How to Directly Engage With ALL Instances of a Negative Issue In ALL Past Lives & Beyond?

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"What happens when you Ask for, Call or Invite Help from Spirit, Spirit Realms or Invoke any type of Healing Intervention? Who comes? How are they organized? Why personal investigations of the subtle energetic origins of negative issues are sabotaged? How hidden Spirit Help cause these Sabotages. Why the Spiritual Hierarchy keep all of this Secret? How all of this was uncovered."

Having worked with the ‘trust’ in spirit and let spirit beings sort your issues out for you approach WITHOUT much noticeable success for many, many years then what I learnt to do myself was to seriously engage with my negative issues and to start to directly investigate these from a subtle energetic perspective.

How To become an Effective Empowered Healer by Learning to Engage with Your Clients Negative Issues Directly

Let me give extend the example I was already using to illustrate different approaches on previous pages. How would I NOW engage with a ‘Disturbed Sleep, Poor Sleep, Insomnia or Nightmare’ Issue in ways that would give me the best chance of identify what was responsible for causing it?

With my FULL intention, using my entire self and an engaged being and my will, consciousness and ‘energy’ I state something like;

“I want to directly and fully connect NOW to every single time I’ve ever slept badly, had ANY trouble sleeping or had a disturbed sleep, insomnia or ANY nightmares . .

I fully and directly connect NOW to ALL of these times within my entire life to EVERY SINGLE time I’ve ever;

I fully and directly and completely connect to EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE where I ever ‘Slept badly, had ANY trouble sleeping or had a disturbed sleep or nightmares’ within EVERY SINGLE PAST LIFE & to every single instance within my entire past history”

This is done with a focused intention and directed WILL such that you’d have a good chance of waking up the dead at the other end of the multiverse next door . . . OR . . . to put this another way you’d do this as if your life depended on it.

SERIOUSLY engaging with each Negative, Emotional or Traumatic Issue presentation

So, we have taken at best an intention to at best vaguely orientate toward an issue and turned this into making a HUGE effort to directly and actively engage with EVERY LAST instance of our negative sleeping issue . . .

Let’s say you’ve had trouble sleeping as in you’ve been getting horrible nightmares for 30 years that have you waking up in a sweat every other night and this happening makes it difficult for you to settle and get back to sleep.

This means that this issue is ACTIVE for a half hour for about 180 nights every year for 30 years. A bit of maths shows that with a SERIOUSLY directed intention to engage with ALL instances of this issue will have you attempting to engage with about 5400 half hour instances of this issue.

So, lets say that a vague intention of;

“I’ll look at it, think about it, go into the feelings of this happening, have a look around ‘energetically’, ask ‘god or spirit’ to sort it out . . . .”

. . . has an engagement weight and strength of ‘1’ while with a ‘focused’ and seriously earth splitting willed ‘wake up the dead’ intention you’re attempting to engage with this issue 5400 times more strongly while also doing your best to exclude everything else . . .

Engaging with the Subtle Energetic Origins of Negative Issues

So, you now have your entire ‘being, attention, consciousness’ focused on what can only be described as the ‘purest and most concentrated’ sample of that specific negative issue which has also been as isolated as much as possible from everything else . . .

. . . I’ll bet that some of you reading this will have been thinking that you yourselves have actually been ‘active’ in trying to engage with your issues . . .

Have You Really?

So, at this point (in my terms) you will have focused yourself on every part of your own subtle energy field / energy body that REPRESENTS each of these instances and issue event times compared to ANY other part of yourself . . .

I mean . . . exactly what else would ANYONE do if they REALLY wanted to seriously explore ANY issue particularly if they were interested in getting as much understanding as possible of ANYTHING that might even be vaguely responsible for that issue in subtle energetic terms?

How to Consciously Engage with every instance of a Negative Debilitating Life Issue

So, basically rather than have your ‘consciousness, awareness or being’ either vaguely orientating toward the issue (at best) or worse be galloping off in completely the wrong direction you are actually using your attention, will, focus, intent, consciousness, awareness, ‘being’, ‘energy’ . . . basically ‘EVERYTHING of yourself’ to engage with every single instance of the horrible negative issue.

You could say that out of ALL facets of your life you are zooming in, amplifying and magnifying your engagement with this one single issue . . .

You are in effect taking yourself out of your ‘current isolated little present moment’ and actively and SERIOUSLY putting yourself into ‘every single active moment’ that a particular issue ever presented itself WITHIN the ENTIRE span of your entire past history to the EXCLUSION of all else.

Doing this properly will have you directly engaged with every instance that these issues were EVER active.

In directing your will and consciousness in this way you are effectively concentrating ALL of the resonances and frequencies that represent these issues together as ONE POINT. You are effectively engaging with the entire past history of these issues both as a physical incarnated being AND as a subtle being.

You will have amplified the ‘information’ and ‘feedback’ of this issue at a minimum 100 fold and more likely by 10,000 times or more. You end up with a highly concentrated ‘issue’ sample which you can then use to perceptually investigate and consciously FEEL what is going on with this issue which is of course what you need to do if you want to become aware of THIS ISSUES CAUSES.

In collecting together and concentrating all instances of an issue then you are ALSO concentrating together the resonances and frequencies of ALL CONTRIBUTING CAUSES. You now have a 1000 times better chance of becoming CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of ‘some’ of the negative subtle ‘shit’ that will actually be contributing to your negative issue.

Seriously, if you had water dripping in through your ceiling close to your TV and music center then how sensible do you think it would be for you to orientate your attention and thinking to IGNORE this negative event or even to focus your attention on visualizing the water leak NOT EXISTING as opposed to you getting off your arse and looking for and finding the causes of the leak AND then empowering yourself to learn how to sort all the contributing causes out?

It’s unbelievably that people repeatedly told to put and KEEP all of their attention on desperately fantasizing that their life is or will be positive also fall for the fantasy that THEY ARE AWAKE & AWARE while to external observers they are IN A DEEP COMA showing absolutely no sign of CONSCIOUS ACTIVITY.

How do I identify Subtle Energetic ‘Shit’ Contributing to a Negative Issue?

Well, what I do at this point is to re-direct my ‘intention, will, consciousness’ down the following lines (this is very simplified);

“I directly and full engage NOW with EVERYTHING that was responsible in ANYWAY whatsoever for ANYTHING I experienced during EACH of these issue instances . . . “

. . . and I keep repeating this until I’m FULLY engaged with ‘whatever’ responds.

You see in our experience of doing this 10,000’s of times if there actually is ANY energetic shit responsible for the negative nightmare issues then this energetic crap actually tries to AVOID responding to your focused intention and you’ll find yourself experiencing resistance, pressure, reactions and so you keep repeating your focused intention until it collapses, i.e. that’s the sign that you’ve broken through the attempts of such things to stay hidden and remain undetected.

Then (if you’re just starting to work this way) you learn to use EVERY SINGLE ONE of your ENTIRE range of subtle senses and perceptions to ‘check out’ ALL that you’ve NOW engaged with never mind that you now have to figure out how to deal with anything you actually do find . . .

. . . and if you’ve been doing this properly for years and years while having your research teams relating what you find to the resonance blueprints of all the things your directed intent actually reveals (and you yourself identify) then the happy outcome is that your ‘invisible spirit staff’ more and more deal with everything you reveal with your directed focused intent automatically. Until after a few years you only needed to figure out something REALLY new every 3 or 4 months . . . that’s where we are now . . . good eh!!!

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