Remember I’ve been presenting a lot of pages on this site giving evidence here that we are all living in a fake reality. ‘PLUS’ a fake reality basically translates into a reality actually being software defined and a software defined fake reality is then all likely pointing to ourselves being in someone else’s experiment!!!!

  1. OUR CURRENT ‘HANGING AROUND/C19’ PISS-TAKING CIRCUMSTANCES/PHASE . . . & particularly with respect to:

So, in Shalin leaving a few comments on about ‘The Art of War’ as well as ‘Game Theory’ & also ‘The Cabal & the illuminati’ . . . which all seems very odd to me, except, when I started to think about these possibilities with respect to those way, way, way above/up over in the data system that specifically designed this EAAS shit hole that we are all living within here!!!!

Basically, what is going on here is not really about what is GOING ON OR HAPPENING HERE, it’s all about what is going on with respect to those that setup the entire data system we are all living within and or ‘why’ . . . so, in thinking about these possibilities for a few days . . . then I ‘surmise’ that the below ‘speculative points’ are then likely realistic possibilities given many past as well as ‘current’ VERY ‘stressing’ circumstances!!!!

Those at the very top (and particularly those above the top i.e. outside) it seems to me ‘must’ be in a stand off and or at war (or preparing for the potential for war) with another likely ‘subtle’ culture.

Now, a few weeks ago I started to think about and to present questions to those specifically at the very top/whom ever is ‘responding’ whom are at or are the closest to the ‘current’ top.

My first questions are very specific and direct. I told them that they (whomever I’m communicating with) simply ‘must’ be experts/extremely knowledgeable with respect to ‘anomalies in their own reality (specifically because in that I personally keep pointing out shit loads of anomalies here, then they ‘MUST’ be taking notice of this, and they are very likely doing this specifically because it’s likely that everything I’m doing ‘here’ they are having me do because it’s very likely VERY ‘important’ to their objectives/the reason why they set this all up in the first place!!!!) . . . HENCE THEN it will be somewhat impossible for themselves to not then either notice and or then be suspicious about any ANOMALIES THEY HAVE ON THEIR OWN LEVEL!!!!

So in response to my question as to whether they have and or are suspicious about certain anomalies and or anomalous experiences ON THEIR OWN LEVEL . . . I get a YES!!!

Hence then (as I already suspected), I’m not then ‘really’ communicating with the people whom are ‘outside the data system’, rather I’m likely communicating with ‘simulated’ people on a level very close to the top i.e. a level or levels below the actual ‘real’ reality.

For my second question was I directly ask them if they are in a stand off with another race/faction and or are preparing for a potential war . . . to which I get a ‘YES’ for both of these!!!!

Also, recently I was thinking about the insane number of experiments ‘JUST’ in our own little one off drop down/side branch. We are in an experiment that is of a repeating pattern of 12 drop down levels with most levels generating more MV variations on the level below, while some levels literally generate many, many 1000’s.

So, each x12 drop down from the single top most ‘experiment’ by the time each experiment spawns one or more or many multitudes of experiments as as it unfolds over 12 levels, results in the ‘one’ experiment generating approximately 3x5x120x5000x600x40,000 multiverses: = 216,000,000,000,000 i.e. 2.16^14.

However, ‘we’ as in ‘US HERE’ in our experiment is actually at the very, very, very bottom of the 6th set of the repeating x12 ‘experimental’ drop down pattern.

So, from the top of this experiment to ‘us’ with respect to all MV’s generated, involves 2.16^14 x 2.16^14 x 2.16^14 x 2.16^14 x 2.16^14 experiments, which (if I’ve multiplied these correctly) actually results in something like: 4.70184984576e+71‬ MV’s!!!

However, you have to remember that this is just for this one single ‘experiment/drop down’ in checking/asking just about other ‘local’ drop downss of different types of experiments I’m told by the upper lot that they have 300 ‘similar experiment/variations’ being set off below the same 73rd level above point.

Also, in a few years ago myself starting to try and gain access to the upper data system, (which was initially as part of dealing with ‘administration/experiment going off target’ shit sabotaging ourselves when ‘hacking’) which had me over time asking questions various versions of those above about various facets of their data system ((from there perspective)which of course in being ‘here say’ may or may not be correct) I eventually ‘seemed to get access’ to about 2.5 ‘BILLION’ levels above, plus (on asking) there are apparently we’re many, many side branches leading to yet more separate ‘drop’ downs likely leading to vast numbers of yet more actual individual ‘experiments’!!!!


So, after having a ‘think’ about the above, then my ‘take’ with respect to the sheer utterly INSANE scale of the data system and particularly with respect to the unbelievable number of experiments that are involved is that it is seems to me to be very, very, VERY, VERY ‘LIKELY’ that their data/simulation system is very, very, likely ‘compromised’, such that the ‘people/culture/race/???’ that they very, very top lot are having problems with are ‘likely’ accessing/hacking into it, or are trying to (as best they can)!!!

In this respect it seems to me (because in the above circumstances this is what I’d do) is that they’d very, very likely deliberately set off many, many, many, many, many, many, many different experiments, very specifically to make the data system as vast as possible, very deliberately to make it as difficult as possible for hackers to both ‘find’ as well as ”REALLY’ understand the needle in a haystack experiments that are the ones that are important AND ALSO to make it as difficult as possible to understand the relationships/connections between different experiments and or between multiple combinations of different experiments too!!!!

So, everything will have to be done in ways to make it all as convoluted and or as difficult to understand as possible and particularly with respect to the experiments and or combinations of experiments specifically setup because they relate to themselves having ‘standoff’s/incidents with another culture/race’ and or more particularly, because specific experiments/combinations of experiments are perhaps very much focused on ‘preparing for war’ . . .

What else would you do to make it as convoluted as difficult to figure out as possible!!!!

Yesterday I had some very weird as well as annoying/distracting ‘twitching muscles’ in my left arm around my elbow. In watching this I realised that it was VERY odd, specifically because seemingly 2 or 3 very specific areas/places both above and below the inside of my elbow area we’re seemingly exhibiting spasms in ‘coordination’ . . . resulting in distracting/annoying effects . . . in watching these (and the coordination of these effects/efforts) for a while, I realised that these ‘effects’ are very likely not being generated by ‘muscles’ BUT are likely ‘somehow’ being generated via the ‘fascial type connective tissue’

“The fascial system consists of the three-dimensional continuum of soft, collagen-containing, loose and dense fibrous connective tissues that permeate the body. It incorporates elements such as adipose tissue, adventitiae and neurovascular sheaths, aponeuroses, deep and superficial fasciae, epineurium, joint capsules, ligaments, membranes, meninges, myofascial expansions, periostea, retinacula, septa, tendons, visceral fasciae, and all the intramuscular and intermuscular connective tissues including endo-/peri-/epimysium. The fascial system interpenetrates and surrounds all organs, muscles, bones and nerve fibers, endowing the body with a functional structure, and providing an environment that enables all body systems to operate in an integrated manner . . . “

Now, when I checked with them way, way, up over (months ago), the original i.e. ‘NORMAL/STANDARD’ MV animal forms DON’T HAVE THIS. I.e. it’s been specifically been designed into our specific EAAS experiment as part of seemingly providing yet another backdoor into the human nervous system/main body functioning areas . . .

This then had me remembering that we also ONLY HAVE DREAMS HERE too (i.e. within our EAAS) BUT our original ‘subtle’ forms/and or any animal they are interfaced to don’t actually dream in the original MV either. Also, we’ve actually double the number of base elements in the periodic table here, which on checking a long time ago that the ‘extra/added in ones’ are ‘seemingly’ SYMBOLICALLY represent the ‘elements/base components’ of the ‘subtle’ environment within the original MV.

In other words, these also ‘appear’ to provide yet another set of back doors into the physical and hence then the physical forms/bodies here!!!

So, ‘EXTRAS’ specifically part of our EAAS here compared to the original MV (that I know of), because on checking there are 3 more!!!

  1. The fascial connective tissue system
  2. Dreams and also then Nightmares
  3. A way, way ‘richer’ physical environment
  4. The ‘electric’ universe and physical body electrification, (in some cases also leading to extreme ‘sensitivity’ to electricity/electrical fields) is another angle added into our own EAAS version!!!

Given all of the above and given that I’m suspicious of myself perhaps also being very, very DELIBERATELY presented with the fascial TWITCHING EFFECTS, perhaps very, very specifically to then ‘prompt’ myself to think about and then start making checks, very, very specifically to lead me to figure out the above . . . then leads me to start to speculate about ‘why’ they’d ‘add’ in specific things to our EAAS . . .

Which then has me wondering if these ‘extra’ things/factors perhaps specifically relate to what the upper shit’s (or more likely those above them somewhere ‘outside’) actually have as part of their own (maybe real) reality version!!!

On getting a yes for the above then this has me thinking of all sorts of interesting/oblique possibilities:

  1. The upper lot are perhaps deliberately setting up MV’s with starkly obvious (i.e. easily visible/seen) ‘VERY DIFFERENT’ factors relative to their own way, way up over circumstances specifically . . . perhaps (and this is likely) as part of deliberate miss-direction attempts so that anyone peeking/hacking into their data system will likely dismiss/maybe discount these specific experiments i.e. maybe NOT REALLY TAKE NOTICE OF THEM, PERHAPS VERY SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE THEY AREN’T ACTUALLY ACCURATE FOR &/OR AREN’T ‘REALLY’ REPRESENTATIVE OR ACCURATE OF THOSE UP OVER/THOSE ABOVE THE TOP’S BODY FORMS & OR THEIR ‘ACTUAL’ SUBTLE OR PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENTS & OR OTHER FACTORS TOO!!!!
  2. We also ‘seem to have been in some sort of holding pattern’ for well over a month now, which I’m sure the upper lot ‘initiated’ such that they are perhaps directly using the C19 situation (which they’d have easily initiated too) to help them ‘maximise’ variability/personal data variability???

Although, there is perhaps another very oblique ‘need to hang around for a while’ possibility that I’m also, pretty sure is likely correct!!!!

Which is that I am sure that the way up over lot/the ‘experiment’ initiators/designers will also have set off multiple experiments within very, very different places within the data system maybe just within our own specific experiment drop down set and or ALSO maybe from others in way more distant experiments within the entire data system, which perhaps are then:

  1. All, very likely pre-defined and coordinated (in terms of timing) so that they are ‘by and large’ running in parallel at the same time . . . while . . .
  2. At some point, all of these will be of EAAS versions each with some specific combinations of ‘additional/added in’ factors (for us fascial tissue/dreams and the much richer physical environment etc, etc) very specifically because these accurately reflect the upper top lot/above the top ‘designers’ body forms and or various environmental circumstances/factors which are all ‘now’, very likely being coordinated (in data terms) specifically in ways to combine all of the extra factors that actually do ACCURATELY relate to the top/original environments and or their subtle people/animal avatar body forms make up and or circumstances involving interactions so that all of the data from all of these separate experiments when combined as well as adjusted/adapted such that the hacking/anti hacking networks/systems are then tuned and ‘optimised’ specifically to reflect the ‘above the top designers’ subtle body and or physical avatar form and their specific subtle and physical environmental makeup/circumstances too!!!

And in asking directly to the upper lot I’m getting that they are coordinating and refining/adjusting the data involving 100,000ish different EAAS experiments/setups!!!!!

The bottom line here, is that I’m pretty sure that what I describe above is ‘by and large’ correct!!!

Hence then over the last month or more now during which we seem to have been . . .

  1. More or less ‘hanging around’ . . . while . . .
  2. I’m sure that at least specific groups of people here are being deliberately ‘kept/locked into’ the same shit states/levels . . . while . . .
  3. The recent C19 virus situation I’m sure is also part of this, because each cultures different response to C19 will impact some of the many, many versions of ourselves/people very specifically in ways very likely designed to maximise/optimise facets of the combined/mixed together ‘hacking/anti-hacking’ networks/systems, unfortunately with respect to WHAT THE ABOVE THE TOP LOT ACTUALLY WANT/RATHER THAN WHAT WE WANT!!!!


Plus writing all of the above makes me aware that the ‘Clives’ speciality is to take scant information/vague clues (but on a very large scale) and to then use these to deduce as much as possible our base ‘reality’ design, our back story and what is ‘likely’ going on . . . i.e. what the real behind the scene’s circumstances are most likely to be . . .

Unfortunately I cannot yet think of how to ‘speed up’ i.e. make faster or ‘easier’ our current specific ‘in shit’ phase, which is to be honest SUPER piss-taking because I’ve gone from being in virtually no shit to being in 2 or 3 different combinations of shit effects starting about 4 or 5 weeks ago now, which I’m also pretty sure have been copied and pasted from other ‘Clive’s’ whom are obviously in way worse shit compared to myself too!!!!

So, from my own personal perspective, current phase is: SUPER EXTRA/ULTRA PISS-TAKING!!!!

ON THE OTHER HAND: As I’ve explained on way ‘earlier’ pages here I ‘only’ started to seriously focus on this specific fake software defined reality ‘investigating line’ because I was seriously puzzled as to why it was IMPOSSIBLE to resolve specific peoples healing issues (no matter how competent and or how many healing sessions anyone had), and worse ‘issues’ that were ‘easy’ to resolve for others with these issues (because I’d resolved them in others) it appeared that you weren’t allowed to resolve at all.

In other words it appeared to me (10+ years ago) as if (no matter what you did) you simply aren’t allowed to resolve specific issues, however, originally I’m pretty sure that I thought that you’d only be able to resolve issues that the person someone is a copy of actually resolved (which if so would also be exceptionally PISS-TAKING anyway ) . . . however, I now suspect that it’s worse than this for our super FU EAAS experiment version, because it now seems as if it’s using anything as an excuse to make things worse for specific people!!!!

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