"Healing Session Exploration of Poverty Issues: This series gives you a detailed walk through (including audio) of a therapy session focused on identifying & then dealing with 'some' of the spiritual & subtle causes of money & poverty Issues. It illustrates the 'interactive' awareness 'competence' & determined persistence needed to find and 'successfully' deal with a whole range of hard to 'corner' & reveal subtle 'shit'. It also points out how we are not allowed to fully resolve certain issues (i.e. why some healing successes are only temporary) and why this happening is evidence that we are in a simulation."

This is a continuation of my reactions and then demands on finding out that 500+ fake spiritual path shyster leaders are enslaving souls to their so called ‘spiritual’ path FOREVER . . .

Because I find this ‘organized’ binding of followers to a presented as ‘spiritual’ path to be obscene then I petition for every spiritual path, group and way whose useless, insecure ‘Dark Masters’ have bound any of their followers in this way to have these forcibly broken AND to have each follower released from these . . .

How to Petition the Spiritual Hierarchy to Release YOU from Forever & Ever Binding Spiritual Agreements

I demand that the beings ‘above’ the elohim must arrange to have the spiritual hierarchy organise a full and open meeting and discussion on this AND that they must make sure that all the followers of these 500 paths are released from their bound forever and ever slavery contracts.

As I am making these demands, amazingly even more ‘decent’ leaders turn up in ‘support’ of what I am saying until we have almost 500 standing with us.

In other words at this point we almost have as many leaders supporting us as we do useless shyster leaders with fake ‘enslaving’ paths.

I then take what I’m asking even further by demanding that they must write this into their ‘constitution’.

Basically I want to have it written into the ‘laws’ of the Spiritual Hierarchy that no one will ever, ever be ALLOWED to permanently bind anyone to ANYTHING.

As the Spiritual Hierarchy are themselves toothless shysters then ‘predictably’ this causes an uproar.

In other words ‘doing the right’ thing isn’t something that the Spiritual Hierarchy shyster con artists are keen on even THINKING about, never mind doing.

In making this last demand that it should be written into the constitution that no spiritual path leader will be allowed to bind any follower to themselves OR their path then we get even more ‘decent’ leaders arriving in support of my very sensible ‘demand’.

By the time we decide to disengage from continuing taking this line we have 10,000 ‘decent’ leaders standing in support of what I am asking to have done here . . .

How to Petition the Spiritual Hierarchy to Take Spiritual & Loving Actions & ‘Do The RIGHT thing’!!!!

Again, I have to repeat what I have said on previous pages that any ‘decent’ leaders will likely eventually end up with few or even no one interested in what they are offering because over long, long spans of time everyone will be swallowed up by the fake enslaving spiritual paths . . . here is the audio of this part of the healing session . . .

I should point out that we spent some time ‘within’ the original audio of this session part dealing with the sorceress whom as mentioned earlier spent the majority of the session continuously pulling our healing spell energies from Shirley’s solar plexus. The final ‘sorceress’ part was taken out of this audio and spliced into the earlier sorceress audio (page 11 here) to retain ‘continuity’ for the audios for individual explanation pages.

Below is another audio part of Shirley and I talking about these poverty issues AND the Buddhist path in particular after we have finished dealing with the spiritual bureaucracy in the audio above.

As I mentioned in a comment on an earlier page here I pestered the elohim and the spiritual hierarchy for a few days after this session AND they ‘appeared’ to have a very large meeting with all of the leaders both decent and useless invited AND they appeared to agree to break all of these forever and ever contracts.

Unfortunately ‘whatever’ they did was just the usual ‘smoke and mirrors’ bullshit as Shirley and I were once again confronted by the same fat b*$t@d twice because her forever and ever vow had been re-instated after a few months.

Two or three months is presumably a time scale that would be super ‘safe’ with respect to how most healers actually work such that they wouldn’t notice it was back.

How to Petition Spiritual Masters to Release Followers from Forever & Ever Spiritual Contracts

I’m sure it’ll be much, much easier for many of you reading these pages (with the help of those amazing lightworker ‘enhancing’ implants) to decide that it is ‘I’ myself that am being misled by ‘dark’ beings in attempts to perhaps discredit the spiritual hierarchy, subtle bureaucracy shysters?

NOPE, unlike the rest of you, I’m making a seriously determined effort to find the ABSOLUTE causes of my own and my clients negative and debilitating issues as opposed to practising the very popular, unconscious and passive healing approaches that are promoted and supported EVERYWHERE here.

You see the only way any healer will become AWARE of these behind the scenes antics is if you work with someone to seriously, SERIOUSLY investigate every single contributing causal factor to every single issue FOR MANY YEARS, and deal with each contributing factor yourself directly (to gain experience).

Shirley is still working with myself as I write this and she IS STILL BOUND TO FATTY & FATTY’S PRETEND SPIRITUAL PATH over 7 years after she had this specific healing session despite ourselves making various attempts to break this forever and ever slavery contract for it to ‘only’ be broken for a few months each time we did this.

So, the big question here is why are the spiritual realms as they relate to this earth space pre-organized, policed AND ‘patrolled’ by a completely useless ‘pretend’ spiritual bureaucracy run by shysters and ‘EXACTLY’ why are they lying about EVERYTHING to EVERYONE while simultaneously pushing the use of unconscious, unaware, passive healing approaches?

Why would they be doing this?

Like I’ve mentioned elsewhere, as dealing with ‘subtle’ realities, the subtle bureaucracy and subtle ‘shit’ that are the equivalent of ‘shifting sands’ AND which result in you, me and EVERYONE here ONLY being able to resolve a limited subset of ‘shit’ issues then this has had me re-orientating to investigate and to identify the ‘core’ nature of our ‘local’ reality.

So, the next few pages are going to ‘enlighten’ you all by explaining why what I’m writing here is a) completely true because what I describe here is b) ABSOLUTELY 100% to be expected ‘IF’ we are in a simulation.

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