"Mandela Effect Anomalous Memories Investigation: This 18 page series (full list here) uses my own Walkers Crisps Mandela Effect experience to demonstrate how discussions of ANY/ALL Mandela Effect Experiences are all themselves consistently anomalous, specifically because essential/basic/important information relevant/central/critical to the 'ANOMALIES/EXPERIENCES' being discussed aren't even mentioned. In contrast, this series examines/evaluates memory 'composition' as well as important memory recall factors (feelings, emotions, internal states, inner sensations & awareness's (plus senses)) in attempts to not only 'highlight' these discussion anomalies while simultaneously providing comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the Mandela Effect memory anomalies, while even mentioning other apparently 'invisible/impossible to become aware of' memory anomalies too!!!"


I came across the memory recall anomalies that have been generically described as the Mandela Effect likely about a year and a half ago.

At that time, I myself had personally not noticed/experienced any Mandela Effects with respect to my own memories (not that I was aware of at that time), however, because I am interested in all types of ‘anomalies/anomalous experiences’, then I bookmarked Reddit’s Mandela Effects page (and that sites ‘Glitches’ page) and every month or so I’d check these and read anything that caught my attention.

Discussion/Evaluation of my own Personal Mandela Effect Experience in Detail

So, I decided to write about the Mandela Effect memory recall anomalies/experiences because I actually experienced one of these (in mid 2017) and in that it was somewhat ‘blatant/shocking’ then I spent some time thinking about this experience and particularly with respect to ‘how reality would have to be’ to explain my ‘anomalous’ memory changing experience, then in thinking about this and eventually figuring this out I decided to write about it.

Now, for those of you reading this page/series that haven’t read much of what else is presented on this web site (and my other web sites) then I should point out that the material on all of my web sites in a foundation base sense are about ‘experiences/perceptions/senses/awareness’s/abilities’ that science/academia would categorise as ‘anomalous/NOT EXPECTED’ with respect to what can only be described as a one dimensional ‘physical only/what you can visibly see is ALL THERE IS’ mentality/view of reality.

So, I started to write this page/series specifically to describe my own personal Mandela Effect anomalous memory recall experience which eventually led to an ‘explanation/conclusion’ of how reality would ‘have to be’ to explain it. To do this ‘comprehensively’ I ended up writing/explaining in detail the circumstances of my own Mandela Effect experience, it’s immediate impact on myself as well as my unfolding observations, ‘realisations/insights’ and detailed evaluations of myself being impacted by what I’d now describe as an ‘obvious’ memory ‘alteration’ experience then this had the original single page article continually evolving, being regularly re-written and expanded multiple times over a three month period.

Basically, because I’ve vast experience of writing about a great number and variety of ‘anomalous’ experiences and particularly with respect to actually attempting to provide a view point and some rational/realistic evaluations based on detailed background information ‘pertinent’ to the original experience/circumstance which often naturally EVENTUALLY lead to explanations that include ‘how reality would have to be’ to explain/account for these specific ‘anomalies’, then over the last 4/5 years I’ve realised that pretty much all material, specifically written about anything ‘ANOMALOUS’ are themselves ALWAYS CONSISTENTLY ANOMALOUS with respect to a variety of VERY SPECIFIC AS WELL AS CONSISTENT FACTORS.

Bias Against Discussing Personal Mandela Effect Experiences as ANOMALOUS MEMORIES

So, in starting to write about my own Mandela Effect experience in the same ‘critical’ way that I’ve done for many other anomalous experiences then it didn’t take me long to find myself re-orientating from having my mental/conceptual/thinking focus revolving around the words ‘Mandela Effect’ to more and more have myself conceptually/mentally orientated to these as:


The outcome of this ‘realisation’ is that for the 5/6 pages of A4 that I’d already written I end up editing and replacing the essentially conceptually meaningless ‘Mandela Effect‘ title/phrase with ‘ANOMALOUS MEMORY EXPERIENCE’, because in this ‘phrase/description’ being way more ACCURATE in mental/conceptual/thinking terms, then you ‘automatically/magically’ find your mental/conceptual and thinking processes gradually starting to gain some REALISTIC mental/conceptual ‘traction’ with respect to what it is that you are actually trying to GET YOUR HEAD AROUND/FIGURE OUT!!!

The ‘STARK/OBSERVABLE/VISIBLE’ outcome of this UNCONSCIOUS/EMBEDDED ‘CONCEPTUAL’ BIAS is that a web search for: experiences of anomalous memories or anomalous memory experiences or experiences involving anomalous memories or even examples of anomalous memory experiences returns search listings that don’t include the word ‘Mandela’ on the first page of either google.com or duckduckgo.com. Which to be honest is IMPRESSIVE because despite that the Mandela Effect is exclusively about experiences of ANOMALOUS MEMORIES a web search specifically for ‘ANOMALOUS MEMORIES’ doesn’t return ‘obvious’ Mandela Effect pages as examples of these!!!

Web Searches of Experiences of Anomalous Memories Rarely List Mandela Effect Pages

So, in myself ‘eventually’ getting my head orientated to the Mandela Effects all being about ANOMALOUS ‘MEMORIES’, I then notice that Mandela Effect pages are all incredibly consistent in that they don’t give even ‘basic/general’ background information on ‘MEMORIES’ themselves, they don’t actually seem to be aware in the slightest that they are all writing about anomalous experiences that directly relate to the ‘FUNCTIONING’ of MEMORIES and as such they should all include at the very least some scene setting/background/basic information/descriptions about the make up and functioning of memories themselves to a point where they’d at least ‘MENTION’ the base ‘human’ senses that are fundamental to our memories?

Let me make this ‘EXCEPTIONALLY’ CLEAR: There is a STARK/POINTED/HIGHLY VISIBLE in ‘observation’ terms disconnect in that pretty much all Mandela Effect pages/discussions never mention, never mind discuss any factors/base information relating to ‘MEMORY/MEMORIES’ . . . ‘AND’ . . . no one else manages to ‘NOTICE THIS’ either . . .

Just to ‘try’ and make you aware of how unbelievable this is from another VERY IMPORTANT ANGLE, then let me ask you a very basic question:

“How ‘functional’ would ‘YOU’ be if ‘YOU’ didn’t actually have any ‘memory recall abilities’ AT ALL”?

The above question should make you aware that your/our memory functioning is an absolutely essential base fundamental part of ourselves and without ‘memories’, without everything that contribute to our memories we’d be massively compromised/highly dysfunctional.

In that this is ‘correct’ then you’d expect they’d be a big interest in and a vast amount written about the composition & functioning of our memories per say . . . and that this would be particularly the case for any recorded, systemic problems relating to the accurate functioning/recall of some very specific memories of the very same ‘thing/item’ impacting a relatively large number of people, IN THE SAME WAY often ‘seemingly’ around the same time . . .

Under these circumstances, you’d absolutely expect to attract massive interest as well as comprehensive, detailed discussions about memories and memory functioning per say as opposed to:


A search for memory senses mandela effect returns nothing on the first page of google, on duckduckgo it returns quite a few BUT these are mostly references to ‘make sense/keep your sense of/come to your senses’ however a few were referring to human senses but on looking on these pages the ‘senses’ are all just ‘mentioned in passing’ none mentioned the base human senses never mind of then spending time discussing these.

Why are Memories/Memory Composition & Functioning Not Discussed on Mandela Effects Pages?

Basically, as far as I can tell the vast majority (if not ‘all’) Mandela Effects pages follow exactly the same patterns/characteristics related to information presentations/alleged ‘discussions’ about any/all types of ‘anomalies/anomalous experiences’ AND despite that they are consistently anomalous NO ONE ACTUALLY MANAGES TO ACTUALLY NOTICE THIS NEVER MIND ACTUALLY ATTEMPT TO POINT THIS OUT (except for me).

A ‘real’ reality wouldn’t be able to ‘easily’ manage people never mind an entire population and yet our reality does this ALL THE TIME and despite that all of the signs of this are all in PLAIN SIGHT EVERYWHERE, everyone misses them . . . which is testament to the extreme/absolute degree of management being applied to our own population . . .

Let me illustrate the ‘discussion’ anomalies that are a consistent feature of all discussions/evaluations of any ‘ANOMALOUS’ PHENOMENON by using the ‘Mandela Effect’ discussions as an example of these anomalies:

  1. As a ‘base name/identifier/descriptor’ the words: ‘Mandela Effect’ don’t ‘immediately/conceptually’ bring to mind anything about ‘MEMORY/MEMORIES’ never mind ‘anomalous’ ones.
  2. I’ve personally not seen any ‘Mandela Effects’ page present anything that ‘sets the scene/offers background info’ and particularly with respect to offering ‘detailed descriptions’ relating to basics such as the ‘make up of memories per say and or the factors important in the recall of past memories’ and or say the ‘NORMAL’ conditions under which you/people/anyone may have problems recalling/remembering ‘something/anything’.
  3. In terms of ‘background info/detailed descriptions’ then being used as the basis for a variety of: ‘rational/realistic discussions’ which in being ‘RATIONAL’ would be based on detailed personal examples of how a specific Mandela Effect impacted specific people or an individual ‘so that circumstances of some specific Mandela Effect experiences/realisations could be examined and explored in detail’ as opposed to NOT AT ALL (as far as I can tell). . .
  4. In that the original circumstances of these anomalous memories relating to the ‘realisations/personal impact’ that the ANOMALOUS MEMORY IN QUESTION had on the person are rarely ‘described/written about or EXAMINED in any detail’ either . . . it’s then ‘very difficult to become aware of the overall/underlying patterns/characteristics of these specific experiences and SPECIFICALLY with respect to the normal, day in day out functioning of memories/recall of memories PER SAY’.

So, in that I’m intimately aware of the above built in biases then my Mandela Effects presentation/discussion will be the INVERSE of pretty much all others because I’ll also point out the various anomalies that are a standard FEATURE of most ‘other’ Mandela Effect discussions/descriptions presentations within these pages too!!!!

Also, in that the Mandela Effect experiences are exclusively about ANOMALOUS EXPERIENCES RELATED TO MEMORIES, then this series will provide not only a lot of information about memories per say but I’ll also detail my own experience of spending considerable time facilitating myself to progressively recall more and more details of memories of some specific very anomalous experiences that I experienced in my distant past.

In that through my own practical experience of efforts/understandings gained from an ongoing program of consistent/daily self orientation/exploration/engagement of myself/my internal landscape, feelings and states which I initiated almost 4 decades ago (as a MEDICAL RESEARCH scientist with a severe stammer/speech block (dealt with a long time ago via these efforts)), then I’ve accumulated a vast amount about the make up and ‘composition’ of ALL OF THESE, including where these are stored/localised within myself, then, within these pages I also offer some exercises to help you/anyone to start to become aware of some of the FUNCTIONING OF, AS WELL AS THE SCALE OF COMPOSITION OF YOUR INTERNAL WORKINGS/STATES as well as of how your memories of these are stored/saved as a:

” . . . networked, linked assemblage of directly/indirectly associated items that include your five base senses, your emotions as well as various inner states and sensations, feelings, awareness’s and ‘intuitions'”

PLUS . . . as the following pages were initially prompted through myself writing about my own ‘Mandela Effect Anomalous Memory’ experience then this is also included here EXCEPT it comes with a step by step detailed account of the experience itself, inclusive of my ‘thoughts/reactions’ at that time and also my realisations about this as an anomalous memory ‘experience’ over the days and weeks after it happened.

In that my description of the circumstances of my own Mandela Anomalous Memory experience AS IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED is (unlike others) EXCEPTIONALLY DETAILED, then it becomes stupidly obvious that anyone ‘squawking on about/insisting’ that these anomalous experiences can be explained away as ‘simply’ instances/examples of miss-remembering can then only be seen as the ravings of an ‘idiot/simpleton’ whom have obviously spent no time at all actually THINKING about these experiences in any detail or depth.

Here we go . . .

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