Soul Rescue, Reclaiming Lost Souls; your Ghosts

This is first page of an article series covering:
"What is Soul Retrieval & Soul Rescue, Understanding and Retrieving Ghost & Soul Forms."

If you’ve not noticed then I’ll point out that there are LOTS of pages here covering in detail how bits of our energy bodies have become separated from ourselves. I’ve made an effort to describe all the different lost soul energy types I’ve experience of and how they originate or become separated from ourselves because when reading of these areas on other web sites there is a huge mix of conflicting understandings as well as a basic confusion in terms of what is actually CALLED WHAT.

So, you’re probably reading this section because you’re interested in ‘soul rescue’ BUT you might just find that what I write of here is not strictly the ‘Soul Rescue’ that you were expecting in which case browse and read the other pages because I’m sure the variation you are interested in will be here somewhere.

For example you could try Understanding & Recovering Soul Fragments if this series of pages doesn’t match with your expectations.

What I am presenting as Soul Retrieval & Soul Rescue?

I’m taking soul rescue here to mean reclaiming subtle energy body parts that have for whatever reason NOT moved on when we’ve died. It’s been generally noted that people tend to hang around for a little while and in some cases for a LONG while after dying. I have three pages covering these areas;

Soul Rescue; Helping to Reclaim Lost Souls

Here I give my experience of dealing with ‘dead’ people or ‘ghosts’ that are still hanging around after death. I explain in detail how to approach these ghost forms and how to pass them over. To read this page go HERE.

What Are Ghosts?

In writing this section and remembering my experiences of dealing with ‘Ghost’ forms, I remembered there were a few things that puzzled me. So, this page gives a completely different perspective on these ‘Ghost’ forms and what they ACTUALLY are. This is ‘off the edge’ stuff as per usual. Read this page HERE.

Recovering Your Own ‘Ghost’ Death Forms & Retrieving Lost Soul Forms

And finally a page on recovering your own lost ghost forms and parts. Although it’s rare that you’ll have any of these that are important. To read this page go HERE.