"Earth as a Simulation Series I: How the New Age movements spiritual sayings are 'correct' for a COPIED population where everyone is 'accurately' living SOMEONE ELSE's LIFE. How 'Confirmation Bias & Cognitive Dissonance' are the deducible 'Fixed Behaviours' a copied population will present BUT, wont figure out because 'software' defined people can easily be managed."

Basically every simulation that is put together is trying to recreate a very accurate copy or duplicate of whatever ‘system’ it is designed to emulate.

So, a simulation requires seriously accurate data AND you will be using this data as well as you possibly can, to absolutely duplicate the ‘system’ you are simulating moment by moment through time.

For example: Everything that I describe above is done to provide us with accurate (or not) weather forecasts. If your data isn’t accurate or comprehensive such that your model doesn’t accurately reflect what you are attempting to emulate then your weather forecast won’t be useful. IT WILL BE WRONG.

So, if we are in a ‘simulation’ then what is our own ‘system’? What is being copied or ACCURATELY DUPLICATED.

Well, the system ‘appears’ to be the population of an entire planet.

So, ‘IF’ we are in a simulation then what are the implications for ourselves as ‘simulated’ people . .

Well, if we are in a simulation then each person will be very accurately living the life of someone else.

Each person would be emulated to exhibit the same behaviours and the same personality. They will be ‘nudged and manoeuvred’ to make the same choices and decisions. They will be a member of the same social, political and work groups. They will exhibit the same thinking patterns, the same feeling responses AND they will be emulated to hold to the same beliefs and to make the same decisions as the person they are a copy of.

Why is it that ALL the World is a Stage AND Why are we EACH AN ACTOR ON THAT STAGE

Under these circumstances the simulated people would be fixed in their behaviours, interactions and EVEN their thinking compared to a real person in a real reality.

In a simulated reality rendering accurate, simulated as conscious people then EVERY SINGLE SIMULATED PERSON IN THAT REALITY could be accurately described as an unconscious actor ACCURATELY acting out someone else’s life LIFE SCRIPT.

In fact under these basic ‘nature of reality’ conditions it would be COMPLETELY and entirely accurate, true and correct to say that each simulated person is an actor and that the entire planet and earth is their stage . . .

Have you realised yet that being an actor and having your entire life defined by a script means that you won’t be allowed to do anything that isn’t defined as part of your script?

What are the IMPLICATIONS if we are EACH AN ACTOR here acting out someone else’s life?

Can you reading this figure out the dire implications of being tied to an ACTING SCRIPT?

Well, the dire implications are that you WON’T BE ALLOWED TO DO ANYTHING THAT ISN’T DEFINED BY YOUR SCRIPT.

So, if you script defines you as having an accident then you will have an accident.

If you script defines that you will have LASTING PROBLEMS because of your accident than NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO to try and heal yourself the ‘problems’ will persist.

‘Exactly’ when are actors allowed to CHANGE THEIR SCRIPTS & Do things NOT IN THEIR ACTING SCRIPT?

If your script defines yourself as making a vow or pact or agreement then you’ll have this.

If your script DOESN’T have you breaking that contract then it won’t be allowed to happen here. ELSE, you will no longer be accurately following your script.


Now, what is written below here is the point of this page and the previous 8 pages. The subtle realms are simulated too AND as an actor you won’t be allowed to deviate from your script.

The above is the reason why the simulated subtle realms are completely managed . . .

  • This is why healing and healers are completely managed.
  • This is why unconscious healer channeling is recommended and promoted.
  • This is why the Spiritual Hierarchy shysters try and convince people that they have Karmic debts (when they don’t).
  • This is why the Spiritual Hierarchy shysters DON’T WANT ANYONE becoming competent enough to look behind the facade.
  • This is why the effects of many healing sessions only result in temporary improvement (because the simulation reverts you back to your script) . . . AND . . .
  • This is why no one is allowed to THINK about anything even remotely connected to ‘earth as a simulation’ possibilities.

‘IF’ you are a simulated person you will only be allowed to do what you are defined as doing by your script.

‘IF’ you try and do something that isn’t defined in the script then it cannot be allowed to happen.

If you are making BIG efforts to do something that isn’t defined in the script then Spiritual Hierarchy shysters AKA the representatives of the simulation software designers might pretend to change something temporarily BUT then it will be reverted back to what it was when they THINK you’ll forget to keep checking.

  1. Earth Represents Everyone and Everything ✓
  2. There Is Nothing New in ALL OF CREATION ✓
  3. Earth is the Centre of Everything ✓
  4. Each Person’s Experiences & Understandings are ALL Equally Valid ✓
  5. Everything is ‘Perfectly’ Unfolding ✓
  6. Everyone is Living Exactly what is Right and ‘Perfect’ for Themselves ✓
  7. All Paths Lead to the Same Place ✓
  8. We are all interconnected and EVERYTHING is interconnected and interdependent of everything and everyone in all of Creation ✓
  9. We originate from ‘Source’ which is “The Creator Of All That Is ✓
  10. We all connected and part of one universal mind ✓
  11. Everything here is an illusion ✓
  12. As Above So Below, the Microcosm Reflects The Macrocosm ✓
  13. Why ALL the World is a Stage AND Why we are EACH AN ACTOR ON THAT STAGE ✓

All of the above so called spiritual sayings are each entirely valid for a simulation project reality.

What else has EVERYONE missed that is also in plain sight? For example, is there any recognised ‘research’ that is actually evidence that we are in a simulation BUT no one has been able to THINK well enough to join the dots?

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