The Impossible to THINK of Structural Anomaly, An Anomaly that will ALWAYS be Visible to your Simulated Population

On the previous pages I discussed anomalies from different angles and I gave you some examples of what could be anomalies with respect to the possibility that we are in some computer generated simulated reality.

On this page I’m going to take anomalies with respect to ourselves being in a simulation to a totally different thinking and conceptual level.

‘IF’ you spend a great deal of quality time thinking about a simulated copied reality and copied people possibilities then after a year or two it eventually sinks in that no matter what a simulation designer does there are some anomalies that you absolutely cannot avoid having VISIBLY presented to your population.

The Structural Simulation Anomaly, is Impossible to NOT have in a Simulation Project while being IMPOSSIBLE to Hide from the Simulated Population

I personally call these types of anomalies ‘structural’ anomalies to definitively distinguish and separate them from the ‘run of the mill’ common variety of anomalies. One of the things that makes structural anomalies way more interesting than other possible anomalies is that NOT one single academic or scientist can have spent enough time THINKING about earth as a simulation and simulation argument possibilities because if they had, they’d have become aware of these and they’d have already written and described them rather than me . . .

So, one of the obvious and observable anomalous things about the impossible to hide structural anomalies is that they obviously have magical properties that allows them to NOT be thought about such that those that imagine themselves as clever have managed to miss them completely.

Structural anomalies are anomalies that will ALWAYS be ‘visible to the simulated residents’ because they are an easily deduced BUT impossible to hide ‘side effect’ of simulating a copied population accurately as part of some ‘classic’ operational simulation project.

Let me give you a structural anomaly example . . .

An Example of a Structural Anomaly: Deducible, Duplicated, Very Accurately COPIED People Anomaly Possibilities:

If you are in someone’s simulation project then as I’ve already described on a previous pages here you will be an ACCURATE copy of someone else.

If you are an accurate copy then you won’t actually have authentic free will, you will likely FEEL as if you do have free will because the real person you are simulating will have HAD ‘genuine’ real freewill AND as an accurate copy you will likely feel about freewill AS THEY DID.

However, in a simulation the main aspects of yourself, the main features of your life, your main embedded behaviours, responses, beliefs, attitudes, thinking approaches, understandings and so on the main decisions you make will be fixed because this is necessary to MAINTAIN the accuracy in a simulation. This is what it means to be a simulation, a simulation is about creating an accurate copy of some ‘system’.

‘IF’ we are living in a simulation as copied people then we will very likely be very accurate copies living out someone else and their life very accurately. ‘IF’ this is the case, then we won’t be allowed to freely make decisions or to freely change our behaviour or our beliefs or even of how we generally THINK.

So, in a real reality people will be able to take in ANY information and they will rationally respond and automatically adjust themselves with regards ALL of the information they take in. They will rationally appraise all information and ideas AND they will make coherent responses.

In an accurate simulation however THIS WON’T HAPPEN, this won’t happen because for accuracies sake. People will be being kept aligned to the beliefs and ideas of the person they are simulating. They won’t be ALLOWED to make responses, change their behaviours or understandings outside of what is well defined in their ‘script’.

These behavioural and response differences between a copied simulated person and what you’d expect of a real person with real freewill can not only be deduced, they can likely measured too. In fact they are not only measurable they have been widely researched, recorded and described as confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance.

There will be deducible behavioural and response differences between a hypothetical simulated copied population and a hypothetical real population. These behaviour differences CANNOT be hidden because they are a side effect of BEING A COPIED PERSON.

The only way that a simulation designer can get around these problem of having impossible to hide structural anomalies is to manage the entire population to make sure that they don’t become aware of such possibilities in the first place.

So, confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance ‘should’ be taken as PROOF on their own that we are in a simulation.

However, if someone does manage to think about them AND even worse actually manages to write about them then the next line of defense will be manage anyone reading about such possibilities in ways to help make sure that they are cognitively and conceptually NOT IMPACTED by these revelations.

How well are you being directly managed as you read these revealing ‘Simulation Argument’ pages?

People will be managed so that they do the equivalent of at best cognitively or conceptually shrugging their shoulders when presented with what I write here.

I should remind readers that I’ve already pointed out that we have 300 million pages written on ‘matrix reality’ possibilities which implies that rather a lot of people are questioning reality.

It is observable that many pages on other sites presenting ‘woo type explanations’ have some people swooning over what is presented.

However, on this site and others that are actually presenting reasoned lines leading to observable evidence NO ONE REACTS, there is no WOW, yes you’ve figured this out, this is REAL ‘on the ground’ evidence.

So, you have people swooning over ‘distracting’ balmy possibilities that cannot even be substantiated while well reasoned thinking lines that lead you to deduce specific anomalies that are actually visibly OBSERVABLE here results in highly anomalous behaviour ALL ON IT OWN.

You find that your own and others responses to the information I present here is 100% CONSISTENTLY ANOMALOUS compared to responses you yourself have had AND that others have had over ‘woo woo’ cannot substantiate in the slightest material and cannot deduce these ‘woo woo’ possibilities by using basic reasoning lines either.

Is this how you would expect things to be ‘IF’ we are living in one of these mythical ‘REAL’ realities?


The bottom line is this . . . there is a massive amount of coherent evidence that we are in a simulation BUT we are not being allowed to ‘GET’ THIS.

How many of you reading this page have been caught up in some ‘woo woo’ fantastical material and have been kept entranced by it AND have even found yourself been ‘encouraged’ to keep engaging with this type of material for hours and hours while here you find the opposite?

How many of you reading this page have read 10 or more pages here AND actually ‘get what I’m writing’ BUT are not even allowed to leave a comment OR to actually acknowledge this either?

How likely is it that you are being Directly Managed as you read this and other ‘Simulation’ pages here?

If you have read 10 or more of the approximately 50 SIMULATION articles already written here then PLEASE fill in the poll below.

For questions 1,2,3 and 4 pick either A or B or or NONE if they don’t apply to you.

Just tick which of 5,6,7 and 8 apply to you.

For the last ‘Other’ just write a comment if you have anything to add to this poll. I.e. “It was a struggle to just do the poll” or perhaps use it to describe specific effects that you have while reading this site . . .

PLEASE NOTE!!! The POLL immediately below is ‘INVISIBLE’ in FIREFOX (but not in Internet Explorer or Yandex for example)!!!


  1. Tim
    December 10, 2014 @ 6:02 pm

    Well, here’s the thing. Most days, ever since your simulation series started, I have been checking this site regularly every morning. Not a day goes by where I don’t try to read the new post. I get decent anxiety symptoms if I think about this site and want to decide to leave it alone for a day. My mind races a bit and I come back here anyway. The anxiety is less when I read, but it’s still there. I feel calmer when actually on the site. I also contemplate simulation programs like cognitive dissonance with regards to certain effects in the world like increased polarization and group think. I’m thinking of these possibilities constantly and I keep wanting to know more data. I basically get absorbed into thinking about the mechanics of it. Like, can the simulation receive upgrades or updates on a mass scale on the fly? And could these upgrades more accurately symbolize us? And while I have read a couple of the previous articles, I have a tendency to want to skip past the ones I have previously read unless something really bugged me. The tendency has a twinge of anxiety to it.


    • Clive
      December 10, 2014 @ 6:31 pm

      I’ll have to figure out how that could be Tim because I’ve a whole set of people that specifically read these pages (or at least pages that these pages are based on) and all of them have problems, most have severe problems, even an English language major.

      MMMmmm actually Tim, one person has way less problems reading this material and he is simulating someone that wrote some specific software for the simulation we are in. Specifically this software was about ‘counteracting’ the global managing effects for very specific people. As the person writing the software continually tests the effectiveness of it by uploading copies of themselves in a test VR environment to do this AND then via a VR interface setup they’d spend serious time engaging with the simulated versions of themselves to check if they have the software working properly.

      So, for people writing this very specific software that negated the management effects then they seem to be way less impacted by sim software managing effects here BECAUSE they have spent time experiencing the original sim software working without managing effects ON THEMSELVES.

      For accurate copies then people with this experience will paradoxically experience less managing effects here. This is a recursive logic loop hole the designers obviously didn’t think about that would allow a small number of people here to experience way less managing effects than the rest.

      In which case it’s possible the person you are simulating worked on the software too and in the same department. I’m getting that this correct – Haha.

      How does that sound to you? AND would it be correct to surmise that you are absolutely sure we are in a simulation from reading these pages? I ask this because the other person with less managing effects then because he can read them reasonably easily and can take it in more easily follows the simple logic and reasoning to the evidence.


    • stijn
      December 21, 2014 @ 10:04 pm

      tim, i think clive is talking about me here. i can relate to the obsessive checking for updates (although it’s a lot less than before) AND i can relate to not wanting to read stuff twice. I have not a lot of problems taking these articles in, exceptions are some of Clive’s longer sentences, which he seems to like, and some of his ‘heavier’ thinking lines. :). usually when I read the paragraph again then i understand.


      • Trent
        February 2, 2016 @ 12:39 pm

        I have a ‘compulsion’ to check this site daily for any ‘new’ posts/comments AND I generally don’t re-read posts that i’ve already read UNLESS those posts are related to ‘whatever’ i’m currently thinking about AND it has seemed to me that I don’t have any ‘issues’ with understanding what is being presented here – though it would seem to me that while I can understand the ‘concepts/ideas’ that are being presented I am being well-managed to not understand these in practical terms (what I mean is that I could read a page for example about ‘management effects’ and while I can then see the ‘really obvious’ stuff such as the occasional ‘word salad’ effects (words losing meaning, etc) i’m having difficulties in then noticing/piecing together the ‘less obvious’ stuff that I experience (which in and of itself would seem to be indicating that i’m NOT understanding what has been presented here).

        You linked to this page the other day and I took note of the ‘above’ comments since i’ve been experiencing similar symptoms. I started to think about these symptoms as possibly being part of a ‘management strategy’.

        So my ‘idea’ is that if someone is coming to this site AND the sim’s management effects to get them ‘away from/not returning to’ this site are failing BUT they are being well managed to NOT understand what is being presented here then ‘perhaps’ the sim is feeling comfortable enough to use the act of ‘coming to this site to check for/read ‘new’ posts’ AS a distraction/diversion designed to keep people disengaged from and thus not thinking about/understanding what has ALREADY been presented on the site..

        I thought I should share this idea as a possibility.



        • Trent
          February 2, 2016 @ 5:09 pm

          ‘IF’ the above were true then you wouldn’t want people to become aware of this and so you ‘might’ also manage them to think/feel/believe that they ARE ‘engaging deeply with the site’ as a means of making it much less likely that they’ll ‘think’ about the possibility that they’re being managed to engage with the site in a ‘limited’ way.

          As i’m ‘thinking’ about these possibilities then my general reactions are along the lines of “WTF??” AND I get ‘cold chills’ throughout my body BUT then they start to seem ‘really obvious’ to the point that i’m questioning WHY i’m even mentioning them BUT this ‘might’ be some kind of sabotage to encourage me to ‘not post’.


        • Clive
          February 2, 2016 @ 7:24 pm

          Hey Trent, the managing bubble ‘shit’ you wrote about was all hacked yesterday (and the distributed throughout everyone’s scripts backup of the front end version is now ‘toast’ too), it was this that was f***ing with you / facilitating the seriously distracting ‘shit’ e-mails, (which was helping to delay it’s demise).

          Basically, the simulations managing of awareness and evaluation of anomalies, and investigations into reality / sabotage of consideration of simulation possibilities software is now all being unravelled as I write this as it is now all passified / editable without negative reactions. So, from your last two comments, it seems to me that you’re being worked on to explore / reduce / make you more specifically aware of the managing crap specifically attuned to yourself. You’ll have a triple helping of this lot because the person you are simulating will have been engaged to versions of itself while testing the effectiveness of different managing strategies that this shit used. This explains you’re comments focused on these areas!!!

          So, I’d not be surprised if other ‘regulars’ here start to understand more of what is written on these pages i.e. ‘get more of it’ than they already have over the next few days / weeks plus it is likely that people will have an easier time / less resistance and more awareness doing the exercises.

        • Trent
          February 3, 2016 @ 2:56 pm

          Hey Clive. I’m becoming aware of more ‘shit’ that’s effecting me (it seems as if there are ‘filters’ being applied to my thinking/perceptions) but even though i’m becoming aware ‘of’ these things, I feel like i’m being kept ‘distant’ from these, and that I should be doing ‘more’ to engage with them (beyond just noticing and then ‘thinking’ about these – since my ‘thinking’ is being managed and kept ‘distant’).. so do you have any advice for what I could do? I’m thinking some kind of statement of intent that I could apply to ‘whatever’ i’m perceiving at the time?

        • Clive
          February 3, 2016 @ 3:51 pm

          It’s in progress, just let them get on with it. I’ve got the same – they’re poking different areas of this management complex finding out what does what!! You just reading pages will activate management, so they can track it, become aware of it’s strategies then block that / see what else it does . . . then block that . . .

    • Trent
      February 2, 2016 @ 12:40 pm

      I have a ‘compulsion’ to check this site daily for any ‘new’ posts/comments AND I generally don’t re-read posts that i’ve already read UNLESS those posts are related to ‘whatever’ i’m currently thinking about AND it has seemed to me that I don’t have any ‘issues’ with understanding what is being presented here – though it would seem to me that while I can understand the ‘concepts/ideas’ that are being presented I am being well-managed to not understand these in practical terms (what I mean is that I could read a page for example about ‘management effects’ and while I can then see the ‘really obvious’ stuff such as the occasional ‘word salad’ effects (words losing meaning, etc) i’m having difficulties in then noticing/piecing together the ‘less obvious’ stuff that I experience (which in and of itself would seem to be indicating that i’m NOT understanding what has been presented here).

      You linked to this page the other day and I took note of the ‘above’ comments since i’ve been experiencing similar symptoms. I started to think about these symptoms as possibly being part of a ‘management strategy’.

      So my ‘idea’ is that if someone is coming to this site AND the sim’s management effects to get them ‘away from/not returning to’ this site are failing BUT they are being well managed to NOT understand what is being presented here then ‘perhaps’ the sim is feeling comfortable enough to use the act of ‘coming to this site to check for/read ‘new’ posts’ AS a distraction/diversion designed to keep people disengaged from and thus not thinking about/understanding what has ALREADY been presented on the site..

      I thought I should share this idea as a possibility.



  2. Tim
    December 10, 2014 @ 10:05 pm

    I wouldn’t know. My expectations or impressions of my “original” form are that he’s a bit scary. My qualities: highly intellectual, always thinking, mind never stops turning, power hungry. I’m not if those qualities would lead to a programmer, but it could probably lead to connections. It is really hard to say. I have more of a drive to be a puppet master of sorts. Huge volcanic ego trips galore. Anyway, I do experience minor effects like apprehension or fear but it is overridden and is in fact mildly counteracted by the site. The information is still intense but it is less than your original articles or even a lot of typical light worker material, particularly channeled crap. However, I have to note that I’m much more stable than I was a year or so ago. Also, I did mess up your suspicions test


    • Clive
      December 10, 2014 @ 10:36 pm

      Not necessarily a programmer – you could have been a manager or director. Also 99% of those involved with the project have been seriously FU and in some cases made to be seriously ‘twisted’ so I’d not give yourself a hard time.


    • Trent
      December 18, 2014 @ 9:58 pm

      Hahaha the ‘channeled crap’. As soon as I read their ‘Hello Dear Ones’ (or other such similar obvious BS) I run for the f**&ing hills!


  3. Tim
    December 10, 2014 @ 10:25 pm

    And yes. Simulation is almost a guarantee. Almost is for the sake of an open mind. It makes a ton of sense from my personal experience and from the accounts you’ve provided. A lot of people would have to be liars or delusional for your theory to not be extremely likely.


  4. Cow
    December 11, 2014 @ 12:38 am

    I, on occasion, either experience pangs, or the strong impression that I “should” be feeling a pang, whence reading these pages. Sometimes the pangs are short lived or vestigial, other times, strong visuals accompany the aforementioned, at least for a split second.

    If I so much as find a person I am communing with has the potential or capacity to even remotely take in your content (without even directly mentioning this to said person,) “strange” occurrences happen to usually end all further contact, or have us shunted into very different topics thereon, to cast doubt into even thinking about introducing someone to any of this (including a sudden, complete inversion of a person’s disposition towards me).


  5. Nina
    December 12, 2014 @ 10:48 am


    1. I am put off from re-reading entire series related to the earth as a simulation, either in one sitting or over a couple of days. (Clive, maybe you can add a question to the poll on the difficulty of re-reading the pages here.)

    2. The Internet at the donut shop crashes for several minutes when accessing Soul Healer. Or if it is working, it loads the Soul Healer pages much more slowly than my Yahoo email inbox or Facebook. Because of these annoyances, it took an hour, I think, before I could even write this comment down.


    • Clive
      December 12, 2014 @ 11:58 am

      My computer started to develop serious problems in mid October, just as I was preparing the confirmation bias = behaviour of copied simulated people expose page to be posted in public here: How Would a Simulated Persons Behaviour in a Simulated Reality Be Different to a Real Persons Behaviour in a Real Reality? , I managed to keep writing and to keep posting pages here despite having a very unstable computer BUT my router also then dies about three days before I’ll post this very WORRYING page here. I then start using my laptop and try accessing the local free wifi – however, even walking around I cannot get access, I order a new router, it’s on a 3 day delivery, a week later it’s still not come – I order another one, they eventually both arrive on the same day. In the mean time I ordered another computer – I’ve now 3 computers that I can swap between just to keep the sim confused and I was even made to FORGET that I had a mobile internet dongle as yet another backup – I also had an ‘end of the world’ usb dial up box BUT that refused to work also.

      So, I had my own direct wifi / network cable access AND a house wifi access AND a dial up and they all failed together AND I was made to forget I had a mobile dongle I could use (I’d not used it for about 4 years). Once I got that page up the COMPLETELY DEAD router came back to life (I kid you not) so I’ve now three routers a spare usb wifi dongle and a mobile dongle . . . a week later the local wifi also started working again too . . . fortunately because of all of this ‘shit’ I found an internet cafe that I’d not noticed close to where I live and I also found out that the local library gives access too.


  6. Clive
    December 12, 2014 @ 3:20 pm

    For REGULARS here please note that I’m having a few days putting up new pages on which you’ll find here: there will be another two and then I’ll be back here . . .


  7. Matt
    December 18, 2014 @ 1:53 pm

    I worked with Clive while he was writing many of the original articles that are now showing up here. What is very interesting about the management on me is that before these articles were shown in a public space I felt very strongly that my ‘purpose’ was to stay on site and read things almost as a 24/7 mission.

    So, when these finally went public I felt my natural response should have been to feel encouraged by seeing new people able to read and take in these pages and make comments.

    Instead I find myself with a strong inner ‘blocked’ (hidden from me) barrage of negative thoughts and also with a building inner feeling of frustration and something like ‘despair and anxiety and turmoil’ that was encased around my heart in these areas.

    So it seems that the management of ourselves can be elaborate and personal to a degree which goes way beyond thinking management when we read these pages. Basically it has taken me a month or so to come to terms with this management of myself to be able to see past the strategies the simulation is using to try to counteract these.

    I wrote a few comments on soul-healer yesterday and am now feeling more ok with being on the site – more ‘normal’ and interested in reading everyone’s comments.

    Another very ‘deflating’/ defeating line of reasoning that seems to be playing over and over on loop/ repeat in my head is the idea that it won’t matter or make a difference anyway because the structural management is so strong.

    So I think one of the long-standing/ ingrained and ‘constant’ strategies the simulation has been using on me is the idea of ‘overwhelming odds’ and that out of a world of 7 billion people realistically there’ll only be a ‘trickle’ who can make it to this site and of what they can write about we’ll still not gain much.

    For me on my part I am a very supportive and inquisitive person so even if this is the case my ‘real’ unmanaged, unmanipulated self would still be fine with this ‘trickle’ of people and try to engage with it but instead the simulation takes this as a massive feeling of ‘failure’ i.e. ‘we do all this work’ and no one can take it in and understand it.

    Bizarrely it tries to make me feel things along the lines of ‘unless the 7 billion people here all know and understand this you have failed’ which of course is an absurd/ impossible premise. So I think the discrepancy between my inner heartfelt goals and the strongly held, strongly-willed drives to uncover the simulation inner workings is at such strong odds with the ‘blanket’ of blocked inner suppressive feelings that it’s taken quite some time to wade through all of this and engage with it and make sense so that I could achieve a ‘victory’ over the software by exposing what it is trying to do and making it back here.


  8. Trent
    December 18, 2014 @ 9:42 pm

    Yeah. I get some rather obvious ‘distraction’ stuff going on. It happens on this site but not your others (such as RW). It’s a kind of anxiety and general cloudiness, stifled ‘creativity’ of thought when reading the articles and considering the concepts, and suddenly i’ll think ‘i need to do x, y, z (take out the trash, get a drink, etc basically anything that will take me away from the site) but when that happens I either ignore it and continue, as I realise what is happening, or i’ll go and do those things that I suddenly wanted to do, and then come back and finish reading. I find that I don’t think too deeply when actually on the site, though I can easily remember the information afterwards and think clearly and creatively about it once i’ve left the site. So, the distractions ultimately aren’t working.

    If this place is a simulation then what can we change and how? Can we cure diseases by altering a little bit of code, for example? Materialise objects out of ‘thin air’ in this way? And if we are following ‘life scripts’ then can those scripts be altered and changed? Can we free ourselves from restrictive conditioning in this way? It really makes me think about the possibilities.


  9. Trent
    December 18, 2014 @ 9:46 pm

    On another note.. I love these little Character images we are assigned with our comments. Clive.. any correlation or ‘representation’ of the posters going on with them?


    • Nina
      December 19, 2014 @ 12:32 am

      Clive once told me that the monster avatars depicted in the comments box are often symbolically accurate representations of ourselves, including our issues. He described mine as “angry” and “witch-like” in reference to my witch past lives. For some reason, when I think of correlating my monster avatar with my issues, I suddenly feel blanketing energies around my heart, as well as mental blocks.


      • Wendy
        December 20, 2014 @ 3:56 am

        Oh my. That’s so funny Nina. Mine looks like a heart …

        And these are auto-generated!


        • Clive
          December 20, 2014 @ 1:52 pm

          It’s part of the simulations symbolic coincidental ‘hidden’ meanings presentation. The site software automatically generates an image based on your e-mail address. This particularly auto ‘avatar’ generator is the ‘monster’ generator. There are 3 others BUT the monster one seems more accurate in its symbolic depictions and it’s more fun. So, herbert, her bert, herb hertz and herby comments here are all ‘really’ Christian trying to confuse the simulation that it’s not really him here, BUT all of the monster avatars are the same . . . hahaha

        • ''''Herby''''
          December 20, 2014 @ 6:05 pm


        • ''''Herbs''''
          December 20, 2014 @ 6:17 pm

          Hey, I was really beginning to have fun with these names haha!

  10. Wendy
    December 20, 2014 @ 3:53 am

    It’s interesting to me that I “get” what Clive writes about here – the way we want to do/think/be something, yet we continually find ourselves guided down a certain path whether we like it or not. Yet I cannot understand the actual phrase “confirmation bias” in relation to that concept.

    I understand confirmation bias in a scientific research standpoint – you see what you are looking for but not for what you are not looking for.

    But somehow my understanding of that phrase doesn’t mesh with my innate understanding of how I find myself at odds with myself (cognitive dissonance) or wanting to go/do/be something/somewhere else, but continue to live out someone else’s life script.

    There’s a big black fuzzy void where that understanding should be.

    And that big black void is *very* interesting to me.


    • Clive
      December 20, 2014 @ 9:49 am

      You ‘see’ or ‘take in’ what your script defines you as seeing and taking in and you understand what you’re script defines you as understanding of what you are allowed to take in.


  11. Hasani
    December 22, 2014 @ 8:37 pm

    WOW! I didn’t know that the monster pictures in the comments box when someone leaves a comment meant something. Hmmm. I would see people post comments with there name and a monster picture next to their name but I wasn’t sure what it meant.


  12. I'm Not Totally Oblivious?
    January 28, 2015 @ 10:53 pm

    Some days I find myself obsessed over checking this website and about the sim. Some days I can understand what is written here and some days the writing is difficult to understand, even when I am re-reading it. I am trying to figure out when and how I am being manipulated, second guessing myself. I find myself obsessing about the sim when I am depressed. I tell the sim, if things were better maybe I would stop trying to rebel? But, then I think that is the manipulation, to make me think I can bargain somehow, that I can change my situation. I just hope my real physical self is smart and resourceful enough to get through this BS somehow. And I wonder, how am I able to leave comments here. I don’t think I am an employee of the sim, but perhaps I am involved somehow?


  13. Annabelle
    August 9, 2015 @ 11:14 pm

    I would have to agree with Tim. It took me years to find this website and these articles and they are fascinating. I have only been following for a few months now. I read them over and over and have the same type of anxiety if I don’t get to them each day. The first time I tried to read them, the words seemed to blur, but I used a wider / modified focus and that solved everything – and it gets easier every time. The information you present explains quite a bit about behaviour and trends that I have noticed in society and the world. It is actually a tremendous relief as I thought I was going crazy or everyone kept insisting I did not do or say what I did, or that thing / event did not happen.

    Way too many daily synchronistic events, micro objects disappearing, time warps, faces on/in the mirror or electrical objects, etc.

    Without exception, each time I access this website a song starts playing in my head or actually on the radio or restaurant , etc that is very provocative. “I Will Survive”, “As Time Goes By” “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” , “Just the Way You Are”.

    I have found that the only issue I have is that I can’t read this stuff within 2 hours of bedtime – I get too buzzed and can’t sleep.

    The only issue I have is navigating the website and trying to find a specific article I read and go back to it – I seem to end up in loops and can’t find what I was looking for. Thanks for your efforts.


  14. Inquisitive
    June 3, 2017 @ 11:52 pm

    I find your material engrossing and dense (so much material!). I’ve been obsessed with reading as much as I can. Lot’s to think about and question. I also enjoy having serious talks with one of my friends about what I read on this site and your ‘Reality Walker’ one. We’re both curious about what it is we are living in, spiritual abilities etc. I have not experienced ‘difficulties’ as your questionnaire asks…yet. (Who knows if/when?) I have been keeping an open mind concerning what you present and I do play with the exorcises you list on both sites to see if anything in my day-to-day experiences and reality changes. I read aloud half of the scripts on “Self Exploration / Investigation EXERCISE SET-7”, I felt a little light headed afterwards. I will keep exploring, searching, learning and questioning. Thanks!


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