"Healing Session Exploration of Poverty Issues: This series gives you a detailed walk through (including audio) of a therapy session focused on identifying & then dealing with 'some' of the spiritual & subtle causes of money & poverty Issues. It illustrates the 'interactive' awareness 'competence' & determined persistence needed to find and 'successfully' deal with a whole range of hard to 'corner' & reveal subtle 'shit'. It also points out how we are not allowed to fully resolve certain issues (i.e. why some healing successes are only temporary) and why this happening is evidence that we are in a simulation."

Let me just recap what has happened in this example healing session so far?

We’ve spent about 15 minutes using various awareness enhancing and ‘focusing’ approaches coupled with our subtle perceptual abilities attempting to engage with ‘whatever’ is contributing to Shirley’s money and poverty issues.

Doing this has bizarrely resulted in Shirley feeling more and more discomfort and pain in her solar plexus region at least compared to what she normally does the rest of the time.

Examples of Past Healings and Healing Issues Causes Being Kept Hidden

Eventually in repeating and reiterating our intent to find any ‘hidden’ subtle things contributing to Shirley’s issues we eventually drag three witches out into the open whom we determine have been ‘helping’ to ‘heal’ Shirley likely in many past lives and not just this one.

We then become aware that they and Shirley have made some sort of binding agreement in previous lifetimes AND that it is this agreement that is blocking us from gaining access to their healing efforts AND it is aspects of this agreement (to keep what they have done hidden) that is responsible for the amplified discomfort and PAIN she has been experiencing in her solar plexus since we started this session.

I’ll also point out yet again that this is the fourth session focused on engaging with all that is contributing to her ‘money and poverty’ issues.

So despite ourselves being aware of the possibility of well hidden ‘subtle’ things AND despite ourselves making a direct and conscious effort to directly look for and to find hidden things and despite ourselves having some competence in doing this, unbelievably it’s seriously well HIDDEN things that turn out to be responsible for blocking off what is going on within Shirley’s solar plexus.

So, perhaps a very pertinent question to consider at this point is this . . .

I should point out that Shirley only started working with me after working with many other healers in efforts to try and resolve her issues. So, how come none of these other healers become aware of what we are finding here?

How Does Just ‘TRUSTING’ Improve your Awareness as a Healer of the REAL Causes of Healing Issues?

As Shirley has been working with many different healers AND in some cases healers that are considered ADVANCED for many years then why didn’t these healers or their spirit guides or their spiritual hierarchy overseers or Archangel Michael or some other Ascended Master ‘magically’ deal with these issues during the many years that Shirley worked with and had many sessions with many different ‘lightwork’ affiliated healer practitioners?

Why is it that even after many years of healing sessions NONE of this past life shit (it’s not just magically manifested in the last five minutes) was detected or dealt with by any of the healers Shirley has previously worked with?

Why have these problems not been dealt with by the spirit guides or the ascended masters that these healers have been inviting and relying on?

If you are recommended and in fact continually told as a healer to ‘keep out the way’ while ALSO being told told that you should just ‘trust’ that amazing, spiritual ‘divine’, ascended beings and their sidekicks will ‘do everything’ to resolve your healing issues then why do they seem to have missed ALMOST EVERYTHING of these issues that have been building up lifetime after lifetime?

Can any of you explain this to me?

Why are Healers Been Kept Unaware of the Negative Effects of PAST HEALING EFFORTS?

If your spirit guides, the ascended masters, the spiritual hierarchy and so on are actually as amazingly aware and as endowed with amazing healing powers and so on as they like to tell everyone they are (and particularly via channelled spiritual wisdom) then how come every five minutes in my healing sessions I’m CONTINUALLY finding subtle things ALL THE TIME that these ascended masters and the guides assigned by them have OBVIOUSLY MISSED, never mind that every other healer that Shirley worked with has also missed ALL OF THIS PAST SUBTLE HEALING ‘SHIT’ TOO?

Like I’ve already written on a previous page in this series:

Why are healers not encouraged, supported and directly helped to OPENLY INVESTIGATE and to OPENLY LOOK FOR THE SUBTLE CAUSES OF ISSUES and helped to OPENLY APPRAISE what they eventually find? Why are they not trained and supported to become AWARE of the full range of subtle causes AND of how to deal with these? Why are they not trained and helped to improve their awareness of subtle realms and subtle paraphernalia responsible for peoples issues? Why are they not trained to become aware of the vast range of subtle causes and trained to be SKILLED in OPENLY dealing with these causes THEMSELVES?

Why is it that the opposite of what I describe above IS THE NORM?

Why are all healers being prevented from becoming aware that many, many healing issues are actually CAUSED BY PAST HEALINGS.

Why are Spirit Guides Directed to STOP Healers from Gaining Experience & Becoming COMPETENT?

Why, as I’ve already mentioned on previous pages on this site why did I have to interview and SACK 10,000’s of supposedly competent spirit healer beings about 6 years before this healing session because they were trying to stop me from becoming aware of WORRYING THINGS? Why were these beings ALSO working to sabotage myself and the others I was working with at that time just because we were OPENLY investigating subtle realities and DETERMINEDLY trying to find the absolute causes of our negative issues?

Seriously, what is the problem with either trying to be COMPETENT, actually making an effort to become competent AND trying to understand and resolve the REAL causes of negative issues?

Why are those Accessing the Subtle Realms Automatically Assigned Spirit Guide MINDERS?

Why is it that healers are told and encouraged to ‘keep out of the way’ while also being told to ‘trust’ that some invisible ‘something’ actually knows what it’s doing and actually DOES IT on their behalf?

Why is there even a ‘Spiritual’ Bureaucracy? A Subtle Realm GOVERNMENT?

Ask your spirit guides what is so horrifying about Shirley’s solar plexus issues that they’ve been kept well hidden and we’ve been prevented from having access to them for 3+ hours so far? Why has it taken me two decades of dedicated effort all focused around finding the cause of my own issues to eventually ‘discover’ that I’m being prevented from finding out what is REALLY responsible for my own and others’ issues? Why are the REAL issue causes, my clients’ issue causes AND yours reading this page all kept hidden from yourself, myself and everyone UNLESS you directly and strongly push against the bullshit ‘spiritual’ and healing advice?

Why does this ‘Spiritual’ Bureaucracy Work to CONTROL ‘Spiritual’ Information, Healers Understandings, Skill & COMPETENCE?

Perhaps you should invite and ask Archangel Michael or one of the Ascended Masters OR maybe one of the spiritual ‘SUPREME’S’ a ‘member’ of the Spiritual or Divine Hierarchy and then channel their (likely bullshit reasons) why they are misleading everyone? I’ll remind you that they lied and lied and lied and lied and on recently reading lightworker sites they are STILL LYING about the mythical (keep the good people distracted and focused on bullshit) ascension event.

Another reason as to why spiritual people, subtle aware people, healer practitioners, lightworker healers and new age therapists are managed to be prevented from becoming aware of subtle ‘shit’ is that they would then become aware of the subtle implants managing ALL OF THEMSELVES.

This spiritual ‘atrocity’ is introduced on this page here and each of the pages within that series describes in fine detail one of these subtle implants and how they manage every aspect of AWARE PEOPLE DECENT PEOPLE.

It is one of these implants that directly manages your subtle awareness and hence your ability to become aware of all the subtle healing shit being kept hidden that I describe here of course the same implant also inconveniently keeps itself hidden too while even more inconvenient is another implant which MAKES YOU BELIEVE everything the spiritual hierarchy con artists channel to you. The same implant holds ‘good people’ glued and magically entranced waiting for the never, never ascension fantasy. It is likely that this implant will be contributing to you having all sorts of ‘this isn’t true, I’m crazy, we are ‘really’ loving’ arguments filling your head when reading this and other pages here.

So, despite no ascension and despite pretty much everyone on the planet having their health deteriorating and despite EVERYTHING getting worse and worse I’m sure most of you will choose to stay your nice fantasy rather than face REALITY. WON’T YOU?

Why is ‘EVERYTHING’ in the Subtle Realms Closely Controlled?

If you want a very STRONG example of how unaware healers, new agers and lightworker types ACTUALLY are then read this page here, otherwise read the next page for some more advanced ‘healing practitioner’ enlightenment . . .

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