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This page presents the following information

  • Our FULL Copyright document relating to ALL pages on this web site.
  • Our Policy relating to comments left on this site
  • Privacy Policy for this web site
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I’ve had some thieving, low life’s copy and paste entire pages from here and post them on other sites and sometimes even their own without even an accreditation link. This is NOT acceptable. What is acceptable is to read and follow the below.

Copyright Statement for Soul-healer.COM

Copyright (c) 2010 Clive Shane Hetherington  & True Spirit.

For anyone wanting to use any text or anything within any .pdf or other document format that is offered or originates from this site you are advised to read ALL of what is presented below. This relates to all pages on this site, all files or documents of ANY type including any that may be offered for downloads.

You are permitted to share the information presented on this site under the following terms

  1. Fair use; no more than 20% (that’s TWENTY PERCENT) of any single page or post to copy, distribute and display of informative / descriptive / explanatory text and only under the following conditions.
  2. Attribution; You must attribute the origins of any text or information used from any document originating from this site or any page on this site (but not in any way that suggests that I endorse you or your use of the work (unless I have given you written permission and you are presenting the information in it’s original context (see below).)).
  3. Translations; Published human and machine translations beyond Fair Use are considered a violation of my copyright policy.
  4. With written Permission; the conditions above may be waived. For any reuse or distribution of the content with permission, you must make clear to others the Copyright policy I specify of this work here. The best way to do this is to put a link to this page.
  5. Contextual Propriety; I have taken great pains to explain as much as I can in a more ‘correct or accurate’ context. By ‘context’ I am referring to the breadth and depth of experience and associated understandings that I am presenting here. If you use any information from any pages here then I’d appreciate that you try and represent my information in the same ‘context’ that it is offered here. It would be preferred that you present it in the same ’spirit’ too although this is optional (attempting to offer broader, deeper and more accurate models and understandings of spiritual, lightwork, healing and general therapy areas while highlighting ignored contradictions).
  6. Copyright Law; Copyright Law protects this sites content above and beyond what I write here.
  7. Intellectual copyright; within what is presented on this site are some new ideas, new understandings and new models. You must attribute any original ideas, understandings and models to myself Clive Shane Hetherington again with a link to a the relevant page on this site AND to this copyright page.

Comments Policy for this web site

We may from time to time gift you with the option to leave comments on a page or post of this site.

We reserve to not accept comments for presentation that we find are;

  • Offensive or profane in language or content.
  • An excuse to gain some commercial advantage (are spam).
  • Has content not related to the topic or the presentation of the page that the comment is left on.
  • Out of context with regards what is presented on the page.
  • Are not ‘in the spirit’ of the presentation of the page the comment is left on or NOT aligned to the aims and objectives of what this site the author is focused on which is very finely described in this comment here.

We reserve the right to edit any comments particularly for spelling and grammar. However if we do this and you have left a ‘real’ e-mail address for contact and we make significant changes beyond ‘spelling or grammar’ then we will inform you of this and you can decide if the changes are acceptable or if you now want the comment removed completely.

Privacy Policy of this web site

On this site, the only time you are asked for any information is if you are sending me Clive Hetherington an e-mail either as a direct communication or perhaps to exchange links, in which case your e-mail address is required else I wont receive your mail.

Third Party Services; Some of my sites for example have links for payment to paypal (for some services and products) when this is the case then this company is a third party with respect to this site and have their own privacy and security policies.

Server Log Information: Our hosting server automatically log information such as IP address, time spent on the site, browser type, etc. We occasionally assess this information to track site statistics, pages that are most popular to our visitors, performance monitoring and troubleshooting. We also use this information for site and system security. We do not share server log information with third parties for marketing or other purposes and never would.

Contact Information: As stated above: any contact form that requires a visitor to provide us with contact information never asks for more than (name, address, and perhaps a phone number). This information is not held permanently on the server but is e-mailed. This information is not shared with outside parties either.

Security: If there are none public or private areas of this domain then there will be security measures in place to prevent the loss or misuse or alteration of information. These measures to safeguard these areas are used through the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with 128-bit encryption. Any connection between your web browser and an https-protected page on our site uses this level of encryption. Most of my sites don’t need this level and don’t have this.

If you need to get in touch with me for any reason then use the contact page offered on this site.

‘Cookies’ used by this site

This site uses a minimum of cookies to improve site usability. For example to store your details when you enter a comment which can then be entered automatically for yourself when you next leave a comment.

We also use cookies for statistical purposes for example to track how many individual unique users we have and how often they visit the website including anonymous data listing which of our pages are most frequently visited and by which types of users and from which countries.

We don’t present any advertising and hence we don’t use third party advertisers and so don’t have third party cookies tracking advertising either within or between sites.

You can turn cookies off for this site or any site within your browsers options. You could do this for this site and not lose much functionality.

By browsing this site you are agreeing to the use of cookies as described.