"Earth as a Simulation Series 2: Are we simulated copies of people? How, slowing down technological development in your simulation will get around the potential recursive building sims in a sim glitch problems. However, an accurately simulated population will STILL present specific experiences, despite that the technologies these experiences depend on DON'T YET exist (immersive VR experiences for example). This series presents evidence of anomalous 'missing technology' experiences & evidence of obscuration of these & evidence that the simulation we are in was built in the last few decades."

On the previous page I pointed out yet ANOTHER of the STUPIDLY OBVIOUS impossible to hide visible evidence clues that would indicate that you are not only in a simulation BUT that you are being simulated though the simulation design, building and data collection phase would be ‘IF’ our population here was experiencing having every type of information about themselves that you could possibly imagine being vacuumed up and stored and saved . . .

So, the question you would have to ask yourself ‘IF’ you were a simulation designer would be . . . .

“How would you hide and or disguise what would be a HIGHLY VISIBLE global and personally invasive data collection so that no one in your SIMULATED population would ever link this data collection as being exactly what you would EXPECT if the data for a very accurate SIMULATION project was being collected?”

Well, what you ‘could’ do as a simulation designer is you would HAVE TO THINK of ‘something’ that would JUSTIFY and explain this global scale of personal data collection in ways that DIDN’T IN THE SLIGHTEST EVEN SUGGEST ‘SIMULATION’. What on earth could you substitute that would justify the invasion of everyone’s privacy while having this happening for something as far away as possible from ‘simulation’?

How would a Simulation Designer Hide THE VISIBLE EVIDENCE that we are in a Simulation?

Interestingly, the only possible solution to this problem that I can personally think of that would justify this sort of global and massively invasive personal data collection WHILE keeping it’s real ‘simulation’ project purpose hidden would be if this was being done because of some permanent global scale terrorist threat.

Is there any evidence that this particular ‘keep the original personal and global data collection hidden from your simulated population’ solution has been implemented here?

Personally ‘IF’ I was to THINK like a simulation designer then I might suspect that the ‘terrorist’ threat idea might have actually been used WITHIN THE ORIGINAL POPULATION to help justify the original data collection there too. As a simulation designer I’d also split up and keep contained different elements of this data collection machine into what would appear to be separate components here (for example: Google, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and so on while having the National Simulation Agency surreptitiously stealing acquiring this data by backdoor means . . . ).

This data collection is of course one of the other STRUCTURAL anomalies that would be visible to the population ‘IF’ we are in a simulation project AND which would also be impossible to disappear without LOSING ACCURACY.

You would still absolutely have to have a massive collection of personal data to retain accuracy in your simulation. This would be necessary to ensure that everyone that was impacted by this massive invasion of privacy data collection happening in the original population would be impacted here.

Is there evidence that we are in a simulated reality?

Let me give you some examples of how specific people would have been involved . . .

  1. To have everyone that was employed as part of the original data collection to be involved in this collection of data in the simulated population.
  2. Then you will have people that stored, collated and analyzed the data needing to have their expectations met of them doing this too . . .
  3. Then you have all the people that complained about it in the original population needing to have pretty much the same thing to complain about in the simulated population . . .
  4. At the same time you will have people in the original population that campaigned from the human rights angle or that took stances against the invasion of privacy having their copied simulated counterparts in the simulation campaigning for the same . . .

Basically anyone in the simulation that was simulating someone whom was involved in collecting or handling the data or that specifically reacted against it or complained about it or campaigned against it would have to be accurately simulated as doing the same.

The bottom line is that in any accurately copied simulated population there would be a very obvious and serious attempt to collect all data on everyone globally while keeping the real reason why this was happening obscured from everyone.

I’ll repeat what I’ve pointed out above and on the previous page . . .

It is a BASIC requirement of simulations to require accurate data. As such, you’d imagine that:

  1. EVERYONE questioning our reality and particularly those interested in simulation possibilities should have thought about how you’d get the very accurate data that would be absolutely required to simulate accurate duplicates of your population . . .
  2. They should have then checked to see if a massive data collection was happening here.
  3. You’d particularly imagine that academics and scientists and PARTICULARLY those writing papers about earth as a simulation possibilities would have figured this out and actually looked beyond their research cubby hole to see if such a data collection was ACTUALLY VISIBLY happening here.

So, here I am yet ‘again’ pointing out another stupidly obvious visible ‘we are in a simulation project’ clue which amazingly would only be specifically visible ‘IF’ as a simulation designer you would be taking your simulated population through the design, build and data collection phase AND there is plenty of evidence that the data collection you’d EXPECT for a simulation project is actually visibly happening here.

What would be the best evidence disappearing strategy to use ‘IF’ you were actually simulating a population THROUGH the phase the simulation was built?

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