Exposed: Healing Energies & Initiations, Crappy Psychic Protection, False Karma, Fake Karmic Lords

This is the Introduction and Contents page of a 26 page article series on:
"EXPOSED: How Regulated Initiations, Poor Quality Healing Systems, Useless Psychic Protection, False Karma & Fake Karmic Lords are part of a Spiritual Hierarchy Controlled Dark Forces Scare Agenda to Eradicate Subtle Senses & Abilities & Limit Healer Experience. How to Avoid Becoming a Passive, 'No Direct Experience' New Age Healer Drone."

When I first wrote about these areas 3 years ago it only took one page for me to write about the incidents that to me didn’t add up in terms of spiritual and healing energies and those presenting them.

Good and Bad Qualities of Healing Energies and Initiations

Have you noticed that there is lot said about good and bad energies particularly with respect to healing energies and that certain ones are good and are ‘of the light’ and you have to be careful of what and ‘who’ you are working with.

I’d have to agree completely with the:

“You have to be careful of what you work with and more so of who you work with”.

So, when I started to update my original page in January it expanded and became two pages . . . then while writing other series they ‘prompted’ me to make deeper connections and so 2 pages became 6 then 12 until now it’s 26.

The State & Quality of our Healing Systems and Initiations

You can take the following pages as being (at present) a comprehensive, accurate and encompassing description of the state of our healing approaches, systems and initiations and how these are regulated and managed in effect to manage and limit ourselves.

If you thought any of the previous scary series were difficult to accept and spend time reading then you’re going to find these even more interesting to get through.

Virtually every page here presents very shocking insights and understandings that paint a picture not just a little different to what many have been made to believe BUT which are in most cases presenting the complete opposite.

Shocking insights & Dark Revelations of Healing Approaches & Initiations

The ‘illusion’ of what we are offered and persuaded to accept and to work with is as immense as the scale it encompasses.

Have you ‘woken up’ yet?

Are you ready to REALLY be woken up?


These pages should be the most effective ‘shock’ therapy ‘waking’ up material ever presented, somewhat equivalent of a nuke going off in your own front garden.

If these don’t wake you up then you’re likely well past the point of ever reviving.

As usual, you’ll have a more rounded, coherent, encompassing ‘lovely’ reading experience if you read them in order while being alert to prevent your dark ‘light’ friends from unconsciously persuading you from doing a ‘Skippy’ impression that will have you magically completely missing the most ‘enlightening’ and interesting bits.

Updated Nuke ‘Reality’ Protection Recommendations . . .

Before proceeding to read this article series, you had better get a large sofa to hide behind, be wearing a set of tough gardening gloves AND a pair of ‘un-scratched’ (that’s very important) – a pair of un-scratched Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril-Sensitive sunglasses then buckle yourself into an amour-plated, feng shui aligned, fully risk assessed, sacred divine key protected light chamber while holding a lucky horse shoe in one hand and a silver stake and q-link amulet in the other . . . . because ‘Dorothy’ . . . reality as you thought you knew it is going bye byes . . . . please take note of all safety signs as you proceed . . . . we cannot guarantee that normal reality will resume after you finish reading . . . . make sure you know where the light switch is . . . . and don’t forget to finish reading your ‘panic room’ user manual before starting . . . . . . . right . . . . . . . OFF YOU GO THEN . . . . the first article link is below here . . . . . . that’s down a bit . . . below this line . . . just close your eyes and click on it . . .