EFT, TFT & Healing Therapy Solutions Explained

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"How Spiritual, Healing & Therapy Modalities Contribute to False, Fake & Inauthentic Selves. How Persistent Healing Failure can lead to Deeper Investigations & Understandings of Subtle Healing Realities & Issue Causes. Did 'Subtle Wars & Conflicts' Lead to more 'Sophisticated' Healing Solutions?"

If you’ve read much here then you’ll know that I’m very focused on directly exploring and investigating negative issues while being even more interested in becoming aware of what is directly contributing to causing them.

For regular readers here it might be sinking in that:

  • I’m quite thorough in my investigations.
  • I’m not particularly bothered if what I find kills off sacred cows or sinks entire continents worth of ‘accepted’ understandings, beliefs, truths and so on.

For example in trying to find why everyone is losing and has already lost enormous quantities of their own energy field I was a little surprised to say the least to find that ‘therapy, healing & spiritual’ practices actually ‘contribute’ to these serious issues more than anything else.

I describe this HERE and if you’ve been gifted with reading that page then you’ll be aware of how much interest I take in the healing, therapy and spiritual solutions used by my clients.

In fact my attitude after a certain point has been to NOT prevent my clients from using something UNTIL we find out exactly how it works. Strangely enough on finding out how a particular ‘therapy, healing or spiritual’ practice actually does work then so far in 100% of cases this has had us working very hard to undo everything that was ever ‘applied’ by that approach as a healing, therapy or spiritual solution throughout all lives.

Understanding EFT, TFT; Healing Techniques & Solutions

So, when I was confronted with a new client whom regularly found herself in dreadful feeling and emotional deluges triggered by various difficult and recurring life situations whom was somewhat ‘annoyingly’ addicted to EFT as her primary healing ‘solution’ of choice then I took this as an opportunity to understand precisely what was ‘really’ being done when this approach was applied as a healing solution . . .

To do this I connect to all the times she herself or any others have ever applied this solution within this life and throughout all lives and I then try to connect to everything ‘subtle’ that ‘arrived’ or was done during these times to achieve a healing resolution. I then change my focused intention to engage ‘specifically’ with ‘whatever’ was done during these times to find myself becoming aware that just outside of her energy field are a series of what can only be described as miniature cubes of subtle energetic technologies. They are each about the size and shape of a sugar cube.

There were about 120 of these subtle energetic devices (I did mention that she was addicted!!!).

As this EFT solution saturated client has had lifetime after lifetime experienced a whole series of traumatic life situations and difficulties then she has multiple traumas and multiple variations of these.

With just one or a few traumas or debilitating conditions this sort of healing approach one could argue is a good temporary stop gap but in terms of this client it seems to be creating it’s own oscillations as different situations trigger different variations of past traumas and difficulties and with each jamming device operating independently they end up negating or interfering with each other with the effect at the very least of putting her into various mood swings, negative behaviours and emotional reactions themselves.

So, what are these subtle EFT tech things actually doing?

Classical Explanation of How TFT works is as follows

A TFT session requires that the client focus his or her attention on the specific negative experience they want resolved which has them “tuning” into what is considered the ‘thought’ field of that condition at which point the meridian points are ‘tapped’ that are known to be associated with particular problems for people in general or that have already been determined for that specific client. Doing this removes the perturbation and “unsticks” the energy and thereby removes the negative thoughts and feelings.

With a complicated trauma you might have to repeat the treatment to get effects not identified or countered by the first and so the ‘trauma’ or reaction effects or ‘whatever’ further reduce or disappear entirely.

In other words the standard explanation assumes that in carrying out this procedure the energy body automatically and naturally responds to the physical originated treatment itself and in so doing it automatically and ‘naturally’ adjusts itself with the result that the debilitating thoughts and or feelings disappear.

So, much for fantasy explanations . . .

How TFT & EFT actually works

When you do the TFT or EFT tapping thing while getting the client to focus on their ‘trauma’ or condition you are both amplifying or ‘highlighting’ the trauma or condition effects while also setting up ‘known’ interference patterns in the energy field (the tapping) which enhances the ‘identification’ of the offending ‘negativity, thinking or reactions’ sources and frequencies within the energy body. The subtle energetic technologies associated with TFT and EFT treatments analyse this data and then set up energetic frequencies to counteract or negate the unwanted effects which are then directed to the relevant parts of the energy body to have the amazing effects that practitioners of these therapies are aware of.

That’s how TFT and EFT solutions actually work?

They work as effectively as everything else, which means they deal with diddly-squat while countering negative effects within the energy body (origins of causes remain unknown) by the permanent application (forever and ever and ever) of well hidden subtle energetic devices operating (in this case) outside of but very close to the energy body.

What else do TFT, EFT & Other Healing Approaches Commonly do?

Are you aware that most healing and therapy solutions including TFT and EFT often do more than just ‘negate or disappear’ the original targeted / offending symptoms?

To find out what ‘extras’ you can be gifted by most therapy, healing and spiritual approaches then read the next page (how’s the tin foil hat doing?) . . .