Intense Subtle Energetic & Healing Training

For two years before my awakening I went through an incredibly unstable period where I became increasingly fearful, nervous and anxious. At times I was in a state of terror. There was from my point of view no reason that I should be like this. Although during this time I continued working (as a laboratory manager in a medical school), it was extremely difficult, at times my mind was thinking of ending it all – that’s how bad it was.

I have to recap my state at this time as this was what my life revolved around, I was consumed by these feelings and felt at a loss as to how to deal with them. Unless you understand this then you will not understand my approach to energy work.

After my awakening experience in early 1995 (I describe this HERE) I became permanently clairvoyant. Able to see spirits and energies quite easily. I used this ability to interact with my guides mostly for my own self healing and sometimes for others.

An intense Subtle Energy Body Awareness training program

I was trained (directly by my ‘spirit’ teams) to scan and analyze the supposed ‘human’ energetic body. I could see chakras, consciously take them out, take them apart, clean them, put them back together again and re-install them. I could cleanse places of negative energies – nature, buildings and so on by sweeping energies through them until they were clean. All this within a month or two of awakening. For someone from a scientific / academic / logical background these new abilities were pushing me substantially. Most of the ‘understandings’ of how to do these things came directly from ‘tutors’ on other levels.

I was familiarized with objects of power and subtle energetic aids

During this early phase, my guides would pass me objects of power. For example I had a Native American guide and got a rattle and a medicine pouch which I could use in various situations. Sometimes I would have amulets of power fitted to my energy body to help with channeling and to ward off negative energies for example.

A movement from the ‘familiar’ to the unfamiliar

There was a progressive movement during this early self healing period from working with earth based wisdom and energy systems (chakras, power objects) and earth based guides; human (Native American, priests, Chinese masters, wise women, African shaman . . . ) nature spirits (Hern, Pan, Water Spirits, Fairies, Pixies . . . .) and later angelic with regular encounters with archangels Michael and Gabriel as this was the start of an opening and clearing process initially centered around this human form and what is nearest and most familiar to us (as humans) in multidimensional terms.

After over a year this then began to change and there was a steady movement to less familiar beings and environments . . . I encountered alien and ‘et’ guides as well as entity attachments including some very difficult ‘shape shifter’ types . . . I started accessing other worlds and engaging with different beings and forms on these, including forms of myself.

There were simultaneous agendas of training & understanding

When I became aware of and had access to spirit guides I asked them to help me resolve whatever was the cause of the fear and terror. They worked with me very closely to do this.

During this phase I had psychic surgery done in my own lounge (Under the Knife (documented HERE)) and I would often be drawn to certain areas in the local words where I received extensive energy work from a variety of beings and of course I did a lot of self initiated healing too. It took about a year to move me into a much more comfortable space and about 4 years until I was no longer overly troubled by them.

All of this was initially under the direction of my guides – I was just asking. I now realize that by directly asking and being very focused and active in terms of defining very well what I wanted resulted in a movement very different from what others are experiencing.

Regular guide changes gave me interesting insights

My guides during this phase changed on average every 6 weeks. At which time ALL my guides would change and I’d get another completely different set. These started out as obvious earth based ‘people’ (as well as nature spirits) but then diversified over time shifting to include guides from a variety of races and backgrounds, then angelic guides, then others from other worlds . . . this continued for about a year and a half . . .

How I Channeled Subtle Healing Energies changed all the time too

The means that I used or that supported me to channel healing energies also changed about every 3 weeks over this time too. So, from channeling through my own energy body directly I found myself being fitted with means to enhance the flow and effectiveness by the use of ‘energetic’ crystals through more and more complex channeling technology until this changed and the use of the energetic ‘body’ as a channeling vehicle discontinued and external means was used. I probably went through about 25 different subtle energy channeling presentations.

The never ending training program

Bottom line was that in ‘energetic healing’ areas I was being educated to an extreme with regards our energetic body, subtle energies, guides, the range of expertise exhibited by these beings, the diversity of means and technologies to facilitate channeling of subtle energies not to forget that this education and training during this period was 90% of the time being organized and presented directly from ‘people’ in other dimensions. This initial phase went on for about a year to a year and a half.

Knowing when to trust

Although I was actively asking I also felt that there was nothing that I could do to help myself practically during these early stages. If you know me then you would realize that this is very different to how I am normally. I am very creative, can normally come up with a good half dozen options to test as solutions to any problem and have no challenge taking solutions to completion. But these fear / terror areas really had me stumped. It was very certainly a phase where I had to let go and be treated like a helpless child and learn to trust others.

The start of an ongoing extreme education for 15 years . . .

So, this section covers some of what I experienced and learnt within my first year to 18 months after my awakening. I was basically given an extreme and intensely complete education covering multidimensional awareness, accessing other realms, subtle energy, guides and channeling possibilities.

So, this section basically documents some of what I learnt during this phase of being educated about;

  • Perceiving and accessing other dimensions and dealing with what I encounter
  • Perceiving and dealing with different subtle energies and negativity
  • Learning to scan and appraise our human energetic body and chakras and increasingly getting details of other forms energetic bodies as shape shifters, aliens and et’s and so on
  • The range and competence of different being types as guides and facilitators over the 4 years after my awakening I worked with about 30,000 beings as guides, facilitators and friends
  • An extreme study of ‘healing’ energies, how these work and understanding what parameters are important to focus on improving to improve healing real successes
  • The different ways of energy channelling and the different technologies that were used to do this BY having these fitted and working with these for weeks at a time

This turned out to be BASIC training . . . .

As I update this page it’s now 16 years on from this awakening and initial training time. This section gives you an overview of some of what I was presented with over the first 18 months. To be honest this was my BASIC education, this was my nursery school phase . . . . and yet many of you reading what I present whom would consider themselves experts in subtle energies or healing wont even have experienced a faction of what I learnt in the first 18 months. In the first 18 months you could say that I was presented with, worked with and appraised our ‘state of the art’ healing energies, healing channeling technologies, guidance expertise, means of presenting us with information and guidance . . . while learning how to access in many different dimensions . . . .

For anyone REALLY serious about what is REALLY possible then it would be VERY useful for you to REALLY take notice of what is presented in these sections because then it might sink in that when I say that I’ve a HUGE and varied experience and understanding that’s probably about a 1000 times more than anyone else then I’m seriously NOT kidding . . . particularly when you realize that these pages are covering nursery grade education . . . compared to what was to come . . . and is still coming . . . .