"Mandela Effect Anomalous Memories Investigation: This 18 page series (full list here) uses my own Walkers Crisps Mandela Effect experience to demonstrate how discussions of ANY/ALL Mandela Effect Experiences are all themselves consistently anomalous, specifically because essential/basic/important information relevant/central/critical to the 'ANOMALIES/EXPERIENCES' being discussed aren't even mentioned. In contrast, this series examines/evaluates memory 'composition' as well as important memory recall factors (feelings, emotions, internal states, inner sensations & awareness's (plus senses)) in attempts to not only 'highlight' these discussion anomalies while simultaneously providing comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the Mandela Effect memory anomalies, while even mentioning other apparently 'invisible/impossible to become aware of' memory anomalies too!!!"

I going to repeat what I pointed out on the previous page:

“The only potential full spectrum experts of any anomalous experience, the people most qualified to properly evaluate an anomalous experience are those with FIRST HAND DIRECT EXPERIENCE of that specific anomalous experience itself.”

Which is probably a good opening/place for me to give own very detailed account of my own Mandela Effect experience, which follows below . . .

My Own Personal Mandela Effect Walkers Crisp Packet Colour Switch Experience Described in DETAIL

Firstly, as I’m self employed, writing and ‘running’ a few of my own web sites, which because this has me spending a lot of time in front of a computer then I tend to go out for a walk at least every other day. In that I live close to the centre of a small town then I don’t do a weekly shop. What I do is keep a list of what I’m running short of / need and I buy these when I go for a walk AND in that I have an EXCEPTIONALLY good memory then I ‘generally’ keep track of and remember ‘offers’ and price differences between the 6/7 shops that I make grocery/house upkeep purchases at. I generally save about 20% on my weekly grocery/household costs bill by shopping regularly and knowing where the same items are generally cheaper than elsewhere. One of the shops (a Tesco Express), I generally visit 2/3 times a week, since it opened likely 2/3 years ago. During this time, the store/product layout hasn’t changed much, so each time I enter the shop I always walk down the same isle which always takes me directly towards the crisps/snacks section where some of the Walkers crisps range are ‘right’ in front of myself.

So, on the day the crisp packet colours ‘changed’ I noticed this change ‘immediately’ (despite that I don’t generally buy Walkers crisps) and ‘internally’ I had a mixture of thinking ‘how stupid’ (as it would be easy for people to automatically pick up the wrong flavour crisps now), while I was also feeling slightly confused about this’!!! Overall, (in that I know that I’ve a VERY GOOD MEMORY) my immediate reaction was that the Walkers crisps company must be intent on committing some type of commercial suicide by winding up its regular customers!!!

However, over the next few days the slight confusion ‘resolved’ in that this crisp packet colour change/swap absolutely wasn’t realistic. Commercially for example, they’d not have been stupid enough to have done this. If they ‘HAD’ done this they’d likely have advertised this change and they’d likely be a POSTER above their crisp products in each shop selling them during the ‘colour’ transition phase. Basically they’d either lose money throwing away old coloured crisp packets OR there would be a few days/weeks where there was a mixture of blue/green packets in both crisp flavour piles (which ALSO didn’t happen).

The next time I check out the Reddit Mandela Effects page (likely a few weeks later), I notice some recent additions about the ‘WALKER CRISP’ PACKETS COLOUR CHANGE BIZARRENESS which a few people had commented on since the last time I’d browsed that page (including that the Walker crisp company had actually made a statement that they had made no changes to crisp packet colours)!!!

Having a company present a statement specifically about this phenomenon is direct confirmation of the prevalence of this specific Mandela Effect all on it’s own, isn’t IT!!!! However, the specific ‘wording’ of statement also makes it VERY CLEAR that the crisp packet colour swap experience is NOT RARE IN THE SLIGHTEST!!! Here it is:

Contrary to popular belief, Walkers Cheese and Onion have always been in blue packets, and Salt and Vinegar have always been in green packets. We don’t have a plan to change this, as it’s signature to our brand.”

I’ve deliberately highlighted the “Contrary to popular belief” because this directly implies that it’s a POPULAR BELIEF/EXPERIENCE, i.e. it implies that MANY PEOPLE must have queried them about the changing colours of these crisp packet flavours.

In reading the comments on the Walkers crisp packet colour changes I find out that a few people (quite a few from the comments) noticed the walker crisp packets colour change and also ‘roughly’ at around the same time.

So, in an overall sense, it ‘strikes’ me, that not only is it UTTERLY UNREALISTIC that absolutely anyone should ‘suddenly’ (in some cases from one week or even from one day to the next since last ‘perceiving’ this item/these items) find that some common/regularly seen/tasted/smelt ‘item/items’ crisp packet seemingly ‘magically’ changes/transforms from one colour into another BUT it is also UTTERLY UNREALISTIC that the exact same ‘colour change/transformation’ simultaneously happens to two items such that they are both perceived as ‘now’ being each others past colour!!!

Even worse/more bizarre, is that this isn’t a single isolated instance, THE EXACT SAME MEMORY/COLOUR TRANSFORMATION OF THE EXACT SAME ITEMS doesn’t just happen to one person, the exact same thing actually happens (relatively speaking) seemingly to a largish group of people, some of whom are obviously having this happen at around the same time too!!!

What Year did Walkers Crisps Change Colour? How Long Has The Walkers Crisps Mandela Effect Been Experienced?

How is it possible that ‘ANYONE’, never mind MORE THAN ONE PERSON i.e. a significant number of people all end up HAVING ‘EXACTLY THE SAME ‘ALTERNATE/ALTERED’ MEMORY EXPERIENCE’, for EXACTLY the same two items, and ONLY these two items, out of 9 different products/ITEMS that are each in exactly the same packaging only differing in colour (and the product description) AND this has been recorded as happening for almost a decade, as a search for: “what year did walkers crisps change colour” returns at least one forum discussion including this topic from Dec 2008, although another ‘that’s here’ is from early 2002!!!

Anyone and particularly Skeptics (whom are actually our fake realities ‘integrity’ defenders) whom would like you to believe that someone/anyone could ‘miss-remember’ something/anything, that is actually of the colour of an entire ‘packet’ (rather than a small/tiny sub item/logo (like the dash ‘-‘ of a kit-kat)) AND that is of an ‘item’ that they regularly ‘see’ i.e. they are extremely ‘familiar with/regularly encounter’ and this is the case because they last saw this item 2/3/4 days ago, while coincidentally the same item has also been consistently seen for many years every 2/3/4 days, rather than for example of it being of something/an item that was both ‘obscure/rare’ while it was also of something that was kept in the back of a drawer, AND only seen once a year, which could ‘rationally’ then be ‘miss-remembered’ perhaps with respect to some detail BUT once again this is not likely to happen with respect to miss-remembering it’s entire colour . . . even worse, this specific colour change doesn’t just happen to this single commonly seen item, it happens to TWO ITEMS ‘SIMULTANEOUSLY’ . . . i.e. we are led to believe that we have supposedly miss-remembered TWO ITEMS THAT WE ARE FAMILIAR WITH AT THE SAME TIME because we now remember them as having each others colours in the past?

It’s not a surprise in the slightest that I’ve never seen mentioned never mind discussed any science postulated/identified memory ‘fault/switch’ that could be responsible for memories of two ultra specific items (out of 9 identical items (except for colours/minor text) in total) that ‘could/are’ responsible for this happening!!!

This happening absolutely doesn’t make any sense AT ALL!!!

A Comprehensive Anomalies List Specific to the Walkers Crisps Mandela Effect Experience

Let me be explicit and point out/list all of the independent ‘anomalies’ of this happening specifically with respect to this specific Mandela Effect:

  1. NO ‘APPARENT’ GRADUAL DEGRADATION OF MEMORIES: A very specific sub set of people EACH ‘SUDDENLY’ NOTICE that TWO CRISP PACKET FLAVOURS HAVE ‘MAGICALLY’ HAD THEIR COLOURS ‘SWAPPED’. The original colours seem to have been switched/swapped between BLUE <> GREEN!!!!
  2. THESE ITEMS ARE CONSISTENTLY ‘VISUALLY’ PRESENTED IN PLACES REGULARLY VISITED BY MOST PEOPLE: This specific Mandela Effect is of two ‘specific’ crisp flavours/packet colours i.e. TWO ‘ITEMS’ COMMONLY SEEN BY PRETTY MUCH ‘EVERYONE/EVERYWHERE, that coincidentally are often ‘STACKED/DISPLAYED’ right next to each other in most supermarkets/stores are noticed (by (relatively speaking) a small group of people) as ‘suddenly’ having their BLUE <> GREEN ‘packet’ colours ‘swapped’!!! Coincidentally, in that I walk towards a shop end shelf display ‘stack’ that pretty much always presents these two types of crisps in the large multipacks and such that I’ll ‘casually’ see/notice these EVERY TIME I’M IN THIS SHOP, such that it was these larger multi-packs that I noticed had changed/swapped their colours. Coincidentally, this is the same stack/display that I’ve walked towards and seen (in ‘passing’) the same display of Walker crisps packets for years AND even worse I’d have seen them every 2/3/4 days previously too. Hence you’d have to be severely retarded/mentally disabled to even suggest that there is any possibility of miss-remembering involved in this specific Mandela Effect for myself, an item that I’ve seen/noticed/been reminded of every 2/3/4 days for at least 3 years JUST IN THIS SHOP (I’d have seen the same in another 3/4 shops as I generally visit that number to buy specific things at least twice a week, EVERY WEEK too)!!!!
  3. THIS MANDELA EFFECT IS UNIQUE IN THAT IT IMPACTS ‘TWO’ SEPARATE ITEMS SIMULTANEOUSLY: Even more bizarre, is that the ‘magical’ colour ‘SWAP’ only happens with respect to two VERY ‘specific’ crisp packet flavours of very specific packet colours NOT BY ONE SINGLE ‘ISOLATED’ (perhaps memory befuddled) INDIVIDUAL, BUT by (relatively speaking) many people, AND many seem to notice this memory colour swap change as happening AT AROUND THE SAME TIME!!!
  4. WHILE SOMEHOW IT CONSISTENTLY ‘ONLY’ IMPACTS THE SAME ‘2’ ITEMS OUT OF A TOTAL OF ‘9’ IDENTICAL PRODUCT ITEMS: Even more bizarre, is that the ‘magical’ colour ‘SWAP’ only happens with respect to two VERY ‘specific’ crisp packet flavours of very specific packet colours i.e. BLUE (Salt & Vinegar) & GREEN (Cheese & Onion) out of a collection/set of 9 DIFFERENT crisp packet flavours/colours in total!!! In other words, this specific memory change/swap appears to ONLY EVER HAPPEN for the exact same two crisp packet colours/flavours EVERY SINGLE TIME THIS HAPPENS!!! This means that there are 35 (8+7+6+5+4+3+2) paired colour change ‘swap’ possibilities. BUT strangely ABSOLUTELY everyone whom is exhibiting this specific WALKERS ‘crisp packet colour swap’ memory anomaly all ‘simultaneously’ have this happening for the EXACT SAME TWO COLOURS/FLAVOURS!!! In other words, this happening isn’t in the slightest ‘realistic’ in STATISTICAL/PROBABILITY terms is it?!!! Although I’d also suggest that it’s likely also not actually realistic in basic human PSYCHOLOGY/BODY FUNCTIONING terms either!!!
    1. What would be the memory function/mechanism that is in error/becomes faulty that would consistently result in the colours of two specific items out of 9 separate items suddenly being perceived as having been each others colour in the past while this also consistently happens over at least a decade to different people, such that this very specific fault/memory error has likely impacted many 1000’s of people?
    2. Why does this just happen to the two same ‘WALKERS’ crisp packet varieties ONLY?
    3. Why is it ‘JUST’ happening to two specific colours/flavours out of a total OF NINE varieties that are offered by the Walkers Crisps range?
    4. Why is this also not happening to other, different types of snacks (in identical packets of different flavours that are of the same two colours as the Walkers crisp packets this happens to), I’ve personally done some searches around these angles and couldn’t find any ME examples of these!!!!
    5. Why is this specific colour swap error/fault NOT happening for a variety of other ‘identical’ paired items of the same different colours as the ‘offending’ crisp packets? For example:
      1. Two identical coffee mugs of the same/different colours?
      2. Two identical t-shirts of the same/different colours?
      3. Two identical ‘ADD YOUR OWN ITEM IN HERE’!!!!
  5. THIS HAPPENS TO THE TWO MOST POPULAR, MOST COMMONEST SEEN/PURCHASED ITEMS: Even more bizarre/anomalous is that the most commonly purchased crisp flavour is Cheese & Onion while the second most common is Salt & Vinegar, i.e. these two (and Ready Salted) are the ones most commonly prominently displayed crisp packet flavours seen in shops (at least where I live) which then automatically makes them the least likely to have people FORGET WHICH COLOURS THEY ARE such that they suddenly (from one shop visit to the next) find themselves remembering them as being in the exact opposite COLOURS!!! It would in fact ABSOLUTELY be much more likely that they’d forget/misremember and or mix up the colours of LESS COMMON. LESS REGULARLY SEEN/PURCHASED CRISP FLAVOURS!! For myself ‘personally’, it was only when I posted the picture above of all current Walkers crisp packet flavours that I realised that the only ones I’m ‘really’ familiar with and can remember the packet colours of are the Salt & Vinegar, Cheese & Onion as well as Ready Salted, most of the rest I’d not be sure about in terms of their specific packet ‘colour’!!! Basically the Mandela Effect anomaly is specific to the two flavours/colours that will/should be the most easily REMEMBERED/RECALLED!!!!
  6. THIS HAPPENS TO 2 SPECIFIC ITEMS THAT ARE ‘LIKELY’ VISUALLY SEEN AT LEAST WEEKLY FOR YEARS, & PERHAPS EVEN DECADES: This is also despite that these ‘specific’ items will likely to be regularly ‘SEEN’ never mind picked up/handled (while taken through check out) and then again when being unpacked/stored at home and or when being eaten such that it/these specific items will be ‘viewed/seen’ at least on a weekly basis, never mind perhaps ‘daily’ (at least for some people). Let me be VERY blunt, this ‘ISN’T’ an item bought once a year which is then stuck in the back of a drawer out of sight as well as OUT OF MIND/MEMORY making it then somewhat vaguely ‘realistic’ that the occasional person would occasionally ‘misremember’ it’s colour!!! In other words, this happening isn’t in the slightest ‘realistic’ in BEHAVIOURAL TERMS either is it?!!!
  7. THE ‘EXACT’ SAME MEMORY ANOMALY IS CONSISTENTLY EXPERIENCED BY MANY, MANY PEOPLE FOR THE EXACT SAME ITEMS: In reading forums/discussions/comments, it appears as if many people have experienced the exact same anomaly for the exact same two crisp flavour packets. Strangely, no mention is ever made of this happening to other/different Walkers crisp packet flavour/colour combinations and strangely no one comments on how strange this SPECIFICITY actually is either!!!
  8. MANY DIFFERENT MANDELA EFFECT EXPERIENCES ARE IMPACTING MANY, MANY PEOPLE: Given the abundance of very different Mandela Effects that have been described on the internet because many people have been impacted by them. Comprehensively covered on different pages linked from here for example with the ‘commoner’ ones listed here, which describe ‘MANY’ of the more noticeable/commoner ‘items in our reality’ that have been documented as ‘changing’ by a few/a significant number of people, then this phenomena appears to be REGULARLY OCCURRING/HAPPENING WITHIN OUR LIVES/REALITY HERE!!!

Just to illustrate this in ‘REAL TIME’ let me repost the question that I already asked above/earlier:

“What is the STUPIDLY OBVIOUS AS WELL AS ‘STARK’ DIFFERENCE between pretty much any specific Mandela Effect memory anomaly relating to ‘ANY’ item (say the KitKat one) compared ‘specifically’ to the Walker Crisps Mandela Effect?”

The Walkers crisp packet Mandela Effect anomaly is spectacularly different from other Mandela Effects memory anomalies in two ways:

  2. Because it’s of memories of the colours of two different items being SWAPPED.

This is very different compared to the Mandela Effect Kit-Kat as well as the Pikachu anomaly examples both of these are of people having a memory alteration/change with respect to one distinct characteristic for each of these specific items, while the Walkers Crisp packet anomaly is of your memories of the colours of two essentially identical items being swapped. I.e. the GREEN salt & vinegar packet is remembered as being BLUE in the past while the BLUE cheese and onion packet in now remembered as being GREEN!!!

In that on the Mandela Effect pages I’ve read people investigating/speculating upon these Mandela Effect possibilities while not ever highlighting/listing the above 8+2 anomalous points suggests that there is YET ANOTHER ANOMALOUS CHARACTERISTIC associated with the Mandela Effect which is that people investigating/speculating upon these are ‘OBSERVABLY’ NOT ALLOWED TO BECOME AWARE OF, NEVER MIND DESCRIBE/DEFINE HIGHLY ANOMALOUS CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MANDELA EFFECT EXPERIENCES and particularly in terms of their BASE ANOMALOUS CHARACTERISTICS / HOW DIFFERENT THEY ARE COMPARED TO HOW PEOPLE & OR REALITY ARE ‘EXPECTED’ TO FUNCTION!!!

Do you ‘REMEMBER’, the Mandela Effect ‘Discussion / Presentation’: ANOMALY No5?

“No one comprehensively ‘INVESTIGATES/DISCUSSES IN DETAIL’ the specific circumstances/unfolding experience that relate to the specific ‘ITEM/THING’ that the MEMORY ANOMALY IS FOCUSED ON/ASSOCIATED WITH, WHEN IT FIRST HAPPENS!!!!”

Let me ‘reframe’ what I’ve pointed out so far in an attempt to make you realise just how utterly bizarre/anomalous/IMPOSSIBLE Mandela Effect memory anomalies actually are, let me make the ‘implications’ of this exceptionally clear!!!

‘IF’ people/humans had ‘something’ of themselves that caused their memory to go ‘FAULTY’ for some very, VERY specific sub memory item (for example, as a ‘KitKat’, as ‘Pikachu’ or any ‘iconic’ character/item, or the music/lyrics of a POPULAR song, or regularly bought/eaten ‘CRISP’ packets) . . . each of which (in most cases) are often regularly seen/heard/smelt/tasted while never mind perhaps also regularly invoking ’emotions/feelings‘ . . . such that you’d expect this memory fault/change to manifest within INDIVIDUALS under very specific conditions and or perhaps ‘seemingly’ randomly (i.e. with respect to may different ‘items’, not just repeated anomalies over time related to the SAME ITEMS)!!! What you’d absolutely ‘NOT’ EXPECT is that the very same memory of the VERY ‘SAME’ SPECIFIC/COMMON EVERYDAY ‘ITEM’ would ‘suddenly’ become ‘faulty’ and or ‘CHANGE’ IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY for a set of SEEMINGLY RANDOM/UNCONNECTED PEOPLE, in some cases perhaps AT ‘AROUND’ THE SAME TIME, PERHAPS EVEN ‘AT’ THE SAME TIME while in the case of the Walkers crisps packet colour swap specifically, this seemingly doesn’t ever happen for other colour combinations involving IDENTICAL ITEMS of different colours, and this is despite the fact, that ALL OTHER COLOUR combinations are seen less often, in some cases WAY LESS OFTEN. In other words, all other crisp packet colours would have a higher probability of being ‘misremembered’ compared to the ones that end up ‘APPARENTLY’ actually being misremembered!!!

Why does this just happen for the same two specific crisp flavours/packet colours FOR ALL PEOPLE THAT HIS HAPPENS TO?

Why is this ‘recorded as happening’ ONLY to the ‘Walkers’ BLUE/GREEN crisp packets and not other makes/companies crisp packets?

>> These is absolutely ‘NO WAY’ that this could/should happen in a ‘REAL’ reality <<

HOWEVER, in that this obviously DOES HAPPEN (and REGULARLY) then this directly implies that the only rational conclusion you can come to is that ‘something’ has defined and has initiated/is carrying out a deliberately instigated/coordinated ‘memory transformation’ program likely very specifically to ‘NEGATIVELY/DETRIMENTALLY’ impact a very specific and perhaps even ‘pre-defined’ sub set of people because for each Mandela Effect item, they each exhibit exactly the same type of ‘FAULTY’ memory for exactly the same VERY SPECIFIC’ item/items, at least when compared to EVERYONE ELSE/RECORDED HISTORY!!!

In that the eight (plus 2) points that I’ve made above actually DESCRIBE/DEFINE some of the recurring/common base ‘ANOMALOUS’ characteristics of these specific types of experiences in terms of the ANOMALIES/IMPROBABILITIES that these types of MANDELA EFFECT experiences REGULARLY EXHIBIT then you would expect that the SAME OR SIMILAR POINTS THAT I HAVE MADE ABOVE TO HAVE ALREADY BEEN MADE by others/those spending time trying to ‘UNDERSTAND/FIGURE OUT’ these specific types of anomalous experiences and this would specifically be the case, because they DEFINE very precisely the ‘angles/aspects’ of these experiences that are INDEPENDENTLY highly anomalous, i.e. I identify and list all of the aspects of these experiences that quite simply DON’T ADD UP/DON’T MAKE SENSE!!

One person having a specific memory recall problem of a single item that is RARELY SEEN/HEARD/SMELT/TASTED is perhaps ‘possible/realistic’, while the same type of memory problem with respect to something that is SEEN/HEARD/SMELT/TASTED ‘REGULARLY’ as in weekly or even daily which would be a ‘REALISTIC INCIDENCE’ at least for some of the Mandela Effect examples (and very definitely for the one that impacted myself) never mind that for some Mandela Effect items they are seen/viewed/experienced for many, many minutes and perhaps even for HOURS AT A TIME (as Pikachu would be) perhaps even on a daily basis . . . each of these factors are ANOMALOUS on their own . . . never mind that it should also be considered ANOMALOUS that this ‘memory fault/aberration’ also happens not to one single person but in some cases many people all of whom are likely to have been impacted by this independently of each other (they weren’t with each other at the time this happened) whom ALL recall/remember/experience EXACTLY THE SAME ‘SOMETHING’ as then having ‘CHANGED/TRANSFORMED’ in memory terms INTO THE EXACT SAME ‘SOMETHING ELSE’ . . .

NOTHING OF THIS is in the slightest ‘REALISTIC’ for an alleged ‘REAL’ REALITY!!!

AND . . . particularly with respect to the following points, which coincidentally, I’ve already covered in detail/mentioned A FEW TIMES above/on these pages such that you WILL ABSOLUTELY HAVE ‘RECENTLY’ READ THEM and so should then remember them unless your memories of relevant information is being deliberately, selectively faded out/messed with!!!! :

  1. Many people would all exhibit exactly the same memory problem/change/alternation for the exact same items AS EVERYONE ELSE/OTHERS that this also happens to . . .
  2. This is particularly the case for the Walkers crisp packet Mandela effect, because this anomaly is also anomalous because it ALWAYS JUST SEEMS TO HAPPEN for the exact same two items out of a collection of 9 identical items, which means that the memory swap only happens for one paired combination out of 35 possible combinations . . . that are also . . .
  3. Often, all regularly visibly displayed in the same place, next to each other . . . while . . .
  4. The two specific flavours of crisps/colour packets that are the exclusive focus of these specific memory anomalies/problems are the two commonest produced/purchased, most commonly seen packets of all of the walkers crisps varieties (in memory terms they should be more strongly impressed/resolved compared to the others) . . .
  5. While also being of specific items items within our reality that most people will see at least once a week, while often they’ll be seen WAY MORE REGULARLY, because (for example) they are included as part of lunch boxes, because you are eating them, because you’ll also see others eating these flavour of crisps too . . .
  6. While in the case of Walkers Crisp packets, these things/items have been around/have been regularly/consistently ‘in VIEW/SEEN’ by many people in the population literally for decades . . .

All of which would suggest that the cause could be . . . ‘???’ . . . ‘ANY IDEAS’?


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