‘Subtle Energy Body Scan Detail Inhibitor’ Device

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"The Etheric Implants 'Managing' Sensitive, Multidimensionally, Spiritually and Subtle Energy Aware Earth Residents wanting to Improve the Quality of Life, live in more 'Equitable, Balanced, Honourable and Harmonious ways' specifically to gradually erode such peoples reputation while keeping them; Occupied, Passive, Out of the way and absolutely unaware of anything they might otherwise disagree with."

I’ve been doing deep scans of our energy bodies on all sorts of levels and it’s puzzled me how much extreme effort it requires to do this. Scanning the likes of chakras is easy . . . ZZzzzippp and it’s done . . . BUT . . . seeing or scanning deeper is actually quite difficult.

Another way that the Subtly Aware & Perceptive are Sabotaged

It took me a while to figure out that lightworkers and anyone whom is found to have any competent subtle perceptions or awareness abilities is very quickly ‘gifted’ with a very specific subtle energy implant by the Spiritual Hierarchy.

This implant acts to discourage that person from REALLY looking at their own or anyone else’s energy body in DEPTH or DETAIL. This implant orientates you to scan for more physical associated structures and this implant and ‘other’ means work overtime to ensure that any deep energy body scans that you do actually do DON’T actually present with with what is really there.

I was quite disturbed to find that the likes of chakras and meridians have absolutely nothing to do with out REAL energy body at all BUT are actually just part of the interfacing suit that bridges between our REAL energy body and the physical vehicle. Hence the majority of information presented on our energy body gives quite detailed and accurate information about the interfacing suit and virtually NONE on our energy body at all. I describe this in more detail HERE.

Scanning your REAL energy body is NOT allowed

I’d also been puzzled that I have to spend ‘time’ making a ‘preparative’ effort to take scans of energy bodies in this earth space compared to more distant places AND this is actually AFTER I’ve removed and junked the scanning FU inhibitor implant I describe above.

It’s only recently that I’ve become aware that to scan my own or someone else’s energy body I actually exit this ‘earth’ space TO DO THIS. I actually used to do this to ALSO scan someone resident IN THIS EARTH SPACE. Now, that’s VERY odd don’t you think? So, what’s going on here then?

Well, this is NOT a real physical world, it’s a holographic simulation which has us (as REAL ‘energetic’ people) living out a simulation of a script that is of our ENTIRE PAST. So, we are being holographically choreographed in our interactions to do this. You’re not sitting on a physical seat or reading this on the screen of a physical computer. You ARE engaging with an exquisitely detailed simulated presentation of a physical reality.

Subtle Energy Body Scans are automatically either blocked or Edited . . .

Now, ‘most’ of our senses are really REAL, because that is required to facilitate what we are in this space for. BUT, the Spiritual Hierarchy as the ‘key holders’ of this earth space have actually done things to the programming of the simulator to intercede when people attempt to take deep scans of subtle things and particularly of our ‘energy’ bodies . . . then depending on what your individual experience is of our subtle energy body then you’ll either;

  1. Not see anything (no structure) in which case you’ll just think you’re not able to scan that deeply or that well OR . . .
  2. They’ll feed you a ‘made up scan’ that is devoid of ‘interesting’ energy body ‘extras’ such as the dozen or so subtle energy implants that they themselves have placed in EVERYONE’S energy body here . . . never mind the others that lightworker/sensitive types get beyond these . . .

If they want you to become aware of an implant that is NOT one of theirs . . . perhaps one that will support keeping you distracted and preoccupied with all those dreadful ‘dark forces’ for example. Then all they need to do is insert a ‘negative’ implant image into your scan . . . which will be amazingly and conveniently ‘prompted’ with a label; something like ‘dark force industries plc’ (or some such) . . . so you’ll not miss it . . . and then your ‘light’ guides can erase it from the scan . . . oooppps . . . they can take it out for you . . . mind you it could very well be trying to do something REALLY dastardly like REALLY raise your awareness or perhaps it might even be attempting to NEGATE the Light Term translator implant . . . MY GOD . . . either of those could be catastrophic to the ‘managed’ awareness and balance of a lightworker . . . it just doesn’t bear thinking about does it?

Subtle Energy Scans are Managed to Maintain Limited Understandings

So, here we have the Spiritual Hierarchy trying to keep things ‘on track’ with regards what they see as necessary for our one and only ‘looking decidedly lame’ spiritual plan such that they use subtle energy implants to do this i.e. stop anyone from finding how they are REALLY managing things never mind preventing themselves from being bothered by difficult questions concerning contradictions . . .

Which again seems reasonable to me in ‘context’ except this place amplifies EVERYTHING and so our scanning abilities would have been amplified too. Which would ONCE AGAIN have given some of us a chance to find out what was really going on at deeper levels. I’m horrified and stupendously pissed off to find that certain of my abilities have been hog tied and that this was done without my permission (slipped into the small print) as;

Essential technology required for the ‘earth’ experience . . .

Were ALL in this together joined in love and light!!!!

One plan, put together by one set of people all thinking down one line AND making sure that no one has a choice to even think differently. ‘NO ONE’ being; not one person in the entire population.

By the way . . . have any of you ‘actually’ managed to resolve your ‘fear’ issues sufficiently yet to go have a chat, as in a REALLY REAL chat with some dark forces or demon types? . . . MMMmmm . . . because if you’ve NOT done this then perhaps you should read this page HERE to find out why you’re being put off from doing this too . . .

. . . this ‘management’ of your ability to take effective subtle scans is REALLY fantastic isn’t it because this means that you’ll not be able to confirm by your own scanning abilities the presence of these implants that I’m talking about . . . so you’ll have an EXTRA good excuse to ignore what I’m presenting here . . . good eh!!!

That’s how well they’re managing us . . . . well . . . managing YOU ‘ACTUALLY’ . . . I’ve got rid of all this crap now . . . hence it’s me presenting this.

For extended details of how the Spiritual Hierarchy is deliberately taking measures to ensure that our subtle energetic abilities are eroded and eventually lost (by their recommendation to use protection for example) then read this page HERE and if that page is not horrifying enough then for larger scale detail read this one HERE.