Healer Training & Experience to Learn How to Release Many Different Entity Attachments

If you’ve read other pages here particularly; My Intense ‘Un-Subtle’ Training Program then you will be aware of my intensive ‘education’ in subtle energies, accessing other dimensions and so on that started after I had my awakening experience.

It was toward the end of that 18 month phase when I started to deal with entity attachments . . . which was really the signal of the start of another even more intense period.

Learning to Release my First Negative Entity Attachment

So, about a year after my awakening and intense ‘education’ phase I had a healing session with a pair of internationally renowned healers (Michael Bradford and Rosalie Deer Heart), specializing in past life and entity release work. As part of this session they made me aware of an entity attachment from a life I’d had as a warrior monk type.

My first understandings of dealing with an Entity Attachment

The attachment was to another warrior from the same school and it turned out that we had become overly competitive and started a feud that eventually spanned many lives.

So, I was talked through this release, I found myself easily accessing the energies and times of this other life and could view the life without any problem.

Overall, it all seemed pretty straight forward enough, even if it was a little frightening.

Michael’s competence and straight forward approach was the deciding factor that had me signing up for his self mastery course that started about 5 months later (the middle of 1996).

What it was like on a Full Time 5 month Entity Release Course

This empowerment course had a group of us working together with Michael for an evening each week. Michael worked with all of us together and each as individuals during the evenings.

These times always started with him checking each of us for attachments and then he’d spend time guiding us through identifying and releasing ourselves from these as well as of sometime exploring the associated and originating past lives.

The start of an Advanced Entity Release Course Training Phase . . .

Well, my next slight problem was that shortly after this first evening my own entity attachments would turn up spontaneously every couple of days, which then became every day, which then became three a day . . . . . which after a month also took up complete Saturdays.

Then the start of Continuous Training to Learn to Release ALL of my own Entity Attachments

So, each Saturday I would find myself plunked down and my guides would feed me one attachment after another to sort out.

Well, I had asked for absolutely everything to be dealt with and at least for me I do seem get what I ask for and well – SO IT WAS? These guided sessions would go on for 6 hours at a stretch and would average a hundred entities at a sitting. So, the energy of an entity would enter, I would tune in and see / feel what had happened in the life with this Being and then figure out what was needed for the release.

You either figure out how to Release Difficult Negative Entity Attachment OR you KEEP IT!!!

Of course if at first you don’t succeed then figure out some more then release and release again. Some were quite complicated and as time went on they got more and more so. Often one release would spontaneously trigger 2, 3 or more in the background that were to do with similar situations. Well, I had, had about one thousand human past lives, but did they stop at this boundary point? NO WAY!! In all about nine thousand entity attachments were dealt with although after the first thousand or so they could be quite weird, presenting lives on other planets, star cultures and eventually pure energy forms without bodies. Good stuff.

What is the best entity Attachment Release Training Experience ON THE PLANET?

When you’re dealing with huge numbers of entities on your own, then you quickly realize that there is no such thing as a failed release, there is only a failure in your understanding of what is necessary to make an effective, permanent and honouring release.

After you’ve dealt with upwards of a hundred entities a week you end up with plenty of practice; most would take less than five minutes, a few took weeks, a couple a few months and one recurring ba****d 3 years. This weekly rate went on for about six months then it dropped to an ‘as and when needed’ level but it still continued at a steady rate for another 6 years until every attachment was cleared that wasn’t being blocked by the spiritual hierarchy.

Real spirit releasement training starts with you dealing with ALL of your own negative entity attachments from EVERY SINGLE PAST LIFE

It was all excellent training such that I despair at what I see presented elsewhere about entity attachments, the negative attitudes that are propagated about them, how bad they are, the all too simple means that are offered to deal with them. We all have some attachments; many will have quite a few. They are as normal as breathing although most people most of the time are not being directly influenced by their attachments at all. So, really, real training starts as always at home, dealing with your own, this is the only test of your own expertise; that is – the outcome of your own experience with you. I feel as if I cut my multidimensional transformational therapist teeth dealing with my own entity attachments, you do get pretty comfortable after the first five hundred or so, you really do.

Training of Expert Spirit Guides  to Release Entity Attachments Properly . . .

It was a few years after the above when I really started to understand the range of useless and debilitating ways others were dealing with entity attachments in ways that DON’T actually deal with the attachment but just ‘disappear’ the assumed offending being. It was then that I realised that all that I figured out to deal with entity attachments in the correct way was actually to educate my guides because contrary to popular beliefs ALL guides including my guides didn’t know how to really deal with entity attachments properly.

So, all the procedures I developed during this intense phase was to help my guides to understand how to deal with attachments properly too. These procedures have since been refined and extended particularly with regards to new understandings gained in the last 6 years.

The outcome NOW is that my ‘spirit’ support teams are successfully and properly dealing with 99.5+% of attachments by themselves without my intervention . . .

Resources to do the same for yourselves will be offered on this web site in the future for fixed fee.