Lightworker Contributions to the Atlantis End Times & Atlantis Destruction

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"The Etheric Implants 'Managing' Sensitive, Multidimensionally, Spiritually and Subtle Energy Aware Earth Residents wanting to Improve the Quality of Life, live in more 'Equitable, Balanced, Honourable and Harmonious ways' specifically to gradually erode such peoples reputation while keeping them; Occupied, Passive, Out of the way and absolutely unaware of anything they might otherwise disagree with."

The Descruction of Atlantis End of Time History & Revisited

At the end of the last complete Spiritual Cycle, which would be the one you’d identify as the ‘Atlantis’ earth Cycle. If you’ve read much about those times you might have noticed that there seems to be quite a lot mentioned about power struggles between different disagreeing factions which ended up seeing Atlantis apparently sinking beneath the seas as a result.

There was exceptional awareness of and direct use of subtle energies during the last Atlantis earth cycle, and particularly subtle energies amplified and directed through different mediums and in particular crystals . . .

Have a look at the world around you, have you been ‘reading’ the news recently? . . . does it look like anything is changing? Does it look like we’ve managed to achieve peace and prosperity for ourselves and all people? Does it look like we’re in agreement as to how to proceed? Does it look like we can openly discuss difficult subject areas and take some ‘innovative’ pro active action?

Well? . . . Does it?

Agenda Divisions & Enhanced Subtle Energy Abilities led to the Destruction of Atlantis

We are now in the last moments of the current end of cycle time and if any of you can remember enough you’ll know that we did a good job of destroy what we had at the last end of cycle time (AND the time before that) because everyone was not only pulling in different directions BUT even worse they also had the awareness and the skills to use subtle means to try and force their agenda . . . which had the subtle ‘forces’ aligned to divergent agendas pulling everything apart AND killing not an insignificant number of ‘end of timers’ which was very upsetting because the ‘end time point’ actually requires as large a population as possible to tip the process into the rest of the population outside this ‘earth’ space . . . apparently having dead bodies lying around everywhere just doesn’t count . . .

Atlantean Negative Etheric Implants as Torcs used to Suppress & Control ‘AWARE’ People

As per my remit of RESOLVING issues properly and engaging with everything to do this then as I’m writing these articles my clients and I are preferentially being gifted with awareness of implants including those used in these Atlantis times. For example the neck torcs were not really ‘physical’ they are examples of means used to control large numbers of people. Just like lightworkers and the rest are being ‘controlled by similar but very much more effective never mind very WELL hidden means in current times now (lightworker & new age people specific implants all designed to keep them docile and fixated on the ‘ascension’ birdy as described here).

The last few days some of us have had to deal with an implant used to control lightworker types in Atlantean times by means of being ‘gifted’ with a third eye area head band, that would mysteriously not only depress multidimensional abilities but would also cause head pain if you were determined enough to think outside the Spiritual Hierarchies ‘agenda box’. Most were persuaded to have this head band implant because it was marketed as an enhancement, would facilitate peace and subtle as well as networking abilities unless of course you disagreed with the then ‘status quo’ agenda then it turned out to do very different things.

Advanced Population Life Expectancy Research Studies

Yea, so advanced, I’m sure no one will take notice of them . . .

Have any of you noticed that despite a virtually across the board increase in numbers of serious health issues (so bad in the UK that 1/3 of government expenditure will soon be taken up by health care. Read this HERE) we have also simultaneously and bizarrely been seeing our life expectancy rising too. Does that seem rationally logical to you? Many more health problems of a wider range starting in younger people lasting for longer than 30 / 50 years ago and WE ARE LIVING LONGER!!! . . . I mean, isn’t anyone suspicious of this?

In the UK I read somewhere that we’ve gained 4 more years life expectancy just IN THE LAST 15 YEARS . . . how bizarre is that!!!

Hello . . Hello . . has anyone got their thinking cap on? Would it make sense that the ‘earth project’ owners are ‘twiddling with the knobs’ and actually doing what they can to EXTEND the lives of people so that they will have more warm bodies standing upright for the end of the current so called ‘spiritual’ earth cycles amazing jamboree light event? That couldn’t be a logical explanation . . . COULD IT? . . . unless your brainwashed by all them mere physical evidence based super irrelevant factie things that only accept evidence that can actually be physically OBSERVED . . . could it?

Are the Reasons or Causes of Extended Life Expectancy ‘Unseen’ Knob Twiddling?

That couldn’t be why we seem to have magically had our life expectancy gradually extended about 15 years over the last 50 COULD IT? Especially while we’re been simultaneously poisoning just about every aspect of our biosphere and ourselves courtesy of 100,000’s of ‘alien’ and ‘exotic’ chemicals and compounds even though we are told (cough, cough) that they are perfectly safe? . . . well, we’ll find out shortly if this is right because if it is, then I can guarantee that after the end of cycle ‘end point’ any knob fiddling ‘slight of handedness’ will be reset back to ‘business as usual’. If that does happen it’s going to be interesting to see how the evidence based ‘predictive’ physical bo#lox#s crowd explain why the increased life expectancy suddenly and mysteriously starts taking a nose dive over the space of just a few short years . . . one looks forward with interest to what I’m sure will be some amazing ‘irrational’ explanations . . .

So, all these implants I’m describing here apart from that amazing ‘Dictatorship Facilitator’ one were all put into the energy body of all subtle energy, spirit, other dimensions aware ‘potential’ trouble makers types at the very start of this (the 4th) cycle so that the Spiritual Hierarchy could keep some ‘good’ people well suppressed, controlled and so (amongst a lot of other things) prevent them from finding out just how much EVERYONE is actually REALLY being managed and controlled by them upstairs . . . which, strangely enough is what greatly contributed to the rifts the last time . . . that is some aware types found out that they and in fact everyone were being managed and worse (read the sabotaged mission pages HERE because this was happening to good people during the last cycle too) . . . .

Fortunately due to all those amazing ‘behavioural management’ implants you all have then hardly any of you will actually make it here before the ‘end times’ time and if you do make such a dreadful ‘light’ mistake then DON’T PANIC because usually just reading one page here is enough for your love and light implants to activate all sorts of emergency protocols that will have you running away screaming in no time at all . . .

Fantastic EH!!