A Conscious Group Movement into Greater Unity

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"Catalogues the Deceptions, Lies, Suppressions & Injustices the Diabolical Policies & resulting Horrors & Atrocities of; 'The Usual 'Light' Suspects'; The Spiritual Hierarchy, Ascended Masters, 'Elohim' and assorted sidekicks. For the Spiritually Advanced wanting Initiation into Ancient Truths, Hidden Light Secrets & Higher Divine Activations. WARNING; For the Spiritually Ready ONLY . . . are you READY?"

A conscious movement from a forced separation state managed by Spiritual Hierarchy whom consciously maintain stances of disunity and duality . . . into one of greater unity, cooperation, sharing and integration.

A Small Movement into Greater Spiritual Unity

All of these groups were approached by Marcus the SwarmiBarmi guy in early 2007 whom explained certain ‘facts of Spiritual Hierarchy and Useless Help life’ to them.

The outcome of which is a growing level of interactivity between these groups such that some of them amalgamated to a point where over the last few years they are now down to just 2 or 3 separate groups from the original 50.

That is to say having become aware of each other then unlike other groups whom are studiously maintaining their ‘stay off our sacred grass’ attitudes these groups are the only ones whom have engaged with each other AND have achieved some overall unity rather than each trying to convince the others that their variety of spiritual grass is better or that everyone should only grow their brand of super glossy spiritual grass and no other.

Spiritual Hierarchy Instigated Divine Insanity

From my point of view this treatment of these particular spiritual groups by the Spiritual Hierarchy is a measure of divine insanity.

The fact that our most willing, able and competent in this respect have been the most contained and isolated is yet another illustration of how easy it is to have some so called aware, ‘higher’ people make decisions that ACTUALLY turn out to be the BEST to ensure we completely sabotage ourselves.

Are YOU waking up and ‘suspecting’ that things are NOT as you’d imagined?

I would suspect and expect that those whom are part of these particular groups on other levels whom are physically present on earth here will have over the last few years found themselves forging new connections with others whom they had strangely enough never even thought to get in touch with before (or if they had nothing would have come of it).

Some of you of these groups may also have been finding yourself becoming aware of strangely worrying ideas that will almost certainly have more in common with what I write on this site than anything elsewhere.

So . . . . . .

Does anyone want to get rid of YOUR useless help baggage and the permanently present past healing solutions junk? Particularly as they are currently the greatest cause of sabotaging people from having an actual freewill choice to align to issues . . . which strangely enough is a pre-requisite before attempts can be made to try and PROPERLY resolve them.

Anyone want to start becoming more conscious?