Spiritual Practices Promote Sexual Dysfunction!

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Global Healing and World Peace even if it costs you your Sexuality?

Are you aware that a fair range of healing and so called peace orientated subtle energies ARE dousing us as a global population? Are you aware that this is done by the spiritual hierarchy as well as other ‘groups’ in an attempt to align us to spiritual values and attitudes?

This seems reasonable? Yes, it did to me too . . .

So, the spiritual hierarchy are actually doing this as well as of course all the peace groups and networks of lightworkers around the planet whom are meditating, sending out good intentions and or channelling energies to do the same too.


So, apart from trying to ‘Bring Peace’ what will these energies be doing? What could they be trying to achieve with regards ourselves? This is a guess, so their could be more or less but it seems to me that they are aiming to make us;

  • Peaceful
  • Content
  • Cooperative
  • Accepting
  • Understanding
  • None-violent
  • Conciliatory
  • Sensitive
  • Passive
  • Compassionate
  • Forgiving

How does this Earth Space Present Imbalances?

Our bodies are designed to present us with our inner issues. So, your physical symptoms or body imbalances are VERY visible physical presentations of some inner imbalance. Also EVERYTHING of your own EXTERNAL life is ALSO telling YOU about what is going on deep inside yourself (your life is attuned to you) and what we are being influenced by.

What you may not know is that these body and outer presentations represent the state of your entire multidimensional past history. So your body and life continuously present things to you with respect to EVERYTHING that is and has EVER influenced you that is STILL doing so with respect to the life phase representation you are currently living. This is to provide YOU with maximum information about our entire multidimensional past history. This is the primary function of your body and of this world.

Have you got that?

Global Healings Saturate People with Subtle Energies that Promote ‘Feminine’ Attributes

The above global peaceful energy ‘attribute’ list would OVERALL be considered ‘feminine’.

So, some of you may have received a newsletter sent out by David Icke on the 9th of March 2008 titled “Your Sexuality”. This e-mail highlighted some current scientific research showing that many chemicals (particularly female hormones from the pill and HRT) are seriously upsetting the balance of not only the ecology of species in general but of humans in particular such that males are becoming more and more feminine and taking on female characteristics . . . . it also seems that the birth rate is shifting to give us more girls while at the same time males are becoming more and more infertile. So, we are definitely getting an OBSERVED shift to the ‘feminine’ aren’t we?

David Icke Newsletter on Global Male & Female Gender & Sexuality Changes

Now as much as I don’t want to deflect from what David Icke is presenting OVERALL! In this instance it is actually very likely that these particular effects are the end result of global saturation by subtle energies being directed here as part of a so called ‘spiritual’ process.

Which on a world whose job it is to present inner influences externally means that what researchers are recording is very likely the outcome of this strategy.

Well, done the Spiritual Hierarchy . . .