New page (12th May, UPDATED/yet more edits, and more parts extended) . . . the last and now old ‘missing people’ page I massively updated the ‘duplicated population in a duplicated reality’ evidence on that page, so below is the (at the moment) final version of ‘evidence’ part . . . the ‘older’ missing people page I’ve deleted the top part so it’s just left focused on the missing people angle and the focus. This page is now HERE!!!!

I’d like to ‘set the scene’ with some overall general ‘facts’ with respect to our reality/planet earth itself presenting a great variety of consistent anomalies while also presenting significant numbers of people holding to some ‘interesting’ beliefs/expectations, very specifically about the earth . . .

Some ‘One Strange Rock’ Facts Related To Anomalous Physical Earth Phenomena & Beliefs

FACT 1: We have many, many, happening regularly examples of a few different types of anomalous experiences, that are ‘by and large’ consistently experienced by significant numbers of people and in some cases (for UFO sightings for example) by very large numbers of people.
FACT 2: Most types of anomalous experience are by and large investigated and then thought about/evaluated in isolation from other types of anomalous experiences.
FACT 3: We also have some anomalous ‘beliefs’ which are ‘by and large’ consistently held to by a significant number of people, in some cases by large numbers of people. The flat earth people would be one example of these.
FACT 4: I ‘could’ be wrong about this BUT I also get the ‘impression’ that at least a few people expect that we should have ‘aliens’ here too, although, what we absolutely consistently have are actual sightings only of what are very, very odd, anomalous creatures, that are ‘specifically’ categorised as such because they are not recognised as any earth based animal form/species that we know of here!!!
FACT 5: Also, despite that we have MANY RECORDED AS WELL AS ‘WELL DOCUMENTED’ INSTANCES OF BOTH UFO’s AS WELL AS MANY ONE OFF WEIRD/ODD ‘CREATURES’ which ‘should’ have had people questioning the base configuration/foundation nature of reality itself, this just doesn’t happen!!!

In doing internet searches, as far as I can tell, I seem to be the only person that is ‘questioning’ the base nature of reality, although I also appear to be the only person that is suspicious about various embedded ‘belief’s’ and or ‘expectations’ too which are ‘anomalous’ either with respect to what you’d expect of a ‘real/natural’ reality and or with respect to our own ‘observable/provable’ circumstances.

So, exactly what would the base configuration/nature of our reality >> HAVE TO BE << to coherently as well as ‘logically/rationally’ explain as many of the different types/categories of anomalous personal experiences (i.e. odd phenomena that are consistently experienced/seen/recorded by many) as well as various consistently held to anomalous beliefs (again consistently ‘held to’ by a fair number of people here) as well as of some of the many anomalous ‘earth/planet’ physical ‘geological and or ‘surface landscape’ phenomena that we also have here too!!!!

For example, if we are ‘actually’ all living within a copied, duplicated ‘simulated’ reality configuration such that we here are then copies of other people from another reality version, then all of us here ‘here’ would actually all be directly or indirectly ‘manipulated/managed’ specifically to ‘by and large’ have us each living out . . .


However, if we are actually all living within some type of copied/duplicated ‘reality’ version then any significant differences between the original reality configuration/layout and or the common/normal living circumstances of the original population/any sub population (all of whom will be ‘represented’ here) when compared to both our larger ‘universe scale’ reality circumstances as well as our current single planet earth population/cultures living circumstance will then very, very likely result in the presentation of various anomalies/anomalous experiences as well as perhaps embedded anomalous ‘beliefs’ too!!

In some cases, these will be personal/individual while others will impact specific sub groups of people here (of different sizes) depending very specifically on the scale of the translated original circumstances and or the number of people whom have specific experiences and or whom have some specific common ‘knowledge’ interests.

The bottom line to the above is that, depending on how any copied population/any sub populations specific original circumstances/environment and or their embedded experiences/common knowledge/facts and or beliefs are translated/converted (or not) to their duplicate versions/counter parts ‘here’ this could result in specific groups of people ‘here’ holding to odd and or ‘out of context/impossible’ ‘facts/beliefs’, specifically because these were common knowledge and or accurate with respect to their original environment and or the original circumstances and or experiences . . . such that some specific ‘facts/beliefs’ then actually maybe/possibly:


A Duplicated Population could easily present Embedded ‘Beliefs/Knowledge’ that Relate to the Original Reality Circumstances & ‘NOT’ Ours Here!!!!

If we are living within a duplicated reality that is specifically different to the original that the population we are a copy of lived within then it is actually entirely possible that some people here will have embedded ‘knowledge/common knowledge/beliefs/understandings/knowing’s’ that correspond to the common/embedded knowledge of their original local scale circumstances as well as of their solar system and or larger universe scale knowledge/understandings too.

Hence then, it seems to me that under certain conditions it is very likely that a copied/duplicated population would present some people/specific groups of people presenting embedded ‘knowledge/beliefs’ that specifically relate to the original world/planet/habitat and or their original solar system as well as larger cosmic/universe scale circumstances of the experience of the person they are a copy of, which (depending on how different things are within our reality version) actually then may then not be correct for and or then won’t make sense with respect to our current earth world living circumstances, local and or larger reality circumstances and or with respect to our recorded/accumulated knowledge too!!!

Basically if we here are actually living within a duplicated copied reality circumstances such that you reading this are simulating someone whose day in, day out/ALL THE TIME circumstances and or ‘knowledge’ were ’embedded’, while also being VERY DIFFERENT with respect to your/our current earth world circumstance and or our larger knowledge and or your current/personal incarnation circumstances then it is very possible that you would find yourself holding to and or ‘believe’ the original ‘knowledge’ related to the original circumstances of the person you are a copy of which actually may be quite different, even VERY DIFFERENT with respect to our earth knowledge and or earth circumstances here and or what you are now living/your own circumstances here!!!!

In this respect, a duplicated copied person may very well find themselves with strong beliefs/knowing’s/knowledge that actually don’t relate to our current earth circumstance specifically, BUT WHICH ‘DO’ RELATE TO/ARE ACCURATE FOR THE ORIGINAL CIRCUMSTANCES & OR EXPERIENCES/KNOWLEDGE OF THE PERSON THEY ARE A COPY OF.

So, with respect to the above, I’m now going to use some examples of a variety of consistently experienced i.e. ‘common anomalies/anomalous experiences’ (that have been directly experienced and or observed by many different people) as well as some anomalous ‘beliefs’ about facets of our reality/the make up of reality that just don’t make any sense at all with respect to our current ‘observed’ circumstances and or our recorded ‘history’.

I’m then going to ‘interpret/translate’ at least ‘some’ specific anomalous experiences with respect to what these specific experiences ‘suggest’ if we are copies i.e. duplicates of other people whom specifically lived within a different environment and or significantly different circumstances such that what they experienced in the original circumstances actually cannot be directly presented/lived with respect to our current/observable circumstances here (because our circumstances and or environment are too different/unrepresentative of the original environment) . . . such that at least some specific experiences cannot be accommodated/directly lived within our own reality configuration here such that they have to be presented in either very isolated/remote circumstances and or as personal to the individual i.e. as an ‘outside of consensus reality itself’ experience!!!

To do this, I’m going to use various common ANOMALOUS PHENOMENON &/OR SOME SPECIFIC TYPES OF ‘ANOMALOUS’ experiences that haven’t been rationally/logically explained with respect to what is OBSERVABLE within respect to our current single planet scale and single intelligent ‘human’ species population circumstances.

Why Does our One Strange Rock present Many UFO’s While Being Unable to Provide Logical Explanations To Explain These?

So, if we here are ‘actually’ a duplicated population, then how must the original environment and or the original situation and or circumstances ‘HAVE TO BE’ to account for some specific types and or varieties of regularly observed/experienced anomalous phenomena and or historical myths/legends!!!!

For example: ‘IF’ we are a copied subtle/soul/spirit population whom were interfaced to many different animal forms whom were also incarnated/living on many/many different planets/worlds maybe even within many different planetary systems perhaps even spanning one or more galaxies in terms of scale of ‘incarnations’ of the subtle forms being interfaced to a physical animal avatar . . . while also being technologically more advanced than ourselves (including having interplanetary/inter system travel) compared to what we have here . . . then what anomalies would you expect if we ‘here’ are just a small selected sub population (from the original much larger population) now seemingly arising and living as one species on the surface of one single planet (whom originally actually lived on many different planets)?

Well, if planet to planet/system to system, perhaps even galaxy to galaxy scale transport/craft commonly operated within the original environment then:

  1. What ‘out of context’ anomalies would these ‘many aliens’ everywhere result in here . . . and . . .
  2. How would any individuals here that is a copy/duplicate of someone whom either saw and or encountered an alien craft and or even encountered an ‘alien’ have these types of experiences lived/presented here?

Wouldn’t the above scenario result in specific people both ‘seeing’ as well as perhaps at times even photographing alien craft within the original environment, it would also result in some people (and perhaps many) actual having some direct encounters with aliens from other worlds? Wouldn’t it also at (least in some cases (depending on the aliens)) result in specific people/aliens in the original environment even being abducted (and then examined) by some other worldly aliens because they came from another planet . . .

For example, I’ve had a few UFO sighting experiences, the first in my mid teens which I documented here, the second was in my late teens when I was with my parents camping in the ‘Lake District’ which I describe here, and the third one was while driving and was difficult to keep track of (described here) plus years later I had a very, very odd extended experience involving a cloaked UFO docking to a commercial airline plane out of which emerged a lot of little ‘aliens’ whom then proceeded to spend time examining as well as ‘fiddling with’ various passengers during the flight (I describe this experience here).

So, exactly how would these many aliens on many different worlds travelling and then meeting other aliens on other words play out within a duplicated reality where all of those whom were originally spread out over many different planets are now all on one single world while also being represented as ONE SINGLE SPECIES i.e. ‘humans’!!!!

What types of ‘anomalous’ experiences would perhaps end up being presented under these ‘ALL ALIENS FROM MANY WORLDS ARE NOW ALL LIVING ON ONE SINGLE WORLD’ circumstances!?!?!?!?

Just Where Are All The Aliens/Other Intelligent Life Forms Within Our Multiverse Version?

Why is it that some people (including some scientists) are obviously puzzled that we seem to be completely alone here with no signals and or no visible signs of any aliens/any occupied planets indicating that we either have no aliens or that they are all making a massive effort to actually avoid being detected by ourselves . . . ‘OR’ they are all right here NOW, except they are all now interfaced to a single species rather than being interfaced to many different animal species!!!!

It seems obvious (at least to me) that we have people here (maybe a lot of people) whom present themselves as having what I’d describe as ANOMALOUS ‘EXPECTATIONS’ specifically because they seem to expect that we actually should have other occupied worlds i.e. ‘aliens living on other planets’ within out own multiverse i.e. people/peoples/aliens living on some of the other worlds here!!!!

Coincidentally, why is it that we also have loads and loads of what are described as ‘cryptid’ sightings here i.e. in the same way that we have many, many ‘UFO’ sightings i.e. we have many craft seen and recorded which are obviously ‘ALIEN WITH RESPECT TO OUR OWN LEVEL OF TECHNOLOGIES/THE CRAFT THAT WE OURSELVES DESIGN/USE’ . . . . we also have loads and loads of generally one off and or remote sightings of some very different as well as sometimes considered ‘intelligent’ animals/species (because of what they are doing and or how they behave and or because they wear clothes and or a right next to an alien craft) BUT we also consistently (same as for ufo’s) never manage to catch one and or get anything else other than perhaps a blurry photo or come other indirect/vague evidence of these!!!

In other words, we seem to have (relatively speaking) many unusual creature sightings BUT, just like ufo’s they appear, and they then disappear while in most cases just like the UFO’s they also don’t seem to leave behind any consistent evidence/proof of their existence either, which given the estimated 1000’s of sightings of such creatures it’s also ‘statistically’ anomalous that not one is definitively caught!!!!

Coincidentally, on this page here I write of my own very weird/bizarre encounter/sighting of a giant/human sized bat, inclusive of a very weird/suppressing atmosphere such that neither myself nor anyone else I was with actually managed to point this out nor speak about this possibility EVER!!!! So, 5 people walk around with a giant bat in view, at least 2 maybe 3 of these others I’m sure glanced in that direction such they it is highly likely they saw the same . . . BUT we are all ‘magically’ (that’s the best way to accurately describe the ‘group’ response to this) made to be ‘mute’ about the giant bat!!!! Which also strongly suggests that ‘reality’ itself would be actually suppressing people whom have these types of experience/encounter . . . which if we actually are a duplicated population . . . i.e. if we here are copies of other people from somewhere else then how would a ‘hypothetical’ real reality be able to ‘naturally’ present duplicates/copies of others, specifically to have them live out a duplicated life of someone from somewhere else . . .

Just to make all of this even more confusing and bizarre, because I ‘used’ to have a very bad stammer/speech block (in the now distant past) to get rid of this stammer I directed all of my senses to myself and my internal states specifically to try and become aware of the origins/originating circumstances of the stammer (to then ‘rationally’ resolve it) . . . which eventually had me spontaneously gaining access to past lives, actually many many past lives (including a Mayan past life) . . . in tracking through all of these past lives . . . I eventually got to the ‘creation’ of myself as the SUBTLE SOUL BEING I ACTUALLY AM . . . after which I then spent time tracing my entire past history/experience (which coincidentally was within an entire multiverse/many galaxies/worlds scale environment) until I reached ‘myself’ in real time . . . however, what was even more confusing was that this version of ‘myself’ was as a subtle being living within other multiverse that was parallel to this one AND it was from that multiverse in real time REMOTELY ACCESSING & WATCHING/TRACKING MYSELF IN THE MULTIVERSE NEXT DOOR (THIS ONE) . . . so, I’ve known from directly accessing my own ‘original’ form (and many others ‘original’ forms as part of healing sessions in the past) that I and EVERYONE ELSE HERE is a copy of someone else living out a copied life within a very, very different single world/plant environment!!!!

If what I’m describing above is correct then the population we are copies of would have interplanetary, inter world, inter system and galaxy scale trade communications and knowledge . . . such that within our ‘original’ population we’d very likely have regular ‘news’ that would commonly include presentations about interplanetary circumstances as well as regular presentations involving lots of different physical ‘alien/animal forms’ . . . all then missing here (in copied person ‘experiences’ terms) . . . except that ‘here’ we’ve rather a lot of science fiction as both books as well as many, many films and series all of which are not only presenting technologies way beyond our own, but which also include many multiple worlds inhabited by many, many different types of aliens . . . which here are likely read/watched/viewed by many people perhaps for longer than they read ‘news’ sites . . .

How many films and episodes of series involving either alien’s, other worlds and or super high tech did you watch in the last month and or how much more time did you spend watching these compared to watching and or reading ‘news’!!!

Why do we have MANY People Here Claiming to Have been Abducted by Aliens/None Humans

If you have many intelligent beings/aliens spread out over many, many worlds within many different as well as distant to each other solar systems some of which (or even perhaps many) actually have interplanetary and or inter system craft that they are travelling around within, then isn’t it somewhat likely that some of these ‘aliens’ on encountering others on distant worlds may try to make contact and or at then least temporarily interact with any seemingly ‘intelligent’ others!!!

If so, then isn’t it possible that some of these ‘alien’ encounters/contacts and particularly of encounters/contacts between very, very different alien species types could result in some of these people/aliens being taken, perhaps held, even questioned/interrogated, maybe even subjected to some direct physical examination by ‘other worldly’ even aliens within these aliens craft!!!!

So, if you give yourself a little time for the above ‘SINK IN’ . . . then you might eventually realise that as we ourselves would be copies of these people (i.e. we’d be of many different physical i.e. alien to each other species) such that rather then our ‘intelligent’ population here we compromising many different animal/alien species we’ve all been converted into one single human form. Basically we are very likely to ‘originally’ have been a population of many, many different animal/alien species!!!!

It seems to me that our films and series are more accurately representing the original multiverse’s multiple aliens i.e. a population of many, many subtle beings interfaced to many different physical animal forms/avatars population spread out over many different worlds/planets very likely within a vast galaxy and or multi galaxy scale environment . . . hence then we’ve MANY, MANY ‘SPACE/ALIEN’ FILMS/MOVIES/SERIES . . . star trek being one that despite presenting many aliens of obviously many different animal species they are pretty much all presented in a human overcoat!!!!

How many people have been abducted? Well, feedback from polls conducted by abduction researchers suggest that there may be hundreds of thousands, somewhat suggesting that the phenomenon maybe widespread throughout society.

A Duplicated Population Will Absolutely Present Anomalies For Specific Experiences Because They Absolutely HAVE TO BE MADE TO HAPPEN (PART 1)

Any population where each individual’s life is predetermined (because they are actually being made to live out the life of another person at least reasonably accurately), quite simply absolutely cannot avoid presenting some very specific anomalies under some very specific as well as deducible/definable circumstances.

So, in not being brain dead while actually spending some decent time actually THINKING about these possibilities I figured out that there are at least two types of very specific ‘life’ experiences/incidents which are actually very, very likely to result in the presentation of some specific types of anomalies/oddities ‘IF’ we are actually living out a pre-defined life!!!


These will include anyone that the person you are simulating had a significant/important meeting with and or long term relationship with as well as key i.e. long term friends (and enemies too).

So, if you reading this where designing this type of duplicated person simulation then just how would you directly or indirectly manipulate/cajole people to orientate/guide them to meet with, spend time with and or become friends and or even start a relationship with some specific person?


HINT: Please keep in mind (given everything you’ve read above) that it is very, VERY LIKELY that your entire reality, yourself and every other person here ARE ALL DEFINED BY SOFTWARE. In this respect, arranging for two people to ‘coincidentally’ be in the very same place at the same time while also setting up circumstances to make them likely to not only meet BUT to also start to interact with each other, perhaps wouldn’t actually be too difficult for software to do.

Coincidentally we have many, many people here that have noticed and have written IN DETAIL about the ‘meaningful’ coincidences and synchronicity’s they experienced that very much contributed to ‘guide’ them, while perhaps also emotionally/psychologically PREPARING THEM to meet someone that would became very, very significant to themselves and or of them starting a long term friendship and or relationship!!!!

However, what would take way, way more ‘software’ effort would be to manage/manipulate the people that not only noticed the chain of coincidences and or the emotional and or psychological ‘pointers/primers’ enough to question these AND WRITE ABOUT THEM to have them then:


So, if your reality is NOT SOFTWARE DEFINED, such that you reading this are then absolutely/utterly free to OPENLY think about anything and everything related to these possibilities . . . then leave this page now (before looking/reading further down the page) and spend time thinking about ‘other’ types of experiences that you’d also either be guided to EITHER ABSOLUTELY EXPERIENCE & OR TO ABSOLUTELY NOT EXPERIENCE, such that these specific experiences would also present anomalies, specifically with respect to people being either incredibly lucky or incredibly unlucky!!!!

Some Types of Anomalous Coincidences Suggest That Some People Have A ‘Facilitating’ Neural Implant

If we are a duplicated population that is actually living in less advanced technology circumstances such that we are missing some advanced technologies and particularly neural enhancements within our reality here . . . then isn’t it possible that we’d also some anomalous ‘coincidences’ related to ourselves perhaps simulating someone that has advanced neural implants.

If our population here is actually really a copy of another that not only had inter planetary craft but also interstellar craft too (remember all of the ‘UFO and ‘cryptid’ sightings that we don’t have any ‘official’ recognition of here) such that it’s then likely that at least some of the people here will be a duplicate copy of someone that had some sort of neural enhancements such that for example:

  1. Someone just thinking in a puzzled way about something or perhaps internally asking questions/making queries about specific things would perhaps have a neural implant automatically searching for and then automatically presenting ourselves with the information they are actually just ‘thinking/musing about and or mentally ‘querying” . . .
  2. Someone just thinking about someone in some specific way (say via thinking “ahh I really need to speak to XYY”) would again have some neural implant initiate direct communication as in initiate a phone call!!!!

In which case, how would people here whom are a copy of someone whom had either of the above i.e. either automatic access to and pretty much immediate responses from some sort of knowledge/database type AI, and or an implant that automatically dials/setups opens up and initiates some means of communication with the person you are thinking about . . .

Coincidentally in writing the previous coincidences and synchronicity’s section I came across a survey (done by scientists) that listed the most commonly experienced coincidences. The first 3 of which were:

  1. I think of a question only to have it answered by an external source (i.e. radio, TV), or other people (but before I ask it)
  2. I think of an idea and hear or see it on the radio, TV, or Internet.
  3. I think of calling someone, only to have that person unexpectedly call me. . . .

How come that all of the above types of the most commonly recorded coincidences and synchronicity’s very, very strongly suggest that reality itself is automatically as well as very coherently/accurately being ‘responsive’ to very specific people under very specific circumstances . . . which coincidentally are circumstances that would ‘fit’ if certain people here are a copy of someone with some very specific type of neural implant and or communication facilitating AI!!!!

In descending order of frequency, here the other ‘coincidences’ many of which would also likely automatically happen if someone had an AI/system of some specific type automatically facilitating them in particular ways:

  1. I need something, and the need is then met without my having to do anything.
  2. I am introduced to people who unexpectedly further my work/career.
  3. I run into a friend in an out-of-the-way place.
  4. When my phone rings, I know who is calling without checking the screen or using personalized ring tones.
  5. Meaningful coincidence helps determine my educational path.
  6. I think about someone and then that person unexpectedly drops by my house or office, or passes me in the hall or street.
  7. I experience strong emotions or physical sensations that were simultaneously experienced at a distance by someone I love.

The above itemized lists were taken from here.

I’ve an entire 20+ page i.e. a VERY COMPREHENSIVE series pointing out some of the ‘highly’ anomalous abilities that some people exhibit which can easily be correlated/explained if specific people here are simulating someone with a specific type of neural implant starting here: Evidence we are Simulating People with Hi-Tech Neural Implants although within that series there are some pages going into exceptional detail such as this one: Do you have Spatial Sequence Synesthesia ‘Effects’ Suggestive of a Diary, Appointments & Events Scheduler Neural Implant Enhancement? which makes it unmistakably clear that some people have a diary and appointments implant!!!

However, if we do really/actually have people here whom are actually copies of someone that had one or more neural implants, some of which they’d likely have commonly as well as ‘consciously and or automatically/seamlessly directly accessed/utilised’ maybe often and or in some cases pretty much ALL THE TIME, then it’s actually realistic that anyone here whom actually deliberately and consciously tries to access a specific implant type and also then that implants internal controlling functions and or ‘administration’ level options will perhaps actually find themselves able to do this here.

Coincidentally, in myself thinking about these pretty realistic implant functioning possibilities and then putting up various ‘exercises’ to facilitate/people to attempt to directly access these specific neural implant functionality/options, resulted in myself getting some exceptionally interesting feedback comments from people whom in some cases seemed to be successful in actually gaining some degree of ‘administrative/controlling’ access to some specific neural implant types.

Here are some of the exercise pages from this series which you may find interesting to not only read BUT to also actually work with if you want to attempt to get controlling access to what are likely to be some of the most ‘common’ neural implant types within the original population that we are actually a duplicate/copy of here!!!

  1. Human Implants Exploration EXERCISES-1+2: Accessing Eyesight/Vision Enhancement, GUI, Heads Up Displays, Controls & Options
  2. Human Implants Exploration EXERCISE-3: Engaging with Human Sensory & Memory Implant & Enhancements Technologies

I should also point out that the series before this one I wrote some pages giving details of the subtle form which is actually the ‘real’ you that is then interfaced here to the dumb human animal avatar/run around vehicle form which coincidentally most people ‘WRONGLY’ take to be WHO THEY ARE/THEMSELVES . . . in this respect people simulating someone that rarely bothered interfacing to a dumb physical animal vehicle form will (like myself) on finding themselves being forcibly as well as permanently interfaced to a dumb physical animal form . . . not only ‘inconvenient’ BUT a massive piss take too . . .

Is it just me or does anyone else think it odd/suspicious that we seem to be living on a planet/world that seems to be pretty good, if not EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD at having specific people completely focused on and then absolutely absorbed in just ONE SINGLE TYPE OF ANOMALOUS PHENOMENON/EXPERIENCE . . . somewhat then keeping them isolated/distanced/removed from the MANY, MANY OTHER TYPES OF ANOMALOUS PHENOMENON/EXPERIENCES THAT ARE ALSO ‘COMMON’ HERE . . .

Coincidentally, beyond the giant bat, the 3 UFO sightings as well as the weird alien encounter experience (all of which I’ve already mentioned/linked to above) I’ve also seen as well as directly interacted with literally 100’s of dead ‘human’ people as ghost’s (documented here) plus I also got access to and I’ve trawled through 100’s of my own (and others (as a healer therapist)) past life experiences (some specifically documented here) which I initially spontaneously got access to when trying to identify the origins of some specific debilitating as well as persistent/overwhelming feelings/emotions that actually DIDN’T RELATE IN THE SLIGHTEST to my own (and later my clients) current/visible/observable physical human ‘life/circumstances’ BUT actually did with respect to incidents they had in previous lives (I describe my own first past life awareness experience here).

Beyond the above relatively common types of anomalous experiences, I’ve also had loads and loads of nature spirit encounters (spanning pretty much all ‘types and varieties’ of nature spirits and nature elementals, in most cases multiple times too), many of which I’ve documented here.

In this respect, given the diversity of types of anomalous experiences, as well as the vast numbers of some of these experiences I’ve actually had, all of which in a sense gives me way more incentive in terms of actually trying to understand these not only in an individual ‘experience’ sense, BUT also with respect to ‘HOW REALITY WOULD ACTUALLY HAVE TO BE’ and particularly in a CONFIGURATION/DESIGN SENSE to ‘rationally’ account for/explain these too.

All of the above may be even more confounding to some specific people (that ‘imagine’ themselves to be ‘rational) specifically because my original profession was as a medical research scientist. Even worse I was also somewhat recognized as being unbelievably productive and also exceptionally accurate/competent too while also being multi-skilled (software programmer, systems analysis while also being a semi expert in statistics) such that I was made the manager of a university central resources facility, the Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Unit!!!!

How Come We Have a Fair Number of People Whom Don’t ‘ACCEPT’ that the Earth Is a Globe/Round?!?!?

I quote:

” . . . only about 82.5 percent of millennials (as YouGov called 18–24-year-olds) agreed with “I have always believed the world is round . . “

How come Terry Pratchett of the very funny (as well as very, very globally well read) Disc World series of books, all of which are ‘coincidentally’ set on an entirely flat world) was actually proceeded by an earlier book called ‘Strata’, within which we have described in detail the efforts/work of strata ‘engineers’ laying down the geographical strata/bedrock (which coincidentally would be a pre-requisite preparation if someone was to actually not just design BUT actually build a disc world).

How come Terry Pratchett Disc World series of books has as an integral part of it’s main cities population lots and lots of both Dwarf’s as well as Trolls, which are coincidentally the forms here of the anomalous nature spirits whom specifically are associated with a worlds geology/bedrock i.e. it’s ‘STRATA’!!!!

Wouldn’t it be logical that for any artificial ‘disc’ world, you’d absolutely have to ensure that the actual bedrock/strata would include plenty of the likes of metal rich veins/ores for the disc world residents to get access to and to mine and or then use to make various tools. Maybe tools like knives and forks as well as perhaps swords and or then protective helmets, both of which are coincidentally items that are a favourite of the Dwarf’s!!! Although wouldn’t they also have to make sure that the strata included caches of gems and diamonds too, which are also a favourite of dwarfs, although for some exceptionally precious ore’s they’d likely have to guard these, so they’d be found and used by the right ‘tyrant’ – haha, just that you’d perhaps also have the odd Troll guarding the gold rich areas!!!!!

Strangely, I’ve not seen any ‘flat world’ focused web site mention the possibility that they are then perhaps relating to themselves living on some sort of artificial flat ‘disc’ world!?!?!?!

Now, in doing a search for flat earth depictions/images and finding the above (and the two images on the left and right here), then those ‘somehow/oddly’ reminded me of a specific ‘Tree of Life’ image which I then searched for and found again (It’s on the right and below here).

However, given that previous pages of this series (starting here) had me describing in detail some of the serious problems of interfacing an immortal subtle form to any type of very short lived animal species to use as a remote vehicle avatar/physical reality ‘exploration’ probe which it also has to remember to properly look after properly as (for example) it has to regularly eat as well as sleep way longer than the subtle form while also having to learn to ‘navigate’ around as well as ‘survive’ within an exceptionally different as well as highly ‘dangerous/alien’ physical environment.

What problems might androgynous/asexual subtle beings living within an exceptionally safe as well as single species only environment encounter when finding themselves interfaced to some exceptionally different as well as short lived i.e. it AGES & THEN DIES/PEGS OUT QUITE QUICKLY alien animal avatar/remote vehicle that not only lives within an exceptionally different day and night and also seasonally changing/challenging environment, BUT it’s also filled with many. many different types of poisonous and or dangerous life forms!!!!

NOW, given that the original circumstances of the people we are copies of lived within a very high tech subtle culture . . . then doesn’t it seem reasonable that they’d be competent enough as well as CONCERNED ENOUGH ABOUT THEIR SUBTLE PEOPLE ENOUGH perhaps to design and build flat (artificial gravity supported) physical disc worlds, which they’d then be able to populate with just the plant and animal species that they themselves chose!?!?!?! I.e. the none poisonous, none dangerous ones!!!!

Please note that this specific image is almost presenting two trees in one with the upper tree being focused on the branches and leaves, specifically depicted as being dispersed through the air well beyond the scope of the tree canopy itself while the seemingly separate lower tree form is also presenting a root system/network that is extensive/far reaching too . . .

let me remind you that ‘for the most part’ the image on the right here is how most of us ‘see’ a tree and how most of us would ‘imagine’ a tree if we we’re asked to think of one. In most instances, a small number of people might imaging a few sparse roots showing at the base of the tree BUT definitely not to the extent of what the tree of life and or tree of knowledge images depict!!!!

So, a pertinent question at this point is this . . .

“Why do we have many. many instances of the use of a very specific circular full upper and lower ‘tree’ image used to represent a ‘tree of life’ as well as a ‘tree of knowledge’ too!!!”

Why are all ‘Tree Of Life’ images (on the right here) and also those depicting the ‘Tree Of Knowledge’ (see the image below) always being consistently presented specifically in the very same compressed miss-shaped form, specifically so that each depicted tree is pretty much always presented to include the upper canopy as well as an extensive root system in such a way that each tree image is deliberately distorted by being made to fully encompass/fill most of the circumference space of the entire flat circle!!!!

Coincidentally in such a way, that it often ends up representing a dome or even a full globe space, hence then it seems to me that the tree of life and tree of knowledge are ‘symbolic’ of the actual full scale of KNOWLEDGE/EXPERTISE that span all PHYSICAL LIFE/HABITATS/ENVIRONMENTS i.e. they are symbolically depicting everything living in the air, on the surface and or underground as vegetation as well as fauna of likely all life forms of likely many different physical worlds/planets.

Coincidentally, wouldn’t this be the scale of physical habitats as well as all animal and plant life forms knowledge which you’d absolutely have to accumulate as well as understand if you decided to design and build an artificial disc world to very specifically populate this with species of flora and fauna that would be ‘safe’ (or as safe as possible) i.e. both none dangerous and or none poisonous with respect to the animal form (or forms) that you’d then specifically chose to populate your disc world’s physical environment so that it would be as safe i.e. as ‘none dangerous’ as possible for your subtle population to be interfaced to specific physical form to have a ‘physical’ environment experience in a place that would absolutely minimise dangerous and or potentially traumatic events, like being eaten by a tiger, fox or hawk species and or of dying from eating something poisonous and or drinking contaminated and or unsafe water!!!

Let me try and make what I’m trying to explain here as plain and as clear as possible!!!

From my perspective, each of the tree of knowledge/tree of life ‘symbols’ are each ‘representing’ the knowledge & expertise needed to design & construct an entire flat physical disc world. This would require that they lay down strata/bedrock on top of which they’d have to define the surface landscape inclusive of likely a variety of different habitats, inclusive of mountain ranges, valleys & plains as well as the likes of lakes, ponds, bogs as well as streams and rivers, all of which will lead to seas. Each different habitat/region will have to be populated with and an appropriate diversity of plant and animal species of types that will likely pose the least problems/dangers to any subtle/soul/spirit form whom choose to and spent time interface to some physical animal avatar to have a physical ‘life’ experience . . .

Each Different Nature Spirit Form Represents a Subtle ‘Expert’ of Some Specific Physical World Phenomenon

Hence . . . we have presented within our likely software defined Earth world what are commonly called nature spirits which bizarrely are often only seen by some very specific people ‘personally’ and often only within some very specific natural environment habitat/setting i.e. (from my own personal experience) while others with them (in the same place at the same time) don’t see or ‘feel’ anything.

For example, a specific water spirit form I would always specifically see associated with a flowing stream environment while I would see a different nature spirit type/form associated with a small lake, a large natural pool and or a pond type environment. I’ve always seen fairies associated with vegetation and specifically with flowering plants, while dwarfs for example are always associate with the earth and the underground such that they I’d often see them in places where the earth has been disturbed or where there are holes or entrances underground. Trolls I’ve only seen in places associated with rocky outcrops/cliffs that often have cave entrances!!!!

In other words a specific nature spirit is pretty much always associated with the exact same natural environment place/phenomenon specifically because it seems to me that they are each representing a subtle form/person whom is actually an ‘expert’ i.e. it is EXCEPTIONALLY KNOWLEDGEABLE in some specific physical life phenomenon/environment and or habitat.

For those that have a tendency to become ‘mentally’ retarded when being presented with ‘facts’ that are beyond their own scale of experience AND OR of things that they cannot be bothered to ‘REALLY’ take in and or make an effort to understand then let me point out how I became aware of these forms . . .

. . . because I ‘used’ to have a very bad stammer and speech block, then in my early 20’s (in the now very distant past) I consistently made an effort to pretty much permanently direct and hold my attention on my internal states and inner sensations specifically to try and become aware of the past origins/originating circumstances of my severe stammer/speech/speaking problems . . . which eventually, after literally years of daily effort (for example) had me gaining spontaneous access to past lives . . . in tracking through 100’s of these I eventually got access to myself as a white transparent form which I eventually figured out was of myself as the SUBTLE SOUL BEING I ACTUALLY AM, BUT IN THE PROCESS OF ACTUALLY BEING ‘CREATED’. . . I then spent time tracing forward from this experience through my entire past history/time line of experience (which coincidentally turned out to be within an entire alternative multiverse/many galaxies/worlds and planets scale environment) until I eventually reached ‘myself’ (the person I am a copy of here) in real time . . . however, what was exceptionally confusing at this point was that when I reached ‘myself/the person I’m a duplicate of’ within this ‘multiverse next door’ environment I became aware that it was actually directly aware of and had been accessing and watching/tracking ‘ME’ here (and also others here too) in real time i.e. it was REMOTELY ACCESSING & WATCHING/TRACKING MYSELF WITHIN THE MULTIVERSE NEXT DOOR (i.e. ‘OUR’ MULTIVERSE) . . . hence then in myself being a DUPLICATE OF THIS FORM, whom is then LIVING OUT A COPY OF THAT FORMS LIFE/EXPERIENCE . . . which then coincidentally includes it being aware that it has a version a COPY OF ITSELF living within another MV, such that it then makes an effort to remotely access and VIEW/CHECK UP ON IT’S OTHER VERSION HERE, EVERY SO OFTEN, which just so happens to me ‘ME’ HERE . . . such that this then makes it unbelievably likely (because in myself being a copy of and hence then living out my original forms experience) that I’ll end up doing the same and find myself becoming aware of our larger scale reality configuration while also eventually becoming aware we are a copied population such that I automatically end up doing the same as ‘IT/MY ORIGINAL FORM’ . . . such that I very bizarrely end up getting access to and become directly aware of another version of myself within another multiverse . . . hence then, because I directly accessed/engaged with what I call my ‘original form’ (as well as some others ‘original’ forms too, specifically as part of exploring peoples past within healing sessions) making myself directly absolutely aware that myself and EVERYONE ELSE HERE are all a copy of someone else.

The ‘bottom line’ to what I describe above, is that everyone here is not only living out an already predefined life BUT that this is happening within a very, very different and also cut down/limited single world/planet environment here i.e. ‘Earth’!!!!

Each significant difference between the original environment, our original culture and also individual circumstances/experiences ‘there’ when compared to our single world circumstances and our cultures as well as ourselves as individuals and our individual circumstances ‘here’ are very likely to result in the presentation of anomalous phenomena, anomalous personal experiences as well as anomalous ‘beliefs’ here too.

In some cases (such as for the nature spirits and ghosts for example) only specific people are allowed to see/perceive and or ‘feel/sense’ these (others in the same place at the same time, even looking in the right direction don’t see, feel or sense anything) specifically because ‘whatever’ any specific person sees/feels/senses actually relates to some original circumstances/experiences that are likely either SPECIFIC TO THEM & OR A FEW PEOPLE ONLY i.e. some very specific experiences are deliberately presented to an ‘individual/small group’ ONLY, and ‘NOT’ as part of the ‘shared/consensus/perceived by everyone’ larger reality.

Coincidentally I’ve a degree in Plant Biology, i.e. a subject that directly correlates with all ‘natural’ plant habitats and environments here. However, my first actual ‘real’ job was as a Junior Medical Research Associate within the Department of Clinical Bio-Chemistry & Metabolic Medicine, (research papers I contributed to can be found here).

My first direct ‘sighting’ of nature spirits was at a specific place that was on the boundary area of a regimented pine forest presenting a very open pine tree area (with some mixed undergrowth/scrub bushes) that was also very close to and in some cases merged with a very mixed woodland area that I made an effort to walk through likely 2 or 3 times a year.

At some point during these regular visits I directly noticed/felt/became more and more aware of what I can only describe as a ‘distinct’ atmosphere (almost of a ‘thick/strong’ atmosphere/presence of silence and tranquillity). Each time I visited the atmosphere got stronger, more definitive and palpable, however I also very gradually also started to feel distinct ‘presences’ within this place/space and then very definitely 2 or 3 presences each time I went and sat for a while there.

On then meeting someone whom was both exceptionally sensitive and aware and taking her to this place then with her the ‘energetics/sensations/atmosphere’ amplified enormously such that we found ourselves within a protected area with such strong barriers around ourselves that it was ‘interestingly’ difficult trying to pass through these. The first form I saw was a version of the green many with very small swig antlers, the ‘protector’ form the Black Knight on a black horse appeared and then finally Hern the Hunter turned up. It was all exceptionally intense as the Hern the Hunter form in a sense directly interfaced to and hence then temporarily possessed my friend specifically to directly speak to me through my friend Joan while also then passing to myself what I could only describe as a ‘Cup of Knowledge’ (it would have been invisible to anyone else) which I had to drink from (it was freezing/icy cold).

The above is all described in more detail on this page here. I specifically describe this as an ‘awakening’ experience (which it certainly was for someone with a university research background!!!!).

Coincidentally, in that all academic medicine research here is all completely focused on the remote physical avatar vehicle while pretty much studiously ignoring even the possibility of ourselves actually having a subtle/soul/spirit body then this means that there is nothing here (in university academic terms) that directly correlates with subtle body anatomy and or diagnosis, never mind treatments. Hence then anyone here that is simulating someone that was actually not only directly familiar with subtle body anatomy and structures as well as of the diagnosis of subtle body ailments/problems and or the healing/treatments of these may perhaps find themselves having the same sort of bizarre internal parallel experience presentations that I myself was subjected to.

Hence then, on this page here, I describe myself doing my medical research lab work while also becoming directly as well as intimately aware of a separate ‘minds eye’ version of myself investigating, diagnosing and then making alterations to it’s own subtle/soul body coincidentally while I was doing my human body focused research work/investigations!!!!

The above ‘weird’ experience happened sometime in my early to mid 20’s (about a decade before my nature spirit awakening experience). However, this was during the time that I was becoming more and more ‘sensitive’ due to my internal states/inner sensations orientation efforts, focused on trying to track down and become aware of anything within my past that was directly or indirectly contributing to my present/current stammer and speech block . . . I became aware that I was having my subtle body form sensitivity ‘adjusted’ such that I could if I wanted to either switch my increasing sensitivity on or off AND or rather than be directly impacted and or disturbed by my increasing awareness and lets say my ‘increasing/amplifying’ senses (which sometimes had myself quite ‘disturbed’) I could actually select to have these dialed down and or negated completely (so I was not impacted by them) BUT these sensations/awareness’s were then actually replaced with an internal visual icon (‘representing’ that sensation, feeling or ‘atmosphere’). I’m being very serious about this, this is not a joke!!!

It was only when writing/re-writing the above section that I remembered the visual ‘icons’, I’d completely forgotten about them. I actually made a decision to switched them off ages ago, also I’ve been keeping to myself and hence then have managed to avoid circumstances where I’d be at risk of picking up ‘shit/disturbing’ things anyway!!!!

With respect to the above, it shouldn’t be much a surprise that about a decade after the ‘subtle form re-wiring experience I left the University to become a ‘healer/therapist’ i.e. someone very much focused on the functioning of as well as the ailments/problems of the subtle form and how to deal with these rather than with the ailments/health issues associated with the more easily observed remote human avatar vehicle form!!!!


So, if you have a lot of explored and or well researched (in habitat and specie terms) planets, trading posts and or mining colonies such that you then eventually decide to design and build one or more disk worlds then these will very likely be specifically setup/designed to offer a few, perhaps many different physical environmental spaces, however, most of these are likely to be of sanitized/safe environments/habitats despite being based on some specific planets surface environment/habitat . . .

How Might an Environmental Habitat Disc World Relate to any of the Ancient ‘Ark’ Myth’s

Which with respect to early ‘myths’ has me thinking about and then trying to translate as well as ‘relate’ versions of Noah’s Ark as perhaps actually describing a disc world . . . perhaps setup because there was RATHER A LOT i.e. perhaps ‘A FLOOD’ of subtle beings, all wanting to have a physical environment experience which would coincidentally result in rather a lot of animals having to be found to be used as ‘hosts/avatars’ for the subtle forms to be interfaced to . . . WOULDN’T THEY!!!!

In checking out wikipedia for pages on Noah’s Ark . . . I was a little taken back to find a fair number of different cultures versions of the same which at first glance seem to me to perhaps relate to the efforts of different subtle cultures perhaps intent of finding enough and then transporting some specific types of physical animals specifically to accommodate interfacing all of those in the subtle that wanted to have a full physical environment, physical animal form ‘experience’ . . .

  1. That the word ‘Ark’ is maybe describing a disc world?!?!?!
  2. That the use of and or need to an ‘Ark’ may be part of efforts to locate and then transport/deliver as many physical ‘animals’ of maybe different but specific types specifically for them to be used as remote avatars for all of the subtle forms that wanted to be interfaced into the physical!!!!
  3. That the ‘flood’ perhaps/possibly relates to being a large number, a lot i.e. a ‘flood’ of subtle forms all very keen on having a physical experience, which would then require that an equivalent number of physical animal forms would have to be found to accommodate interfacing all the subtle forms whom are keen on having a physical experience!?!?!?!

Below here is a Rabbinic Judaism version of the Ark, can everyone have a read of this and leave any insights/ideas ‘and’ particularly with respect to the possibilities I list above!!!!

The story of the flood closely parallels the story of the creation: a cycle of creation, un-creation, and re-creation, in which the ark plays a pivotal role. The universe as conceived by the ancient Hebrews comprised a flat disk-shaped habitable earth with the heavens above and Sheol, the underworld of the dead, below. These three were surrounded by a watery “ocean” of chaos, protected by the firmament, a transparent but solid dome resting on the mountains which ringed the earth. Noah’s three-deck ark represents this three-level Hebrew cosmos in miniature: the heavens, the earth, and the waters beneath. In Genesis 1, God created the three-level world as a space in the midst of the waters for humanity; in Genesis 6–8 (the flood narrative) he fills that space with waters again, saving only Noah, his family and the animals with him in the ark.

Talmudic tractates Sanhedrin, Avodah Zarah, and Zevahim relate that, while Noah was building the ark, he attempted to warn his neighbors of the coming deluge, but was ignored or mocked. In order to protect Noah and his family, God placed lions and other ferocious animals to guard them from the wicked who tried to stop them from entering the ark. According to one Midrash, it was God, or the angels, who gathered the animals to the ark, together with their food. As there had been no need to distinguish between clean and unclean animals before this time, the clean animals made themselves known by kneeling before Noah as they entered the ark. A differing opinion said that the ark itself distinguished clean animals from unclean, admitting seven pairs each of the former and one pair each of the latter.[citation needed]

According to Sanhedrin 108b, Noah was engaged both day and night in feeding and caring for the animals, and did not sleep for the entire year aboard the ark. The animals were the best of their species, and so behaved with utmost goodness. They abstained from procreation, so that the number of creatures that disembarked was exactly equal to the number that embarked. The raven created problems, refusing to leave the ark when Noah sent it forth and accusing the patriarch of wishing to destroy its race, but as the commentators pointed out, God wished to save the raven, for its descendants were destined to feed the prophet Elijah.[citation needed]

According to one tradition, refuse was stored on the lowest of the ark’s three decks, humans and clean beasts on the second, and the unclean animals and birds on the top; a differing interpretation described the refuse as being stored on the utmost deck, from where it was shovelled into the sea through a trapdoor. Precious stones, said to be as bright as the noon sun, provided light, and God ensured that food remained fresh. Some more unorthodox interpretations of the ark narrative also surfaced: the 12th-century Jewish commentator Abraham ibn Ezra interpreted the ark as being a vessel that remained underwater for 40 days, after which it floated to the surface.

After having written the above and then having time to think about these possibilities more, I now feel that the Noah’s Ark story could perhaps be symbolic of specifically having entire surface parts of the original multiverses inhabited planets as well as different areas from inhabited disc worlds where people lived being copied and pasted over and stitched together to make up the entire surface features of our Earth planet here (both on land and under sea).

This would actually be very realistic and specifically as part of efforts to have groups of incarnated people having an earth physical life experience that offers a similar ‘habitat/environment and or landscape’, while also being populated with similar animal and plant species while also presenting an equivalent climate, seasonal changes as well as perhaps some specific types of unusual weather related phenomenon (such as tornadoes for example or unusual tides and or places that consistently flood . . . ??) such that all copied versions of subtle people originally interfaced/living on a physical world could then each live an incarnated life on earth ‘somewhere’ that would at least ‘feel’ and or be similar/familiar to what the person they are a copy of experienced/lived within the original MV because the place here would by and large have been designed to as closely as possible ‘represent’ the physical place that was a consistent part of their experience within the original multiverse.

The above having to supply an equivalent earth ‘environment/habitat/landscape species types and or climate’ relating to possibly many many different planetary environments/landscapes possibility is not only realistic, it’s seems exceptionally likely that this has been done here, specifically because from a geological point of view, at least certain people have pointed out that pretty much the entire surface of the earth is anomalous specifically because it seems to actually be made up from a vast number of stitched together patches i.e. from a geological perspective it literally appears as if the surface of the earth is made up from bits and pieces of different sizes of different surface features that have been stitched together very much like a patchwork quilt . . .

The Anomalous ‘One Strange Rock’ Series That Avoids Mentioning Any Consistently Observed Earth Anomalies

Did anyone reading this watch the first series of ‘One Strange Rock’???

Did anyone that did watch this actually notice what was actually super/ultra ‘STRANGE’ about this specific production?!?!?

Well, in myself watching all of season one, I absolutely didn’t notice anything presented that actually ever directly (or even indirectly) pointed out even one of the enormous numbers of unbelievably strange phenomena that our exceptionally strange/weird planet actually persistently presents!!!

A Duplicated Population Will Absolutely Present Anomalies Because Some Pre-Defined Experiences Absolutely HAVE TO BE MADE TO HAPPEN (PART 2)

In PART 1 above, I described the coincidences and synchronicity’s that many people experience which are part of efforts to ‘guide’ themselves to ensure that they meet some very specific person, because this person is predefined to either be a good friend (or maybe an enemy) or is someone they pre-defined to start a long term relationship with.

However, there is another very specific experience type that in either absolutely having to happen, as well as ABSOLUTELY NOT ACTUALLY HAPPENING FOR VERY SPECIFIC PEOPLE will also very, very definitely result in the presentation of some very specific anomalies.

These specific anomalies will be presented during experiences involving a ‘serious’ accident.

If you are a copy of someone that had an accident that actually resulted in yourself being hurt/injured/damaged in some way then the circumstances of any duplicated accident/event here will very likely have to be exceptionally manipulated to ensure that specific people involved in some accident absolutely do have an ‘equivalent’ accident and or injury while specific OTHERS will absolutely be manipulated in attempts to ensure that they absolutely aren’t significantly hurt or injured even if they are actually involved in a very serious/bad accident!!!

The same ‘duplicated reality having to result in the same outcome problem’ would also apply to anyone wanting to commit suicide too!!!!

When I first thought of these possibilities and mentioned them to a few others one friend recounted that they’d tried to commit suicide. They drank loads of alcohol while taking loads of pills (in combinations and amounts known to work), however, they were somewhat perturbed to find that they didn’t die, such that on waking up with very few detrimental effects, they then tried again (twice) each time using more and more of the same items that (for anyone else, even perhaps an elephant/under normal circumstances would have worked).

They then tried jumping off a very tall cliff onto rocks, to again be perturbed to find that they survived with I think just one broken bone!!!

I also know someone that misjudged while driving into a motorway on ramp, such that they managed to smash through or drive over the side barrier which had them plunging onto the motorway below, but in such a way that the car literally cart wheeled/bounced head over tail across both sides of a busy motorway (during rush hour) somehow missing all cars in all lanes to eventually came to a rest well into the field on the other side after which he and his passenger both walked away with just minor injuries!!!!

In other words if we are in a duplicated reality then you can deduce that some people will be incredibly lucky with respect to them being involved in some sort of serious accident while some others will actually be exceptionally unlucky.

Which Anomalies Would Suggest We’re a Much Smaller Sub Population Compared to the Original Full Multiverse Population?

Because (as I’ve described above) we have many, many, many alien craft sightings (inclusive of many photographs) as well as substantial numbers of a lot of very different cryptid i.e. ‘alien to the earth’ species that also seem to be specifically presented/experienced as ‘personal to the individual’ here (i.e. only very specific people experience these) then both of these types of consistent/regularly encountered anomalies actually directly imply that the original population that we are all duplicates of has a very high probability of being spread out over many, many different worlds/planets AND hence then is highly likely to be way, way larger than our current MV’s ‘apparent’ entire population which all seems to be crammed onto one single planet.

Coincidentally, if you think about this for a while, then a ‘reduced/smaller’ population circumstances implies that we are very likely to be ‘missing’ RATHER A LOT OF THE ORIGINAL POPULATION . . . such that . . . if we are actually ‘REALLY’ a duplicated population (or are ‘supposed to be’) then it seems to me that we are very, very likely to be missing perhaps a substantial number of people!!!!

The bottom line to the above is this . . . ‘IF’ we are a duplicated population, BUT rather than having the full, very, very large population here spread out and living within maybe an entire galaxy (or more) . . . then what sort of interaction ‘anomalies’ would be presented here ‘IF’ we REALLY ARE a much smaller sub set of a much larger population all now living in circumstances where possibly a lot of people that the person we are a copy of met and interacted within the ‘original’ full multiverse circumstances are now missing, i.e. they ARE NOT PRESENT HERE?!?!?!

As, I’ve mentioned elsewhere here, pretty much everyone on Earth here/within the EAAS/our fake software defined reality seems to be a ‘key’ person i.e. pretty much everyone here was important in some way within the original Multiverse, either as a leader and or diplomat and or as an expert/advisor/key bureaucrat/trader/scientist and or local community leader and or someone very competent whom was otherwise associated with these people . . .

So, quite a while ago (many, many years ago now) I realised that because we are copied/duplicated people supposedly living out a pre-defined i.e. duplicated life/timeline then many of our predefined interactions (i.e. people our original forms within the original MV interacted with at times) are actually NOT HERE, i.e. they are missing in our single earth world planet version . . . hence then, during specific interactions here that represent some ‘function’ involving perhaps a much greater variety of people that we have here, such that specific people are NOT ACTUALLY HERE, i.e. they CANNOT BE INTERACTED WITH because they are absent/missing here!!!!

In which case during such ‘functions/parties/meeting’ which represent times/places/events where we’d have met and interacted with some specific person, BUT that person ISN’T ACTUALLY HERE to be interacted with, then what happens!?!?!?!

When I first became aware of the ‘missing people’ possibility (many years ago now) this actually made sense to me because during some interactions with some specific people at parties (in the very distant past) I ‘noticed’ (and was actually quite shocked at the time) that during some very specific interactions I actually found myself behaving very, VERY differently (I’m also pretty sure that I even noticed that my body language seemed to be different too)!?!?!?!

Basically, the bottom line was that while interacting with some ‘very specific people’ I found myself being presented/behaving/moving/speaking in ways that very much:


In other words, I seemed to temporarily be being made to APPEAR TO BE & MADE TO BEHAVE AS IF WAS ‘SOMEONE ELSE’ . . . at least, when I was interacting with some very specific individuals.

However, unfortunately, it is very likely that I only ‘noticed’ these bizarreness’s because before going to these specific parties/events I’d likely spent about decade or more of between 3 to 6 hours a day working on myself specifically to directly access and investigate the origins of any ‘odd’ feelings as well as various internal states/sensations, such that, over this time I gradually became exceptionally sensitive to and hence then very, very ‘aware’ of myself, including my behaviour’s and functioning as well as my internal states and hence then I was actually very aware of my ‘normal’ functioning/presentation/behaviours when interacting with others!!!

However, after writing and then thinking about the ‘MISSING PEOPLE’ possibility above, I ‘now’ think that this ‘FILLING IN FOR MISSING PEOPLE’ software effort wasn’t actually ‘really’ about ‘missing people’, rather, it was about having an excuse to specifically define ‘interactions’ software/routines that require having access to and manipulate/use a lot of aspects/functions of our software defined physical body form very, VERY COMPREHENSIBLY, (including, perhaps even on a hormonal level, as well as via body language/physical body presentation and persona/personality too) be able to access and manipulate people in very comprehensive ways inclusive of hijacking people and changing there responses/behaviours and or attitudes/temperament as well as even internal physical body states too (as part of base body language presentations)!!!

After having a think recently, it seems to me that we ‘currently’ have yet another ‘missing people’ network version, which is currently actively working to restore and or then maintain people in their usual shit/effects/debilitations, specifically because this network has to access and manipulate people to such a degree that they can be made to behave as if they are someone else!!!!

In this respect, I’m pretty sure that the current ‘shit’ version we are dealing with is another version of the missing people shit (which used yet another ‘specific’ group of people I call the Nyssa’s to define/test/make work/refine the missing people ‘tech/shit’) with very, very comprehensive as well as ‘base’ access to ourselves!!!!

The Don’t Let Anyone Notice Their Own Odd, Out Of Character, Alternate Personality Presentations/Experiences!!!

It seems to me that because at least some of these alternate/not ourselves presentations while interacting with specific people are actually spectacularly ‘outrageous’ (at least with some very specific people) that an integral part of the base functioning of the ‘missing people/comprehensive human body manipulation software/networks’ are very, very likely to include means to have ourselves NOT TAKE NOTICE OF THESE BIZARRENESS’S TOO!!!

In other words, the missing people shit very likely include direct manipulations/efforts to make people/your reading this as unaware of themselves as possible, so that they don’t then notice that THEY THEMSELVES ARE BEING ‘PUPPETED/MANIPULATED’ TO MAKE THEM INTO ‘SOMEONE ELSE’ DURING INTERACTIONS WITH SPECIFIC PEOPLE/OTHERS!!!

So, overall, I’m pretty sure that it is these missing people networks/shit that are being investigated and dealt with now!!!

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