How Group Member Loyalty & Devotion is Achieved

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"Rivalry, Competition and Egotism Between all Group types. How group members beliefs, ideas, ideals & loyalties are managed by hidden subtle means preventing open evaluations & engagement of different conceptual frameworks, ideas & possibilities while limiting openness, change, freewill & diversity. Includes Self Exploration, Inner Awareness Exercises & Examples."

Have you ever wondered what might be going on ‘behind the scenes’ as part of being involved in any group?

Are you aware of how much we are all directly influenced in terms of ‘beliefs, truths, ideas and understandings’ by many different types of subtle energetic means that are actually used by all groups to manage their members?

Management of Group Member’s Loyalties, Devotion and Faithfulness

Which groups and paths have you been involved with in your entire past?

What might they have done to make sure that you stay loyal and faithful to the ‘right’ beliefs, truths, ideas and understandings of that group? How much of your current beliefs and truths and righteous stances, barricaded understandings or devotions might be because you’re made to be bound and held to these?

Find out how likely this is by reading; Subtle Management of Member’s Beliefs & Ideals which describes how permanently acting subtle energetic means are used by all groups to ‘manage’ their members . . .

If that wasn’t enough some groups use what I call mobile or immediately responsive subtle energies that actually detect emerging circumstances and directly intervene in attempts to manage outcomes in their group’s favor.

These type of mobile energies can for example detect and then respond when a group member has doubts and starts to think about leaving. For more detail on these specific areas then read; Specific & Dynamically Responsive Group Management Efforts.

What is the Outcome of Managing Member’s to keep them Faithful, Loyal & Devoted to a Group?

What outcome does all of this life time upon life time accumulating energetic group crap have on ourselves both as individuals never mind on a larger scale? For a chance for you yourself to directly find out then don’t miss our; Advanced Self Awareness Self Exploration Exercise which should help most of you become aware of some effects of all of this hidden crap directly particularly when followed by reading; Ideas Concepts & Knowledge Management; Thinking Sabotages, Mental Editing, Conceptual Translations, Mind Blanking plus Distractions. This page is written to help you have the best chance of becoming aware of anything acting on you YOURSELF as you are reading the page itself. It includes comments from people of their experience of trying to read this page and what they noticed while doing this.

Are you sure you can Consider the Possibilities of Mental Manipulations?

The page; Consideration of Mental Manipulations is Blocked goes into even greater detail of the different angles attempts are made to stop you mentally engaging with material that actually more than hints that your thinking may be being managed or manipulated.

The Loyalty and Faith in Beliefs, Faiths & Basic Assumptions Conundrum

What other noticeable effects does all of this group management crap have on ourselves? For a discussion on the oddities of why all groups and their members are somewhat unaware of their own basic assumptions or of how ‘assumptions’ are often unthinkingly or automatically treated as truths or facts then read; Groups Basic Assumptions Forgetfulness Oddities.

There is an example on my healing examples web site called: The effects of Japanese Buddhism on your love life? Which gives you some idea of how this group subtle ‘shit’ influences your life in ‘magical ways. This page (which is here) is worth reading just to understand how bizarre the ‘keep the person tied to the group’ efforts can actually be AND how much effort is expended to both retain and re-capture ‘escaped’ group members.

PLEASE NOTE; It’s important that you read these pages IN ORDER because then there is a greater chance that they might prompt one or more of those ‘dang’ realisations that some people talk about.

You have been warned . . .

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