How to Directly Petition The Lords of Karma

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"EXPOSED: How Regulated Initiations, Poor Quality Healing Systems, Useless Psychic Protection, False Karma & Fake Karmic Lords are part of a Spiritual Hierarchy Controlled Dark Forces Scare Agenda to Eradicate Subtle Senses & Abilities & Limit Healer Experience. How to Avoid Becoming a Passive, 'No Direct Experience' New Age Healer Drone."

Do you reading this consider yourself to be a healer?

If you do then what depth of direct and open experience of investigating and dealing with subtle ‘things’ do you have?

I give my very early experiences of subtle energetic investigations and healer training from my guides HERE.

On this page HERE I give a summary of my earliest kindergarten experience of dealing with entities. This describes how I faced and dealt with well over 3000 entities in organized face to face ‘scary’ encounters.

Experience of Dealing with Negative Entity Encounters Directly

This six months phase was very intense. Most days I was dealing with a few one-off entities but as I describe on that other page Saturdays were especially ‘special’. Saturdays were special during this phase because my guides always delivered a batch of about 100 fresh entities for me to figure out how to deal with usually just after I’d had breakfast (if I was lucky). I’d then spend 6 to 7 hours solid (no lunch break) dealing with each of these until I dealt with them all.

What I didn’t mention on the earlier page was that dealing with entities every day for months was very intense and VERY wearing. It was particularly wearing dealing with tough bad ass entities and more so dealing with bunches of these which often required you to have eyes in the back of your eyes in the back of your head to keep track of them trying to seriously mess with myself. Particularly while under those conditions I’d be sat intently trying to figure out WHY they were very intent on trying to kick the shit out of me.

To describe some of these encounters as VERY INTENSE would be a gross understatement. Imagine actually ‘holding’ your own inner space and balance under a full on ‘artillery barrage’ type entity attack while at the same time steadily maintaining your attention and focus on accessing and identifying the past or beyond earth lives that were relevant to these immediate entity encounters.

During this phase I did this for hundred’s of seriously belligerent encounters. With me learning to hold my ‘space’ while I tried to understand the origins of the current entity or entities acting against me so that I could find the right approach to settle our dispute so that both parties; myself and them could then completely settle our differences and let each other go.

That’s what I call experience.

How to Confront & Directly Petition the Lords of Karma

After 5 or so months of this with more and more difficult entity encounters to deal with I was getting desperate. I became extra desperate trying to deal with a set of shape shifter entities. This particular encounter was so bad that I didn’t think I’d last much longer to be honest, I felt I could manage maybe another half hour. As a result of this extreme encounter I actually for the first time during this entire phase asked my guides for help.

The last few weeks of this entity ‘work experience’ phase was so bad that I actually petitioned the Lords of Karma directly to be absolved from the extremes I was experiencing.

Presenting yourself to the Great Karmic Board

In doing this I found myself in what I’d describe as an ‘official’ room much like a large drawing-room in front of a large table around which sat the great Karmic Board. The Lords of Karma.

I made my case and petitioned to be released from continuing to deal with the remaining entity attachments I had left.

They did grant this which was at the point where the regular Saturday jamboree entity event tailed off and eventually stopped happening.

On the other hand during these increasingly relaxing times I had a chance to think more deeply and clearly about these ‘entity’ areas and particularly how and why I was dealing with them directly. Over a week or two this had me realizing various odd things about my 6 month intensive entity release training phase that just didn’t make sense . . .

To understand why I was dealing with my negative entities one at a time directly myself and also why I decided to petition the Lords of Karma a second time to undo what I’d just asked them to do (so I could finish dealing with my entity attachments) then read the next few pages . . .