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Firstly, let me say that all that I learnt that allowed me to describe what I present on this web site was and still is a part of a very, very long journey which is very much still continuing. Since writing this site and particularly the ‘Scary Pages’ I’ve moved on from exploring ‘subtle’ realms and am now doing exactly the same ‘deconstructing’ and understanding other unrelated and completely different facets of our ‘reality’.

As far as I’m concerned as we are all being buried under a wide variety of steadily accumulating ‘subtle’ shit while simultaneously being messed with by a deranged virtual reality system then there is no point trying to do one person at a time which is why everything I’ve been doing has been about automating all current effective solutions. For all subtle ‘shit’ this is done, while for negative and debilitating ‘simulated’ shit this is in progress.

I have made it clear on other pages here, that I am VERY BUSY with respect to what I’m currently doing / my current reality research and investigations such that I’ve no interest in the slightest in working either directly with people or even of having e-mail exchanges about issues.

Anything that distracts me from what I’m currently focusing on isn’t helpful at all.

The other problem is that all clearings of all types of subtle crap including getting rid off all the accumulations of all the ‘sticky plaster’ grade past healing attempts that result in unbelievable numbers of subtle shit cluttering up your energy field as well as the recovery of all soul fragments dispersed by all the latest considered advanced cleansing and clearing methods are now all carried out by automated subtle tech. Basically everything I describe on this site as ‘subtle’ crap in all it’s varieties is now all dealt with ‘not by hand’ but by automated subtle means including by subtle colleagues of mine that as ‘subtle beings’ are permanent residents of the subtle strata of reality.

In other words have PERSONALLY worked as a healer for a decade and a half EVERY DAY, researching and investigating the subtle realms and all varieties of ‘subtle’ shit, during which time I selected, ‘assessed’ and TRAINED subtle colleagues to deal with all manner of subtle things CORRECTLY then ‘NOW’, I’ve personally nothing to actually ‘DO’ in doing terms to get rid of all subtle shit, and this would be the case even if I was to actually work with someone directly.

So, I’m BUSY and I’ve no interest in working with new people or even being interrupted by e-mails (often asking me questions that are answered on this site). However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot have this work done on yourself.

So, I’m not offering ‘sessions’ (for way more details of ‘why not’ then read this page here) or anything that will in the slightest take up any of my time. However, if you are fine about being cleared ‘auto-magically’ by advanced subtle technologies and ‘competent’ subtle beings of all subtle crap that I describe on this web site here automatically AND you don’t need your hand held for explanations then you might be interested in signing up for what you could call Advanced Automated Absent Continuous Healings.

What can you expect from these Automated Absent Healing Sessions & Clearings?


For myself, all the issues I described on healingexamples.com on the first page here and more, I’ve sorted them all out BUT I myself and all my clients have/had other issues which clearing all subtle crap either didn’t fully resolve or worse didn’t touch. In all, dealing with subtle crap ‘properly’ will clear between 5% and 90% of issues. ‘Average’ per person is say 25%. The other 75% bizarrely isn’t ‘physical’ either it’s due to us living in a virtual reality and what this reality does directly to ourselves. Anyone that thinks this ‘cannot be so’ only has to read the 90+ pages on this site that between them give a very coherent, rational, reasoned and logical ‘body of evidence’ that we are living in a simulation.

To put the above into perspective, the client with the least resolved in terms of her ‘core’ issues wrote this example: http://www.healingexamples.com/health-general/ear-pain-infections-hearing-problems/ in other words she had in my terms major ‘ear’ issues magically disappeared BUT that was a drop in the ‘negative’ issue ocean from her point of view with respect to her ‘serious’ issues. The untouched serious ones are actually due to the virtual reality we are in translating some extreme events and experiences from her origins and the consequences of these events completely incorrectly.

So, if you want my ‘invisible’ collaborators to work with you to clear all that they can automatically of all ‘subtle’ crap as a start and the rest over time then I’ll charge you £150.

They will clear all ‘subtle’ shit, they might even ‘play with you’ with regards current ‘crazy’ virtual reality work if THEY find you interesting enough (meaning if they cannot resolve your issues with subtle clearings then they will keep working with you as we develop means to address the virtual reality originated crap).

Please note these ‘beings, subtle people’ like myself are also VERY, VERY busy and so please take note of the below:

  1. They and ‘we’ want more people to work with to understand a greater range of issues than we have currently covered (in other words to find means to understand and to address the virtual reality contributions).
  2. They are NOT to be treated like you would other ‘spirit’ guides so for example if you take up this offer then DON’T expect them to do what you say particularly if you ask them for example to HELP SOMEONE ELSE. If you take up this offer then they will work with you to help you by using everything we have currently developed to resolve all that they can BUT they are not obliged to be ‘bossed’ around in ways that will compromise what we are doing in ‘research’ terms.
  3. With some people they’ll stick strictly to working with you just to deal with everything we are able to currently deal with in subtle shit and beyond terms BUT with others if they detect that you have abilities and a decent ‘temperament’ then they might work with you in ways to increase your understandings. In other words you might, ‘MIGHT’ find yourself being taken through something vaguely equivalent to the same subtle awareness, perceptual training that I’ve been going through. AGAIN, this is up to them and I suspect that at most 1 in 10 people might find this happening.

VERY IMPORTANT: ALSO, please understand these clearings can have your issues being amplified and being made WORSE before they get better AND as a consequence of this you can find yourself being moved past ‘GO’ and directly into ‘difficult’ issues as part of either ‘clearings’ or because of current ‘research’ priorities, again the latter is up to them and not me.

In other words if you go for it then you are in the hands of my invisible ‘subtle’ colleagues and I don’t want any e-mail EVER asking for example ‘I’m in XYZ what does this mean?’ or ‘I’m in ‘X’ it’s horrible, how long will this take’. I’ll not be answering them. I would appreciate an e-mail after say 3 months telling me what has changed for you and what hasn’t. Three months should be enough time for you to have had enough ‘real’ and ‘unreal’ subtle ‘shit’ cleared, for you to notice changes. Although it’ll take as long as it takes AND as we are always pushing the boundaries then when we learn enough to figure out how to resolve more ‘different’ issues automatically then they’ll check you and clear this new stuff ‘IF’ you have this which might/will happen a year or two or ten down the line. There is no time limit on this ‘service’, all new automated approaches developed in the future (this is on going / is happening all of the time) will be applied to people a year after signing up or 3 or 10.

The above are my conditions . . .

. . . BUT/HOWEVER . . . in that I’ve recently managed to think about and describe my experiences as a medical researcher in a ‘diabetes’ focused research department and my observations of various health related catastrophes and my realisations/understandings with regards to ‘modern medicine’ as well as the ‘REAL’ causes of most human ‘diseases’ . . . all of which will help you to better understand the ‘DIRE’ SITUATION WE ARE ALL STUCK IN HERE . . . then I’ve added in a new section into the page immediately below to HIGHLIGHT/MAKE YOU AWARE OF THESE . . . . . .

So, ‘IF’ after reading all of the above . . .and also the following pages that I put into the right sidebar menu list to give you additional information with respect to my attitudes/understandings as well as the modern health ‘position’ we ‘ALL’ find ourselves in . . .

. . . such that, you still want to go for this Advanced Automated Subtle Shit/Crap Clearing with me very definitely being completely absent from the equation then fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you. You’ll then be given details of another page with lists of resolved issues and ‘paths’ that just did the ‘surface scratching thing’ as used by in the distant past by myself and some others that worked with me for many years in the past.

If after reading these pages you still want to go for it then there is a paypal payment link on the same page.

I now have some feedback: At the very bottom of this page you will find feedback of some peoples experiences of the changes they experienced and issues they had addressed and the progress that was made in the first three or more months (click on the names Caitlain and Stijn way below labelled to read of their experiences). Please NOTE, they still have issues that they want resolved and ‘hopefully’ at some point we’ll figure out how to deal with the rest.

Occasionally peoples e-mail address is ‘incorrect’ and the e-mail I send to you is returned as ‘undelivered’. So, if you fill in the form below BUT don’t get a response within 3 days then check the comments below for a message about e-mail ‘problems’ that I’ll post there if I cannot reply to you, although it is possible that your submission from the form below was magically disappeared in which case leave a message about not having a response to me as a comment below too!!!!

Sorry but this service is no longer offered, I’m retired!!!

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  1. Clive
    February 25, 2019 @ 6:41 pm

    This page has been ‘updated’ . . . this comment isn’t a prompt to have people sign up, the LONG updated section re current population health ‘SHIT’ status and my experience of working on diabetes research and in figuring out the ‘real’ causes of diabetes this is another reason as to why I’ve taken the current ‘attack’ our SHIT REALITY approach . . . i.e. it’ll be worth reading