Simulation Hypothesis Evidence 3: Do you Know that Simulated Copied People will ALL Exhibit Confirmation Bias & Cognitive Dissonance?

"Simulation Evidence Compilation Pages: This Article Series Provides a Summary of the Evidence I've Compiled using Knowledge of Operational Simulations to Speculate on the Compromises FORCED on the designers when Simulating Self Aware People"

We have had a ‘simulation argument’ for well over a decade now and not one of our professional researchers has been able to do the stupidly obvious thing and even THINK about never mind to DEFINE exactly what it would be like to be a SIMULATED COPIED PERSON whom would be living out someone else’s life.

If we are in a simulation then it is likely to be a simulation project. It is likely to be a simulation project because ‘IF’ we are in a simulation then our future selves will have designed and built it. Because our future selves would have built the simulation then the simulation we are in would have emerged out of what we are using simulations for now. As 99.9% of practical, operational simulations are about simulating copies of some ‘system’ either to make predictions OR to determine how to make wanted changes to the original system then it would be eminently logical never mind rational to assume that we are copied people living in a copied environment.

‘IF’ we are accurately copied people whom are ‘by and large’ accurately living out the life of someone else then we will ALL exhibit ‘contained’ behaviours, responses, beliefs, ideas and understandings.

Simulation Evidence: Our population here is exhibiting EXACTLY the rigid behaviours and beliefs that you can deduce a Copied Simulated Population would present

The outcome is that as copied people we will be held to the same beliefs, the same understandings, ideas and ideologies and so on of the person we are simulating.

Therefore . . . ‘IF’ we are in a simulation then we will:

  1. Be predictable in our behaviours and responses . . . and . . .
  2. We absolutely won’t exhibit authentic free will . . . BUT . . .
  3. We will all exhibit what is called confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance . . .

Strangely, absolutely everyone here exhibits confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance which are the behaviours that coincidentally you would expect ‘IF’ you are an accurately copied simulated person.

I describe in great detail what it would be like to be a copied person actually living our someone else’s life on the following pages . . .

So, despite there being extensive research confirming that every member of our population exhibits cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias not one researcher has managed to figure out that these are EXACTLY the symptoms you’d expect a simulated copied population to present.

Try doing a search for ‘confirmation bias’ on google. You’ll find that there are just less than two and a half million pages returned.

Further Evidence that we are in a simulation is that despite the research confirming into confirmation bias no one figured out that Confirmation Bias & Cognitive Dissonance = Copied Peoples Behaviours = We are in a Simulation

With this much interest in confirmation bias you’d imagine there simply must be a confirmation bias expert ‘somewhere’ that was suspicious about an entire population being fixed ‘moist robot’ like in it’s behaviours, ideas and beliefs?

‘IF’ just one academic or scientist anywhere had spent time THINKING of what it would be like to be a simulated COPIED person then I’d not be writing this here because they’d have already figured out that a simulated copied population cannot do anything else but exhibit OBVIOUS, visible and easily measurable behavioural differences ALL THE TIME.

The ‘FACT’ that it is me writing this is evidence that our entire population is being managed AND that academics and scientists are likely managed way more than the rest AND likely so much so that they won’t be allowed to take in what is written on this page properly.

Why do People Exhibit Confirmation Bias? What Causes Confirmation Bias? What are the Causes of Cognitive Dissonance?

‘IF’ scientists and academics are not being directly managed in their awareness, their thinking and evaluating abilities then perhaps it would be logical to conclude that they are just naturally incompetent?

The quality of moist robot like emulated academic pseudo THINKING is embarrassing, SERIOUSLY embarrassing such that anyone with a fiber of rationality would have to ask the following very logical question:

“How feasible would it be for a simulated copied population to be completely managed in their awareness, thinking and evaluating abilities, to such a degree that NOT ONE PERSON actually managed to become AWARE of this stupidly obvious and stupidly cheap to implement AND stupidly likely to be implemented possibility ‘IF’ you were trying to simulate a population of self aware, FREE THINKING people?”

How ‘realistic’ would it be for a simulation designer attempting to simulate self aware free THINKING people to allow their free thinking population to FREELY THINK about how easy it would be to directly MANAGE a simulated population?

This very realistic ‘manage the population’ possibility would be at the VERY top of your PRIORITY list of all the things you’d not want to them to THINK ABOUT.

Read the next page and weep . . .

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