An Exercise to Help you Engage With & to Learn to Communicate with Spirit Beings


Some Starting  Recommendations for this Subtle Awareness Exercise

Before starting this exercise, make sure you can be relaxed, take the phone off the hook and so won’t be disturbed in any way for at least 45 minutes. You cannot hope to make any progress if you cannot give yourself any quality time.

Some Awareness of Potential Blockages and Problems when trying to Communicate with Subtle Beings

Quite often we are holding blockages within our body on this or lower associated levels which either directly or symbolically restrict your ability to connect and access other realms and even our inner selves.

Such blockages are responsible for reducing your clarity, your level of multidimensional awareness, your awareness of other parts of yourself and also your ability to connect to them. After being woken up and connected (to a certain extent) my support teams in spirit worked very intensely with me for more than a year to clear body originated blockages. This was done because these would be the biggest factor that would hold me back to understanding the subtle realms.

To have these blockages cleared I would find myself drawn to have what I now call standing healing sessions. While standing up I would call in transformational energies and Beings and ask for whatever I needed for my self-healing and evolution.

During these sessions I was physically very intensely manipulated. Different parts of my body would be moved into strange positions and held there. Sometimes my own channelling energies would be switched on and directed to help with this process. An average session lasted 90 minutes, the most intense lasted 7 hours.

Personal Considerations

Again each person is different. Some will have more ingrained blockages others will have few. Some blockages are associated with the human form design. Others are personal and relate to decisions made either consciously or otherwise in lower energy environments that would cause or promote restrictions. This process in amplified and enhanced for those working with ‘the PERSONAL UNITY facilitator energy tool’.

The aim of this exercise

This exercise will help you to start releasing yourself from inner blockages that would restrict and or prevent you from initiating or improving your ability to access the beyond. Although to start and improve access is important we make it clear that this is process is ongoing and continuous.

Pre-Exercise to Help you Communicate with Spirit Beings

Pre-Exercise: For those of you who are a little perturbed at the thought of being physically moved and or manipulated then we would recommend that you try the following before the main exercise so that you are more confident and accepting of this. Here it is:

Stand up. Relax and take a few minutes to calm yourself and your breathing. Although many people close their eyes for these exercises this is not really necessary – but always do what will best facilitate you. When you are feeling as relaxed as you can, then say internally:

‘From my Heart and with all my Being, I invite my Divine Soul Self to fully merge with me NOW. In a good and Sacred way I invite Divine Light into my heart and into my entire Being on all Levels. I invite all the transformational Beings, energies and consciousnesses from all levels that that can facilitate me NOW. I ask that this room, the space I occupy, be completely filled and surrounded with Divine Light and Divine Love, as I continue . . .’

. . . . . . . WAIT . . . . . . .

‘I ask for everything that I need, all energies all spirit help and support to help me interact directly with Spirit, and to be moved and fully guided by Spirit. I ask for this NOW.’

. . . . . . . WAIT . . . . . . .

To experience being moved then you simply ask for this.

‘I ask Spirit to lean me forwards NOW. . . . . . . . .’

If you experience no movement then say the starting invocation again (the first two paragraphs). If the movement is slight then ask for it to be amplified. Ask for all blockages that are causing restrictions to be removed. Ask for the energies to be amplified to do this. Then ask again:

‘I ask Spirit to lean me forwards NOW. . . . . . . . .’

Then try;

‘I ask Spirit to lean me backwards NOW. . . . . . . . .’

. . . . . . . and then . . . . . . .

‘I ask Spirit to lean me to the left NOW. . . . . . . . .’

Then ask to have your arms and hands moved. To do this start with you hands bent at the elbows held out in front of you. Hold them at waist height as if they are holding a large balloon. They must be relaxed and loose when they do this. Then:

‘I ask Spirit to move my hands apart as fast as possible NOW. . . . . . . . .’

You can also try:

‘Faster than this NOW. . . . . . . . .’

And then:

‘I ask Spirit to move my hands together as fast as possible NOW. . . . . . . . .’

After you have played with this enough then move onto the main exercise.

Direct Interactive Healing

Again, start standing up. Invite the energies to work with you, to do this use the following invocation:

‘I ask that these energies permeate my Being and work to release me from all blockages, barriers and constrictions held within me NOW that are preventing me in any way from reaching UNITY. I ask for this NOW – and so it is.’

. . . . . . . WAIT . . . . . . .

‘I state to Spirit that I am willing to be physically moved and manipulated to help this process. I ask for everything that I need, all energies and spirit support that will make this possible. Thank YOU.’

If you channel energies then activate your energies to help in this process now:

‘This channelling is for me for my highest will and good to help me move into ALL THAT I AM on ALL LEVELS. I activate all my energy connections NOW. Specifically I ask for all energies that would transform, release me from blockages and that will allow me to have direct physical interaction.’

Now relax and feel. Go with whatever you feel is happening to you. Go with any movement that starts no matter how slight. Because you are working with the beyond then it is both possible and easy for any number of Beings in spirit to be manipulating you from the inside while the energies work on you.

One word of warning!! They are very good at getting people into positions that HURT. This it seems is part of the process. Areas of your body will be compressed to push things (in energy terms) out. You may also find your body taking up positions and movements that you know it is impossible for you to do and yet you are doing it. This regularly happens to me.

For some of you there will be a very direct interaction as if people are physically present and holding your arms and legs. For others it will be less. For some they will feel no direct physical involvement but they will know what to do with their body. And of course some will get nothing.


  1. Adrian
    November 13, 2019 @ 8:07 pm

    This is the most useful information to guide initiation of self healing process


    • Lisa
      January 7, 2020 @ 11:06 am

      An Exercise to Help you Engage With & to Learn to Communicate with Spirit Beings.

      I tried this exercise and was very slightly moved forwards and very slightly moved backwards. Other than that I didnt feel anything.


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