& Scary Ones . . .

Yes, ‘apparently’ these are REALLLLLYYYY scary . . .

Scary, Frightening, Terrifying ‘Spiritual, New Age, New Spirituality’ Articles – Guaranteed

The Articles of the ‘Original’ series retain for the most part my original understandings and ‘spirit’ from about 20 years ago. Which if you read them then you will see that;

  • I was fully living and engaged with the deepest new age, spiritual and light work paradigms.
  • I was writing in ‘Spiritual, new age, healing’ language and terms . . . AND
  • I was spotting all sorts of inconsistencies and contradictions while having a bit of trouble trying to understand them never mind explain them . . .

So, that was quite a while ago and I kept my peace until I could at least make an attempt at explaining the worrying contradictions within new age, lightwork and so called ‘spiritual’ paths . . . and then I could . . . and unfortunately they are all a ‘mite’ worrying . . .

So, the ‘Scary’ articles have been written specifically to act as a bridge between the ‘Spiritual, new age and healing’ and what I’ve been finding during my explorations since writing the earlier articles.

The scary series are also written in a more straight forward style with more ‘solid’ terms while discarding those that can have multiple or vague meanings. Because the ‘real’ reality doesn’t in the slightest correspond to any of the new age, spiritual or lightworker ‘myths’ then they are also presented with an appropriate quite ‘rabid’, sense of humor.

What can you expect from these?

The Spiritual & New Age Equivalent of Wikileaks

Well, let’s just say that the ‘scary’ articles provide wikileaks type revelations relating to Lightwork, Lightworkers, Healing, Spiritual Hierarchy, Other Dimensions, Subtle Energies, The Earth Process and so on.

The scary pages turn ALL of these subjects on their head, by presenting seriously ‘interesting’ view points and worrying bodies of evidence that will shake any working in these areas to the core . . . and SO THEY SHOULD.

Each set of the scary articles series will take some topic from the ‘Spiritual, new age and healing’ modalities and describe these areas in more depth and detail than anyone anywhere has ever presented before.

There will also be a specific emphasis in these articles to describe in detail HOW our therapies and healing systems actually ‘really’ achieve their results and the long-term consequences of us using these means . . . the ‘new’ things presented in these articles ‘should’ completely rock your entire foundations . . .

After I’ve written enough worrying ‘scary’ articles to REALLY get your attention then I’m going to start another series that will present information well beyond this first scary lot, giving you another layer even closer to ‘what is REALLY going on’ . . .

Pretend Divine Beings & Subtle Dictators Exposed

If you imagine that this is going to be yet another boring variation of what everyone else is presenting then you’re in luck because I’ve got the first set of articles up on; Psychic Protection, Negative Entities HERE reading just the first 3 pages out of the 12 there will be enough to reassure you that you’re entirely wrong without wasting any of your precious ‘light’ time . . .

So, if you want your awareness never mind understandings sky rocketed onto higher planes of ‘source’ then these ‘scary’ pages are the ones to read.

The menu below is also on your right on every page. Each page of each series has a ‘Next Page’ link at the bottom and once you get past the first page of each series then you will find a full menu of all the pages of that series at the BOTTOM of each page . . . and if you’d like to be informed of new pages and posts as well as when future resources appear then subscribe to the soul-healer newsletter . . . means to do this are just below this page . . .

These scary pages contain LOTS of new information not only NOT ever presented elsewhere but of information that WONT confirm what you already think you know (or would like to hear).

Most so called ‘spiritual’ people are so insecure that all they want is confirmation of ‘whatever’ they have already decided is ‘correct’.

Unfortunately, although these pages likely won’t do this they are likely to do a grand job of letting you know whether or not you’ve ‘really’ resolved your fear and insecurity issues . . .

How’s that ‘ascension’ event coming? Nearly there, just another day now is it? ‘Still’?

Are you bored or perhaps not having enough fun in your life?

If you find that ‘unbelievably’ you like these pages then please consider supporting this site by:

  • Making friends (just temporarily will do) with any new age, spiritual, spiritual path or healer therapist types and then recommend that they read what is presented here!!!
  • When you are reading another ‘blog’ or ‘site’ that allows comments have fun by leaving a comment with a link to this site.

Why should it just be me that has all the fun scaring new age lightworker people when you can do the same.

Seriously, you’d be doing them a favor by helping them confront any unresolved fear, panic and terror issues, they’d probably thank you for the opportunity!!!


  1. Clive
    March 5, 2014 @ 1:10 pm

    If you find that ‘unbelievably’ you like these pages then please consider supporting this site by:

    a) Making friends (just temporarily will do) with any new age, spiritual, spiritual path or healer therapist types and then recommend that they read what is presented here!!!
    b) When you are reading another ‘blog’ or ‘site’ that allows comments have fun by leaving a comment with a link to this site.

    Why should it just be me that has all the fun – haha


    • Louisa
      November 11, 2015 @ 10:16 am

      It’s “ironic” that I am reading this comment now because it answered a question I was gonna ask if making friends or finding support/’support group’ in doing this work is ok temporarily at least until becoming more independent. For some reason I was too afraid to ask or felt like a punk lol.

      Sometimes I see a twinkle,flicker or glimmer of blue/yellow/green or red light. From my pupil? I also used to see orbs or what seemed to be energy/light particles formed in a diamond shape or movement. But think I blocked myself from seeing them any more because it’s been a year or two since.

      Also trying to overcome feeling deep fear every time I start off with setting up my spirit team. Maybe clearing fear is a start? Sometimes when I refer back to some of your articles I get scattered and it becomes difficult to read. Lately it’s better than usual. Sometimes it still happens off and on.


  2. Ancient One
    September 2, 2014 @ 10:52 pm

    Thank you for all you’re doing…I have not found this level of detail in what you have posted here anywhere. I have already shared this site with others and will continue to do so 🙂 I look forward to reading everything here as it does apply to the work I am doing, the things I have been through and still going through :-).


  3. Herbert
    September 4, 2014 @ 9:38 pm

    Seriously, I got to thank you a lot for this site Clive and your courage in your research, for what I’m able(d) to get sinking in for the moment. When you mentioned, on a page I can’t find for now that ‘here’ it is a give away due to being color coded (dark always black and light always some wonderful colors, etc.) it made so much sense! Seems for a reason I ignore some of what I read start to sink in, and I got some realisations the other day and I broke down in tears of both anger and compassion, I was really furious! And when you talk about sticky plaster solutions as well it made so much sense, as in my field of study I always at least try to find the primary cause of the encountered problems (which probably means I got all the implants you talk about all along !!!) if not the results are half-assed and temporary I asked myself the rhetorical question: why would it be different with ‘healing’ and energy work? I remember when starting exploring, even though I read some paradigms and stuff about energy and so on, I remember stumbling on this site and was terrified to death, BUT, one thing I assimilated was the line of exploring without any assumptions, preconceptions, etc. that was at this time I started to get results using a kind of command (even though probably still well managed)..Got many many questions on everything in life, I’ve always was willing to think and ask hard questions, why not in this field, but it seems the hard questions take so much strength to pierce through the inner resistance at times! Lately, not being able to comment haha but still was able to re-read so much of the pages, was a good reminder, especially the examples plus the audio, it inspired me and gave some courage to start directing all my focus on finding the root causes of my craps on as many levels as possible (I remember some prior lives, but as well starting to remember other dimensions more clearly which makes the point on Orion sadly true I feel, some other ‘domains/realms’ if it can be called like this where it is just energies), I know it is just a start but will focus on exploring this more directly, even if being managed (maybe I’m allowed to read some things because there is a kind of similar line in what I do? Or because some things are not properly sinking in?) Anyway, recently there were some supposed big changes energetically and yet in this, some supposed 4d or something beings tell us were still ‘animal like’ and the usual speeches devoid of compassion and respect about us having to evolve in their proposed ways (who then needs to evolve heh!), was really not impressed, especially with what I’m starting to remember that is way beyond that (but I wonder if even what I remember/pick up is really managed or the real thing, I mean when someone remembers ‘pure energy levels’ or something along those lines, is it/can it be levels beyond the simulation? ) , as if I’m happy to have to indulge in this here!! Something that made much sense as well reading was about Buddhism (which I always respected) but I was wondering about since a while, asking me questions about why it has been always seen as the ultimate exit if that much allowed into the open to be practiced massively in such a managed realm…Anyway don’t totally know where I’m going with this, just started noticing so many contradictions on many levels, but still confused..I noticed when you mention new age, lightwork, hierarchy (now you’ll see how I’m managed I guess :/) that I kept wondering if you are talking about the ‘diluted’ new age teachings we see these days on the net or, that this includes all the older variations which seem to have much more substance about them when reading (or so it seems), alike what Alice Bailey, theosophy, Gurdjieff, etc.. wrote about (seems there are much more detailed things in their cosmology than the recent new age, material, lol, not necessarily a reason why it would be more valid though..same hierarchy or variation on the same old theme?…not wanting to get confirmed or comforted but break the mold, anyways..)

    ”After I’ve written enough worrying ‘scary’ articles to REALLY get your attention then I’m going to start another series that will present information well beyond this first scary lot, giving you another layer even closer to ‘what is REALLY going on’ . . .”

    about this, really looking forward and am curious about the other levels you found, meanwhile will continue reading, thinking (if I can!) about all the stuff here and try letting it sink in and explore


    • Clive
      September 6, 2014 @ 5:01 pm

      Thanks Herbert, well, I’ve got to be doing ‘something’ right because I’ve had two complementary ‘thank you’ comments in less that a week. Perhaps my ‘crazy’ virus has gone ‘virulent’ and is ‘spreading’ – haha

      Yea, you’d think that ‘demons’ would have caught on that perhaps wearing something ‘sexy’ in ‘mauve’ with red polka dots combined say with a musketeers feathery hat would cause so much confusions they’d have been able to take over the entire spiritual hierarchy charade probably light years ago.

      And ‘IF’ the ‘light’ is about creativity then how come they’re all stuck with a really boring single colour that’s used for boring things like: hankies, napkins, table cloths and ‘I Surrender’ flags!!! Haha

      It’s all been ‘managed’ here and increasingly so for the past 800 years. So, there’s been 800 years of dilutions of what we ‘did’ have. Also, unfortunately ‘everything’ we ‘think’ is ‘something’ is also, ALSO pre-defined specifically to keep us lost. So, the only way you can circumvent all of the bullshit is to throw the entire sorry mess out and start directly engaging with the subtle and figuring it out directly.

      This page HERE at the bottom is the being I am simulating in our little simulation project here. So, yea, you can access outside BUT only if you put the effort in. Because, as described in detail in this series HERE and this one HERE you have to put up with a BARRAGE of simulation software generated distractions trying to put you off.

      It took two decades of effort to reach what I write on the ‘soul purpose’ page.


  4. Louisa
    October 2, 2015 @ 6:53 am

    Hey Clive,
    I really appreciate these articles.I’ve been feeling like something is messing with me or interferences are interfering with me because when i try to or even make up my mind tune into myself,try exercises,mediate etc. i get distracted,feel anxious,feel rushed or there are too many distractions within my household. ‘Only’ choice is keep trying or beginning where i am at the moment……


    • Clive
      October 5, 2015 @ 8:59 am

      Yea, Louisa, this in an ‘extremely’ annoying reality . . that messes with people ‘properly’ trying to engage with it / investigate it in different ways. It took me about a decade of orientating to ‘myself’ and what was happening within myself / what I felt / my inner states / subtle perceptions before I had a definitive breakthrough. The amount of effort it took to regain what I now see as inherently ‘ natural’ abilities was ‘insane’.


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