Examples of My Own Resolved Personal Issues

On my healingexamples.com home page I listed most of my worst, most debilitating issues many years ago.

Examples of Personal Problems I wanted to Understand and Resolve & DID

These are below . .

  1. A bad stammer and speech block.
  2. Permanent anxiety / background fear, (from the age of 15 on I spent half my adult life in various anxiety / fear / paralysis / terror symptoms).
  3. No feeling response in interactive situations.
  4. No or little heart feelings – heart completely blocked. This was one of the main things I wanted to understand.
  5. I was not aware of sleeping – I ‘rested’.
  6. I was very withdrawn, isolated and unsociable.
  7. Always on ‘edge’ unsettled, inner franticness.
  8. I had internal allergic reactions to ‘authority or officials’ which I could not understand.
  9. Automatic (without awareness) avoidance of unbalanced people.
  10. My sexuality was almost completely switched off, even through my late teens AND I wasn’t bothered about this.

It was these particular ‘difficult’ issues that drove me to understand the origins of my own issues and of then trying to find and develop means to identify and to deal with everything ‘subtle’ contributing to them that led to all the very detailed descriptions of many different ‘varieties’ of subtle crap that I present on this web site.

So, on this page below I describe and list all the ‘main’ issues I can remember when I wrote this page about 4/5 years ago that I’d resolved at that time.

How my Personal Problems Kept me Focused to Gain Understandings and the Experience to Resolve them

You could take what I write on this page as a fair but limited assessment of my ability to resolve ‘negative’ and ‘life limiting’ issues. I say limited because obviously my own issues are not inclusive of ALL issues, my clients have issues beyond this list that they too have wholly resolved.

I should also point out that I part of my ‘progress’ was because at the age of 21 I initiated a self defined ‘program’ to help resolve my speech block/stammer issues which after 6 months included myself making a an effort to ALL THE TIME (DAILY & MOMENT BY MOMENT) to ORIENTATE TO MYSELF/MY INNER STATES/SENSATIONS & FEELINGS as part of trying to facilitate myself to ‘identify’ the PAST ORIGINS of my stammer and speech block.

I describe this in more detail on this page here: Exercise/Advice 2: To Improve Awareness of Your Inner Landscape/Internal States/Sensations/Feelings, Emotions, Awareness’s & the Memories of these this persistent self orientation while using various ‘practices’ eventually led me to become aware of what in this life contributed to my stammer speech block which included a serious build up of stress/anxiety represented as seriously ingrained, chronic body tension and physical ‘rigidity’ problems which was.

I describe becoming aware of these factors and my efforts to resolve these (which were directly impacting shallow breathing problems) in this article here: How Much Awareness Do You have of your ENTIRE ‘SELF’ & your INNER STATES/CONDITIONS? and the one following this (Becoming Aware of the Long Term Negative Impact of Pre-Birth Experiences/Traumas & Stresses) a few years later when I found myself in persistent/overwhelming feelings and emotions of anguish and despair (with absolutely no ‘triggering’ life cause or origin) my self orientation had me spontaneously (I kid you not) gaining access to a past life which on FULLY engaging with this released all of these feelings within a few days, I describe this on this page here: Where are the Anomalous Memories of Ancient Past Lives, Held/Stored?

So, keep the above in mind, and particularly that I’ve had a 24/7/52 alignment/dedicated focus to align to myself and to my inner states as you read the below!!!!

For some of my own issues that I describe below here, I reduced or alleviated the symptoms of just a FEW of these while working extensively with established therapies, so called advanced healing systems and spiritual paths for many years (from my mid to late 20’s) as well as when I worked for 8 years as a healer therapist towards the end of my 30’s and more then a decade before this with other tools, techniques and approaches. They helped with maybe 10% of what I list below. With 3-4 things they helped greatly.

However, it’s only since moving beyond all of these (leaving them behind) and of then developing the means to look directly for subtle crap myself that I started to find what was RESPONSIBLE for (or at least contributing to) the presentation of my negative issues in my life. It was ONLY when I started to take this extreme and determined ‘subtle’ self exploration line that I started to become aware of some of the REAL subtle causes of some of my issues and as a result of doing this my own ‘negative’ issue list gradually started to shrink.

To FULLY resolve the issues I list below I actually had in most cases to UNDO everything that was done and which was still active of healing, therapies and spiritual paths ‘subtle healing’ efforts of my entire multidimensional past. These ‘subtle healing solutions’ had not dealt with the actual CAUSES of my issues, rather they had in most cases counteracted or negated some of the symptoms that were contributing to my issues at least temporarily. About 50% of the effort to resolve my own and my clients issues has been spent undoing past permanently applied subtle healing solutions which themselves often cause further and sometimes quite severe issues as they accumulate over many lifetimes.

One of the effects of repeated use of an approach that achieves results in limited ‘get rid of symptoms’ ways is that in some cases they cease to work on those whom most use them. Which is why you can find some therapists and healers whom are able to resolve issues in others that they themselves have but what they ‘successfully’ use on others amazingly doesn’t work on themselves.

What Would You Identify as a ‘Negative’ or ‘Limiting’ Issue or Life Problem?

If you read all of this page you will see that many things on my resolved issues list you might not take to be issues at all but just as ‘life’ or even as ‘how you are’?

This is because when you’ve some Everest peak sized negative issues (as I did) then you tend to ignore or not notice the less obvious ones never mind that we often consign issues that appear only rarely as ‘not important’, never mind labeling many issues as ‘just how we naturally are’ or as ‘just part of life’.

I have only listed resolved issues that I can remember below.

There are many more ‘minor’ things that I resolved that I cannot remember or that would be too difficult to explain. For example, I’ve had lot’s of things messing with my interactions with others that would take too much detail to explain.

How to Stop People from Bumping or Walking into Yourself

For example in one phase each time I would leave my home and walk through my local town I would start to find myself almost having a film play out in my head, almost like a waking dream. What would be presented would be quite interesting and much of my attention would be taken by this. This would not cause me any problems BUT it did in a sense keep me completely disengaged from the people around me by putting me in my own ‘little’ world. This only happened in circumstances when I was in general places in close proximity to others. So, after a time of getting rid of other ‘weird’ stuff that you just take falsely to be part of ‘how you are’ I became suspicious and started to check this particular ‘effect’. So, when this activated I would sit on a seat in the street and ‘seek’ out anything doing this. And there was, lots of them. I would get rid of this and the effect, the ‘nice’ film presentation would disappear. BUT only for 10 minutes or so. There were rather a lot of the same doing this but only some would be active. Let me explain! This was about keeping me disassociated from people, so some would activate, I would become disassociated and viola no other’s would activate as what triggered these (engagement, possible interactions) is no longer happening . . . . So, it literally took weeks of one 30 second clearing each time I walked down to my local supermarket . . . . until eventually there were no more of the ‘nice’ but disengaging internal video’s.

Starting to Acknowledge Life Problems & Becoming Aware of then as Negative Healing Issues

I would identify other things and get rid of them while walking to the supermarket or the beach or the local cafe or ‘where ever’ a few times a week over a three year period. As within this period my research teams developed broad band clearing technologies then I am often getting rid of things whose effects I am actually unaware of as I clear what I have actually noticed and am actually focusing on I also get rid of other useless crap having ‘some’ effect on me that I am not consciously aware of. Twice a week for three years just walking to the supermarket . . . is 300+ effects resolved by clearing contributing crap that I do as a matter of course . . . .

Another example; If I saw a nice looking woman and internally acknowledged her as in “Hey, she looks nice / interesting” I would feel like I might trip or stumble and sometimes almost did. VERY WEIRD if you ask me, and of course you think you must have just got distracted by the interesting looking woman and so missed seeing the 300 foot gaping hole in the side walk. Seems very logical to me? On the other hand after this happened a few times and I remembered phases in the past of the same I eventually remembered to check to see if any subtle shit was responsible for making this happen. It was. So, now this doesn’t happen.

Other examples of repeating (in public spaces) incidents:

  1. People continually walking into you or crossing your path, sometimes they seem to unconsciously divert to do this!
  2. Other times people coming out of side places and walking into you or almost?
  3. Days when coincidentally you have people trying to push in front of you (you specifically) in queues?

Just coincidences then? WRONG!

Starting to Gain Awareness of Common Life Problems and Negative Debilitating Issues

Most of these things we have learned to filter out over time, we accept them as an integral part of whom we are or how life is to such a degree that you often have to make an effort to even notice such things happening.

For example if you keep bumping into people (or them you), after a few years (or more likely after a few lifetimes) you automatically adapt:

  1. You would only shop when places were not busy and places were there are few people.
  2. You would adopt a walking style that would be defensive and have you trying to become aware of ‘potential’ collisions.
  3. You would then over time automatically anticipate potential collisions and automatically divert.

I can write this with supreme confidence of it’s truthfulness and accuracy because this is what I became aware of that I myself had done to adapt to having subtle crap causing these ‘walking into people’ incidents. The internal distracting inner ‘video’ crap was likely the most recently applied subtle crap ‘layer’ trying to ‘distract’ me so I’d have less of my attention on what was going on around me making it more likely I’d be caught by the ‘walking into people’ crap.

Why Do Some People Try & Pick a Fight With Me?

Interestingly the one incident where I managed to NOT avoid bumping into someone they tried to pick a fight with me. In other words I can see why I’d made so much effort to ‘adapt’ to avoid these incidents. This single incident itself was also odd in that I saw the person whom eventually did walk into me about 50 meters in front of me walking down the sidewalk heading in my direction. He was on the extreme right of the sidewalk and I at that time was well over on the left. I ‘saw’ a look in his eye at that distance and ‘knew’ he was going to walk into me, (shoulder charge me actually). As he was heading toward me he diverted and took a line to walk across to my side while I ended up walking on the curb on the extreme left. He did shoulder charge me, and almost knocked me into the road. I then hear ‘Who the f**k do you think you are to walk into me!!!’.

Seriously, sometimes it’s like living in a farce here.

Strategies and Behavior Adaptations to use to Avoid Being Beaten Up?

I cannot help it and just burst out laughing, I casually walk down to where he is standing (all the time laughing) until I get in front of him. I then describe me seeing him on the right up the path and how he made a big effort to walk all the way across the path to deliberately bump into ME, and how when he did I was walking on the curb. I’m laughing all the time as I say this and he’s so confused both by this ‘laughing’ confrontation and me describing very accurately what he did that he grabs my hand shakes it and then runs off. Hahaha.

Please note I was actually ‘laughing’ at the ‘bizarre’ situation and NOT at this person. Doing this seems to diffuse the entire situation as it will likely cause the other person to also evaluate the ‘bizarreness’ of the circumstances and ‘diffuse’ whatever ‘subtle crap’ was/is messing with them.

Why Do I Attract Disturbed or ‘Crazy’ People?

The above type of incidents would confirm why I’ve had the following occasionally to:

  1. You ‘catch’ some strangers ‘eye’ and you notice that (bizarrely) they seem to have some ‘odd’ reaction to yourself.
  2. Having ‘odd’ or in some cases ‘crazy looking or behaving’ people stop you or try and talk to you whom only offer ‘bizarre’ conversations while often accusing you of ‘bizarre’ things.

I would suspect that some combinations of the things I describe above are common for many people in the same way as spam or junk mail or e-mail is common AND which we automatically filter out too.

What I’m trying to say here is that we all seem to have a built in ‘bias’ to ignore and or to be completely unaware of lots of what ARE actually negative and debilitating issues. Not only do we remain unconscious of many issues we also seem to unconsciously adapt to them and in so doing we end up moving ourselves into smaller and smaller ‘response’ spaces rather than to LOOK AT, ACKNOWLEDGE and then try and find out what is causing or contributing to these and then DEALING WITH WHAT IS.

I now give lists in different categories of my more easily recognizable issues that I have completely resolved or in some cases are likely to have been resolved (not absolutely certain they’ve gone for good).

This list below could easily be 5 or more times longer if I had taken the time to document all issues that I’d recognized and dealt with. However, in spending my time doing this then I’d likely only have resolved a fraction of the issues compared to those I now no longer impacting me.

Issues Resolved or in Rare Instances Almost Resolved

Self Expression

  • I used to have a bad stammer and speech block. I could not say my own name for example or even really have conversations which is a bit debilitating to say that least and this started when I was a kid aged about 5. I pushed these boundaries ‘physically (I.e. ‘forced’ a balance) which took 6 years. Since getting rid of a huge and varied range of subtle things contributing to this then now I have to be incredibly stressed or exhausted to have any speech problems.
  • Mix up peoples names; found causes resolved probably gone but not 100% sure.
  • Forget peoples names; found causes gone.
  • People being automatically argumentative / antagonistic against myself. Got rid of these – not happening any more.
  • Others at times would have difficulty understanding what I am saying even when I was speaking VERY CLEARLY. Found causes gone.
  • I would have times when I could not understand / hear what others were saying even through they’d even repeat what they’d said and then spoke clearly. Found causes gone.
  • At times I was made to hear things incorrectly. One thing would be said I would hear something else. Got rid of these too.
  • I’d occasionally but regularly get horrific sore throats which at times were so bad I felt like I was swallowing broken glass. This was another angle to stop me speaking. Found causes gone.
  • I’d occasionally have phases of ‘losing my voice’ at times. This was yet another angle to stop me speaking. Again original causes cleared.
  • Used to speak very quietly and often put my hand over my mouth (Extreme don’t talk, don’t speak symbol). No longer.
  • Sometimes being completely ignored or invisible or unacknowledged by others. Again found causes and cleared.

Personal ‘Pick a Fight with Me’ Threats

  • Occasionally for no reason at all someone I would be passing normally in the street would try and pick a fight with me. This happened in this life about 5-6 times. I found what was responsible for this and cleared it. Need to wait and see if this holds; recent exploration and clearing.
  • Attacked by dogs and fear of dogs. Again both MADE to happen, got rid of these no problems so far.
  • I used to have an automatic (without awareness) avoidance of unbalanced or crazy! people (people on drugs, drunk or actively distressing others).
  • Was ‘stalked’ by a ‘crazy’ person. Found what was causing this and cleared.


  • My sexuality was almost completely switched off, even through my late teens, early 20’s AND I wasn’t bothered about this. (All decidedly abnormal if you ask me?).
  • Phases of getting cuts or legions during sexual activity which would prevent being sexual for a while. Found causes and cleared these.
  • To much sexual energy at times. Found causes and cleared and now seems ‘normal’ (whatever ‘normal’ is).

Relationship issues

  • Would attract and be attracted to unlike and unsuitable others. Found the cause of this and resolved.
  • Little feeling within intimate situations. Feelings of love were felt OUTSIDE OF MY PHYSICAL BODY which as I scientist at the time I found bizarre.
  • Attention would disengage in intimate situations and I would within 5 minutes be going ‘through the motions’. I was severely unimpressed with this. Years later found lots of subtle barriers to stop me REALLY engaging and being intimate due to false attractions putting me into relationship hells. Got ALL of these cleared.
  • Conflicts and stand offs within and during relationships. Found many, MANY causes of these and cleared over a long period of time.
  • Fear and terror to ending or even contemplating ending a relationship. Found the causes and cleared.
  • Crash into life paralysis, grey, semi depression, no future, anxiety after a relationship finishing. Found the causes and fully cleared.
  • After a relationship would feel compelled to wait for partner to return. Found the cause and cleared.

Feeling & Emotional Issues

  • I was often in permanent background fear / anxiety, (from the age of 15 on I spent half my adult life in various anxiety / fear / paralysis / terror symptoms) with no reason or explanation as far as I could deduce.
  • At one time this progressed to panic attacks and sheer terror with no external triggers and nothing in my life that I could relate these feelings too.
  • I found what was responsible. Cleared 4 sets of fear, panic, anxiety things MAKING me like this. Cleared all, now only get frightened in appropriate situations as opposed to having phases of being permanently in these feelings while having absolutely no ‘rational’ cause.
  • During the shortish ‘terror’ phase I had occasional thoughts of suicide (which I could not relate to). I found what was causing these and cleared them. As a matter of ‘fact’ it turned out that these were not my thoughts but were subtle shit ‘encouraging and trying to orientate myself’ down these lines.
  • Would get fear WwooooSH’s particularly in the morning, waves of fear going off like fireworks. Again unbelievable numbers of different types of subtle crap causing this; got rid of (took ages). This doesn’t happen now.
  • I used to have absolutely no feeling response in interactive personal situations. I did not have feelings that responded to others. I Now, very much do.
  • Had periods in anguish and despair found their origins and opened to all and fully cleared.
  • Disappointment, anger, rage, frustration. Found causes, blocked from previous lives, now all fully functional.
  • Always on ‘edge’ unsettled, inner frantic, background desperate type feeling or states. Started around mid teens. Related to trying to find and resolve recurring issues, sorted now, but required months (probably a year) to clear embedded stress, tension that accumulated lifetime after lifetime. See neck below.
  • Could not be sad, found causes got rid of what I had done to prevent myself feeling sad.

No Heart feelings, Inert, Blocked Heart

  • Heart used to be completely blocked, this was one of the things that drove me; getting my heart back. I can now get VERY overwhelmed with heart feelings since clearing all heart blocks and covers.
  • Used to get temporary heart pain sometimes VERY intense which were caused by seals to past heart pain. Cleared these, to leave no pain.
  • Used to occasionally get heart burn (different to above), caused by holding back or swallowing down heart feelings or heart felt things. Cleared subtle containments causing these, no recurrence.

Issues with Friends & Friendships

  • I was very withdrawn, introverted and unsociable. Reclusive would sum this all up. On the other hand I did not feel that this was ‘really’ me. Found lots of things making me like this (again if you don’t interact then you don’t get the opportunity to even speak to people (so this was an extension of ‘don’t let him speak to people’ (If you read this sites ‘scary’ pages then you’ll understand why a great deal of effort would be made to keep me quiet). Cleared all, not like this now.
  • Nervous and anxious meeting people, semi paralysed at times (yet another – make it difficult for him to speak); this was a combination of things now cleared.
  • Would be taken advantage of by friends. Many friends would not respond as friends, not honour money exchanges, they’d get help but would rarely help myself, even if I asked. I was expected to organise everything and make an effort for others. I have resolved the causes of these but have been too busy and not interested in making friends in the current phase, in other words I’m choosing this at this time.
  • Had things manipulating friendship attractions to again like with relationship attractions to switch polarities and cause unlike to attract. Got rid of subtle causes BUT I’m suspicious that there is still a bias acting on these areas.

Physical Issues

  • Haemorrhoids; got these twice found origins resolved and cleared within 24-48 hours.
  • Verruca; used to get as child. Recently got as adult, found origins cleared to have it disappear.
  • Occasional Locking knee; Found the causes (energy locks to keep going . . . . ), don’t get locking knee any more.
  • Seemed to have weak ankles at times which I would twist or go over on; found the causes of this, cleared so no longer happens.
  • Teeth HUGELY sensitive to sugar. They felt like they actually absorbed sugar; Found causes and cleared, no longer sensitive.
  • Teeth at times weak, occasional pains, sometimes feel loose, occasional abscesses, gums prone to infections. Found many, many subtle things contributing (all about eroding strength) and after several clearings. Recently no recurrences.
  • Neck, head; permanent tension would sometimes get headaches, was caused by not finding means to resolve issues lifetime after lifetime, tension now 100% gone, although I still occasionally get a headache.
  • As part of the above an occasional but regularly sticking and at times locked jaw (not very nice when it locks). Now almost gone.
  • Occasional pain in lower back. Found causes (energy locks to hold upright / keep going) cleared, no recurrences.
  • Occasional phases of nausea, feeling sick with no obvious cause. Found causes gone.
  • Vision degeneration; found causes and cleared. Vision much better, although I’m sure that the ‘clearing’ process effects vision and so am waiting to finish process before fully evaluating vision things. Vision still not good BUT this is a partially a symbolic VR presentation because (can you believe this) I look too closely at reality and take in too much detail.
  • Occasional blind spots in vision relating to filtering out emotional content. Now cleared.
  • Occasional blind spots in vision due to filtering out other types of information. Now cleared.
  • At times hearing not good, hearing was gradually getting worse, it’s now better than when it was ‘normal’; found causes and cleared.
  • Phases of Extreme tiredness and exhaustion with no good reason. Found causes and cleared.
  • Occasional phases of out of control hiccups. Found causes and cleared – no recurrences.
  • Long phases of crashing out for half hour to an hour during the day. Found causes and cleared, however I do work odd hours and have a weird 24 cycle so I’m not bothered about napping when I need to rather than to a fixed schedule.
  • Have phases of getting fever for days in Brazil. Found causes and cleared these.
  • Unbelievably horrific headaches in Brazil, in previous lives these were so bad I killed myself a few times as the only escape (Describing them as horrific was an understatement). Cleared all the shit causing these, lots of things contributing, mostly subtle technology deliberately CAUSING headaches. Slight in background energy effects of clearing phases of being in this shit lifetime after lifetime.
  • Occasional rashes around stomach, abdomen. Found causes cleared.
  • I would have very occasional cramps in lower legs at night. Found causes cleared, no recurrence.
  • Occasional weird rashes around legs, lower body that would move around (quiet bizarre). Self done stuff now cleared.
  • Occasional numbing pain and slight paralysis in right arm and shoulder over many years, no NOW cause. Found causes and cleared. No recurrences.
  • Occasionally very painful left foot, with no NOW cause and no reason. Found origins and cleared – horrific past life foot wound.
  • Had 3-4 occasional pains of different types that would come and go. Found causes and cleared.
  • Would occasionally hurt or damage feet, get cuts or stub toe and so on. Found causes and cleared.
  • Occasional acute and terribly debilitating pain in one ear. Found causes and cleared.
  • Would sometimes have damage (cut or wound) or be ill and immune system would be unresponsive. Found things degrading immune response and cleared these too.
  • Biting and picking lips and fingers. Keep finding things contributing to these. Reduced but still happening, still clearing these.

Sleep Challenges

  • I was not aware of sleeping – I did not in my terms really sleep. Sounds crazy but it’s true. I used to ‘rest’ not sleep. This started in my mid teens and was bad for 10+ years. Lots of things causing this. The causes were a combination of things mostly things I had done to keep alert of danger and attacks both internal and external. Cleared everything sleep normally now.
  • Used to have occasional nightmares of being trapped in a tunnel feeling something after me. This makes sense with regards my entire MD past history. This no longer happens since I resolved particular issues and so reduced the internal ‘tensions’ responsible for this.
  • Used to have regular and sometimes difficult dreams of being chased and trying to stay one step ahead of pursuers. This too is understandable in terms of my entire MD history and since clearing stressful aspects of my past I never have this either.
  • I would occasionally ‘wake up’ or have a waking sleep paralysis of being conscious and aware but my body would be unresponsive, some times I felt presences and a few times I felt as if I was being strangled and could see an ‘outline’ of a person doing this (this was ‘before’ I was MD aware). This happened from mid teens through early 20’s. Sorry . . . no abduction but VERY scary. To put this in an ‘abduction’ context during the same period I saw a few UFO’s in my mid to late teens about three that I can recall (described here and here). Since exploring my entire MD past I am aware of one soul split form of myself being seriously ‘abducted’ and as a result I am aware of living past lives as an abductee for example being taken as a slave. Even though this form was/is not actually ‘me’ but part of my history I would at times experience it’s experiences. The time in my original past history of this original abduction would have corresponded roughly to my mid teens in terms of this human life. It’s only since reading some pages about so called abduction symptoms that I could partially relate these to my own experiences of 25 years previously. I would say that some of these symptoms are probably representative of past life abductions and these experiences playing out sub consciously. Populations that experienced slavery in their past would probably have higher incidences of these symptoms. I no longer have any of these symptoms.


  • Regular Problems transferring or dealing with large amounts of money. Cleared the causes, now resolved.
  • People not good at paying me or not paying me correctly. Cleared huge numbers of things causing this. Now 90% better if not resolved.
  • Orientated to ‘conserve’ money. Which related to all that I had done to ‘adapt’ myself due to an amazing amount of shit making sure I would have trouble getting money. As these are now cleared then I’m slowly adjusting to not experiencing the problems as I have in the past of getting more resources while aligning to what I am trying to achieve. I have never gone without – just had to be very careful.

Presentation Issues

  • Would always damage, lose or spoil new and particularly expensive / good clothes. Found causes gone.
  • Was at times mistaken for being gay! Found what was causing this and cleared.
  • Occasionally be accident prone, spill things, break cups, break things . . . Found causes gone.
  • Would have phases of cutting myself shaving, this was about degrading appearance. Found causes gone.
  • I’m often ‘read’ wrongly; had things presenting me as whom I am not. Got rid of lots of these . . . . jury still out.

Hidden Issues

  • Wary of not paying for things and leaving shop with unpaid for item. Found things making me forget to pay / cause me problems which I had counteracted with things to remind me to not let this happen.
  • Always check I have my keys, wallet when I leave . . . Found things that would make me forget.
  • Always very worried about missing connections of flights when travelling. Found lots of things acting to mess up journeys, cleared these.
  • I had to be careful to not automatically walk cross roads without looking. Sounds crazy I know. Found things trying to have me do this. Got rid of now.
  • I had internal allergic reactions to ‘authority or officials’ which I could not understand. Had people threatening legal action against me for bizarre and dishonouring or misunderstood reasons. Found what was causing these now cleared. I also had things that would cause me problems with officials and bureaucrats.

Recovery of Multidimensional Capabilities & Extended Awareness’s, Senses & Perceptions

  • My multidimensional awareness ‘clarity’ was being sabotaged and was at less than 1 10th of full capabilities.
  • My multidimensional awareness range (different types of scanning abilities and skills) was being sabotaged and limited to less than 15% of what I am now capable of.
  • My ability to scan future time lines and pick up future information was reduced to 5% making this ’sense’ almost useless.
  • My ability to scan within the being blocked and reduced to about a third of my full potential.
  • My ability to strongly hold a focus or engage my will and attention was reduced to about a third.
  • My ability to directly communicate internally within the subtle was also much reduced.

Some of the above was achieved by the removal of subtle energetic initiation caps which I describe in more detail on another site here. This would also be done automatically by the absent clearing I’m offering.

Mental and Thinking things

  • Have had phases particularly thinking or writing what I present on my sites when I would go blank, be confused, not able to put information together, not concentrate and so on. Found lots and lots of crap from all sorts of angles continuously sabotaging in these ways. Cleared and cleared, still at times finding little pockets when I have new understandings or awarenesses or when pushing conceptual boundaries.
  • During traumatic, emotionally difficult and stressful times my head / mind would occasionally have thoughts of suicide which came as a surprise to me as this is not ‘me’. So, it was not a surprise later to find things MAKING me have these thoughts. This has been quite common in clients too.
  • Occasionally would have phases of a few weeks or longer where I would be preoccupied with having or getting cancer. I eventually checked out causes of this and cleared things making me think and be preoccupied in this way. No recurrences now.

Identified and Cleared Emotional / Mental Reactions

All the below were as a response to particular ‘triggering’ situations. Again none of these preoccupying responses turned out to be me but things making me like this. Although I have only listed 5 here, I have regularly cleared different combinations of these that were triggered under different circumstances, probably at least 20 different sets. These are quite common.

  • Internal disrespectful reactions toward others.
  • Angry, short tempered, antagonistic reactions toward others.
  • Making me against others.
  • Uncaring, unsympathetic reactions and attitudes.
  • Dismissive, ‘fuck you’ reactions.

Life Goals Personal Achievements

  • I have always felt as if I was dragging a ball and chain when trying to achieve what I wanted. Much of the above contributed to this although there were also many things specifically aligned to sabotage me from doing what I REALLY WANTED. ALL cleared until I find more, probably 95% gone because as I live more my goals beyond my past boundaries I trigger new things in these new spaces.

For some of the above, I mark as recently resolved and therefore they need more time to be sure. Some feeling issues I am still deep clearing from the bones of my entire soul as it were which most of the time is barely on a conscious level. In other words I have very slight almost unnoticeable background feelings that are actually being artificially maintained to ‘draw’ out others of the same resonance (like attracts like as it were) so these are not ‘my’ feelings but are part of the process of a final deep cleansing. So, although ‘overall’ I feel incredibly relaxed, content, peaceful I have still not reached what will be my true ‘natural’ baseline.

Also certain subtle energetic crap things only trigger as a result of you living certain configurations of circumstances or of you feeling or responding in certain ways. These can only be cleared when they trigger. So, I suspect that I will find more that activate when I enter new circumstances and then I’ll deal with these too.

If you have any of the issues I describe above or others and you want these dealt with then read the next page: Automated Absent Healing page click here.