Advice on Avoiding Being an Unconscious Creator

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Have you been trying to become a Conscious Creator and following the Law of Attraction to creatively manifest your own reality?

Have you?

To be honest I’ve been shocked when reading various web sources offering advice on becoming conscious creators.

How to Become a Creatively Manifesting UnConscious Creator

As far as I can tell the ‘standard’ conscious creative manifestation advice misusing the ‘law of attraction’ does a fantastic job of keeping people stuck in a cocoon of disengaged imaginary safety waiting for the never, never land imaginary ascension bus to arrive.

Is anyone interested in using your intention and focus your creative manifestation potential PROPERLY to seriously consciously create?

If you do then keep reading because I’m going to point out how to avoid becoming an unconscious creating avoider.

Advice on Avoiding the Unconscious Creator Syndrome

To understand how to be a conscious creator then you need to know what UnConscious Creators do.

UnConscious Creators exhibit some dreadful ‘negative attributes’ which I’ll point out now;

They avoid their past and don’t think about the future. They keep their attention on trying to stay in control of themselves and don’t trust themselves to look deeply either at themselves or the larger world particularly at their own, others or the worlds negative aspects. Although they may have self-esteem issues or anger issues or be unable to engage with their own negative emotions they’ll avoid becoming aware of this. They are told and they make efforts to ignore warning feelings, thoughts or intuitions particularly with regards doubts. They must at all costs ignore even ’emergency, last chance’ warning voices in their head. Any doubts or conflicting signals they won’t think about or engage with nor will they think about or evaluate causes when things go wrong. They avoid thinking about whom might be to blame for anything as they are made to be convinced that everything is perfect and that sitting on your arse doing nothing while having a ‘nice’ disengaged attitude will cause massive change. To keep them stuck in this disengaged space and never questioning anything they are made to avoid dwelling on anything uncomfortable or negative. They avoid looking at their issues with society or at what is wrong with society, they will even suppress intuitive impulses that others are in some cases to blame. They become in a larger sense withdrawn, shut down, isolated but are not particularly aware of this. They avoid normal people and society while somehow imagining that what they are doing will change their own and others lives. They are made to believe and imagine that everything is supportive of themselves; their aims, their intention and their journey including even that the universe will do their bidding. They are rarely able to get in touch with never mind listen to their deeper selves (courtesy of the lightworker implants), they don’t allow themselves to think or evaluate. When anything goes wrong or there are disappointments (like ascension rescue failures for example) they disengage some more and avoid thinking about what this might mean.

Being first to be Unconscious of anything NOW

An unconscious imagined conscious creator keeps making the same unconscious inducing choice, over and over again and so avoids making any conscious decisions in the now that relate to what is happening in the now that might help manifest a better future.

An unconscious imagined conscious creator isn’t inconvenienced by the need to consciously take any notice of ‘what is actually happening now’ rather they are made to hold their consciousness and attention to an imaginary future in the belief that this future will become manifest.

Having an unconscious creative avoider hold their attention on an imaginary future ensures that they never make a serious contribution to anything created in the now that might lead to the future they want.


Are you a real conscious creator?

Or are you an unconscious drone avoider?

Which ARE YOU?

Which will YOU BE?

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