Direct Conscious Manifestations to Suppress

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Let me just run something past you. This is hypothetical but maybe you could think about it a bit.

Dark Conscious Manifestation of Suppression Hypothetical Example

If you yourself wanted to control others, wanted to ensure that you maintained yourself in some elite, ‘Top Dog’ controlling position particularly while trying to ensure that no one found this out OR found out how you were doing this then how would you yourself use the likes of the Law of Attraction to consciously manifest this as your reality.

I’m presuming you’re actually not some crazy psycho, control freak bas$&£d but if you can just pretend that you are just for a minute or two . . . that would be very helpful . . .

So, just imagine yourself as a depraved, control freak type that’s already in a leadership position but wanting to manage and control everyone then how would you use something like the Law of Attraction to creatively manifest this intention to have this become your reality. How would you do this while also ensuring that absolutely no one became aware that you were doing this?

How to Creatively Manifest Conscious Manifestations for Control & Suppression?

Maybe you’d use your amazing divine conscious manifestation abilities to creatively manifest down the following focused intention lines . . .

I put my FULL attention on consciously manifesting myself as a supreme controller able to manage, control and dictate to others. I put my full and creative attention and potential to creatively manifesting the means to completely control and manage ALL others and doing this without anyone finding out that this is what I’m doing. I fully and directly and consciously manifest and draw to myself everything I need to make this my ultimate and complete reality to control and manage the entire population using means that would ensure that they never found this out . . . I ask the creative universe to help me manifest everything I ask for here . . .

Then what? Well, then maybe you’d figure out how to manage the population in entirely hidden ways by using subtle energetic means to do this. Then you might consider fitting all potentially conscious, aware, sensitive, caring, concerned, ‘wanting things to change for the better’, type people with subtle energetic implants particularly to make it easier to persuade them to accept and work with something like the law of attraction in stupid and completely dis-empowering ways without them even noticing this?

Never EVER allow them to Doubt or Distrust you or even THINK

To make it even less likely they’d ever question anything contradictory or odd then it would probably be a good idea for you to keep reminding them at every opportunity to have no doubts particularly of any so called spiritual advice or divine instructions you gave them. You could probably use the same means to keep reminding them to trust yourself and you’d have to educate them on avoiding anything ‘negative’ while making sure you properly defined what ‘negative’ actually is in your terms so that they’ll be kept totally at the opposite end from finding out anything that you as a depraved control freak barst^&”d was doing.


Bit tricky though, because in you doing things like the above they’d end up becoming so dis-empowered that they might actually notice. What you’d have to do is find some way to persuade them that what you are making them do is ultimately empowering but only as long as they keep doing it and don’t actually start thinking about it or doubting it then you’d probably be able to keep them completely lost like this forever.

Give them a Never Ending ‘Almost There’ Goal to keep them Occupied

Maybe if you gave them some sort of ‘never, never land, dangled carrot, ‘just out of reach’ goal type thingie’ that’s;

“just about to maybe, perhaps quite soon, almost happen now, just a bit more time, almost there, just a bit more effort needed . . . it’s just about to tip . . . “

Well, I just don’t think you could get away with something as audacious as that not unless you can make them believe that it is somehow their fault if it’s not working and so keep them occupied in trying harder or getting more involved?

Gosh . . . if you could find a way to do that you could probably get them to do just about anything . . .

The most absolutely important thing though is that you’d also have to stop them from discovering all these debilitating implants and all the other similar controlling energetic crap you’ve slipped into their energy field while still somehow persuading them that they are amazingly spiritually aware at the same time.

Tricky one!!!!

Prevent Serious Investigations of Subtle Energetic Realities

Because to do THAT, you’d have to make sure they’d never ever directly explore subtle energetic realities properly, particularly their own energy body, because that could be disastrous . . .


That means you’d have to stop them directly exploring the subtle energetic origins of their issues, you’d have to make sure they were never directly involved in the nuts and bolts of how any healing was actually technically achieved else they might get curious.

How on earth will you do that without anyone becoming suspicious?

The Spiritual Hierarchy art of Suppression & Control Manifestation

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