Self Exploration & Self Healing Exercises Introduction

This is an introduction / orientation page for the self exploration, self healing exercises presented on this and other sites . . .

Exercises to Help you Become More Aware of Yourself and the Original, Contributing Causes of Negative & Debilitating Issues?

How ‘aware’ are you of ‘yourself’?

How much do you actually know about ‘yourself’ and or the origins of your limiting behaviours, attitudes, responses and or reactions and or your physical, mental, emotional and or psychological weaknesses, limiting and or containing habits. patterns and or health issues and or ANYTHING ELSE that are actually debilitating to yourself?

How much are you aware of what is actually responsible for or that is ‘contributing’ to absolutely anything ‘limiting’ absolutely any facet and or aspect of yourself?

It should be very obvious that ‘you’ and ‘how you are’ and ‘your own awareness of how you are’ should actually be very ‘important’ to yourself. After all, this is what makes up ‘you’ and as you are the sole driver of ‘you’ and are actually ultimately responsible for you then you would imagine that people would actually spend at least some time actually orientating to themselves, feeling themselves out and of even exploring their own origins and particularly what in the past actually had a significant contribution to defining any aspect of who you are now.

The above is ‘how it should’ be and how people should ‘automatically’ be . . . except the opposite is the norm. Most people have no clue about themselves, even to suggest that they spend time to become aware of ‘anything’ beyond the surface ‘fluff’ can result in the most outrageous ‘arguments’ supporting themselves to remain completely ‘oblivious’ to themselves.

Obviously rather than spend some time ‘REALLY getting to know yourself’ and particularly to feel the origins of say illnesses and or aspects of yourself that are debilitating you people actually expend energy studiously avoiding anything untoward about themselves . . .

Have a read of the below list . .

  • A bad stammer and speech block.
  • I was very withdrawn, isolated and unsociable.
  • Always on ‘edge’ unsettled, inner franticness and a permanent anxiety / background fear, (from the age of 15 on I spent half my adult life in various anxiety / fear / paralysis / terror symptoms (15 years)).
  • No FEELINGS, as in absolutely NO FEELING response and particularly in interactive situations. WTF!!!
  • No or little heart feelings – heart completely blocked. This was one of the main things I wanted to understand.
  • I was not aware of sleeping – I didn’t sleep ‘rested’.
  • I had internal allergic reactions to ‘authority or officials’ which I could not understand.
  • Automatic (without awareness) avoidance of unbalanced people.
  • My sexuality was almost completely switched off, even through my late teens AND I wasn’t bothered about this.

The above ‘entire’ list ‘USED’ to be my own personal list of my own personal set of debilitating issues.

How to Learn to Engage with your Inner States, Feelings & Subliminal Sensations

None of the above apply to myself now, they are all gone and they are all gone because in my early 20’s I started to spend time orientating to myself, i.e. putting attention onto myself, my internal processes, feelings, inner states and sensations. The effect of doing his was that I became more and more sensitive to my inner states, to MYSELF, such that over time I actually started to automatically have insights and to automatically become more and more aware of past circumstances and particularly traumatic ones that were contributing to my CURRENT personal limitation.

Basically in doing nothing more complicated than applying consistent and sustained ‘attention’ to myself I became more and more aware of the originating past circumstances that were limiting myself in my current life and in choosing and making an effort to strongly ‘engage’ with these original circumstances and all of the inner body sensations associated with these and LET THEM PASS THROUGH ME / BE RELEASED FROM MYSELF . . . then all that I describe in the list above gradually dropped to nothing . . .

I should point out that ‘IF’ you imagine that you are just this physical human body and or that you have just been around since you were born in this life then I suggest that you read this page here, which provides evidence confirming that most people are living a ‘I’m just a human having one life’ fantasy.

In other words, when I state that I was becoming aware of and engaging with all aspects of myself and my own past circumstances, this includes myself as a subtle form (you know the form that is interfaced to this human vehicle just like the two bodies interfaced together ‘Matrix’ reality configuration vividly and VISUALLY presented within the Matrix film trilogies) as well as all of my past circumstances beyond this one insignificant human life . . .

How to learn to become aware of the Past Circumstances that are Contributing to Your Current Life Limitations & Debilitations?

You could say that I turned myself around from ‘essentially’ being completely disengaged from myself and my own origins / entire past (which is the default state of 99.999% of people here) to releasing all of my accumulated ‘negative’ past contributions that were debilitating my current self in various ways.

Now, in the past 25 years I’ve averaged spending between and hour and 6 hours pretty much DAILY putting my full and sustained attention on myself. If you dared read the page linked above then you will also now be aware that you have a whole host of ‘subtle’ senses. Strangely which if you spend consistent time orientating and becoming more sensitive to yourself you will then naturally start to pick up what these extended perceptions are actually ‘perceiving’.

Now, I’ve been doing what I’ve described above for about 3 and a half decades now to such a degree that I not only ended up getting coherent access to my subtle form and the subtle strata of reality but of also being able to hold an unwavering absolutely focused attention for up to 3 hours solid (which was particularly useful and in fact necessary in terms of tracking down and dealing some of the more ‘difficult’ facets of what was contributing to some specific ‘negative’ aspects of myself (like entity attachments for example) as well as debilitating aspects of others.

So, having got myself out the other end in terms of dealing with the accumulations of the past debilitations that were contributing to the ‘origins of shit issues’ I personally had then I’ve also got some short cuts to help others to start to engage with themselves and particularly to help people to engage with specific hidden aspects of themselves that are likely to be contributing in various ways to their own ‘debilitations’ and limitations . . .

I’d recommend that anyone wanting to understand themselves and particularly to become aware of the origins of anything debilitating or limiting themselves start to spend time and to give consistent attention to THEMSELVES, and to try working with the following ‘self exploration. self healing’ exercises as these will help you to do this more effectively . . .

You can find a list of all the exercises (there are many more beyond the above) available on this site here.