Spiritual Group Leader offers Spirit Help & Support

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While taking a client through a session clearing away psychic protection and dealing with all the entity attachments (read about this HERE) the leader of a spiritual group (as a being in spirit) offered to ‘HELP’ us with regards the healing work that we are doing.

Spiritual Group Leader Collaborates & Supports our Efforts

Which to be honest had me quite suspicious because until this point NO ONE ever helped us. On the contrary everyone enthusiastically attacked us.

This leaders attitude however was £**# the politics as he had been trying with the people in his group to do this type of entity clearing and had only ever cleared at maximum 5% of what was interfering with a client and had at best released 20% of the beings attached to them.

He did not want to be an integral part of what we were doing but he told us that he and his people would be happy to provide on the ground ‘support’ to all the people waiting to be released as part of how we deal with entity attachments.

So . . . . that’s what they started doing.

This guy is a ‘SwarmiBarmi’ spiritual leader, guru type.

Spiritual Group Leader Guru becomes properly Enlightened about Useless Help Realities

About a month into this arrangement it suddenly dawns on him why his group have only been dealing with about 5% of what is REALLY contributing to entity attachment issues.

He becomes aware that we can only do what we do because we are forcing hidden spirit help beings to reveal themselves that have been guarding and preventing everyone from PROPERLY resolving past and assumed already dealt with issues since the beginning of time.

He goes completely ape shit when he realises this. I have never seen a ‘spiritual’ leader so absolutely OUTRAGED, he was almost bouncing off the walls giving some of the Spiritual Hierarchy leaders ‘what for’ AS WELL HE SHOULD DO and as YOU would too if you REALLY appreciated the STUPID box that you and all of us have been kept lost in forever.