Let me get straight to the point here.

If we are all ‘actually’ living within a duplicate simulation of some original earth world/planet, inclusive of that worlds original population, then isn’t it possible. maybe even likely that we’d have duplicates of some of the original people that were actually involved in it’s design then perhaps automatically, maybe even spontaneously presenting details of the design of the earth within our software defined, duplicated earth world, planet version?

In other words, if we are a duplicated population ‘and’ we are living in a software defined version of some original earth that is also presenting a duplicate of the original earth’s population then isn’t it likely that we’d have people here whom actually worked on putting together our software version, perhaps here, actually becoming aware of details of what they worked on, whilst also maybe actually publishing these details too!!!!

Highly Improbable Dimensions, Units of Measurement & Scale/Ratio’s of the Earth, Moon & Sun

Strangely, John Michell an English natural philosopher and clergyman (1724 – 1793) did publish some exceptionally bizarre symbolic numerically encoded information relating to various aspects of our earth, moon and sun.

For example, he presented information suggesting that the combined Moon & Earth radii measure 1x2x3x4x5x6x7 miles and that the arc length around one-quarter of the circle circumscribing the Earth and Moon is 8x9x10x11 miles, which strangely also turned out to be equal to the Earth’s diameter too.

Seriously, just how ‘probable’ is it that someone just decides to ‘play around’ with some basic number series, that result in them, seemingly ‘spontaneously’ finding that some very specific basic number series combinations (when all multiplied together) relate pretty accurately to some very specific as well as exceptionally odd (as well as highly improbable) dimensional factors related to our earth and moon!!!!

Would any statistician like to give us a ball park probability value of such ‘coincidences’ arising by chance!!!!

I’d also like to point out that from my perspective our duplicated earth version appears to have been deliberately designed to delay i.e. hold back/limit technological advances, I state this because we actually have records of concerted efforts made to design and build highly complicated machines in the distant past.

So, John Michell publishing symbolic factors related to the dimensions of the earth, moon and sun system, a full 300 years before we’d even have the ability to decent run computer simulations of the earth, moon and sun system is also evidence of our earth focused reality version being subjected to a technology slow down effort too!!!!

Now, just to double check how accurate the above values/relationships actually are I did some basic checks using moon and earth stats from wikipedia.

Based on the above values I made the following calculations.

1x2x3x4x5x6x7 = 5040 miles = 8111 km
8x9x10x11 = 7920 miles = 12746 km
Actual Earth Diameter = 12742 km
Actual Earth Mean Radius = 6371 km (6,357 km (3,950 mi) at a pole and 6378 km (3963 mi) at the equator)
63360 furlongs = 12746 km
Earth Circumference = 40075 km (equatorial) & 40008 km (meridional)
6x6x600 nautical miles = 21600 nautical miles = 40003 km

Moon Radius = 1737.4 km
Moon Diameter = 3474.8 km

Earth + Moon Diameter = 16216.8 km
converted to Miles = 10077 which is the radius of the large circle

Calculation of large circle circumference = 63315.65

In other words, despite that it’s not actually 63360 it’s actually pretty close.

However, don’t the above directly imply that the moon and earth have not only been pre-defined, i.e. ‘designed’ but their dimensions have also been deliberately numerically, symbolically encoded too!!!

Highly Improbable Matching & Symbolic Distances Between Key Places On The Earth’s Surface

The above, highly suspicious ‘coincidences’ (on their own) are bad enough, BUT we actually have more of these that relate specifically to the distances between various key places on the surface of the earth too. Coincidentally, these too, then directly imply that the placement of some specific i.e. perhaps key buildings/monuments on the surface of the earth have been very, very precisely pre-defined!!!

Here are some examples . . .

  1. Did you know that the Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini, Nepal is 333,333 feet from the Buddha’s Cremation Stupa in Kushinagar India.
  2. The Western Wall in Jerusalem formed the foundation of Solomon’s Temple. Solomon’s Temple was 33.33° from Stonehenge.
  3. The Dome of the Rock stands on the site of Solomon’s Temple and is 3333.33 km from the centre of the symbolic Place de la Nation of Paris.
  4. In the 19th century, one of Cleopatra’s Needles was moved exactly 3333.33 km from the harbour wall in Alexandria to where it now stands in London.
  5. Likewise the Ishtar Gate of Babylon was moved 3333 km to the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.
  6. Coincidentally, the Sun’s mass is 333,000 times that of the Earth (NASA Sun Fact Sheet)?
  7. The centre of the Kingdom Tower of Jeddah is 3,333,333 inches from the word Allah (in Arabic calligraphy) atop the world’s highest and largest clock tower in Mecca, steps from the Kaaba. The Kingdom Tower is also oriented so one leg points at the Kaaba and the Abraj Al-Bait Tower.
  8. The distance from the actual location where Pythia sat on the Delphic Tripod to the Sphinx of Egypt is 666 nautical miles.

The above are of a small selection of these, for more of the same then check out these posts here!!!

However, as we’ve some consistent ‘number’ patterns presented in the above then it might be worth being aware of some number symbolism meanings too. For example:

  1. Number 333 Symbolism and Meaning: Transition, Change, Travel. To awake (Physically or Spiritually).
  2. Number 666 Symbolism and Meaning: A ‘Trinity’ of 6’s is apparently Satan’s ‘Mockery’ of God’s Seal, to work with out ‘God’, SIN: Adam & Eve were created on the 6th day, Jesus suffered and died for ‘Sin’ on the 6th day
  3. Number 999 Symbolism and Meaning: A Sign to Move On, A Point of Closure, A Time to Get to Work without Procrastination

Then We’ve The Ultra Improbable Moon Size Perfectly Eclipsing The Sun Problem Too

The size and diameter of the moon and it’s distance from the earth turns out to be exactly right for the moon to perfectly cover i.e. completely ‘eclipse’ our solar systems sun. The probability of this happening by chance is astronomical (this is likely an understatement).

So, (to me) the question here is why would a likely designed reality (that is very likely a duplicated copy of somewhere else) present such an improbable feature? Well, it seems to me that as the original population is of many space faring cultures (again think ‘Star Trek’), then it’s highly likely that all peoples within all solar systems everywhere will have (very early in their history) made an effort to study their sun (seeing as it’s likely critical to the survival of their physically incarnated population).

In that many of them would either develop space faring abilities themselves and or ‘acquire’ such technologies from others, then in the majority of cases it’s likely that pretty much all cultures would have made efforts to develop automatic space probes and perhaps even space craft, perhaps specifically so they could position themselves behind some moon or other solar body, specifically to study their own sun and particularly it’s corona phenomena!!! Hence then it’s actually reasonably likely that we’ve a fair few people within our own population whom studied their own sun and the data from eclipses. In which case those that are copies of these people here will automatically become interested in our sun, whilst also somewhat expecting to have access to the sun’s eclipse data.

Coincidentally, we have records of (If I recall correctly) the early Egyptians and the Greeks studying eclipses, to such a degree that records indicate some of their eclipses that they described are actually anomalous i.e. they very definitely don’t seem to be of our sun!?!?!

Of course one of the problems of copying and pasting different populations from one place to another inclusive of some of their own knowledge base is that we might and up with some bizarre information artefacts that are actually ‘bizarre’ because they relate to their original planet/world circumstances, rather than what we have here!!!!

The Hyper Improbable Moon’s Fixed Rotation, Only Ever Showing One Side of the Moon Problem

Seriously, what are the odd’s of the moon’s orientation, somehow (maybe magically) becoming absolutely fixed such that it always just presents us with a one sided view only. The odd’s of this happening by chance are likely so astronomical that you’d likely have way better odds winning the lottery.

Why ‘On Earth’ Would We Have A Hollow Moon Theory?

Well, what if a space faring alien race, either perhaps because they don’t have a moon and or you do have difficult relations with other aliens then wouldn’t you at least consider designing and building perhaps a very, very large artificial satellite which (at least in some cases) would likely end up being put into a protective orbit permanently circling around their home world. Coincidentally, any of these aliens from such a planet that have been incarnated on earth would (because they’d have embedded knowledge as well as day in day out likely visual experience of this artificial moon circling their planet) perhaps then be convinced that our planets moon here (in being mistaken for their own worlds designed satellite) would be hollow.

Why ‘On Earth’ Would We Have Any Hollow Earth Beliefs/Expectations?

Well, for a logical explanation of these beliefs, I’d suggest that we’ve people here whom are a duplicate of someone whom lived on a artificial satellite or even an artificial world that (in then being artificial) was actually very, very likely to be hollow too!!!! At the very least, wouldn’t space craft visiting such a place likely dock their space craft within the interior?

Coincidentally, I recently watched a Star Trek Enterprise episode (likely in season 4) of them gaining access to the interior of a Dyson Sphere. The inside of which was substantially equivalent to the earth with respect to it’s surface features presenting an abundance of vegetation as it would be if it was turned inside out!!!!

Where Would You Place Very Sensitive & Or Delicate Research Instruments Used to Investigate the Larger Cosmos?

Well, in myself personally (not being daft) and if I had access to a decent space craft, I’d set these up maybe on the back side of an asteroid so the instruments wouldn’t be influenced/messed with by emissions from my home planet. Although, if you are maybe very technologically advanced you’d maybe use tractor beams to directly adjust the rotation and or orbit of a local moon such that it ends up having one side always permanently facing away from your home worlds interfering emissions.

Coincidentally, I’m sure that if you did do this, then you’d eventually end up with quite a few research installations on this satellites dark side!!!! Coincidentally, if this is reasonably logical, then I’d expect people here whom were originally from other solar systems where this was actually done to be very, very sure that there would be installations/buildings/settlements on the dark side of our earths moon here.

Also, maybe the best defensive arrangement (that I can think of) would be to have a satellite moon (or maybe 2 or 3) orbiting your home world, specifically so that over a full orbiting cycle it’s dark side face would be able to monitor all angles/directions of the cosmos during each complete rotation of the home planet with the least interference from home world emissions.

Highly Improbable Number Patterns Encoded Into & Between Our Base Systems of Units of Measurement

Here are yet more highly improbable ‘coincidences’ (again taken from the same site I’ve linked to above) . . .

For example, that the nautical mile was originally defined as being one arc minute of the earth surface and the metric system was originally defined by dividing the arc length from the pole to the equator into 10 million parts called metres. Hence then one degree is 10,000,000 m / 90° = 111,111.111… m and one arc minute is 111,111.111… / 60′ = 1851.85185 meter’s.

The nautical mile was defined as exactly 1852 meters by international convention, so they rounded it up to the nearest meter 1852 rather than use 1851.

This choice perhaps obfuscates two very interesting patterns because the repeating numbers use the same digits of the Great Pyramid’s slope angle of 51.85° (51°51′) and the following: 1851.85185 yards = 5555.555 feet = 66,666.666 inches.

We also have an extremely unusual as well as exceptionally unlikely number conversion ‘pattern’ between nautical miles and meters:

666.6 nautical miles = 1234543.2 meters

and . . .

123456543.2 meters = 6666.6 nautical miles

If what is pointed out above aren’t actually highly unbelievable coincidences then this means that someone has predefined the size of the moon and earth and also pre-defined the base unit of length/scale measurement that ‘humans’ would use so that conversions of these result in the presentation of distinct numerical patterns related to macro aspects of our reality.

I’ve noticed a propensity for science/academia to ‘roll out’ statistics as well as ‘probabilities’ as part of attempts to convince people of all sorts of ‘nonsense’, strangely I haven’t seen anyone presenting ‘probabilities’ of the oddities I’ve listed above happening by chance, if anyone did actually figure them out I’m sure that they’d be shown to be super, ultra anomalous!!!

Highly Improbable Repeating Number Pattern Encoded Into Base Measurement Systems & Natures Most Base Phenomena

Yet more specific number value coincidences (taken from here).

When we compare the size of Earth and Moon strange geometric synchronicity’s appear. The most fascinating of all is the ancient philosophical concept of ‘squaring the circle‘, that is drawing a square with the same area as that of the circle. You can also ‘square the circle’ with equal perimeters, which is what the Earth-Moon system does, to a very high degree of accuracy (99.97%).

The Earth and Moon’s diameters can be described as a simple ratio, 11:3, when comparing one to another. It turns out that this ratio is the solution to ‘squaring the circle’ (of equal perimeter). The Moon describes a circle that has the same circumference as the square’s perimeter that surrounds Earth. This fact was discovered or rediscovered by the late and great John Michell.

The magic number found in these geometries is 273, or more specifically 2732. I believe this is an overlooked constant in our matrix of reality. Here are some findings on this number.

  1. The ratio of Earth’s diameter to Moon’s diameter is 0.273. (The moon is 27.3 % the size of the Earth).
  2. Comparing a square’s perimeter to a circle having an equal circumference, the circle’s diameter is 27.3% longer than the edge of the square. (easier to visualize in the illustration).
  3. Inscribe a circle inside a square. The four corners make up 27.32% of the total area.
  4. This is reached through the formula: (4 – pi) / pi = 0.2732
  5. The relationship of the Great Pyramid’s height to half its base is 1.273:1 (or 4:π) and thus ‘squares the circle’.
  6. -273.2 degrees Celsius is the temperature of Absolute Zero.
  7. 27.32 is the freezing point of water on Kelvin scale (K).
  8. Absolute zero of water is 273.2% colder than the temperature it takes to boil.
  9. 273 days = average length of pregnancy (10 sidereal months).
  10. 27.3 days = human menstrual cycle.
  11. 27.32 earth days is the sidereal period of the moon (moon completes one full rotation, one ‘moonth’).
  12. 1/273.2 per C is the expansion/reduction of gas (Gasses expand by 1/273 of their volume with every degree on the Celsius/centigrade scale).
  13. Sunspots revolve about the Sun’s surface in 27.3 days.
  14. Water changes phase at 273°K.
  15. 273 days from the summer solstice to the vernal equinox.
  16. 2,730,000 is the circumference of the Sun in miles.
  17. The triple point of water is defined to take place at 273.16 K.
  18. The Cosmic Background Radiation is 2.73 K.
  19. The Earth and Moon orbital periods are reciprocals. 1/27.32 = 0.0366 (366 days in a sidereal year) (1/366 =.002732) 27.32 days in one ‘moonth’.
  20. 273 m/s2 = acceleration of the Sun.
  21. .273 cm/s2 = acceleration of the moon along its path around the Earth.

I which case in ‘arguments’ focused on the possibility of our reality being entirely software defined then wouldn’t it have been ‘RATIONAL’ to discuss astounding coincidences and synchronicities as well numerology and symbology possibilities as these could all be very, very, very easily designed into a software defined reality and perhaps specifically to influence the software defined population in hidden as well as very difficult to detect ways perhaps specifically to have such ‘rational’ proposals automatically dismissed.

An entirely software defined human whose consciousness and subconscious are also entirely software defined could very, very easily as well as automatically be subconsciously impacted/influenced by ‘symbolic’ factors perhaps as part of facilitating movement towards the simulation’s designers project objectives (whatever they are!!!).

Some Examples of Bizarre Symbolic Human Body Growth Factors

Many years ago now, when cutting my finger nails, I noticed that the nails on my left hand were consistently always about a third longer than those of my right hand. Also, in that I usually cut my toe nails at the same time I was even more confounded to notice the opposite pattern for my toes i.e. my right foots toe nails were consistently about a third longer compared to my left foots toe nails!?!?!

Also, in that I’ve occasionally had severe stress and tension focused on my neck and jaw, this is likely because from being a toddler (due to family circumstances) I developed a severe stammer and speech block (now completely eradicated), then I’d massage/knead the back of my neck and also areas to the side of my jaw too. Strangely, in doing this I’d experience ‘releases’ of the stress tension which bizarrely would result in my teeth ‘chattering’ either for a few seconds to a few minutes. After these releases the tense places would all become way less solid, i.e. more relaxed (my jaw didn’t then ‘lock’ i.e. get stuck occasionally)!!!!

Now, one day while cutting my toe nails I noticed that the bottom side of my large left toe was sore/painful (like my neck). However, on a hunch I then deeply massaged the back of my big toe where it was sore, this resulted in myself experiencing teeth chattering type releases.

A real reality wouldn’t present anything symbolic, hence then none of the above should happen.

In a real i.e. ‘natural’ reality, it shouldn’t be possible to encode ‘SOMETHING’ such that this ‘something’ is then able to ‘SYMBOLICALLY REPRESENT’ SOMETHING ELSE . . . and yet . . . THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT OUR REALITY APPARENTLY CONSISTENTLY DOES!!!!

A Summing Up & Attempted Possibly Realistic Evaluation of The Above Bizarreness’s

For a pre-defined i.e. designed planet/world then the base dimensions of your world as well as the positioning of geological as well as any of its surface features are unlikely to be either random nor the outcome of ‘natural’ processes happening over long periods of time either!!!

Please note that any and all base units of measurement of a software defined planet could very, very ‘easily’ have been predetermined when it was originally being designed.

In a basic/fundamental sense, your entire simulated planet/world/earth (and everything that is part of this) is exceptionally likely to have pretty much everything associated with your simulated duplicated population, pre-defined, and likely with a strong emphasis to serve/maximise the agendas/objectives of the simulation project itself, perhaps even throughout all past historical time periods.

The designers are likely have spent time running various test and evaluation sub simulations, each focused on some important aspect of the simulated ‘earth and it’s population’ as part of efforts to try and maximise the project’s worked towards goals and outcomes, all of which would likely have resulted in the project having MANY PEOPLE WORKING ON MANY DIFFERENT ANGLES OF ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR EARTH WORLD/MODEL.

In designing a system involving a duplicated copied population (who’d then have to be placed in the correct pre-defined places throughout history) you are in fact very likely going to have some of people living within the final simulated population that actually helped define, many different aspects of the entire earth simulation project.

In other words, if we are a duplicated population, it’s very possible that a significant number of people here will be ‘representing’ someone whom originally worked on the design (and or testing) of some very specific aspects of your duplicated earth/globe/world (and solar system) whom, (because they likely spent significant time

In a basic/fundamental sense, your entire simulated planet/world/earth (and everything that is part of this) is exceptionally likely to have pretty much everything associated with your simulated duplicated population pre-defined and likely with a particular emphasis to serve/maximise the agendas/objectives of the simulation project itself (and do this through all ‘human’ historical time periods) and particularly with respect to any end already predefined project objectives.

The designers would likely have spent time running various simulations focused on all important aspects of the simulated ‘earth’ as part of efforts to maximise the project’s goals/objectives/worked towards outcomes which would likely have resulted in the project having MANY PEOPLE WORKING ON MANY DIFFERENT ANGLES OF ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR EARTH WORLD/MODEL.

They’d also be predefining everything everywhere through time too, including though all historical time periods.

In other words, if we are a duplicated population, it’s very possible that a significant number of people here will be ‘representing’ someone whom originally worked on the design (and or testing) of some very specific aspects of our duplicated earth/globe/world (and solar system) whom, because they likely spent significant time absorbed/focused on specific aspects of the earth simulation as it was being designed, then this means that they are likely to have specific earth design focused interests/efforts very impressed upon themselves such that their duplicated/copy version of themselves now living within what they helped ‘DESIGN’ would perhaps (somewhat automatically) find themselves having the very same topic interests and hence then write about these too.

In that the above is correct, never mind realistic then you end up with some ‘extra’ problems because in ourselves all now living within a duplicated population simulation, that is attempting to precisely pre-define everyone’s duplicated life experience inclusive of perhaps ‘historically’ very important events (and particularly those involving specific people) to make sure that they actually happen as they should, and also when they should, whilst also making sure that they also happen in the same places they are supposed to happen too!!!

Hence then, it seems to me that at least some of the ‘original’ people working on your wire frame landmass/continent layout whom helped pre-define some country, state, county and or district in detail, including through different pre-defined historical time periods, could perhaps have actually also pre-defined the precise locations, of perhaps some predefined as important places, perhaps even down to having specific buildings very, very precisely defined in both location, orientation as well as in architecture/style terms.

In this respect, perhaps the specific people whose original job it was to predefine the precise earth locations of specific places (villages, towns and cities) as well as the location and design of specific buildings on the surface of the earth, would perhaps find themselves (now living within what they designed) employed as town and city layout designers and also architects.

If everything of the earth has been and is now being predefined, including throughout all historical time periods, and inclusive of the locations of all towns and cities and maybe even all villages too, maybe in some cases even down to having specific very important buildings within these, precisely pre-defined in location, orientation as well as structure and architecture terms. Perhaps they’d call those whom are copies of the people that originally predefined all aspects of the earths layout in very precise, fine detail (so that everything can happen ‘where it should’ here) the Phreemayzons here!!!

Have you watched any Supernatural seasons?

I’ve watched most of them twice, and as such it’s pretty difficult to not notice that the pentagon symbol (depending on how it’s used) can allegedly define either a protective space or it can be used to entrap people (as well as ‘monsters/exceptionally weird creatures’ too apparently).

In this respect it’s perhaps exceptionally odd that the centres of the cities of Washington, London, Paris & apparently Philadelphia are all based on the pentagon shape!!! Is this to protect or to entrap it’s residents? One does wonder!!!

So, if we ‘here’ (on earth) were originally of many, many incarnated peoples/cultures each originally living on some planet within some solar system that is somewhere within perhaps a galaxy sized space, such that all original physical incarnated (interfaced to different animal forms) none human i.e. ‘alien’ populations everywhere (in then also originally (in many cases) being space faring) then isn’t it likely that they’d be exceptionally familiar with their own planets moon or moons, it’s sun (or suns) as well as all of the planetary ‘bodies’ within their local solar system.

However, isn’t it also likely that in these populations being space faring, that they’d be exceptionally familiar with their any solar system ‘items’ and perhaps even more familiar with any odd and or rare solar body in their own solar system (at least compared to what is, generally considered normal for a typical solar system)!!!

So, if you are putting a selected sub population of many different cultures most of which are using a different animals species as a physical avatar/remote vehicle, whom originally were each on their own original planet (or planets) likely within their own solar system are all now squeezed together onto one single planet with perhaps a one size (attempting to stand in for all moons) single moon, with maybe with a one size solar system that is also trying to represent all solar systems everywhere too, then (as a start) can you think of any of the anomalies you could expect to have presented within a solar system that’s likely been specifically pre-designed to try and pretend that it’s the original solar system of many, many different space faring cultures?

Please remember that the vast majority of these cultures will likely (at the very least) have some space craft, even if these are just focused on asteroids, moons and or maybe some of the other planets within their own solar system, although I’m sure some will have inter solar system system capabilities, maybe some will have inter system trading vessels too (think star trek).

It is in fact quite likely that most of the original cultures will have made efforts to investigate and research all of their own solar system bodies, it’s very possible that they would preferentially investigate and research any specific odd solar system phenomenon.

So, the key question from the above is this?

“What would a designed, fake solar system look like that is going to have to be designed to satisfy all of the expectations of all expert astronomers from all original solar systems everywhere, whom are each likely be exceptionally familiar with their own solar system, never mind (if they are space faring) perhaps many other solar systems too!!!!”

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