Collecting Simulation Argument Evidence Polls & Surveys

On about 30 pages on this site I’m presenting deducible and readily observable MACRO evidence that we are in someone’s simulation project. For example we have exactly the type of invasive, personal and global data collection that would have been necessary to get all the accurate PEOPLE data that would be required to simulate people accurately (this is described on this page and the one after: As a Simulation Designer what DATA would you need to Accurately Simulate COPIES of your own Population?)

‘IF’ we are in a simulation project then apart from the obvious deducible and visible evidence some of which I’ve summarized on this page here: Are we living in a simulation? The 18 points of Observable EVIDENCE that have I presented so far to Support an Earth as a Simulation Project Hypothesis? then there will be a high percentage of specific experiences that YOU’D NOT EXPECT ‘IF’ we are in a real reality.

What would it mean to be a Simulated Copied Person living out a Pre-Defined Copied Life?

‘IF’ we are in a simulation project then each person here is very likely to be an accurate copy of someone in the simulation designers original population.

What this means is that each person here will be accurately living out someone else’s life. In an accurate simulation where the data that defines individuals is seriously accurate then the people in such a simulation will actually have embedded behaviours as well as embedded expectations relating to the long term day in day out life patterns and regular life experiences of the person they are simulating.

Polls and Surveys Designed to Collect Simulation Argument, Simulation Hypothesis Evidence that we are in a Simulation

With the above in mind then I’ve set up some polls and surveys to try and identify how common certain specific ANOMALOUS experiences are that you can predict will be likely ‘IF’ we are copied people living in a simulation.

As these polls and surveys are presented on various pages within this site that each discuss specific anomalous simulated person experience possibilities then I’m going to use this page to give you some background and context with respect to what each poll is trying to determine and more importantly the reasoning behind why we’d expect anomalous experiences, behaviours, events and or have embedded expectations about reality or very specific reality components relating to both the external and internal simulated environment.

This page will link below to the specific page that each poll or survey is presented on rather than of presenting them all here, I’m doing this because the original page will provide longer explanations and examples relating to that poll.

As all of these polls are defined and stored on a third party web site ( then ‘IF’ you are interested I can give you the coding to embed the same poll or polls into your own web site. Use the contact form or leave a comment on the appropriate poll page giving a link to the page you want to put it on and I’ll get back to you.

Simulation Evidence Collection 1 – Have you experienced obvious, NOTICEABLE (& unlikely) Synchronicity or Coincidences leading UP TO a ‘SIGNIFICANT’ life event?

In a simulation project designed to have people living out someone else’s life then each persons life will unfold in the opposite way to what you’d expect of a real person living on a real world. In a simulation, simulating copied people accurately then each person will already have all of their life experiences and events defined. In this respect peoples lives then won’t follow the assumed cause to effect/outcome flow. To keep the copied persons life aligned to the life of the person they are simulating then likely CAUSES will have to be defined and manufactured in attempts to strongly and absolutely lead the person to their already predefined events and outcomes. In carrying out these manipulations then people will be specifically nudged, prompted and cajoled by strategically manufacturing causes to ensure that they are directed, lead and guided to a very specific already defined event and outcome. Because of the artificial manufacturing of prompting, directing, leading causes then it is VERY likely that there will be many people (greater than 1% would be many) whom will become aware of obvious life synchronicity and or coincidences leading up to what are likely to be important life events and experiences.

So, ‘IF’ more than a few percent of people are experiencing synchronicity or unlikely coincidences leading up to a specific and likely significant event then we’d definitely have to suspect that we are not in one of those mythical ‘real’ realities.

This survey is on this page here: How a Simulated Copied Person’s Life CAUSES are Calculated to Lead to Specific Already Pre-Defined Future Outcomes just click on this link to partake of this survey.

Simulation Evidence Collection 2 – Has Anyone felt Specifically & Directly ‘GUIDED’ as part of being ‘steered’ in a particular direction or toward a particular outcome?

After thinking about ‘duplicated’ life possibilities for a long while, it then becomes obvious that there will be another ‘experience’ of a very specific nature that will also ABSOLUTELY result in reality having to make a BIG effort to absolutely make sure these specific events/experiences either absolutely does happen to certain people at certain times and or for other people efforts have to be made to make sure that the same events absolutely don’t happen to them/some very specific people. . . .

Can you think of what these specific events will be? They are quite ‘obvious’, however if you living in a fake reality it might not want you to actually become aware of these, so despite them actually really being obvious it’s also then odd (if our reality is real) that when I’ve done a search I cannot find anyone else that’s managed to figure these additional possibilities out either!!!

Which is that . . .

A Duplicate Reality will have to Pre-Defining Accidents & Injuries so that some people cannot avoid them while others will have miraculous near misses!!!

Have You Ever felt directly Guided as part of being Steered TOWARD/TO or AWAY FROM being hurt in an Accident?

If we are living out ‘someone’ else’s life then if the person you are simulating had an accident such that you are then NO MATTER WHAT . . . GOING TO HAVE THAT ACCIDENT then there will likely be some very weird circumstances/setups pre defined TO ABSOLUTELY MAKE SURE that some people absolutely have an accident while the same sort of effort will be applied to others to make sure that they DON’T HAVE AN ACCIDENT . . . which if correct then it’s very likely that some people with have really bad luck when experiencing having an accident (because they are predefined as having one) while other people will then seemingly have amazingly good/magical luck avoiding having an accident . . .

Are Some Life ‘Defining/Critical’ Events pre-Defined such that you either absolutely cannot Avoid them OR they Absolutely won’t be Allowed to Happen!!!!

So, have you ever felt directly ‘GUIDED/FACILITATED/FATED & OR STEERED’ in a particular direction or toward a particular outcome and particularly to ensure that something either absolutely happens and or absolutely doesn’t happen because it’s likely that for a duplicated reality some people whom are pre-defined as having an accident will very likely feel as if they had very unlucky circumstances contributing to the accident (because it was MADE TO HAPPEN) while others (whom are not supposed to have an accident) will find the opposite, that they are LUCKY/ INCREDIBLY LUCKY to have ‘somehow’ avoided having a bad accident (car crash or similar)!!!!

This survey is at the very bottom of this page here (the same page as the first poll is on): How a Simulated Copied Person’s Life CAUSES are Calculated to Lead to Specific Already Pre-Defined Future Outcomes just click on this link to partake of this survey.

Simulation Evidence Collection 3 – How well does your overall general life experience match any inner or unconscious EXPECTATIONS that you have about HOW REALITY SHOULD BE?

Is your reality generally presenting itself as you are EXPECTING it to be?

‘IF’ we are in a simulation and we are each an accurate copy of someone else because we are each accurately living out a specific persons life then it is actually likely we will have embedded expectations of how our overall reality should be. ‘IF’ we are in a simulation AND ‘whatever’ the simulation is about or how it is designed results in the simulated lives of individuals and their experiences being different (even slightly) then you will end up with people in the simulation having embedded expectations THAT ARE NOT FULFILLED.

If the above is correct then in the case of people being seriously diverted from their original scripted experiences you will expect people in a simulation would find themselves NOTICING that they are expecting ‘something’ of their life to be different either in phases or all the time? I shouldn’t have to point out that there is no reason at all for real people living in a real reality to have any pre-defined expectations about ANYTHING AT ALL.

This survey is on this page here: Under What Conditions Are You Likely to Automatically KNOW if you are in a Simulated or Virtual Reality and NOT a Real Reality? just click on this link to partake of this survey.

Simulation Evidence Collection 4 – Have you ever felt that you Magically, Miraculously or Impossibly avoided a serious accident?

‘IF’ we are in a simulation ACCURATELY living out someone else’s life then this means that you CANNOT be allowed to die and you CANNOT be allowed to be badly injured ‘IF’ the person you are simulating DIDN’T have a being ‘hurt’ or ‘dying’ experience.

As described here: How a Simulated Copied Person’s Life CAUSES are Calculated to Lead to Specific Already Pre-Defined Future Outcomes. Then to render a copied simulated person life the software has to keep track of ALL long and short term future pre-defined life possibilities. Each simulated person’s life is defined the opposite way to a REAL life because future events, outcomes and experiences are what will define and drive CAUSES.

Now, in HAVING to simulate people, each accurately living out someone else’s life then each person could end up as being so RIGIDLY GLUED to this other persons life that IT WILL BECOME ABSOLUTELY OBVIOUS THAT WE ARE ALL PUPPETS. Of course if your simulated population becomes aware that they are in a simulation then the aims of your likely very important AND very expensive simulation project WON’T BE ACHIEVED. So, you have to define the software to give each person as much flexibility as possible in-between the important or critical life event times.

Doing this will be essential to keep the population fooled, however if this ‘IS’ done then it comes at a deducible price.

The price for this pretend flexibility is that you’ll end up having to stop people from having accidents that they SHOULDN’T EXPERIENCE. Now, because a simulation in just being a simulation will ALWAYS automatically keeping track of peoples future experiences then ‘IF’ someone is heading toward an unavoidable accident that they SHOULDN’T experience then under these circumstances these specific people will end up being FORCIBLY course corrected by having some type of impossible ‘intervention’ to make sure that the potential accident DOESN’T HAPPEN.

If we are in a simulation AND it is giving us the pretend ‘flexibility’ finger then to avoid having someone experience an accident they are NOT DEFINED AS HAVING then you can deduce that the simulation will use various tactics to course correct. These tactics will result in: happenings and or events that are impossible and or are just too coincidental and or that feel ‘staged’ or even have people feeling directly guided never mind that in some cases people will be convinced that they experienced some miraculous ‘divine’ intervention or some such.

This survey is on this page here: How in Giving Accurately Simulated People the Flexibility to Avoid ‘OBVIOUS’ Rigid Behaviours & Responses will lead to Deducible Accident Anomalies – just click on this link to partake of this survey.



  1. Yahron Mills
    July 5, 2015 @ 11:28 pm

    I have been reading several of your articles. Wow! would be an understatement! I’ve believed for several years that I was living in somewhat of a “plastic,” world i.e. not real, which I felt I didn’t belong. Yet, not until recently (3 years) have I found others whom feel as I do. Bottom-line Clive, your evidence is very convincing. Now, I ask myself, “what now?” If we are living within a VRES, do we have any control of the variables or a slave to the simulation and the operator? Somewhat depressing to say the least. Good website sir, and well written. Your questions are spot on and I have asked similar questions. The problems with our questions Clive, is they lead to more complex questions and I haven’t seen any way to answer them. Unless, the controller(s) programmer(s) reveal themselves.


    • Clive
      July 6, 2015 @ 10:14 am

      Well, Yahron ‘Everyones’ THINKING is kept contained . . .

      So, you have a lot of HIGH QUALITY information here about ourselves being in a simulation AND you know that a high priority of the simulation is stop you thinking about ‘sim’ possibilities . . so are there specific things it DOESN’T want you to THINK about?

      ‘IF’ you don’t have basic high quality imformation then you cannot figure out ANYTHING betond this, so on this site you do have high quality information so what can you (or any reader taking in this information?) figure out beyond what I write?

      For example, one possibility I already described in a previous comment here, BUT!!! no one has managed to figure that one out yet!!!

      So, here are some clues to yet ‘another’ very interesting angle that coincidentally the sim won’t want anyone figuring out either . . .
      1. I’ve shown that we have had technological advances slowed down to ‘DISGUISE’ the ‘FACT’ that we are / have been simulated through the time the simulation was actually built!! Yes!! . . . AND . . .
      2. You also know from these pages that we are being accurately simulated (i.e. we have the experiences of the person we are simulating very accurately scripted) . . .

      . . . so what can you deduce from these two known ‘facts’?


  2. Vicki Ledray
    September 17, 2017 @ 4:59 am

    After reading many pages of your articles, I went to bed, and held my hand up insisting on new codes for some hip pain and gastric reflux as a test. I demanded the codes and said what I had operating was unacceptable. I felt energy come into my hand, placed it on areas,and definitely had improvement. I fell asleep, but in the hour before waking dreamt I was trapped in a house. I kept trying to sneak out but doors were locked. I just about got out the back when a young Justin Bieber type young man with a red cloak over his shoulder came into the house with an automatic weapon. He then cornered me and dumped a big pile of revolvers on a desk in front of me, picked one up and aimed it at me. I was crying and woke up . I think this dream reflects on “don’t even think about getting out of the matrix or we will shoot you, maybe.” I see where I could have fought back, grabbed a revolver and shot him, who knows?


    • Clive
      December 9, 2017 @ 1:21 pm

      Yea, that about sums it up Vicki, in terms of ‘don’t ever think about’ FAKE reality possibilities . . . Annabella (a regular reader here) recently left a comment mentioning that the images on this sites web pages are not displaying, I ‘avoid/ignore’ these types of ‘irritating’ problems because they are most times a deliberate piss take/wind up. However, today I thought I’ll just have a quick look at the images ‘problem’ . . . and as I write this it’s almost 3 hours later, after all sorts of piss taking windups, and particularly trying to initiate/get ‘support’ for this issue from my web site hosting company (whom are usually ‘very’ good)!!! I’ve more important things to do . . .


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