Recovering, Helping & Passing Over Lost Souls

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"What is Soul Retrieval & Soul Rescue, Understanding and Retrieving Ghost & Soul Forms."

Within a few months of my awakening experience I started to help the stuck ‘ghost’ spirits that I could see to move on. I could notice these ‘people’ anywhere . . .

One such incident happened when passing through a park on the way to the supermarket. My spirit team prompted me to pull over to a central area which I initially ignored as the supermarket was about to close.

Example of Helping & Passing Over Lost Souls

So, when I finished my shopping I went back to find an area laid out with wreaths as a war memorial. Standing to one side was a spirit soldier looking quite lost. Someone had left a wreath to him – which explains why he was drawn to this place. I talked to him about the possibilities of being passed over, explaining what was involved and why it was in his best interest. However he obviously found it very difficult to understand and refused to be passed on. At this point I noticed another spirit being dressed as an RAF officer so I started talking to him. It was his job to also help lost spirits. So, I asked if he could explain the situation to the soldier. This went down much better and eventually I had permission to bring in the soldier’s friends and some of his family as support for the transition. I then passed them all over.

What do I mean by Ghost or Soul Rescue?

I mean helping people who have died and are existing as a spirit form to leave this earth realm so that they can move on to whatever comes next . . .

Soul Rescue; How can you help a lost spirit move on?

If you feel that there is a spirit with you either at home or while visiting some other place which needs to be passed on then you could try the following.

Pre Preparation

Before you start, ask for protection while you assist, make it your intention that you are sealed from interference in all ways. You could call in a Being to assist in this protection job. Many working with subtle energy typically ask Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and or perhaps an Angel or two to help them, you could too. For more on protection then click HERE. Most of the time there will be no problem, but sometimes when you make a contact, it then opens you to contact from them. If they are very disorientated or of nasty character then they may take the opportunity to play with you and sometimes this can be a very difficult experience.

Find out about this spirit

Get a feeling for the spirit and try and feel what it wants and or more importantly what is making it stuck. Is this it’s house? Or did a loved one live here before it died. Talk to it. If you can feel the reason why this being is stuck then perhaps you can persuade it to move on.

For example if it is waiting for its partner then invite this being (the partner) to come and talk to the spirit. Invite it’s friends who have already passed over to come and talk to it to help persuade it.

If it wont go because it is frightened for example of god or of retribution then explain that god does not give retribution and that everyone makes mistakes and that the hardest thing is for us to forgive ourselves.

Obviously there are potentials for huge variations here. Once they are ready to leave, then visualize them surrounded in white light being taken by their friends or partner or the angels or archangels.

After, you’ve finished dealing with this ‘spirit’ remember to ask for any protection that was put up around yourself while you did the above to be REMOVED.

Lost Spirits & Left Behind Ghost forms are NOT as they seem

After working to help what I then considered to be ‘lost spirits’ for a while I eventually got to the point of avoiding walking past cemeteries else I could spend hours passing over these stuck spirits waiting by the grave stone of their long dead partner.

Even more interestingly in recent times as I’ve got rid of a lot of ‘Spiritual Hierarchy’ energies and implants aligning me (as they do YOU too) to certain information and ‘resolving’ approaches then I’ve been finding out that these ‘lost spirits’ are NOT what they seem to be . . .

. . . to find out exactly what most of the ‘Ghost’ forms actually are then read the next page.