"Mandela Effect Anomalous Memories Investigation: This 18 page series (full list here) uses my own Walkers Crisps Mandela Effect experience to demonstrate how discussions of ANY/ALL Mandela Effect Experiences are all themselves consistently anomalous, specifically because essential/basic/important information relevant/central/critical to the 'ANOMALIES/EXPERIENCES' being discussed aren't even mentioned. In contrast, this series examines/evaluates memory 'composition' as well as important memory recall factors (feelings, emotions, internal states, inner sensations & awareness's (plus senses)) in attempts to not only 'highlight' these discussion anomalies while simultaneously providing comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the Mandela Effect memory anomalies, while even mentioning other apparently 'invisible/impossible to become aware of' memory anomalies too!!!"


Now, a few more years after this I find myself in increasing and hence increasingly disturbing feelings of anguish and despair.

These ’emerged’ and became gradually worse and worse over the course of 7/8 months, at that time I couldn’t understand these feelings because as far as I was concerned I couldn’t identify anything in my LIVED LIFE that could account for these feelings!!! NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST!!!

How can you have Persistent, Debilitating Feelings that Don’t Correlate with Your Current Life Circumstances?

ALSO, let me make something else clear!!!! I spent a few ‘HOURS’ pretty much every day usually in the evening, sometime early morning (before leaving for work) feeling into internal states/sensations. For those that proved ‘elusive/not easily tracked to their origins’ I’d ‘sometimes’ spend up to 6 hours holding an absolute ‘focused concentration/attention’ fixated on these in attempts to identify their originating source.

In other words over two decades I trained myself to orientate and to and to hold/maintain my attention/an ABSOLUTE attention on different and often ‘vague’ aspects of my internal landscape to a point where I could hold an absolute attention on these aspects of myself for up to 6 HOURS, if needed with no break/not even for ‘a moment’!!!

So, in trying to trace these anguish and despair feelings back to their originating causes this has me sitting and or lying and holding an ABSOLUTE UNWAVERING attention on these generally for up to at least 3 HOURS AT A STRETCH I end up in darkness/almost like a dark cave space. Basically, these anguish and despair feelings don’t seem to have any origins AT ALL.

This is the case until in talking to and discussing these specific feelings with a friend whom was even more ‘sensitive’ than myself, this has her looking at me as if I’m an idiot while telling me “It’s likely a PAST LIFE” (in a manner that suggested that this was ‘STUPIDLY’ obvious from her perspective). Even more bizarrely as she tells me this I get ‘spontaneous’ internal ‘visions/scenes’ of, ancient scenario’s/circumstances which are obviously from 1000’s of years ago. In that she then advises me to go out into nature somewhere remote and to then fully engage with these. . . . then this is what I do . . . AND . . . ‘YEA’ . . . she’s absolutely right that it’s a past life AND . . . EVER WORSE it’s F”””ING horrifying. . . ‘AND’ on ACCESSING IT and then fully engaging with it, I feel these feelings from that life/incident and start to RELEASE THEM ALL.

An Example of NATURALLY Tracking Feelings of Anguish & Despair to their Originating PAST LIFE Circumstances

‘AND’, . . . just to make myself/my ‘position’ here absolutely clear?

I ABSOLUTELY DIDN’T ‘BELIEVE’ in past lives, I have in fact (until this point) had ZERO interest in past lives BUT against all varieties of what are more and more appearing to be an entirely STUPID VARIETY OF ‘REASON’, I ‘somehow’ gain access to one past life and LO AND BEHOLD the shit feelings of anguish and despair that coincidentally I have been unable to relate to WITH RESPECT TO ANY ASPECT OF MY CURRENT LIFE CIRCUMSTANCES and which have been getting worse and worse for 7/8 months at this point ‘DISAPPEAR/REDUCE ‘SUBSTANTIALLY’ PRETTY MUCH OVERNIGHT’ while the rest fade out over the next few days/a week!!!!

Let me summarise the above section for you. I’m an expert in tracking ABSOLUTELY ‘ANYTHING/EVERYTHING’ of my ‘INTERNAL’ self/states back to their originating circumstances. So, in finding myself in some shit feelings/emotions for many, many months, then ‘AS THE EXPERT I AM’ I find myself unable to identify their origins/what circumstances they relate to in my past. I basically cannot find their past origins in this life, HOWEVER, in persisting I eventually actually manage (possibly against all of the prayers of all of the God’s of Science) to access a previous life/incarnation of circumstances that I can appreciate will result in boat loads of anguish and despair which then proceed to fade away!!!

So, what are the chances of these specific memories, which are VISUALLY as well as EMOTIONALLY incredibly DETAILED of a historical circumstance that can only have happened many, many 100’s of years ago (because it’s of circumstances involving large numbers of people being ritually sacrificed on the top of a Mayan pyramid MMMMmmm) being ‘stored’ in the brain of my current remote proxy physical vehicle body?

Perhaps an academic would like to explain the ‘mechanism’ as to how I’ve full spectrum memories of circumstances that are a least 500+ and more likely over a 1000 years old stored in a physical ‘brain’ that at this point has only been around for about 35 years!!!! ANY IDEAS?

The efforts that the feeble minded/mentally frail go to in attempts to dismiss past lives are phenomenal. These include the bizarre argument that anyone remembering details of past lives that can be confirmed by historical research have then themselves likely got the details either by researching or from talking to others whom know these historical details . . . does this excuse for outright dismissal of past live apply to the recall of past lives by young kids/children too?

Where is the Research & Information on the Mechanisms of Storage/Recall of Memories of Past Lives & Feelings & Emotions?

Perhaps, you can appreciate my reaction when I read the pathetic ‘fact free’ science based ‘drivel’ about memories that has likely taken many decades of ‘research’ inclusive of a visual only/clip board wielding/disengaged mentality, the outcome of which, as far as I can tell, is that they apparently understand pretty much nothing about memories at all!!!

One of the base/foundation ‘fetishes’ of science is that to evaluate the accuracy of observations/VISUAL SENSORY INPUT ONLY & THE RESULTING CONCLUSIONS about ‘anything’ requires that you have to repeat as accurately as possible all circumstances of the original experiments/conditions/experiences/circumstances to be able to accurately/rationally/objectively investigate/make evaluations of these.

You can easily evaluate how incompetent they are because they haven’t managed to figure out that they should have been implementing two entirely separate research/investigation lines:

  1. ONE to investigate and evaluate EXTERNAL/’SENSED’ CIRCUMSTANCES . . . i.e. they are easily investigated/evaluated by any one . . . and . . .
  2. A ‘SECOND’ to investigate and evaluate INTERNAL/PERSONALLY SENSED CONDITIONS/EXPERIENCES . . . which ‘should’ be investigated as much as possible by making efforts to ‘DUPLICATE’ the conditions that give rise the personal ‘experiences’ being described . . .

In my case, if you want to confirm my ‘experiences’ then all you need to do is to duplicate/replicate the following:

“I spent a few ‘HOURS’ pretty much every day usually in the evening, sometime early morning (before leaving for work) feeling into internal states/sensations. For those that proved ‘elusive/not easily tracked to their origins’ I’d ‘sometimes’ spend up to 6 hours holding an absolute ‘focused concentration/attention’ fixated on these in attempts to identify their originating source.”

For anyone reading this whom is incapable of figuring out ‘obvious’ things . . . then let me help . . . and state . . . that it’s HIGHLY PROBABLE that spending hours daily (for many years) orientating away from the perceived/sensed ‘external/physical’ . . . and more and more to your ‘inner/internal’ landscape/functioning may over time facilitate you to become more and more SENSITIZED to your subtle body forms functioning as well as it’s senses. perceptions and also it’s MEMORIES . . . and ‘anything’ else of itself . . .

Unfortunately, ‘doing’ the above would not only be far to sensible BUT it would result in the gradual accumulation of data, understandings that would confirm all sorts of normal/natural experiences as being part of the NORMAL/NATURAL FUNCTIONING OF THE SUBTLE FORM THAT WE ARE EACH INTERFACED TO . . .

Basically, you reading this, as well as ‘everyone’ else, have two sets of senses, emotions, feelings, awareness’s as well as TWO SETS OF MEMORIES.

You reading this have your current physical human life memory likely localised to/saved in your ‘BRAIN’ and then you’ve the memories held in your subtle form which will be of the subtle and physical bodies senses/feelings/emotions/experiences which from my own comprehensive research appear to be localised/symbolically represented by the heart and gut areas. In that any even vaguely competent appraisal of memories and or senses/emotions/feelings/awareness’s as well as various ‘weird’ sensations would result in the accumulation of WORRYING incongruities then any academic doing science based research on these areas is going to have to be extremely strongly managed, to, for example setup experiments in specific ways while basically only being allowed to think ONE DIMENSIONALLY about these areas . . . with the outcome that so called science ‘memory’ web site presentations end up being utterly ‘contained/simplistic’ i.e. they essentially present ‘information’ about memories that can only be described as meaningless drivel!!!

Are you aware that the subtle form of yourself is actually holographic in nature? Are you aware that your subtle forms memories are stored in a holographic form, which is perhaps why we have the holonomic brain theory?

If all of us do have two bodies interfaced together, then some, perhaps many people will at times sense things that are not ‘physically’ present/identifiable because they are ‘sensing/perceiving’ things via their subtle forms, none physical ‘extra’ senses which coincidentally, would be of things that are not physically perceivable as they will be of the subtle environment/subtle strata. They may call these extra senses: ‘extra sensory perceptions‘ or ESP for short.

I quote from wikipedia’s ESP page:

“Skeptics have pointed out that there is no viable theory to explain the mechanism behind ESP”

Let spend a little time ‘unpacking, expanding and clarifying’ this ESP possibility . . .

ESP = extra sensory perceptions . . . which ‘are’ . . . specifically labelled as such because they are associated with sensing and perceiving ‘things’ that are ‘not’ part of the easily observed physical ‘consensus’ reality . . . they are considered to be ‘extra’ to the ‘normal’ physical senses and perceptions . . . and this is the case because some people, some of the time can sense & perceive things that cannot be detected or confirmed either by physical instruments or by other peoples physical senses and perceptions of the same ‘locations/places’ under the same ‘conditions/circumstances’ . . .

Which all implies that ‘some’ people, under certain conditions/circumstances can sense, perceive and or are ‘aware’ of things that are definitely not detectable by physical instruments within physical reality . . . which then directly implies that they are accessing a parallel ‘reality’ that is NOT PHYSICAL . . . which implies that they i.e. that ‘some’ specific people have senses/perceptions/awareness’s that ‘can/do’ access and perceive things within a parallel none physical reality.

So for anyone to state:

“Skeptics have pointed out that there is no viable theory to explain the mechanism behind ESP”

Is basically a staggering ‘testament’ to how mentally incapable/incompetent academics/scientists actually are.

I state this because, it ‘should’ by stupidly obvious that a ‘two bodies interfaced together theory’ where you’ve a second set of senses and perceptions as well as perhaps a second set of ‘feelings/emotions’ and also of course another set of ‘MEMORIES’ and maybe/possibly various ‘awareness’s/inner/internal states’ . . . because, ‘essentially’ these are part of the normal functioning of your ‘NOT ‘VISIBLY’ PRESENT WITHIN PHYSICAL REALITY’ . . . ‘SUBTLE BODY’ . . . which actually represents WHO YOU ‘REALLY’ ARE . . . because, essentially, massive efforts have been/are being made to have you accept that the remote vehicle human physical body as ‘who you really are’ . . . . when in fact:


In that yourself as a SUBTLE FORM is essentially ‘invisible’ with respect to the ‘normal’ physical perceptions/senses of the remote vehicle that you are currently interfaced to then ‘conceptually’ it would be difficult to DIRECTLY CONFIRM/PROVE THIS, because for the majority of people interfaced into our pseudo physical reality here the ‘attention/consciousness’ of your ‘real’ subtle body form is, via the interfacing deliberately forcibly orientated to the remote physical human body ‘vehicle’ and this vehicles senses that are of course attuned to the ‘physical’ . . . ‘HOWEVER’ . . . a ‘two bodies interfaced together ‘THEORY”, would in ‘essence’ provide a coherently conceptual framework that would not only explain ESP, but also all sorts of other ‘unusual/anomalous’ phenomena that are also actually COMMONLY experienced here . . . UNFORTUNATELY, it’s possible that this ‘theory’ is just way, WAY too complicated/sophisticated/outlandish to be accepted as a REALISTIC/COHERENT RATIONAL ‘EXPLANATION’ FOR NOT ONLY ‘ESP’, BUT ALL SORTS OF OTHER ‘ODD’ EXPERIENCES TOO!!!!!


Or, perhaps, it would just be ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ for academics/scientists to become aware of or think about never mind to actually ‘postulate/put this forward’ as a theory to explain various anomalous phenomena quite simply because it’s such a completely unfamiliar/remote/never before presented ‘concept’!!!! . . . after all . . . it’s only been visually presented as part of the ‘Matrix’ films trilogy (which, at this point I’d have to assume only I watched)!!!

Or perhaps, it’s ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ to think about enough to ‘deduce/conclude that this ‘theory’ is a very likely possibility because it ‘coherently’ explains a huge range of anomalous experiences/phenomenon’ . . . or perhaps you are simply unable to think well enough about these possibilities because you are being subjected to ‘direct, aggressive managing efforts, either directly via the original subtle or physical bodies or perhaps via the interfacing between these bodies’ which of course, would be something that could then be EASILY PREDICTED AS EXPECTED AS PART OF THIS THEORY . . . because . . . you’d expect aggressively management to be applied to ‘sceptics as well as academics/scientists as part of them having to forcibly explain everything from a MUST BE ABLE TO BE PHYSICALLY OBSERVED ONLY PERSPECTIVE’ . . . evidence of which would be that they cannot even ‘think’ well enough to actually come up with this ‘theory’ despite that it’s been VISIBLY/OBSERVABLY depicted in many films (not just the Matrix trilogy films either) for over a decade now . . .

A ‘Two Bodies Interfaced Together’ Theory Would Explain ALL Sorts of Anomalous Phenomena

Including the highly anomalous phenomenon as to why no scientist or academic has put this theory forward as part of a rational/coherent effort to explain all sorts of anomalous phenomena . . .

Strangely, nothing of what I point out on this page above is ‘rocket’ science i.e. it’s all ‘very’ simple and ‘obvious’ . . . although if this ‘two bodies interfaced together ‘THEORY” is even approximately ‘correct’ then it is highly likely that what I write above/on this page will magically ‘appear’ to those ‘reading’ it as if it’s exceptionally complicated ‘unintelligible/incoherent/nonsense’ i.e. it will arrive in your head as if it is archaic rocket science/gibberish/doesn’t make sense at all in attempts to keep you aligned to the simplistic/doesn’t add up/nonsensical/often fact free ‘physical’ only explanations you are continually subjected to on ‘science’ orientated web sites . . .

I’d suggest that if you spent some decent time working with the exercises on the previous pages then it’s possible that you know more about the workings of your own memories and PARTICULARLY with respect to the factors that are important in facilitating memory recall . . . than those doing ‘actual’ research on ‘memories’ whom it’s very likely haven’t spent consistent time directly examining/exploring their own memories or memory functioning from a practical ‘explore them yourself’ perspective in any detail and or for any length of time . . .

What is the quality of information, depth of knowledge offered that is specifically focused around the factors that will improve the recall of past memories?

Do you know? I ask this, because if you’ve read these pages in order then it’s possible, maybe even ‘likely’ that you’ve enough base information to ‘predict’ this for yourself before reading the next page . . . hahhahhah . . .


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