Some Exercises & Advice to Increase Subtle Perceptions & Awarenesses and to Activate Subtle Senses & Abilities

We offer some exercises to help introduce you to other dimensions and realities, ease you into accepting other possibilities and ways of Being, help open you to feeling in new ways, to feel what you have perhaps been avoiding, to explore other parts of yourself that exist in other realities. They will help you start to become more aware of yourself and the beyond. Please note these exercises are on our RealityWalker web site so clicking on a title below will open another browser window or tab to present that exercise.

Exercise to Help you Engage with, Perceive and Sense Subtle Energies

This exercise will help you become more sensitive to energies as well as helping you to amplify and increase your own energies so that you can start to play with these. It helps you to engage with your subtle energy self, become more comfortable sensing energies as well as of aiding awareness of your self as an energy based being.

Exercise to help you Gain Awareness of Beings & Spirit Guides in Spiritual Dimensions

This exercise will help you connect with a spirit friend whom you already know in other realms. This another safe exercise to work with. As it connects you to friends then you will have a stronger or more ‘real’ connection because you already know them. This page gives extensive information and helps to put you in touch with your inner responses, intuition, sensitivities and knowings. It explains how we respond to subtle perceptions and how our mind handles this information.

How to get into Contact with and Become Aware of Nature Spirits

This exercise helps you to get in touch with nature spirits. It guides you though starting a friendship with these beings and how to achieve this in a very detailed manner. It finishes with advice on connecting with different nature spirit types including;  water spirits, tree spirits, elves, dwarfs, gnomes, faeries, pixies, trolls, sand spirits, mermaids, leprechauns and more . . .

An Exercise to Help You to Become More Sensitive to Many Different Facets of Yourself

This is an exercise to help you sense and identify the deeper origins of issues that relate to blockages in the physical body as well as maybe release them.