Rise of a New Age of Spirituality and Lightwork

It’s a bit ‘odd’ don’t you think that without any large scale obvious ‘organization’ or leaders there arises in many corners of the world people whom ‘by and large’ all hold to very similar let’s say spiritual attitudes and aspirations?

That the people with these similar beliefs and aspirations are all somehow ‘individual’ while are also simultaneously being part of something larger and ‘seemingly’ coherent while bizarrely somehow failing to have a defined physical central base, a recognized organization or even any easily recognized leader or leaders.

As New Age author Marilyn Ferguson writes:

Something remarkable is under way. It is moving with almost dizzying speed, but it has no name and eludes description . . . . Within recent history “it” has infected medicine, education, social science, hard science, even government with its implications. It is characterized by fluid organizations reluctant to create hierarchical structures, averse to dogma. It operates on the principle that change can only be facilitated, not decreed. It is short on manifestos. It seems to speak to something very old.

How can something that engages many different people from many different backgrounds, cultures, walks of life and even different levels of society seemingly spontaneously arise with no ‘outer’ or ‘visible’ organization?

The Age of Aquarius? the New Dawn of Spontaneous Spirituality? Or Something Else?

Do you reading this ‘know’ if any of these people claim to be in touch with non physical intelligences? Are there any communications from ‘any’ ‘that are beyond the physical’ giving advice or instructions to those that are part of this ‘spontaneous’ movement?


Well, if there are such communications AND if you were allowed to ‘think’ beyond anything but very narrow boundaries then you might actually be forced to consider the possibility that ‘maybe’ this so called spontaneous movement is being managed from a ‘non physical, non visible’ angle.

If this was not only possible but was actually being done, then how would the management of such a huge number of people on such a large scale be engineered by hidden (non observable) means?

How could this be done?

If like me you’re attuned to pick up contradictions while also being subtly perceptive and spirit aware AND even worse are a ‘researching’ type then you might just find yourself investigating such things from a ‘beyond’ the physical, objective, assumed ‘rational’ lines. Then if like me you’re a persistent SOB then you might just find what I’ve found.

The following pages are the outcome of investigating some strange behaviour, attitudes and more that I noticed of myself and also others under particular circumstances that led me to eventually become aware of and to identify 11 subtle energetic implants that were directly responsible for these behaviours and attitudes.

New Age, Lightworker Organisation & Management Implants

I found this set of implants not only embedded within my own subtle energetic energy body BUT also the energy body of each of my clients AND coincidentally the same implants are in the energy bodies of all lightworker and new age types too.

It’s through the use of these particular implants that the so called ‘new age movement’ is organised, managed and directed from non physical domains.

Choice or NO Choice . . . which one is it?

I wasn’t asked if I wanted these implants when I chose to incarnate here . . . I most certainly wasn’t made aware of what they actually did . . . probably because if I had asked or had been made aware of what they actually did then I certainly wouldn’t have agreed to have these put into my energy body . . .

So, I have to ask you;

What choice were YOU given?

Because I’d imagine that the only choice you’ve actually got at this time now is to find out what some others UNKNOWN to yourselves and against your freewill have sneaked into your energy body.

The pages presented in this series offer you the opportunity to become aware of what some others absolutely DON’T want you to find out about. You won’t find these pages easy to read, you particularly won’t find these easy to read if you already have these implants. In which case finding yourself reacting against what I present while feeling a ‘compulsion’ to run away will be entirely normal. You can expect nothing else when your behaviour, beliefs, understandings, ideals, feelings and choices are being subtly managed and controlled by some well engineered and well hidden implants . . . as mine were . . .

Do you have the freewill choice to explore whether you DO have a freewill choice?

So, here in this series are 25 pages for the first time giving exact details of what each of these implants actually do . . . and what effect they have on ourselves . . . they even explain how they work to MANAGE YOUR CHOICES . . . while making sure you never doubt that you always have freewill . .

You may feel SHOCKED even just at the ‘suggestion’ that you might NOT actually be able to exercise a ‘real’ FREEWILL CHOICE?

Are YOU?

So, what choice do you really have?

What choice might some freewill violating implants within yourself be trying to make sure you take NOW?

What is YOUR choice?