Examples of the Negative Symptoms & Life Effects of a Blocked Soul Mission

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Blocked missions of whatever nature are by far the greatest single cause of suffering of all issues that my clients have experienced.

When you REALLY start thinking in terms of spiritual missions and soul purposes being blocked one lifetime after the next then you can start to appreciate the potential accumulation of stress, trauma and associated emotional baggage.

Sabotaged Spiritual Missions from a Many Past Lives Perspective

If you are still affiliated to a mission from a previous life which you had difficulties in presenting or were badly sabotaged from completing then when you enter the phase in your CURRENT life which represents when you are supposed to begin engaging with and to start presenting this mission again then you will at the very least in the background start to live and feel what you were subjected to because of difficulties from previous life times.

You may begin to feel withdrawn, depressed or insecure as well as blocked or shut down in certain ways. You may find it difficult to socialise or talk to people for example or lose motivation even though you’ve not even started. The most likely symptoms that you’d exhibit IF you had experienced severe and or traumatic times trying to carry out this mission before is to start to feel fearful, anxious and maybe even panic, at an extreme you can start to have panic attacks for seemingly no reason.

Experiencing Panic, Fear, Stress & Anguish because of a Blocked Soul Mission or Soul Purpose

The more a missions importance has been emphasized especially to someone of strong values and dedication then the more they will push and strive to achieve their goal. The more someone cares about others in a larger sense then the more responsible they will feel. All of this combines to have some people push themselves beyond all reasonable limits.

Which means that over time they can build up extreme emotional reactions, trauma and stress including; fear, panic, anguish and despair because of repeated setbacks, let downs and diversions; everything that makes up the sabotage and blockages to what they are trying to do.

With some clients the fear, stress and panic symptoms would disturb their sleep, they’d have dreams or nightmares representing aspects of their past mission sabotages too.

Spiritual Blocks due to a Sabotaged Spiritual Mission can be the cause of Horrific Suffering

Many of my clients have gone through dreadful suffering. One client had their arm chopped off dozens of times in previous lives as a result of living through ‘yet another’ sabotaged mission hell. In this respect to NOT be feeling fear, anxiety, worry or panic when you start entering the phase that represents you trying AGAIN to make some past sabotaged mission work would be very odd? These types of feelings are reminding you of your past difficulties.

Below are some of the issues and effects that are the result of past mission difficulties;

  • They force people to do things to themselves to shut themselves down;
    • To not stand for certain values or spiritual principles if doing this keeps attracting opposition
    • Blocking yourself from speaking if the mission was about teaching others, speaking your truth especially if speaking gets you attacked
    • To bury, switch off or hide abilities that have attracted difficult attention (as a wise woman / witch being burnt at the stake for example)
    • Shutting your heart down if this mission is heart felt and you’ve not been getting anywhere with it
  • Long term stress, tension, fear, despair and anguish through experiencing continuous knock backs which keep continuing no matter what you do
  • Creating deep trauma because of having to give up on something whose importance has been impressed upon you
    • Disappointment, self chastisement, erosion of confidence, doubt, insecurity . . .
    • Shame, guilt, letting others down, self pity and so on . . .
    • Hopelessness, powerlessness, helplessness . . . .
  • Reactions and stances . . .
    • Reactions against ‘officials’, bureaucrats, lawyers if these were involved in the sabotaging
    • Reactions against injustice or persecution or if you have had a really bad time maybe you may now ignore or avoid taking notice of these completely as a means to avoid being reminded of the shit you experienced
    • Fear, nervousness or paranoia toward or when dealing with any of these people
  • Trauma due at times from being BERATED for not succeeding or not trying hard enough by members of YOUR OWN GROUP (one third of my clients have this experience).

All of the above effects are triggered, extended and maintained both as part of the sabotaging AND by interferences.

Clients with a strongly blocked spiritual mission show a variety of obvious symptoms at mission critical times. By critical times I mean when they enter the energy supporting / pushing them to get on with their soul mission . . .

What are the Physical & Energetic symptoms of a Sabotaged Spiritual Mission?

These are body based symptoms which for the most part you will only experience if you have been prevented throughout many lifetimes from actualizing a soul mission.

  • Paralysis, numbness and or pain; Particularly in upper and lower arms, elbows, wrists and or hands even though they have done nothing to account for this happening. This is when your mission is about presenting or offering something important. You are in effect putting yourself in a position of ‘holding something up’ for others to take in or use.
  • Panic & Fear Attacks; Some also get panic attack symptoms at night; fear, panic, terror, anxiety, shaking, shivers, stomach churning / burning symptoms some with the night things also have arm paralysis symptoms during this too and . . . .
  • Blocked Heart; If this mission (whatever it is) was ‘heart’ felt then you can expect heart pain or blocked heart feelings, heart burn at the same time.
  • Speech Problems; If this mission was about passing information or involved speaking then you might feel throat blocks and find it difficult to speak at particular times or with particular people or when talking about particular things. Your voice may go completely (more on this below).
  • Taking a Stance Against Opposition Symptoms; If you met repeated opposition which you STAND against or you hold yourself up right in the face of then back pain, leg or ‘standing’ up problems, knee locking or stiffening of legs are all signs of a build up of energetic support that end’s up causing more problems as usual.

In Detail Blocked Soul Mission Life Circumstances Presentations

Any effects that you experience in your life reflect how this mission was blocked and your response to this. Here are some examples;

When you are trying to Represent your Mission what you speak is opposed

So, if you are presenting things and find that what you speak of regularly attracts ANY type of opposition then not only will you HAVE THINGS MAKING THIS HAPPEN but your response to this can also cause cascades of issues . . .

Over time you either;

  • Adapt to speak of only what does not prompt this opposition which usually means you’re no longer presenting what your mission is about. Which can cause despondency and so on.
  • Have your voice shut down. So, if your mission is about passing some wisdom or spiritual information then you will have ‘guides’ using energies to ‘help’ by pushing you to speak. If you are being opposed, attacked or taken apart because of what you say then YOU can do VERY strong things to try and stop yourself from speaking. Or depending on how the opposition presents itself for example if things are done to make people feel / be VERY offended by what you say then THESE people may take measures to do things to prevent you from speaking. There are many presentations which can end up with you having trouble speaking;
    • Your voice grows faint or disappears . . .
    • You keep getting a sore throat, mouth infections, gums or even teeth . . . anything that ends up with you having trouble speaking. (I used to have these)
    • Your throat or tongue feels restricted or blocked (being choked or hung or having your tongue cut out occasionally happens when you say things others seriously don’t agree with OR don’t want you to tell others). (I’ve had all of these done to me in previous lives.)
    • Your jaw can lock up from ‘stress’ . . . which can represent previous times were you desperately made a concerted or long term effort to STOP yourself from opening your mouth to speak (you consciously ‘clamp’ your jaw shut (I did)).
    • You can develop a stammer or speech block (I used to have a speech block and stammer).
    • . . . . and so on.

If you yourself or others block your speaking in one lifetime then of course in future lives you will find it difficult to speak up about particular things (often what you feel is very important). With some people this can get them down and at an extreme have them becoming self depreciating and so it goes on. Sometimes people find means to go against the blocks and they FORCE themselves to speak. This can be done to such a degree that they end up over speaking.

Most clients (and myself) whom have been trying to speak or present things that attract opposition have gone through multiple phases of bouncing between enforced shut downs to enforced presentation. Many times forcing ourselves to NOT speak or present something because of the horrific opposition and trauma which after a few lifetimes we FORGET ABOUT and so then do the opposite and force ourselves to go against the resistance and speak up again which again gifts us with opposition which again makes us shut down again . . . . and so it goes on. In ALL cases there is always HUGE AMOUNTS of energetic crap causing and maintaining the opposition and resulting attacks.

Clearing all that is accumulated as a result of these multiple shut downs / speaking up cycles can take months. In many instances you can easily have 10 or more turn around phases to engage with and clear.

Is Your Soul Blocked & Experiencing Lack of Money & Life Resources Problems?

In these cases you are prevented from getting money or support needed to ‘manifest’ a mission. Contrary to what is presented elsewhere if you have to make more than a ‘fair’ effort to gain resources to live by then I can guarantee that you will have lots of energetic crap responsible for causing this. Striving to achieve abundance by using so called ‘magical’ manifesting means does not address the problem of all the ‘magical’ means ALREADY acting on you to ensure it does not happen. There are dozens of ways of making sure you never have much money, don’t make enough or lose what you do make, cause legal problems, fines, surprise bills and so on. This can be very debilitating and stressful for some people. Some clients have ended up having to spend the majority of their time and energies just getting basic money to survive never mind even thinking about presenting a mission or of even having a life.

Do you Experience Distractions, Diversions & Blocks when aligning to Your Soul Purpose Goals?

Many clients have had an amazing array of distractions that activate when they are in the energies trying to achieve some spiritual or life mission.

  • Blackmail you with ‘nice’ things happening while also compromising your intuition to ‘direct’ you away from your goal. Or offers of collaboration or support that look ‘right’ but which change direction half way through and end up just wasting your time. I have dealt with lots of different variations along these lines with regards all of my clients.
  • Another common tactic I’ve noticed is that if you’re desperate for a relationship then one can ‘conveniently’ appear and sweep you off your feet which can have ANY mission become a background concern. Then perhaps when you do get settled enough other things turn up to distract. The relationship suddenly finishes for example.
  • A good job offer with something that looks like it might fit in with a mission but turns out not to be so . . . . . with another year wasted and so on . . .

. . . variations of these types of distraction are endless.

Are you Blocked, Debilitated or Vibed Out when trying to directly work with people?

There are some quite impressive ways to stop you working with people; technology to make you pick up bad vibes from ‘useful’ people OR others negative crap OR make you tired, ill or feel unwell in the presence of particular others that can end up with you needing to take out more and more time to recuperate. I’ve been quite impressed with some strategies; like making you REALLY sensitive to all the shit going on, like amplifying peoples energies, focus your attention on the negativity and suffering such that you have to avoid people, because it gets too much. Make people unappreciative of you, make you scared of failing or doing something wrong.

I have dealt with an almost endless list of these . . .

PRACTICAL Help, An ‘Exercise’ to Help you Deal with these Soul Mission AREAS

There is an exercise on this page here that would be worth doing as it targets these areas more directly compared to anything else presented here.

Exercise 4 on that page targets: Binding Roles, Positions, Offices, Duties, Missions, Obligations, Functions, Ceremonies as well or Rituals while also targeting: binding contracts, oaths, pacts and or subtle enforcers (which equates to entity attachments / subtle being interferences).

It basically targets you being kept ‘on mission’ in any role, position (job) and or ‘office’, any circumstances where you are expected to carry out any duties, obligations, functions, ceremonies, rituals and or actions perhaps forcible facilitated / nudged to keep doing this by binding subtle pacts, vows, promises, oaths, curses and agreements and perhaps even ‘enforced’ by subtle beings (entity attachments) as ignorant spirit guides, minders, helpers, ascended bullshitters, spiritual path leaders and any spirit being as an enforcer of contracts you made in the past.

Feeling & Becoming Aware of your Spiritual Blockage Symptoms Might make you aware of the Spiritual Mission you have?

On previous pages in this series I give examples of different types of mission sabotages that I’ve become aware of while directly accessing and helping clients that we found had these blocked mission issues. ‘IF’ you think or feel that you might have a blocked soul or spiritual mission (the symptoms give on this page above are ‘clues’ to this possibility) then reading these earlier pages as ‘examples’ might be useful in helping you figure out which sabotage scenario is most likely for yourself.

These blocked mission pages are listed below:


  1. Mrs. A
    August 4, 2015 @ 5:25 am


    At several specific points in time I have experienced many of these “sabatoges” that you have listed out. Once I even had a “Lightworker” friend call me out of the blue when I had been reading your website to tell me that St. Michael was very upset with me. Soon after I had severe sciatica pain return and had injections which caused some pretty severe panic attacks and so on. I can’t seem to break free from this loop of getting so close just to be thrown back time and time again. Any suggestions on how to fix or break free from this would be greatly appreciated! The awake then asleep for me has been happening since I was a child and so has the bad experiences.


    • Clive
      August 5, 2015 @ 9:30 am

      The problem is that pretty much everything we have been doing in ‘healing approaches / therapy’ terms we have been GUIDED to do ‘wrongly’ I started to figure this out decade and a half ago. This page here puts this into perspective . . . then you need to have some perspective of what we are actually up against in terms of the shear amount of ‘shit’ most people NEED to have addressed AND the problems of attempting to do this when you are a copied person living a copied life in someone’s simulation project . . . this entire series here which describes just one single session of ‘investigations’ out of 100’s this one person had AND how even ‘IF’ you do manage to become aware of some of the nitty gritty things that need to be addressed a couple of months down the line (when your no looking) what you have ‘properly’ resolve is quietly ‘RESTORED’.


  2. Casey B.
    August 16, 2015 @ 4:24 pm

    Hey, I just wanted to say that I relate to a LOT of the things mentioned in this post here. There are almost too many little things to go over, but a few come to mind which I think are mentionable. And I also mention these in the hopes you got one of them special links with good information that might help. When pursuing spiritual growth I tend to suffer from a huge amount of worry and insecurity. So much, I worry endlessly about whether or not I am doing something wrong, etc etc. I have like this severe strange unwelcome fear that says I need to be good or bad things will happen. So much so I end up questioning ALL of my choices and doubt everything I am doing. Eventually leading me to giving up and no longer pursuing growth. I mean, growing up I kinda just did whatever I wanted. I never worried about it then, but when it comes to spirituality, this just comes up and overtakes me. Not to mention I began to experience deep spiritual pain too. I was just hoping you had some kind of input, and maybe a suggestion to overcome?


    • Clive
      August 16, 2015 @ 5:06 pm

      There are about 400 pages of ‘good’ information on this site . . .


      • balance101
        February 13, 2016 @ 11:49 pm

        hi clive, just finding this now and have a question; where does this take us, what do we expect and what happens next as the world is changing?


        • Clive
          February 14, 2016 @ 9:29 am

          It takes you to reading the reply to Mrs A and then reading those linked pages as a start to give you some idea of what we are up against in simulated ‘subtle’ and managed ‘healing’ art terms, then focus on reading the ‘simulation’ pages because they provide the foundation for people to begin to understand what is really going on here . . .

  3. Lynn
    October 30, 2015 @ 2:29 pm

    Hi. So, I feel like I could potentially be having a spiritual blockage/dilemma that is preventing me from attaining my life’s purpose. I work as a nurse in a fast paced trauma center/ER in the inner city. I come in contact with people from many walks of life and unfortunately deal with a lot of people that are criminals, drug seekers, and just overall violent and hardened people. I try to show compassion to everyone, but I feel like I take on so much of this negative energy and it becomes a part of who I am. I feel like I am weighted down with negative thoughts and feelings, which conflicts with my ability to help raise mine and others vibrations and be a source of light. It feels like a moral conflict. How can I pursue and attain mindfulness while working in this environment. I thought about trying some grounding exercises, but felt very strongly that I should ask someone who knows more about these spiritual blockages. I feel like I am making progress just by the simple fact that its a quandary for me now that has never been in the past. I feel like it at least shows that I am growing on my spiritual path. Anything u can offer will help. Thank u!!!


    • Clive
      October 31, 2015 @ 2:15 pm

      Read the ‘simulation’ pages / article series Lynn, we are living in a simulation. As ‘bizarre’ as it sounds, the new age people are ‘earth simulation’ project supporters. In other words many of so called ‘spiritual’ problems aren’t actually ‘spiritual’, they are a side effect of hi technology experiences being translated into false ‘spiritual’ experiences. Best to start with this series here which explains why all the new age so called spiritual sayings are all absolutely ‘correct’ in describing a copied simulated population living in a copied reality.


  4. Trent
    November 10, 2016 @ 2:06 pm

    Hey Clive

    I was nudged toward these fake / blocked ‘spiritual mission’ pages yesterday.

    For a while (maybe even a few years) I’ve been feeling like there’s ‘something’ I should / am ‘meant’ to be doing, but I don’t know what it is. So while I can’t say “I have XYZ mission and this applies to me” , I felt a sense of ‘familiarity’ with the topic and it felt ‘right’ that I have these issues.

    My ‘issues’ started to become ‘debilitating’ within a few months of getting involved with spirituality – basically I became a lot less able to deal with ‘life situations’ and the background fear / anxiety started to really impact me (though it had always been there). I started to withdraw from most of my friends / social situations and become a lot more ‘isolated’ in my life around this time.

    I do have some ‘voice’ issues – my voice is higher-pitched than it should be, and it’s as if I make a lot of the ‘sound’ using my mouth rather my diaphragm, if that makes sense. An interesting thing is that whenever I smoke weed my voice ‘instantly’ changes and becomes deeper, louder and clearer – the change is so ‘stark’ that the people i’m with will comment on it / and be a bit ‘weirded out’ by the sudden change.

    I also have serious issues with ‘speaking my truth’ and sharing my thoughts / perceptions / impressions / etc with people – basically I have trouble talking to people about anything of ‘substance’ / anything meaningful or important to me.

    I’ve started using Exercise 7 to target these areas and am being taken into very ’emotional’ / heart-based feelings. It’s as if there’s a deep ‘background sadness’ to my experience now, without much ‘conscious context’ for any of it. I’ve also started to realize that i’ve blocked out a lot of my feelings / memories / etc from my past, though I hadn’t consciously realized that i’d done this, so i’m exploring some of that too.



    • Clive
      November 16, 2016 @ 3:54 pm

      ‘Mission’ stuff Trent is all a bit odd / creatively made up, and this is particularly the case for EAAS workers as it was originally presented to EAAS workers as if they were part of something ‘huge / important / life changing’ and that they each had a ‘mission’ to do their part . . . so many/most EAAS workers will have a ‘mission’ feeling / like they ‘should’ be doing something / but in many cases they ‘obviously’ aren’t. This is why the newage delusion in a sense retask’s EAAS ‘missions’ in terms of helping the pretend ‘ascension’ process here (which is basically a ‘fantasy / cover story’ to prevent them from becoming aware that their original ‘mission’ was to contribute to DESIGN WHAT THEY ARE NOW LIVING WITHIN. As I’m simulating someone that was ‘designed’ to investigate and ‘hack’ the EAAS set up then I of course feel as if I’ve a mission too and of course I was sucked into the newage paradigm and had many within this trying to persuade me that I was ‘now’ living my mission / which fortunately I ‘DID’ in that I dug / hacked beyond the surface fluff to expose the ‘made up /corrupt’ core that was manipulating everyone to keep them ‘jollied along’ getting nowhere . . . Trent, there may be ‘another’ focus to help get blocked buried feelings / memories back posted in a few days time . . .


      • Jessica
        November 29, 2016 @ 6:05 pm

        Hi, you say that this whole process of ascension is a fantasy/cover story, is that the same as saying that in the original reality there was no such thing?

        And then that talk about keeping 1% of the terrestrial population incarnated and prolonging their lives here to facilitate the process? Is the spiritual hierarchy following the script like anyone else and doesn’t know taht is living in a simulated reality?

        Sorry if you already gave clues to these question somewhere else but I didn’t have time yet to read the whole site and now I get really confused.

        Thank you


  5. stacey alves
    October 23, 2017 @ 10:22 am

    I fell all these things in my life and i know that somebody hurt me in my dream i saw a lady come to my window she had a black umberlla knocking say open the window and say you black so and so open the window i did not open the window could u tell me about that dream please


    • Clive
      December 9, 2017 @ 1:55 pm

      Eh, nope Stacy, I’m not inclined to spend time figuring out what your dream means . . .


  6. Ingrid
    October 30, 2017 @ 2:46 am

    These ‘quotations’ are killing me


    • Clive
      December 9, 2017 @ 2:01 pm

      . . . on a page that doesn’t have any ‘quotations’!!!


  7. Angie
    January 15, 2018 @ 6:25 pm

    Hi there, this is so awesome to talk so freely and be understood. Wow! Excuse me for I am still a bit blown away. I had experienced a man who told me I had gifts. Also said I need to get rid of past childhood blocks to be able to use my gifts. He told me that when I was a small child I had a traumatic experience and that I was comforted by him when this happened. He told me that if I wasnt ready to remember or face this traumatic time then he would go away and I would never see him again . Well I said bring it on. He told me to hold his hand and with his other hand he placed over my enlarged thyroid on my neck, told me to close my eyes and look into the past. Then he wanted to know if I could see him or what was I seeing. The flashes were so fast and so many i couldn’t really see any pictures long enough to see anything. After that he asks if I believe in psychic abilities, things in that nature. I did. The next thing he told me spooked me I said stop. No more. I heard enough. He said, I can tell u what you fear the most. I was thinking no way. Haven’t told anyone. He knew exactly. Who was he?


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