Are we living in a simulation? What Evidence have I presented so far to Support an Earth as a Simulation Project Hypothesis?

"Simulation Evidence Compilation Pages: This Article Series Provides a Summary of the Evidence I've Compiled using Knowledge of Operational Simulations to Speculate on the Compromises FORCED on the designers when Simulating Self Aware People"

This page lists the observable simulation evidence that very strongly indicates that we are in a simulation (actually in someone’s simulation PROJECT) that I’ve presented in the first simulation argument series.

Some of the evidence lines below are explained in the context of the information presented on Professor Bostroms web site on this page here: Simulation Argument; Some Basic Foundation Information & Definitions an Introduction

All of the below are condensed down from larger explanations and reasoning taken from the two ‘earth as a simulation’ series which are linked below . . .

Since I wrote the above there are new series, including:

In a simulation you will very likely be simulating copies of people each accurately living out someone else’s life. ‘IF’ we are in a simulation and we are living copied lives then for the simulation software to keep us aligned to someone else’s life it is very likely that this will result in not only deducible but observable and hence ‘measurable’ effects.

Having figured out what some of the differences will be then I’ve started to define these and I’ve also then put polls on various pages here which ask people specific questions about their life and experiences that would give us evidence (or not) of these expected experience differences. The polls I’ve devised to collect evidence that we are in a simulation are described and listed on this page here: Collecting Simulation Argument Evidence Polls & Surveys.

Simulation Argument Hypothesis Proof? – Is there Observable EVIDENCE of ourselves living in a Simulation?

Let’s list all of the ‘earth as a simulation project’ evidence that I’ve so far presented . . .

1: New Age So called Spiritual Sayings ARE CORRECT ‘IF’ we are in a copied reality simulation project

More than a dozen new age sayings about reality actually bizarrely turn out to be entirely valid ‘IF’ we are ‘specifically’ in a simulation project. For an introduction and a more detailed overview of this evidence  with links to very detailed supporting pages then read: Simulation Hypothesis Evidence: Why are New Age Spiritual Sayings Valid for Copied People Living in an Operational Simulation

2: No one has even thought to EVALUATE IMPOSSIBLE sayings would make sense ‘IF’ we are in a Simulation

While strangely, no one has apparently been able to even THINK of doing the stupidly obvious and highly rational ‘thing’ which would have been to evaluate any and all ‘impossible’ so called spiritual sayings with respect to the two well known and commonly discussed alternate reality possibilities to see if any so called ‘spiritual’ sayings would be valid for either of these possibilities. That such an obvious possibility hasn’t been done is actually evidence that we that are being managed by simulation software to NOT think of the stupidly obvious. For an introduction and a more detailed overview of this evidence with links to very detailed supporting pages then read: Simulation Hypothesis Evidence: Why didn’t ANYONE evaluate Spiritual sayings to see if they would make sense for either a Matrix Reality or Simulation Project?

3: No one has described How it would be to be a copy of someone else Accurately living out someone else’s life

Despite ourselves having a ‘simulation argument’ for well over a decade it appears that none of our researchers here have been able to do the stupidly obvious and spend time THINKING about and DEFINING what it would actually be like to be a SIMULATED COPIED PERSON living out someone else’s life. If ANYONE, absolutely anywhere here had been able to do this then they’d have figured out that a simulated copied population will exhibit OBVIOUS and actually visible and measurable behavioural differences. Behavioural differences that are eminently DEDUCIBLE compared to a mythical ‘real’ population exhibiting real freewill rather than a simulated population that would only exhibit a very contained pseudo freewill. This is more evidence that we are being managed. For a better overview and introduction to this evidence (& for point 4 below) with links to very detailed supporting pages then read: Simulation Hypothesis Evidence: Do you Know that Simulated Copied People will ALL Exhibit Confirmation Bias & Cognitive Dissonance?

4: Because no one did the above then no one joined the Confirmation Bias = Copied People Behaviours – ‘DOTS’

Strangely, absolutely everyone here exhibits confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance which are the behaviours that coincidentally you would expect ‘IF’ you are an accurately copied simulated person. Despite our researchers having carried out extensive research confirming that our entire population is inflicted with confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance not one of them has been able to figure out that these symptoms are EXACTLY what you would expect a simulated copied population to exhibit. This is ALSO evidence that we are in a simulation because it would be stupidly easy in a software defined simulation project to manage ANYONE and in fact EVERYONE to NOT think of stupidly obvious earth as a simulation possibilities. For a better overview and introduction to this evidence (& for point 3 above) with links to very detailed supporting pages then read: Simulation Hypothesis Evidence: Do you Know that Simulated Copied People will ALL Exhibit Confirmation Bias & Cognitive Dissonance?

5: Despite ourselves having a Simulation Argument no one manages to THINK of how easy it would be the MANAGE entirely software defined people

In this respect ‘IF’ we are in a simulation and you have a good reason to ‘ponder’ simulation possibilities (simulation argument) then you’d absolutely NOT expect your simulated and therefore your potentially directly managed population and more so scientists and academics to be able to figure ANYTHING out. You’d NOT expect them to figure out even stupidly simple basics BECAUSE ‘IF’ we are in a simulation then the simulation designers would have to be as feeble minded as the people here OBSERVABLY ARE for them to NOT think of and to NOT actually IMPLEMENT AGGRESSIVE, Awareness, Cognitive and THINKING impairment efforts of their simulated as supposedly self aware, free thinking population. For a point by point seriously detailed overview of both why this would be done with links to very detailed supporting pages describing the reality of being a software defined copied person then read: It Would Be Easy to Directly Manage Simulated People To NOT Consider Realistic ‘Simulation’ Possibilities – LIKE THIS POSSIBILITY

6: That NO ONE thought of the above means that NO ONE and NO academic actually started THINKING like a Simulation Designer

It is a complete and utter no brainer that a designer of a simulation rendering a free thinking purported to be self aware simulated population would manage the awareness and thinking abilities of their simulated population. Evidence of the ‘awareness and cognitive impairment’ strategy being operational would be that your simulated so called clever people haven’t even been able to become aware enough to notice all the stupidly obvious visible clues that way more than suggest that the aggressive AWARENESS, THINKING & COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT strategy is very obviously operational here. Even more evidence of this direct management possibility being operational is that NO ONE HAS EVEN BEEN ABLE TO SUGGEST THIS AS THE MOST REALISTIC & RATIONAL POSSIBILITY to keep anomalies and obvious visible evidence HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT ‘IF’ we are in a simulation.

7: Where are all the definitions and basic, REALISTIC foundation Simulation Argument Information?

We have a complete absence of basic definitions and foundation information relating to Matrix and Simulation possibilities. If you don’t have basic definitions and basic foundation information you’ve nothing to use as a base to EVEN START THINKING beyond these. This lack of basic definitions of Matrix, Simulation, Simulation Project, the differences between them or Glitch or Anomaly attuned specifically to our own circumstances as self aware, free thinking people on an entire world is also evidence that we are being directly managed.

There is no foundation information such as stupidly basic ‘reality’ differences comparison list for an entire world full of self aware people. Such as:

  1. A ‘real’ reality within which everything arises and unfolds according to natural laws.
  2. A ‘matrix’ reality within which real people are interfaced to an entirely software dependent external VR environment (i.e. there would be the possibility to EASILY influence the external reality presentation).
  3. A simulation, which describes and would accurately define a ‘copied’ duplicated system within which each copied person would be accurately living out someone else’s already pre-defined life. Each person would be entirely software generated and their life and every single aspect of themselves are likely to be entirely pre-defined by the UPLOADED data of the person they are simulating. Each simulated copied person would be living out an already pre-determined life that would as accurately as possible reflect the life of the person they are a duplicate of.

The above ‘basic’ information is absent from everywhere as are definitions of for example ‘simulation’ in the ‘context’ of discussions speculating on the possibility that we might be copied, software defined people living in a software defined reality. Not even on the simulation argument web sites are definitions given nor are any differences mentioned comparing matrix with simulation despite that these both reality types are mixed up everywhere on that site presented by an ‘academic’.

8: Without definitions discussions and speculation are a farce, Matrix only Information is Mixed up with Simulation ONLY information.

Without definitions pretty much everyone defaults to describing possible anomalies, artefacts and glitches as GLITCHES. This is embarrassing. Science purports to base itself on reasoned and well described accurately defined information and yet NOWHERE is this done and even more bizarrely this ALSO hasn’t been done on the simulation argument web site either which embarrassingly also merrily mixes up Matrix specific information that quite simply absolutely wouldn’t apply to a simulation. For example, real people could be frail in Matrix, while calling potentially simulated people frail would be a sign of cognitive frailty all by itself. In a simulation the people are ENTIRELY SIMULATED, it would therefore be sensible to assume that as self aware, free thinking people would absolutely be the MOST COMPLICATED COMPONENT TO RENDER ACCURATELY in any simulated reality that it is actually way more likely that any frailties they have would be due to unexpected and difficult to anticipate complex software interaction anomalies, simplifying approximations or even eminently sensible operational decisions focused on the simulations aims and objectives. An easily deducible operational decision to make everyone frail of thinking with respect to ‘earth as a simulation project’ possibilities would be an example of a sensible operational decision. Seriously!!!! Even the academic that published the simulation argument doesn’t present basic, decent definitions on the simulation argument web site, unbelievably he even presents a page called something like ‘why we might be in a Matrix’ and yet he doesn’t even point out the most basic most stupidly obvious differences between a Matrix and a simulation on that page or anywhere else that I can find. If the academic that put forward the simulation argument is so easily confused then what chance does anyone else have? This is ‘therefore’ ALSO evidence that we are in a OPERATIONAL simulation ‘PROJECT’. AND, this is yet more evidence that we are being directly managed.

9: No one has basic definitions or basic information to help them evaluate any IMPOSSIBLE experiences

Because there aren’t any decent definitions of anomaly, which ‘IF’ they were decent would included examples of what could potentially cause problems in a software defined reality then no one has any information to even start to evaluate any ‘impossible’ experience they have. It was only because I did this that I realized that what I HAD ALREADY HAD as a seriously disturbing experience could actually be explained as being due to a very rare combination of complex software interactions that had obviously not been anticipated or tested by the simulation software programmers. My own impossible experience (posted with the anomaly definition on an earlier page here) is also evidence that we are in a simulation.

10: The Absolute LACK of definitions or basic information ISN’T EVEN NOTICED even by professional OBSERVERS

Even more bizarre is that NOT ONE PERSON HAS EVEN NOTICED the lack of basic decent information. This global AWARENESS FAILURE is also evidence that we are ALL being directly MANAGED to prevent ourselves from even becoming aware of ANY of the OBVIOUS oddities relating to ‘earth as a simulation’ information presentations. This is more evidence that we are being managed.

11: No EXPERT HAS DONE BASIC HOMEWORK on Operational Simulation Possibilities

Even more embarrassing than the above is that no ‘expert’ can possibly have done the simplest and most realistic ‘rational and objective’ thing possible which would have been to STUDY current operational simulations BECAUSE ‘IF’ we are in a simulation project (the most likely possibility) then this project would emerge and develop out of our experience and expertise of simulations we are designing and making NOW. If ANYONE had done this then it would be someone else writing what I’m presenting here AND this would have happened over a decade ago. This is more evidence that we are being managed.

12: How come no one checked for an Accurate, GLOBAL PEOPLE data collection which would be evidence we are in a simulation? How COME WE HAVE ONE?

‘IF’ we are in a simulation and we are accurately simulating the people that built this simulation then HOW DID THEY GET THIS DATA? In other words, is there evidence of a ‘disguised’ invasive, global, personal data collection happening here? Amazingly, we do have a global data collection attempting to collect all personal data about all individuals AND this global personal data collection is being justified in ways that would help stop anyone from considering that this data collection is perhaps actually for a simulation project. This is more evidence that we are being managed.

13: The Embarrassingly Completely FALSE Assertion that they’d be no Glitches of Anomalies ‘IF’ we are in a simulation Shows that those making this assertion HAVEN’T DONE THEIR HOMEWORK

We have ‘expert’ supported and ‘authoritative’ web pages bizarrely making it clear that ‘IF’ we are in a simulation THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO VISIBLE EVIDENCE of this possibility. As this statement is COMPLETELY & UTTERLY DELUSIONAL then this implies that those making such statements have NOT managed to exercise any even slightly realistic THINKING or reasoning abilities with respect to visible ‘earth as a simulation project’ evidence possibilities. Seriously, how cognitively impaired must you be to not figure out the stupidly obvious DATA COLLECTION PROBLEM or the obvious deducible behavioural differences between a copied population and a real population or even despite the researched and confirmed evidence of confirmation bias researchers still DON’T realize the significance of ourselves exhibiting confirmation bias and remain unable to join stupidly simple dots. This is also more evidence that we are being managed.

14: That the propagated everywhere ASSERTED, AUTHORITATIVE Simulation Argument information you can easily deduce would be EXACTLY what a simulation designer would WANT propagated

The propagation by imagined authoritative information sources of completely false information and specifically the propagation of information that anyone could easily deduce would be in the BEST INTERESTS of a simulation project designer is ALSO evidence that academics and so called experts are being directly and VERY effectively managed with respect to information specifically related to ‘earth as a simulation project’ possibilities.

15: EVEN WORSE authoritative web pages try to suggest that you’re an idiot or lacking in intelligence IF you even dare THINK about earth as a simulation  possibilities

The efficient propagation of what can only be described as delusional bullshit (that there will be no visible evidence ‘IF ‘we are in a simulation) has been so effective that some super, seriously feeble minded individuals have even tried to convince others that UNBELIEVABLY even to THINK about such possibilities is a sign of intellectual frailty and or poor intelligence. Authoritative web pages even try and persuade the frail of THINKING that because it would be impossible to get evidence that we are in a simulation then it is a pseudo science topic (in science terms this is the equivalent of being called the Devil incarnate). Of course, it seems to have escaped the army of the feeble minded that in a simulation it would be unbelievably, embarrassingly easy to manage any individual so that they would actually appear to competent others to have NO THINKING CAPACITY IN THE SLIGHTEST (while having themselves think and be convinced of the opposite). It would be seriously easy to have such individuals propagate ANY bullshit information the simulation designers wanted to promote as well as of having the same pitiful thinkers helping to suppress THINKING possibilities and reasoning lines worrying to the simulation designers. Is there any evidence of this being done? Is our simulated sky blue? HOW EMBARRASSING. This is more evidence that we are being managed.

16: ANYONE competent that is presenting information suggesting invisible or impossible influences has to put up with SHIT

For the frail of THINKING I should point out that it would also be an indisputable FACT that simulation software would be invisible and it would be impossible to detect by the simulated residents. Interestingly and coincidentally ANYONE here presenting evidence or even putting forward hypotheses that even vaguely suggest the possibility of woo, woo, spooky action or influences at a distance are gifted with being harassed by an army of the super feeble minded. This is coincidentally EXACTLY what you would expect to happen within a managed simulated population. Rupert Sheldrake and Dean Radin are fine examples of how the simulation manages the super feeble minded to give anyone that dares to directly or indirectly suggest such possibilities a harassing time. Seriously, is it a coincidence that a simulation designers WORST NIGHTMARE i.e. having people THINKING about the possibility that they might be being influenced by invisible, undetectable means (as in simulation software) would be subjected to the worst very likely ‘simulation software originated and orchestrated’ invisible to detect or apparently even deduce harassments?

17: There is plenty of observable evidence which you can figure out ‘IF’ you’re not suffering from some sort of human simulation software induced frailty

For the none frail of thinking it would be an easily deducible FACT that ‘IF’ we are in someone’s simulation PROJECT there will be plenty of absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to hide very, VERY VISIBLE and EASILY DEDUCIBLE evidence clues. One of these visible evidence clues which would also be evidence that we are in a simulation is that no one here has apparently been able to THINK well enough to figure out even just one of the visible evidence clue lines . . .

18: You have to make an unbelievably determined effort to THINK about earth as a simulation possibilities for WELL OVER A YEAR before stupidly obvious things can be figured out

It took me well over a year of concerted THINKING before I managed to figure out some basic things and even LONGER before I could ‘attempt’ to explain in stupidly simple ways some of what turned out to the stupidly obvious simulation project observable, visible evidence possibilities. EVERYTHING, so far that I have personally figured out and observably LOOKED for is actually VISIBLY PRESENT HERE which is yet more evidence that we are being seriously well managed AND that academics and scientists are being managed way more than they are likely to even want to contemplate.

‘IF’ you are serious about understanding our reality then I recommend that you read the ‘simulation’ article pages that I present on this site at least 2/3 times at a minimum to give yourself the best chance of taking in and building up a bases of coherent information on these areas.

I say this because there is loads of evidence that we are all being managed with respect to this specific topic area.

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  1. ''Herb hertz''
    November 20, 2014 @ 11:51 pm

    Point number 16 is really really common and observable, for instance, a friend of good ol’ Herbhz knew a brilliant professor who worked on a lot of interesting research things such as:
    And, the rumor was that the guy has been able to build an hologram of the small town where he lived, and apparenty has been quite ostracized in many sneaky ways not necessarily about his work but seems everything around in his life was made to make him appear this or that to people, been debilitated with a lot of health conditions alike falling asleep in front of his students during exams and got in court with this (maybe really just physical health conditions and poor habits but once again it would be in weird circumstances)and so on…


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