This is a very different page, it’s taken ages to write because of the last few months extreme ‘shit’ and because in researching one anomalous sun and solar system angle I’d eventually become aware of yet another!!!!

In spending some time researching other solar systems and their stars, then our own star and solar system appear to be quite ‘odd’ in a variety of ways.

As a start I’m going to present all of the recorded/noted odd things about our particular solar system, however, while reading the below please keep in mind that I’m speculating that our population includes many star travelling ‘alien peoples’ whom (think star trek again) are all likely living on one or more planets within one or maybe a few, possibly even many inhabited solar systems spread out within at least a galaxy scale area of space in astronomical terms!!!!

So (just as a reminder), I’ve already made a decent case that our population appears to be made up of many, many different ‘alien’ animal species/peoples each of which are very likely to have lived on or spent time on one or more planets, within one or more solar systems, such that (for example) some of them are very likely to have embedded experiences of having a very different view of their own galaxy as well as of the entire ‘cosmos’ at least compared to the view that we ourselves have here, never mind that at least some members of each alien planetary population everywhere are exceptionally likely, maybe because they are astronomers and or are star gazers and or because they are ‘security’ people worried about hostile space faring aliens and or because their two moons at times result in extreme tides, in this respect, some specific people are actually likely to be exceptionally familiar with at least some specific features of their own solar system, maybe its sun, maybe one or more of the planetary bodies orbiting their sun or maybe they are an expert of one or more of the moons that orbit around one of these, although they could be asteroid focused and be an expert on one or more significant asteroids, perhaps because these could be used by other alien species to spy on themselves!!!

If you are going to attempt to put many different star travelling peoples from many different solar systems (spread out over a galaxy scale size environment) each living on a different habitable planet, likely within one single solar system (at least initially), then what would you select (in solar system stellar ‘object’ terms) to place within what is actually going to have to be a ONE SIZE MAYBE made/designed to fit all solar system design effort, perhaps somewhat desperately attempting to fit with the sub-conscious expectations of all members of all space faring alien cultures & particularly all astronomy buffs, as well as each inhabited planet’s, experts on their moon, or moons, their solar systems planets, their moons and or asteroids, never mind all of the other inhabited planets and solar systems ‘experts’ too?

Seriously, what are the chances of one single solar system fitting in with the embedded, subconscious expectations (based on their embedded day in day out lived experiences) of each alien culture, some perhaps living on one or more central planets whilst also having farming worlds and or mining concerns on other planets, moons or asteroids, as well as perhaps having ‘interests’ in other solar systems etc. etc, actually turning out to be even vaguely equivalent to our one single solar system having to try and attempt to pass itself off as the solar system of many different space faring cultures!!!!

Personally, I’d imagine you’ve, likely a better chance of winning the lottery jackpot, maybe every week.

So, let’s do some checks to find out if our own solar system is maybe actually attempting to stand in for, perhaps many, many different alien solar systems!!!!

Keep in mind that (for any aliens reading this) it’s often the case that what is normal/common (and hence then way less interesting i.e. boring) gets faded into the background while the less normal, more unusual, uncommon maybe, not only actually sticks in your mind BUT is perhaps preferentially researched/investigated, possibly because you have to fly close to it regularly and or because it’s maybe somewhere that the commander of a Klingon battle cruiser might think of hiding behind or (for a gas giant) maybe within!!!


Let me remind you that we don’t actually have commercial space travel here, we don’t commonly travel between worlds, we don’t even have commercial travel just to the moon, on the other hand we do have many, documented in detail sightings of humanoid type aliens and encounters with these, we also have many, many one off sightings of many different types of usually large sized (i.e. they are easily observed) none earth based animal forms too, beyond this we also have some very detailed accounts of exceptionally bizarre, alien abduction type experiences too.

Right, here we go then . . . . here is what a maybe designed solar system, possibly attempting to stand in for/emulate many intelligent alien populated solar systems everywhere might actually look like!!!

Would it be good enough to fool the Klingons do you think?

Let’s take a look at our solar systems star first . . .

1. Our Solar System Has Just One Average Sized Sun, Whilst Most Others Have Two Suns

Unfortunately, it’s not just most aspects of the solar system in general that are anomalous, our star turns out to be anomalous in various ways too!!!

Apparently most other solar systems (an estimated 90% apparently) have pairs of stars (usually described as companion stars), although occasionally some solar systems actually have more than just 2 stars.

Our solar system (you might have noticed), has just one star, however, amazingly it turns out to be of average size. Apparently, some suns in some solar systems are up to about 100 times bigger than ours, whilst others can be down to just one tenth of the size of ours.

2. Our Own Yellow Dwarf Star, Isn’t of a Sun Type That’s Typical of Most Solar Systems Either

Our own, middle-aged, relatively hot Sun (a yellow dwarf star type), also isn’t common either. Most stars are colder, older and also smaller than our own. Overall, less than 10 percent of investigated stars (within the Milky Way) are yellow dwarf type stars.

3. Our Sun’s Solar Flare Emissions Appear to be Anomalously ‘Contained’ Compared To Most Other Suns

Because our sun’s outer most atmosphere actually extends well beyond its visibly defined surface, then this means that the earth (and then also ourselves) are all actually living inside the sun. With the earth orbiting the ‘core’ of the sun whilst still being within its outermost atmosphere, then it (and we) can be impacted by gusts of solar wind when they are generated within this outermost atmosphere. It is these types of solar gusts that are responsible for the Northern and Southern polar light displays.

The effects of our sun’s solar atmosphere have actually been observed as the presentation of visible ‘auroras’ on Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus as well as Neptune too. Unfortunately, roughly every 5 years, some of these solar flares are powerful enough when they reach the earth such that its possible that they could detrimentally impact terrestrial communications as well as any electrical power grid too. They occasionally do actually result in detrimental impacts!!!

Worryingly, investigations and research into stars that are equivalent to our own has made us aware that they regularly generate what are described as super solar flares roughly every 100 years or so. Coincidentally, if our sun was to ever actually start to behave ‘normally’ in it’s functioning, such that it did then emit one of these super-flares, then our communications satellites in orbit around the earth would not only fail, but we’d likely also lose a significant proportion of the earth’s protective ozone layer too with the outcome that our entire population would likely experience serious health issues.

So, our sun, appears to be somewhat magically endowed with anomalous stability, and (after checking on these angles) our sun scientists apparently don’t understand why this is the case either.

What about the planets in our solar system . . .

1. Our Solar System, Doesn’t Present Regularly Sized Planets

It seems that astronomers have found that most other solar systems contain planets of a similar size, hence then, it’s a bit odd (to say the least) that the planetary bodies within our own solar system show virtually no uniformity in size at all.

Our Jupiter for example is more than 28 times the diameter of Mercury, such that (in terms of total volume) Jupiter could hold about 24,000 Mercury’s.

The image below presents all of our solar system’s main planetary bodies correctly both with respect to their actual real size (relative to each other) as well as their order in the solar system from closest to furthest away.

Please note that their positioning, relative to each other are not correct.

Mercury, Venus, Earth. Mars, (Asteroid Belt), Jupiter, Saturn,Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

2. Our Solar System Doesn’t Present A Typical Ordered Regular Spacing Pattern Either

A regularly ordered spacing pattern (as shown in the graphic above) is apparently typical of the majority of investigated solar systems, however this is not the case for our own.

So, the graphic/image above, is showing all our solar systems planets correctly with respect to their actual real size relative to each other, but not with respect to their relative position.

In contrast to the above, the image below shows our solar system’s planets positions relative to each other fairly accurately.

Below I give another view of the same without the distracting images of the individual planets!!!!

Hence then our solar system seems to be unusual in its spacing, although apparently no one seems to be sure why, except for some speculation that perhaps the exceptionally strong gravitational influences of Jupiter and Saturn have in the distant past somehow contributed to the atypical spacing we have here compared to other solar systems.

Personally, I’d postulate that a few competent and hence then annoyingly observant alien species had the odd Jupiter and or Saturn solar body types within their own solar system, which in that they are then exceptionally likely to have directly investigated and researched these, then the designers of our own weird solar system version would perhaps have been forced to include these in our ‘one single solar system trying to pass itself off as many different inhabited solar systems’ effort!!!

3. Our Solar System Also, Has More Planets Than Most Other Solar Systems Too

Apparently we have more planets than most other solar systems too, although, I’d also like to know the average number of moons per solar system as well as the average number of moons per planet (within other solar systems) because some of the planets in our own solar system seem to have loads of moons.

Overall, I am also suspicious that we have an anomalously larger total number of moons in our solar system, maybe even lots more, compared to other solar systems and maybe more moons per planet too!!!!

4. Our Solar System Presents Orderly Circular Orbits, Other Solar Systems Don’t

Within our own solar system, all our planets orbit the sun ‘by and large’ in a close to circular orbit, earth’s orbit in particular, is apparently almost a perfect circle.

However, about half of known/investigated exoplanets (planets within other solar systems) apparently have distinctly oval-shaped orbits, some are apparently extremely eccentric, for example, a planet called HD 20782b has an orbit that comes within a few million miles of its solar systems star, before looping out into a massive 200 million mile orbit.

5. Our Solar System Is Apparently Also, Unbelievably Massive In Size/Scale Too

Compared to other solar systems (at least those that we’ve managed to research), the distance between the Sun and our remotest solar body Neptune, is almost three billion miles.

Other solar systems not only have way less solar bodies compared to ours, BUT, the solar bodies they do have also turn out to be way smaller in size terms compared to ours too.

For example, the researched solar system (‘Trappist-1’) has just seven worlds and all of these orbit within a six million mile diameter space from their sun, which is just one-sixth the distance between our Sun and our solar systems first planet Mercury (the planet in our own solar system that is closest to our sun).

Our solar system turns out to be about 500 times bigger than the Trappist-1’s solar system (as depicted in the above image).

6. A Single Solar System Cannot Possibly Present The Exact Number Of Planets Of Every Culture’s Original Solar System

Can you think of any of the obvious problems of having many intelligent populations, originally living on their planet or maybe planets within their own original solar system.

Which groups of people and or ‘experts’ would be directly aware of their own solar systems planets because they studied these and or regularly used the data of their solar systems planets orbits and positions as part of their professional day in day out work efforts?

I’m certainly not an expert in these areas BUT on chatting to someone whom spent serious time involved in different astrological systems they made me aware that the astrology system called ‘Esoteric Astrology’ has the planet position data tables of 2 planets that just don’t exist here, in other words, they actually appear to have the precise data that defines the movements of the missing planets in very precise detail.

Apparently, both of the missing, don’t exist here planets, have the same degree of detail with respect to the symbolism, mythology and ‘influences’ assigned to themselves, comparable to the observed, visible, i.e. actually existing planets. In investigating this astrology system in more detail they seemed to be getting around the obvious problem of having 2 planets not actually existing here by describing them as ‘spiritual’ whilst also suggesting that they may become visible at some point in the future, ‘when the conditions are right’!!!

I’d like every single person that has just read the above to take some time ‘NOW’ to allow themselves to become explicitly aware of the implications of this, because it directly implies that specific people here whom are a copy, a duplicate of someone whom obviously lived within a solar system that had two extra planets (at least compared to our own solar system here), such that those that lived in this solar system as a professional astrologer were so intimately familiar with the precise planetary movement data to these two missing planets that they actually (at least to some degree) make an effort to reconstruct this data here.

How familiar would a duplicated copied person be, if (in their own solar system) they worked day to day, weekly, monthly perhaps for many years calculating the precise movement of their own solar systems planets, many, many times, such that ‘here’ this specific day in day out embedded ‘calculating’ experience has them actually making an effort to reconstruct the original data of the two planets that are missing from our own solar system!!!!

Now, after writing the above and then spending some time thinking about what I’ve already covered above whilst also doing some more research then I am also suspicious about various other aspects of our solar system.

Strangely research of other solar systems suggest that gas-giant planets, are usually found close to the solar systems central star which makes our solar system very odd because despite that it’s got 4 gas giants, these are pretty much as far away from our central sun as they could get, at least compared to our solar systems other planets which (bar 1) are all closer to our sun than the gas giants.

In other words it seems as if all 4 of the gas giants in our own solar system are all anomalously further away from our star compared to what is generally normal for gas giants in most other solar systems!!!!

In reading about gas giants, I find that they are mostly composed of hydrogen, which reminded me that I read about ram scoops in science fiction books (many, many years ago now), from what I can remember your interplanetary craft specifically for use within the solar system would very likely be designed to be able to re-fuel by entering the upper atmosphere of a gas giant to collect the hydrogen in its atmosphere.

Basically gas giants for these types of self refuelling solar system based space craft would actually be the equivalent of our own petrol stations being a refuelling place for cars here.

So, while keeping the ‘fuel stop’ planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune) in mind then take a look at the picture on the right here, which presents the main moons of all of our solar systems planets!!!!

It could be that I’m just a generally suspicious type, but it does seem highly coincidental (i.e. ‘suspicious’) to me that our solar system not only has a total of 4 gas giants, but they are also:

  1. All in the wrong place, because based on other solar systems they should be close to our sun.
  2. Whilst they all seem to have a large number of moons, and many of a very decent size too, at least when compared to the number of moons that our none gas giant solar system planets actually have.

However, (even more suspicious, at least to myself) is that the moons of our solar systems gas giants (at least in most cases) are of a very decent size too, at least when compared to the inner planets (Venus, Mercury, Earth and Mars), as only two of these have moons, the Earth has one of a very decent size whilst Mars has two very, very small ones.

On the other hand it seems to me that gas giants are actually proto stars that have failed to ignite (if they did, then they’d then become an independent emitting sun), in this respect, it seems to me that our solar system has a total of four, failed to ignite and become actual suns, proto stars ‘bodies’ each of which would have come with their own collection of planets, although here these are labelled as moons!!!!

If you check out the graphic above then the none gas giant type planets in our solar system have either none or just very, very small moons, except for the earth’s moon which appears to have been designed so that it perfectly eclipses the sun while also managing to not rotate in the slightest (relative to the earth) such that we only get to see one ‘fixed’ view, while the other side is always permanently hidden from view.

Now, it seems to me that any moon would likely offer something worth mining, although, decent sized moons would likely be an advantage if you wanted to set up a mining colony on one of these because their gravity would likely help to offset any health problems that those living in zero or very low gravity for any length of time would likely find themselves accumulating!!!!

So, if we are a duplicated population that was originally of many, many inhabited worlds within quite a few solar systems then isn’t it likely that at least some of these would have developed extensive solar system asteroid and or moon mining operations involving perhaps some, maybe many moon base alpha type space settlements either on moons or even maybe some of the solar systems ‘solid’ planets whilst also perhaps having some space stations orbiting these too!!!!

If the above is correct, then isn’t it likely that we’d have people in our own duplicated population that actually worked as off world asteroid and or moon miners perhaps whom actually maybe did live in the equivalent of some ‘moon base alpha’ type space colony/habitat whilst flying around in space ships, maybe designed to scoop up fuel from the upper surface of any nearby gas giants making it cheaper to transport processed ore or bars of metal back to their solar systems main inhabited planet.

In that I’ve vague memories of the Moon Base Alpha series as well as of other films and series also covering these possibilities, then wouldn’t living and more so working away from your home world, maybe as an asteroid or moon miner and or shuttle pilot whilst living in an artificial and or low gravity environment likely be dangerous as well as accumulatively stressful!!!!

Isn’t it likely that at least some of the people that lived under these very, very stressing conditions (if not all of them) would be recommended, maybe encouraged to have regular counselling sessions perhaps inclusive of relaxation techniques and or other therapies!!!

Maybe, you should have a think about those working in these sorts of high stress jobs on a day in and day out long term basis, where even the slightest mistake could very well result in fatal consequences!!!!

Also, if you are spending considerable resources and money to train, and then employ someone to take on a very dangerous, likely highly paid, off world space job then isn’t it possible you’d also make having regular counselling sessions maybe encouraging your workers to talk about their work and their experiences mandatory. Isn’t it then possible, even maybe realistic that these types of sessions would include relaxing efforts, possibly even hypnosis in efforts to reduce and or manage the stress that many would likely experience as an off world space worker!!!

Coincidentally, if we are a duplicated population ‘and’ if what I describe above is even just approximately correct, then it’s very possible that we’d have people here that originally worked on these airless planets, moons and or asteroids, within their own inhabited planet’s solar system whom in being duplicates of this space faring, asteroid mining population might just find themselves having some extra strange therapy sessions here!!!!

The Anomalous Memories Of Living & Working On Many Different Solar System Worlds Problem

A) We have a book called “Keepers of the Garden: An Extraterrestrial Document”

A synopsis outline of this book states:

“A young man wanting to explore past-life regression discovers this is his first lifetime on Earth. All his other existences were on other alien worlds and planets and in other dimensions. As this unique case is explored further, he finds out that his association with extraterrestrials did not cease with these other lives. The interaction with UFOs and aliens has continued during all his present life, although this information was protectively hidden by his subconscious.”

B) We have another book called “THIRD WITNESS: The Alan Arthur Winston Hypnotherapy Sessions with Edward Peterson”.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find a copy of this as it seems to be out of print, BUT I did find some extracts from this book presented on, the first of which is presented here.

These extracts give you an exceptionally interesting, as well as very good ‘bird’s eye view’ of these sessions which are describing in detail the experiences of someone that is employed and is permanently living and working full time in space, whom lives in a space habitat (we get lots of details of this) although, we also get extended details of how all of the ‘off world workers’ actually live, including how they make or create soil to grow their own food (coincidentally using hydroponic methods), how they create soil, what is involved with respect to the mining work they do as well as details of their ‘in space’ culture inclusive of their ‘off world’ view points too.

C) My own investigations of my own past also, had myself gaining access to other worlds & planets

Because of having a bad piss-taking stammer and speech block, I eventually made a concerted effort (in my early 20’s) to orientate to and become more and more aware of my internal states and inner sensations in attempts to identify everything within my past (i.e. the originating circumstances and situations) that had ever contributed to my current issues (and or ‘weird’ states). These efforts eventually had myself gaining spontaneous as well as direct access to what seemed to me (at least initially) to be past life incidents and circumstances that I’d expect of earlier earth historical phases, places and circumstances related to our earth environments and situations.

However, in then spending a fair amount of time and consistent effort accessing as many of my past life incidents as possible over a span of time that likely went on for many months, I started to suspect that a fair proportion of these were anomalous for various reasons, which I’ll try and explain now!!!

As a starter, there seemed to be rather a lot of these, as in literally many 100’s and even possibly 1000’s of these although as I seemed to be getting scenes of specific defining and or traumatizing incidents/circumstance it is also very possible that at least some of these incidents happened multiple times within some past life, i.e. a previous incarnation.

Hence then, it seemed to me that some very specific traumatizing circumstances very definitely repeated both within separate past lives as well as within the same life too.

For example I can remember accessing repeated instances/scenes of my wife/life partner leaving (where we lived), perhaps to go look for food or to go shopping or to visit a friend, BUT she never returns, rather she just disappears. Coincidentally, in this life I also had relationships finish in very bizarre ways as well as very quickly too.

However, in repeatedly accessing various past life incidents over many, many months (possibly stretching into years) they eventually started to peter out while also then (in some cases) becoming decidedly weird specifically because I then found myself accessing some specific environments, inclusive of circumstances and incidents relating to at least 4 or 5 very, very different planetary environments.

For example, from a surface environment point of view one appeared to be an airless rocky moon, another presented an exceptionally disjointed/weird Salvador Dali type environment inclusive of some of the weird bone looking items presented in his paintings while another presented a stark, seemingly rock only surfaced planet (it didn’t seem to have any significant vegetation) although I ended up at a water pool, at which point I found myself entering the pool, swimming underwater which had me gaining access to a large underground cave with a pool/small lake type habitat. However, the 4th world that I become aware of was of a more normal earth like suburban housing type town/community place except I seemed to be trapped within a specific house by 2 small seemingly deranged flying drone robot type minders, which I seemed to have to figure out how to disable before I could leave.

In that the above were generally (both individually as well as in an overall sense) EXCEPTIONALLY weird, whilst in some cases, being a combination of scary as well as somewhat disjointed/odd, I eventually realised (very likely months after having this experience) that because technological developments within our earth planet version have been massively slowed down compared to the original environment, then these specific places, circumstances and experiences I then very strongly suspected were actually part of some sort of virtual reality personal security training program, also mixed in with a variety of experiences of different planetary environments and space colony habitats too.

Over time, this explanation makes the most sense to me because I did seem to be put into some very, very different physical planet/world environments as well as in some cases, some very unusual and difficult circumstances too, under which I suspect were supposed to be ‘controlled conditions’. Overall, generally implying that these were part of some pre-defined efforts to subject myself to a range of different physical environments perhaps to have me quickly accumulate useful knowledge of different worlds/planetary environments whilst others seemed to be about putting myself into some very specific and very definitely ‘odd’ experiences and circumstances.

For example, one of these seemed to have myself subjected to some sort of exceptionally bizarre extended house arrest scenario, hence it was possibly part of some security training program perhaps designed to help people to deal with a range of very different as well as perhaps ‘difficult’ circumstances whilst another seemed to be about familiarising myself with a variety of (in some instances) very, very ‘alien/different’ planetary habitats, environments and landscapes!!!!

Also, the above are the ‘experiences’ I engaged with relatively early on of the timeline of the person that I am supposedly a copy of here. However, later I also got spontaneous access to other environments (when I lived in Brazil for a few years for example) that to me seemed to me to be directly, visually ‘overlaid’ onto the current landscape/environment/place.

Most of these types of experiences happened close to Alto Paraiso, i.e. west of the city of Brasilia, in Brazil, although I had some similar (but different) in the UK too.

Basically when I visited certain places I would at times find myself presented with two entirely different environmental views of the same area/place/environment. I’d have the normal ‘earth, visible to everyone’ view, whilst at the same time I’d also have a very different visually overlaid landscape presented, often inclusive of (sometimes very space age) buildings and or monuments, some presented as you’d expect as part of the surface view/landscape whilst some seemingly permanent as well as very large structures were actually permanently hovering, i.e. they were stationary ‘in the sky’, somewhat directly implying that anti gravity technologies were in common use within the original environment.

The Anomalous Memories Of Myself Living As An Intelligent Interfaced Cat Form

However, in myself at particular times occasionally returning to and re-accessing these experiences, very specifically in attempts to extend my understanding of the original experiences and particularly because they were all exceptionally different/odd too. Over time, in doing this every so often, I eventually found myself engaging with a specific time when I was leaving, what seemed to be my permanent residence, which was located within a remote nature countryside area (where I found myself interfaced to and hence then living as a cat (with my cat partner)). So I’d occasionally spent time accessing this place, during which I’d keep track my cat form, which basically had me becoming more familiar with the local environment more than anything else. However, during one of these, let’s say (remote viewing sessions) my cat form walked away from our residence, it passed through a small mixed forest area until it reached a clearing beyond this. However, within this clearing there was a small space craft (which it (and then myself) entered). I then, watch it/myself, confidently and automatically performing all of the necessary ‘pre-checks/operations’ within the cockpit before being able to take off, after which I then watch myself pilot this craft for a while until it reaches what seems to me to be a fairly obvious physical space station type structure. I then watch myself dock the space craft to this station, after which I’m then aware of following/tracking myself exiting from the craft, then walking down an automated sealed corridor to an air lock docking system double door type arrangement, which after going through I find myself entering a side corridor and then eventually I find myself coming to and entering a specific side room.

Within this side room I walk right up to the far wall, I turn around, then (as my physical bodied cat form) I lean back against the wall, at which point I find myself exiting the physical cat body, such that I then find ‘myself’ as the SUBTLE ENERGETIC FORM, all of us actually really are. In it not then being physical, it then passes (like a ghost) straight through the outer physical wall, beyond which I then find myself entering what I can only describe as a large transparent i.e. subtle building/complex.

I then spend some time generally wandering around this complex, both to get an overall ‘feel’ for this place, whilst helping myself become aware of its scale too. While doing this, I gradually became aware that this is the subtle, of the spirit’s or the soul’s none physical strata or ‘domain’ of reality’s administration building that was built to monitor, oversee and keep track of all interfaced members of their subtle population currently incarnated to have a physical life experience.

However (in being a mixture of curious and (to be honest) exceptionally ‘fascinated’), I then spent occasional time over the following weeks and months to re-engage with this place, often, specifically in attempts to become aware of yet more details of this place. Doing this consistently over time had me becoming aware that this ‘physical life administration building’ was offering about 30 different physical planet/world habitats for their subtle population to be able to experience being interfaced to a variety of different animal forms so that they could each spend some time using different physical avatar animal forms to spend time accumulating physical life experiences of many different physical habitats and environments.

Interestingly, this specific physical incarnation subtle administration centre included options to spend time interfaced to both land based animal forms as well as water, river, lake and also sea and ocean environment species too!!!!

Coincidentally, in my mid to very late 20’s and early 30’s (about 5/6 years before I became aware of the above) I noticed that pretty much all cats that I directly encountered presented themselves as having a very, very strange reaction to myself. Basically, most times I’d encounter a cat, it would ‘visibly’ do a ‘double take’ when first seeing me. They’d see me and they’d then stop walking, their head would pull back and they’d often have an expression of confused puzzlement (equivalent to a sort of ‘no way/this can’t be right’ sort of reaction), they’d then watch me intently for a while, after which they’d ALWAYS come over and be unbelievably friendly. When this was at a friend’s house (when I was visiting them and seated somewhere) the cat would very quickly end up on my chest and ‘plodging’ with their feet to get comfortable, they’d then spend time lying there very contentedly purring away!!!

So, after likely 2 or 3 years of the above cat reactions, during the first few weeks of meeting the woman I’d later marry, while we were out shopping together and each of us returning from separate shopping commitments to meet up again (after about 20 minutes or so) we both automatically greeted each other by rubbing our faces together and actually making ‘MEOWING’ noises!!!

Yea, ‘WTF’ is exactly what we thought too!!!!

This didn’t make any sense to either of us at that time either, in fact it took many years before I managed to figure out how reality would actually ‘have to be’ to explain these exceptionally bizarre, completely automatic behaviours!!!!

The Anomalous Verging on Insane Conflict Counsellor Job Application Expectations

However, it was just a few months later when spending time trying to become aware of and to understand the origins of these weird cat behaviours that I found myself (as I describe above) directly accessing the nature/natural world, to find myself interfaced to and hence then living as an cat form, whom was living with the other cat form and then having the above cat flying a space craft experience!!!!

Now, because I was exceptionally intrigued by my experiences of being part of this physical life experience administration space whilst also being puzzled about the ’30’ habitable planets (doesn’t this seem to be too many for a single solar system?), then I’d occasionally spend time re-accessing my experiences connected to the subtle reality administration building in attempts to become more aware of what I actually did there. I eventually became aware that I was a physical life experience ‘counsellor’ whose job it was to support people and or groups of people and particularly in circumstances which involved ‘conflicts’.

So, while spending time accessing my original form’s experiences in this administration space I became aware of phases where I worked with two tribes as incarnated groups of people as a sort of ‘conflict counsellor’. I basically worked with them to try and help them resolve differences or problems that had arisen between these two different incarnated populations.

At the time I was accessing these experiences I’d have been about 35 years old. Now (I’ve a pretty good memory) so, in becoming aware of and accessing these times/experiences as a sort of ‘conflict counsellor’ I eventually remembered that when I’d just finished my university degree (age about 21) and was trying to find a job, and was looking in the local paper’s jobs section and saw a job opening for a ‘conflict counsellor’ (you have to be aware that at this point in my life I have a very bad speech stammer/stutter), so I’m seriously unable to understand when reading this ad how I feel absolutely utterly sure that I’d be a very good conflict counsellor!!!! I seriously couldn’t understand my response to this advert, it made absolutely no sense at all!!!

So, between the time of reading that advert and actually having the above ‘subtle incarnation administration worker’ experience I worked as a supporting medical research scientist for a few years, after which I was employed as the manager of a university central resources technical facility for about a decade.

However, in that I decided I had to get rid of the stammer about 6 months after starting the university job, which had me figuring out and developing approaches/strategies to resolve the stammer myself, such that after about 5 years I turned the stammer/speech block around from a 95% failure rate to the opposite and another 4 years to pretty much eradicate it completely. At which point I then left the university and set myself up as a healer, therapist, practitioner, which had myself talking to and facilitating people pretty much ALL THE TIME!!!

In this respect, by my mid 30’s I actually became a full time therapist/counsellor, (spending all of my time talking to and listening to clients) something I’d not have imagined would have ever been possible when I read the ‘conflict counsellor’ advert over a decade earlier.

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