"Healing Session Exploration of Poverty Issues: This series gives you a detailed walk through (including audio) of a therapy session focused on identifying & then dealing with 'some' of the spiritual & subtle causes of money & poverty Issues. It illustrates the 'interactive' awareness 'competence' & determined persistence needed to find and 'successfully' deal with a whole range of hard to 'corner' & reveal subtle 'shit'. It also points out how we are not allowed to fully resolve certain issues (i.e. why some healing successes are only temporary) and why this happening is evidence that we are in a simulation."

In continuing from the previous page, the fat, Ascended Master is still making efforts to seriously avoid having themselves revealed to ourselves in this healing session. As part of trying to stay incognito he goes through various transformations including showing himself as a demon, a seraphim angel as well as of looking like the wizard from the lord of the rings.

This is an ascended master, one of the so called highest of the high in ‘spiritual’ terms and yet he not only tries to keep himself hidden he’s even prepared to present himself AS A DEMON in attempts to NOT BE IDENTIFIED.

Is this what you would expect of an ascended master? A being so insecure and so pathetic that they try and fool you into mistaking them for ‘someone’ else?

Why Would Buddha an Ascended Master Want to Avoid Being Confronted about Poverty Issues?

It’s hilarious what ‘worried’ beings will do when they are backed into a corner without anywhere else to go.

In another session I even had a whole group of demons desperately presenting the same false frontage hoping I’d fall for their own pathetic misdirections. They finally decided to present me with ‘GOD’ a huge glowing white being in a white gown and white beard sitting on a golden throne that filled the entire space. It took us 5 minutes before we stopped laughing it was so ridiculous.

So, here we have a pathetically insecure ascended master trying to misdirect us by presenting himself as a darkie demon, a FAT darkie demon mind you.

In trying to engage with and CLEAR everything he is trying in desperate attempts to stay obscured we learn that he is at least partially trying to remain anonymous because whatever he is doing seems to relate to some ‘official’ spiritual hierarchy agenda and he is staying obscured as he and they see me as a threat to what they are doing.

If this is the case then one can only conclude that me pushing to try and find out enough to SORT OUT MY CLIENTS POVERTY ISSUES is bizarrely deemed to be a threat the ‘whatever’ the spiritual hierarchy are actually REALLY doing and are actually REALLY representing!!

Why Would a Healer Practitioner Trying to Resolve a Clients Poverty Issues Worry the Spiritual Hierarchy?

Basically, as I’ve been pointing out on many of these pages here, the spiritual hierarchy are in my terms spiritual and healing con artists. They themselves don’t seem to have a clue as to how to investigate negative issues while they appear to go to great efforts to support healers and therapists and alternate practitioners to have them (for the most part) smother peoples issues with the equivalent of air freshener and deodorant grade healing energies.

In other words they seem intent on making people ‘feel’ better (often just temporarily) while in most cases, not actually ‘really’ resolving anything.

As far as I can tell, they also seem to control all of the spiritual ‘media’ sources and they try and keep new agers, lightworkers, healers and all the spiritually inclined terrified of what can only be described as spiritual terrorists which just like on our pretend physical world here these colour coded as ‘dark’ forces are ALSO blown completely out of all proportion.

As above so below seems to be 100% accurate with respect to what is going on down here being pretty much exactly what is going on within so called ‘spiritual’ planes. Apparently there are terrorists dark, demonic, terrifying forces ‘everywhere’ on all levels of creation. As far as I can tell a mere handful of beings colour coded in black (just in case your ‘light’ awareness isn’t good enough to ‘immediately’ identify then as ‘BAD’ and to be AVOIDED at all costs) are against what the ‘discerning’ would deduce is a highly misrepresented and distorted ‘light’. This ‘light’ is apparently so dazzling that anyone sucked into its sphere of influence is made to believe in all sorts of spiritual nonsense including that the believers in the mythical light will ascend, they’ll meet angels, they’ll have cups of tea with aliens, although as far as I can tell there is no guarantee that the ascension event will succeed in facilitating anyone to start THINKING . . .

What Would Ascended Master Buddha & The Spiritual Hierarchy Shysters Be Worried About me Finding?

So, just what is it that fatty and the rest of the ascended monsters of the false light are terrified of me finding out now?

Can YOU reading this page THINK of what could be the problem with having a competent healer practitioner researcher doing a little focused healing investigation in attempts to LOVINGLY identify and to sort out their clients poverty issues?

Seriously, can YOU reading this think of ANYTHING that should be a problem to the beings that have convinced just about everyone here that they are loving AND that they are focused on everyone here being HEALED and of having everyone here spiritually EVOLVING and even magically ‘ascending’?

As I’m very, VERY keen on healing myself and my clients and to have myself and my client resolve ALL of our negative ‘shit’ and life limiting issues then ‘IF’ their propaganda is even vaguely correct then I should be getting five gold stars for what I am personally doing EVERY DAY . . . rather than what I’m actually experiencing which is sabotages, misdirections, dishonesty and lies both for myself and my clients . . . perhaps I’ve got it completely wrong and I’ve missed all the new age channelled from the ascended monsters of the false light information telling us that extreme poverty is what we should be aiming for?

Perhaps the ascended state requires everyone to become destitute, be living in poverty and be starving or perhaps even dying or dead before the ‘ascension’ event will be activated?

As the audio below shows, after a while of doing everything we can to force ‘fatty’ to REVEAL himself which includes me calling specialist beings to negotiate (read shout very loudly at the useless spiritual hierarchy cabal) we become aware that Shirley is a follower of ‘fatty’ and that he is actually the leader of a so called spiritual path and that he is ACTUALLY Buddha.

So, it’s then obvious that Shirley will have affiliations and contracts and so on with ‘fatty’ and his Buddhist path AND as the Buddhists are quite keen on POVERTY then it seems quite likely that these contracts could be SERIOUSLY contributing to Shirley’s POVERTY issues.

Why might the Spiritual Hierarchy have a problem with someone’s POVERTY Issues Being Healed?

Well, as we’ve already had plenty of practice breaking pacts and contracts and so on JUST IN THIS ONE SESSION then ‘BRING IT ON’. What on ‘earth’ could be the problem with breaking contracts binding someone to Fatty’s spiritual path?


So, we start to try and break contracts . . . and this is where the ‘fun’ of this healing session example actually really starts.

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