Spiritual & Divine Masters of Deception, Lies & Spin

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"Catalogues the Deceptions, Lies, Suppressions & Injustices the Diabolical Policies & resulting Horrors & Atrocities of; 'The Usual 'Light' Suspects'; The Spiritual Hierarchy, Ascended Masters, 'Elohim' and assorted sidekicks. For the Spiritually Advanced wanting Initiation into Ancient Truths, Hidden Light Secrets & Higher Divine Activations. WARNING; For the Spiritually Ready ONLY . . . are you READY?"

Can you easily lie? Do you dislike giving people seriously BAD NEWS? YES? Fantastic, we might have just the right job for you. We are a consultancy group (Spiricon inc) employed by the Spiritual Hierarchy. Our job is to find someone whom can find a way to present what is actually and really a COMPLETE &**#ing disaster as an amazingly ‘Good THING’ specifically to those that the disaster actually directly impacts without them realising this. Just to give you an idea of what we are looking for we present below a serious disaster that we already facilitated the Spiritual Hierarchy to cover up in just this way a little while ago . . . we’re rather proud of how we did this . . . even though we’ve all gone to rather a LOT of trouble to make sure that these lightworker people are about as aware as a tea cosy (while having them imagine the opposite) we’re still amazed that not one of them questioned this one . . . so, read and study how we managed to do this . . . and then get back to us if you think you can do better . . . as we’ve an ever bigger disaster similar to what we present in this example that we’ll have to try and cover up in the next year or two . . . it’s a massive biggie, so, we’re going to have to come up with something REALLY spectacular . . . we need your help . . .

To resolve any issue properly then you have to engage with every instance of that issue within your entire history just as a prerequisite to attempting to identify EVERYTHING that contributes to this issue and so give yourself half a chance of resolving every last thing that is responsible for that issue arising.

The bottom line is that if you cannot access each issue time point in your past then you wont have any chance what so ever of resolving your issue properly. Keep the above in mind as you read the below . . .

Spiritual Hierarchy Lovingly Make our Spiritual Process Easier?

A decade and a half ago I’d read sometime and heard from more than one ‘source’ that the Spiritual Hierarchy had made concessions so that our burden of ‘imbalances and issues’ was not as much as it might be. It was implied that they had decided that we did not need to resolve certain past phases or periods of issues, that they had ‘somehow’ exempted us from processing these.

I can remember noticing that some channelling Lightworkers were ‘awed’ by this at the time. As in;

“Wow, aren’t the Spiritual Hierarchy fantastic to do this and make things so much easier for us.”

I myself however was mightily puzzled about this because you either address issues PROPERLY in their entirely . . . OR . . . well, you continue to have them.

Prevented from Engaging with your own Entire Past & Past Lives

It wasn’t until years later when I started directly and aggressively engaging with all past instances of issues and incorporated this into my focusing protocols (as described HERE (and the following page)) that I found out what the Spiritual Hierarchy concession REALLY meant.

So, my clients were using focusing protocols that had them seriously trying to engage with ALL instances of issue ‘X’ throughout their entire past history. As I made these protocols more effective in terms of engaging with our past times then some of my clients started mentioning that they felt as if they were being blocked from doing this. They strongly felt that ‘something’ was preventing them from ‘reaching’ certain areas or phases of their past.

On using the same protocols myself on their behalf and feeling the same resistance I then focused on engaging with what was responsible for the resistance itself. Doing this caused some beings to turn up that can only be described as guardians of past time periods. It was their job to prevent people / us from accessing certain ‘tracts’ of our past. It turned out that yet again these were employees of the Spiritual Hierarchy and yet again the Spiritual Hierarchy had made another insane decision.

Spiritual Policy Blocked Accessing of Past lives

Well, I was seriously unhappy at this. The Spiritual Hierarchy may be absolutely useless at resolving issue properly but WE AREN’T. So, once again I had to go, kick the doors open and shout very loudly until I got them to allow my clients to have access to their entire past.

Initially I had to negotiate with the Spiritual Hierarchy on behalf of each new client when they first started to ensure that they had access to their entire past. Now however I no longer need do this formally I just send a memo and they do this automatically.

I can only imagine that it must have become really wearing being reminded of how useless you are face to face on a regular basis.

Spiritual Hierarchy, the Divine Light Masters of Deception & ‘Spin’

It wasn’t until I was writing this section that the penny dropped and I realized that these blocks to my clients’ past were actually what had been mentioned in awed tones as the;

“Wonderful concession that the Spiritual Hierarchy had made to help us here”

It’s amazing isn’t it that some useless ‘imagined’ Spiritual leaders whom couldn’t chant their way out of a wet paper bag and whom have been RESPONSIBLE for our Negative and Traumatic issues getting worse and worse to such a point that even they manage to figure out that maybe this build up will be too much for us to handle here.

Masterful Spirits Helpfully Sabotage us from resolving 2/3rds of our Issues

It turned out that they were blocking us off from engaging with periods that are equivalent to two thirds of our past. In other words they are preventing us from resolving all that would be contributing to issues within these phases from being dealt with.

It’s quite amazing isn’t it how they managed to present what is actually a stupendous sign of their entire and outright failure to have ANY tools that actually properly address issues presented as a;


Rather than being TRUTHFUL and presenting it for what it really is. Which is this;

Statement of TRUTH presented on behalf of the Spiritual Hierarchy;

“We’ve not ever had any means to resolve our and your issues properly . . .


We’ve been doing our best and trying to keep people in balance by counteracting, negating or containing negative issues AND covering up and sealing off what we do and keeping this hidden so that no one ever finds out. Unfortunately in doing this and having everyone plaster over their issue cracks for so long now that everyone’s issues overall have become so chronic that this has forced us to block off two thirds of peoples past just to make sure that they’re able to;


Everyone would be in a much, MUCH worse state than they already are . . . if we did not do this . . . “

The Saddest of the SAD Spiritual Truth

For everyone apart from my clients that is . . . because in our cases;

IF we’d NOT figured this out and remedied it . . .

. . . would have meant that the ‘loving concession’ of some useless incompetent b#$tu*ds might have stopped us from resolving ALL of our issues together and more easily rather than at some point being horrified to find that through others incompetence, secrecy and stupidity we’d still have another double helping of issue crap to get through sometime.

Horrifying 2012 End Times Issue Reset Possibilities

The Spiritual Hierarchy are gambling that the earth plan will resolve ALL of our issues on a mass scale at the 2012 so called end point including all those they’ve blocked off.

So, what happens if once again it just doesn’t work and NOTHING happens? Well, this means that as the cycle ends and the new one starts this magical disappearing ‘issue’ concession will be reset and peoples issues will actually stand a good chance of becoming much worse, as in three times worse.

We’ve already got a plague of ‘getting worse all the time’ health problems, so what’s it going to be like if the population suddenly becomes three times more unhealthy compared to what they are now?