tweed about a quarter of a mile below Rutherford-mill, a gold thread was discovered embedded in the stone at a depth of eight feet.” Dr. A. W. Medd of the British Geological Survey wrote in 1985 that this stone is of Early Carboniferous age between 320 and 360 million years old. Who dropped this gold thread in the ancient fern forests in a distant time when the most advanced life forms on the planet were supposedly amphibians and insects?

3. IRON NAIL FOUND EMBEDDED IN QUARRY ROCK: 1845 From a communication by Sir David Brewster, 1845, a nail had been found in a block of stone from Kingoodie Quarry, North Britain. The block in which the nail was found was nine inches thick. The quarry had been worked about twenty years. It consisted of alternate layers of hard stone and a substance called ‘till,’ The point of the nail, quite eaten with rust, projected into some ’till,’ upon the surface of the block of stone. The rest of the nail lay upon the surface of the stone to within an inch of the head—that inch of it was embedded in the stone.

4. INLAID METAL VASE FOUND EMBEDDED IN ROCK: 1852 Scientific American, June 1852. During blasting work at Dorchester, Massachusetts, in 1851, the broken halves of a bell – shaped vessel were thrown by the force of an explosion from the vessel’s resting place within a bed of formerly solid rock. The vase, about 4 1/2 inches high, was made of an unknown metal and embellished with floral inlays of silver – the art of some cunning craftsman.

The Accurate Mapping of ALL Original Multiverse ‘Populated’ Places Also Then Happening In The Duplicate Version Google Maps Problem

However, to actually accurately recreate the landscapes/structures which would all originally be on many, many different individual planets/disc worlds then you’d need to accurately scan/map all of these not only to be able to recreates these here BUT as part of figuring out which bit’s from which planets/disc worlds will be placed next to each other and or what to do/how to adapt/shape these (at least at the edges) to make them all fit together pretty seamlessly too (much like pre defining each piece of a massive jigsaw puzzle)!!!

Coincidentally if we are actually ‘really’ living within a duplicated reality version then the actual mapping of all populated places/planets/disc world efforts (to accurately recreate all the landscapes, villages, towns & cities etc.) will then automatically happen within the duplicated version too!!!

Coincidentally, the Google Maps worldwide ‘mapping effort’ could easily ‘represent’ the original mapping of all significantly populated places on all original planets/disc worlds which would have been essential to recreate a realistic duplicated versions of these here!?!?!

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