"Healing Session Exploration of Poverty Issues: This series gives you a detailed walk through (including audio) of a therapy session focused on identifying & then dealing with 'some' of the spiritual & subtle causes of money & poverty Issues. It illustrates the 'interactive' awareness 'competence' & determined persistence needed to find and 'successfully' deal with a whole range of hard to 'corner' & reveal subtle 'shit'. It also points out how we are not allowed to fully resolve certain issues (i.e. why some healing successes are only temporary) and why this happening is evidence that we are in a simulation."

You would imagine that having finally got access to these sealed off past sticky plaster grade healing solutions that we’d not have any further problems clearing all of this past healing ‘shit’ that has been causing Shirley distress and pain in her solar plexus.

Unfortunately as I have already made clear on earlier pages, these solar plexus issues are due to the same type of healing solutions being repeatedly applied lifetime upon lifetime with the outcome that there are many ‘different’ beings from other past lives whom have also been involved in applying these sticky plaster grade healing solutions.

So, only a small amount of these accumulated past healing energies and bindings are dealt with before once again Shirley starts to feel her solar plexus symptoms more strongly because our subtle colleagues are now being blocked from dealing with the majority of it. Once again the clearing of all these energies of these ‘old’ healings becomes ‘stuck’.

Shirley then starts to talk about a lot of spirit beings that she has been seeing recently that all seem to be working for a very large wing spanned demon gargoyle type being. She has been becoming more aware of these over the last few days and weeks and particularly when she has being doing clearing focuses to help engage with the causes of these money issues.

To help us become more aware of the connection that these beings have to these issues we once again restate to be put in touch with everything contributing to her money and poverty issues BUT in doing this these beings then fade away giving us the IMPRESSION that they have ‘somehow’ been dealt with automatically even though I can feel that THIS ISN’T THE CASE.

Why you may have to break past life pacts, agreements & contracts that are NOT EVEN WITH YOURSELF

They are in fact trying to avoid being directly confronted about who they are contracted to. Because of this avoidance I start to check to and to ‘feel’ if these gargoyle beings actually have some sort of contract or agreement with Shirley. Shirley is convinced that they do but I can feel that this is not the case and in fact it feels as if these beings are contracted to someone else and not to Shirley.

So, we find ourselves in the bizarre position of having some gargoyle beings connected to the solar plexus healing mess that are blocking ourselves from dealing with it whom are actually not contracted to Shirley.

In other words before we can make any further progress on clearing the solar plexus healing ‘crap’ we are going to have to break the agreements with the ‘someone’ that they are contracted to carry out the original healing work (AND to guard it) before we can do this.

So, in the audio below we are figuring out the above and of then trying to connect to ‘whomever’ these beings have their agreement with . . .

Why trying to break past life agreements, contracts or oaths with 3rd parties may require experience & dedication

So, whom are these beings contracted to?

Here is the audio of this part of the healing session . . .


Revealing the being with the contracts is unfortunately the start of yet more complications. For example, this being is ‘shy’ and isn’t keen on even being identified.

I’m going to point out yet again that Shirley worked with many healers before myself and during this time her money and related solar plexus issues worsened.

So, how would just channelling healing energy to a client and ‘keeping out the way’ have resolved ‘anything’ that we have encountered so far just in this session? Particularly as just to get this far required exceptional subtle perceptions, direct interactive interventions and a great deal of hard work all coupled with an extreme awareness of misdirections and the potential that there could be vast numbers of subtle ‘things’ and subtle ‘beings’ being deliberately kept hidden from yourself?

Has it been sinking in that all the previous healers that Shirley has worked with have very, VERY, likely ALL been CONTRIBUTING to her solar plexus issue through adding more ‘salve’ deodorant grade healing energies which makes it all the more difficult to identify and deal with the ‘real’ healing energy causes now hidden beneath this healing energy monster?

Is it beginning to sink in why the spiritual hierarchy con artists don’t want anyone competent doing healing work AND don’t encourage anyone to gain skills or develop their subtle perceptual abilities?

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